Our mission is to inspire students to value mathematics as a useful tool throughout their lives. We will teach students the skills and techniques necessary to build a foundation for success as they continue their mathematics and science education. We will help students develop a variety of strategies and critical thinking skills for solving a wide range of mathematical problems. Our overall goal is to provide students with many varied opportunities to apply their mathematical problem solving techniques to better understand and approach problems in the real world.

In all mathematics our goal is to:

  1. Prepare students academically for future study involving mathematics;
  2. Teach students skills that they will need to be successful on the major assessments that they will encounter during their high school years;
  3. Advance studentsí proficiency in applying mathematics both systematically and creatively to solve problems that are based on or that model the complexities of real-world problems;
  4. Strengthen studentsí critical thinking skills by challenging them to solve varied and non-standard problems;
  5. Develop studentsí ability to use graphing calculators to visualize concepts and to solve problems;
  6. Extend studentsí skills in communicating mathematical information through writing, discussion, or presentation;
  7. Cultivate studentsí awareness of the many ways in which mathematics can be useful in understanding phenomena or solving problems in our society.

Mathematics Curriculum Guide K-8

Mathematics Curriculum Guide 9-12 is under construction.

Mathematics Curriculum Checklist - 2010/2011 (.doc)
Mathematics Curriculum Checklist - 2010.2011 (pdf)

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