SAU #41



  • Ensure that instructional materials are selected in accordance with an articulated process
  • Provide for long-range budgetary planning
  • Promote, to the greatest degree possible, SAU-wide communication and coordination
  • Membership

  • District-based
  • Chair: Content area curriculum coordinator/department head (or designee)
  • Grade-level/department faculty representatives
  • Consult as necessary
        - Special education faculty member/Reading specialist
        - Building-level administrator
        - Director of Curriculum
        - Other: Discretion of local committee
  • Responsibilities

  • Implement and monitor procedures for selecting, adopting, and discarding basic instructional materials owned by the district
  • Review and make recommendations relative to the adoption of basic instructional materials
  • Provide monthly progress reports to appropriate curriculum task committee and the Director of Curriculum
  • Take finalists (up to 3) to task committee for input
  • Present final recommendation to the Superintendent
  • Timeline

  • Recommendations to the School Board will be made during the school year in accordance with identified schedule*
  • Approval of funding rests with the School Board upon recommendation from the Superintendent

    *Under development