Approved:  2/19/08


Brookline School Board Budget Meeting January 28, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m. by Chairman David Partridge with the full board in attendance along with Carol Mace, Superintendent Pike, Principals Lorraine Wenger, Tony Luzzetti, Asst. Principal Kevin Stone, Business Administrator Dawna Duhamel and Bud Com members Jack Flanagan and Fred Hubert.


The advt. for the new principal had been sent out to the Board and was approved.  Parent volunteers to be on the search committee will be sought and Carol Mace will be the contact person for those interested in serving in this capacity


Last week the Board eliminated the Library Aide’s position and added a ˝ kindergarten teacher and a ˝ time para for the kindergarten.  Dr. Luzzetti reported we now have 82 incoming kindergarteners.


Discussion followed on purchasing 3 cafeteria tables for $1150.00 each and additional folding tables.  The Board ultimately decided on purchasing 10 tables and the 3 cafeteria tables on motion by Marcia, seconded by Beth and unanimous vote with the total number not to exceed $5,300.00.  This expenditure will come out of the Trust account and will have to have a separate hearing scheduled.  Supt. Pike was going to see if we could hold this hearing after the budget hearing next Tuesday, Feb.5th.


Fred and Dawna worked on budget numbers and determined that, after the assistant principal’s position was removed – to be placed as a warrant article, the budget was up 5.54% to $7,888,016.  The target percentage set by the finance committee was 3.18%.  On motion by Wanda and second by Beth, the Board voted to accept the budget.


Discussion followed on the warrant article for Portables.  It was decided to put a warrant article in for the outright purchase of the portables with a price of $79,875 and installation price of $22,839.  The feeling being that the portables could be sold at the end of the three years for more than the difference between leasing ($61,560 and Purchase of $79,875.).  Monies would also have to be raised for furnishing the portables so a number of $116,000 was determined to be the number to put in the warrant article.  Dawna was to look further into the information she has about the portables to determine whether or not they were New as opposed to reconditioned.


The Board further determined to put the assistant principal’s position on the warrant at a price not to exceed $96,000.00 including salary and benefits.   


 It was decided NOT to have a warrant article to place money in the expendable Trust this year as we have money left in that account.


There was a discussion on purchasing security cameras for RMMS and on a 3 – 2 vote it was decided not to put them in the budget or acquire them through the expendable trust this year (Marcia, Beth and David voting no, Cindy and Wanda voting yes)


There was discussion about some of the maintenance items still on Tony’s list as we have $3,000 left for a water softener; $13,500 in general maintenance and $3,900 in the repairs budget.


There will be a warrant article to raise $64,696 for the increase in money for the 2nd of the 3 year contract for the support staff.  There will also be the standard warrant article regarding catastrophic aid.


The LGC has sent us a request for a donation of $481.57 to join the lawsuit regarding retirement funding.  The motion to join the suit was made by Beth, seconded by Wanda with a 4 – 1 vote (Marcia voting No)


There was a discussion of the after school program and the fact that we don’t think they are paying anything for the use of the building..  Superintendent Pike was to meet with Sylvia to discuss why there had been no payment and what a fair payment should be.

There was also a unanimous vote on motion by Beth and 2nd by Cindy to increase the stipend for the Board Chairman by an additional $100.00 (to $300.00)


A motion was made by Beth and 2nd by Cindy to go into non-public session under RSA 91:A3 2c. 

The Board came out of Non-Public session and voted to adjourn after Beth and Wanda volunteered to be on the Principal Search Committee.


Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Farwell