Language Arts

Language Arts expectations for student learning align with the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks and National Council of Teachers of English Standards.


Students will critically read a variety of complex texts including literary, narrative, content, informational, and practical works while employing multiple strategies and processes to understand the written word. Students should read authentic materials including worthy examples of literature, as well as texts that reinforce other areas of the curriculum.


Students will transmit information and construct and communicate ideas through writing and employ language successfully in a wide range of settings for academic, personal, occupational and public uses.

Speaking, Listening, and Viewing

Students will develop communication skills to speak purposefully and articulately, as well as listen and view attentively and critically.


Students will demonstrate competence in understanding, appreciating, interpreting, and critically analyzing a variety of quality literature in an effort to better understand themselves and others.

English Language Uses

Students will be able to integrate reading, writing, and listening and speaking skills to become life-long learners.

Language Arts Curriculum Guide

Language Arts Curriculum Checklists