Approved: 10/28/08

Brookline School Board

CSDA Media Room

August 26, 2008


Dave Partridge, Chair

Marcia Farwell

Beth Lukovits

Wanda Meagher


Susan Hodgdon, Superintendent of Schools

Dawna Duhamel, Business Administrator

Robert Kelly, Director of Special Education

Richard Raymond, Network Administrator (6:10 PM)

Lorraine Wenger, Principal, CSDA

Lidia Desrochers, Principal, RMMS

Kristina Henry, Assistant Principal (6:12 PM)

Patricia Montague, Special Education Coordinator


Members of the press and public.


Brookline School Board candidates present included:  Bill Atkinson, Forrest Milkowski, Jim Murphy, Angela O’Connor and Frick Stricker.


Dave Partridge called the meeting to order.  Candidates were asked to introduce themselves and speak to their backgrounds.


At 6:25 PM, on a motion by Marcia Farwell, second by Wanda Meagher and roll call vote in the affirmative, the Board entered non-public session per RSA 91A:3II (c) reputation.  At 6:40 PM, the Board returned to public session.


The Board invited Jim Murphy to join the Board.


Open Forum


Brenda Ferdinand spoke.

Mary Kay Mac Farlane questioned:  1) the amount spent on nut free snacks and to which account cost was posted in the FY 09 budget?  2) the reason why meetings not televised?  Dave Partridge responded that hook-ups are needed to televise live and volunteers are needed to run tapes.  She then requested that Board meetings be televised. Ms. MacFarlane also requested a copy of the current year budget. Ms. MacFarlane raised a third question: 3) Was there a nut contamination at school today? Beth Lukovits responded that there had been an unintended contamination due to catered food being brought in for staff, explained the response to address the situation, and added that further vigilance would be taken in the future with catered food.

Frick Stricker asked if the meetings needed to be televised and whether audio live on the internet would be an alternative.





Marcia Farwell moved to approve the minutes of July 29, 2008 (sent by email) with corrections of typographical errors.  Beth Lukovits seconded and the motion carried 4:0:0.


Marcia Farwell moved to approve and seal the nonpublic minutes of June 10, 2008, Beth Lukovits seconded; motion carried 4:0:0.


Financial Report


Dawna Duhamel reported that there was no financial statement at this point. 

Portables:  $12,000 overspent.  Considerations:  1) air conditioning – cost to install $2900; 2) security $2395 for motion detector and door contacts.  Board suggested exploring window a/c units. Beth moved and Wanda seconded to go forward on security.  Marcia was not in favor of a/c or security; Dave was not in favor of security. Beth also stated she would vote not.  Motion died.


Preschool Discussion


Maureen Chorma, Hollis Primary Preschool, Francine Hirsch and Pat Lynch (parent) distributed handouts and provided information on the benefits of beginning a preschool program at RMMS.   Principal Lydia Desrochers stated that utilization of the RMMS ground floor is in the research process.  An elevator is a priority, even before a preschool can begin.  Lack of access in-building is a safety hazard.  Stair lift quotes are being gathered as well as quotes for a wheelchair lift.  Costs could be reduced if refurbished equipment was utilized.  The overall building is currently being examined as the sprinklers do not cover the entire building. 

Bob Kelly will look into preparing a preliminary application and investigate costs for the 2009-10 budget.


Network Administrator

Richard Raymond discussed parent notification systems and recommended “Alert Now”.  He also discussed Global Connect, e-Rate and Title Funds.  The Board decided to wait until the coming year so that they could budget for the system.


Custodian Schedule


The Board and administration appreciates the custodians moved their schedule to help ready the building.  A sidebar agreement should be created so that those who work a Tuesday-Saturday schedule are not losing holiday pay when a holiday falls on a Monday.  The following would need to be looked at prior to acting:  impact on students, impact on contracts – busing, teachers; impact on parents, families and impact on after school activities. 



Non-Public Session


Marcia Farwell  moved that the Board go into non-public under RSA 91A:3II (c) reputation.  Wanda Meagher seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 4 yes, 0 no, and the Board entered non-public session at 9:20 PMAt 9:36 PM, the Board returned to public session. 

Beth Lukovits moved to seal the minutes, Wanda Meagher seconded and motion carried 4:0:0.


Beth Lukovits moved to accept the resignation of Mary Kay MacFarlane as Board Secretary, Wanda Meagher seconded the motion and motion carried 4:0:0.





















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