Approved: 2/19/08


December 18, 2007

Present: David Partridge, Chair; Marcia Farwell, Beth Lukovits, Wanda Meagher, and Cindy Ryherd

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.  Beth Lukovits made a motion to go into non-public session under RSA 91-A:311C (reputation).  Wanda Meagher seconded.  Passed 5-0.  The board entered into NP session.  Discussion regarding the specifics of a student's allergies and recent reactions took place.  Board exited non-public session at 1:50.  A motion was made to seal the NP minutes by Beth Lukovits.  Seconded by Wanda.  Passed 5-0.

During a brief discussion the board agreed that in light of the life threatening nature of the allergy and the doctor's recommendation, action needed to be taken immediately.  The board further agreed that additional research and public discussion would need to occur as a follow up action.

Beth Lukovits made a motion that in response to a critical situation and life threatening condition and due to doctor recommendation, Captain Samuel Douglass Academy would be a peanut and nut free facility until further notice as of January 2, 2008 and to instruct Principal Wenger to prepare a letter and informational packet to send home to families.

Seconded by Wanda Meagher.  Passed 5-0.

Beth Lukovits motioned to adjourn at 2:10.  Seconded by Wanda.  Passed 5-0.