APPROVED:  10/23/07


Brookline School Board

CSDA Media

September 25, 2007


Dave Partridge, Chair

Beth Lukovits

Wanda Meagher

Cindy Ryherd


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Dawna Duhamel, Business Administrator

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Patty Montague, Special Education Coordinator

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Lorraine Wenger, Principal CSDA

Dr. Tony Luzzetti, Principal RMMS

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal


Dave Partridge called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Special Education report was moved to the front of the agenda by request.


Special Education Report


Bob Kelly gave report on special education.  Bob Kelly discussed all of the new hires and their credentials.  All current staffing is in place.  There is a new need at CSDA with a paraprofessional.  An advertisement has been posted for a 30.75 hours per week for a paraprofessional.  This is a new need that is not in the current budget. 


Bob Kelly discussed the state on-site review of the Brookline Schools.  There are 3 priority areas.


Summary of Findings from the Three Onsite Focus Areas


1. Access to the general curriculum including: implementation of IEPs, provision of non-academic services, full access to curriculum, equal educational opportunity.


o        Evident that special education personnel at all levels are committed to delivering special education programming and services to students in the least restrictive setting.

o        SAU 41 Districts have developed a strong continuum of programming for students with disabilities.

o        Array of special education programs and supports in each building.

o        Evidence of individualizing the established curriculum to meet student needs.

o        In all settings, it is evident that general educators are fully involved in the development and implementation of individual student IEPs.

o        Carefully crafted and articulated provisions for access to the general curriculum in each district.

o        IEP goals were written in measurable terms as required by IDEA.


2.       Transition Planning


o        In SAU 41 considerable time is spent on framing smooth transitions for all students between and among schools, particularly for students with educational disabilities.

o        In general, staff and administration throughout the SAU work hard to include the involvement of parents and students.


3.       Behavioral Strategies and Discipline


o        Each school in SAU 41 provides safe and child centered learning environments for all children.

o        Staff and administration work together to ensure that challenging student behaviors are dealt with in a proactive manner.

o        Behavioral supports available in all buildings for students with disabilities who need such programming.

o        Professional development available to staff addressing challenging behavioral and discipline at all levels.



Corrective Action Plans for 2007/2008 to items cited.


1.  Special Education Process (May 2008)


o        Continue assuring special education policies and procedures are reviewed by school boards, administration and staff.


o        School board adoption of Special Education policy. IHBA attached.


o        Continued professional development to staff and administration in the implementation and oversight of developed procedures.


2.       Transition Services (November 2007)

o        Continued assurance IEP transition plans for high school students include current levels of performance and statement of needed transition services.

o        Always establish written documentation that student has been invited to IEP transition meeting. (one case not found)


3.       Elements of IEPs (November 2007)


o        Assurance that annual goals for preschoolers are written in measurable terms. One RSEC Sunrise IEP case review noted to need improvement.


The onsite visit noted that the range and continuum of programming was very good.  There was a commitment to providing good special education programming in a regular setting.  The IEP goals were written in regular terms.  Transition communication was good between schools. 


Patty Montague will be talking with Hollis to explore the possibilities of an in-house preschool.  A parent survey was sent out on special education.  34% of parents responded at RMMS and 33% of parents responded at CSDA.  Angela O’Connor asked if the surveys could be more confidential in the future. 


Rich Pike wanted to thank everyone for moving issues forward for continuous improvement.  He feels that if we continue to focus on Best Practices the schools will continue to grow.


Amy Fessenden asked about tracking stipends and if there was an answer at this point.  Bob Kelly stated that this is new to Brookline and they are identifying situations where a stipend would apply.  Stipends are paid in 2 installments on a per attendance basis.  Dawna stated that Amy could call the business office and she will give it to her.


Mary Kay MacFarlane asked who approved back pack mail.  Rich Pike approves some back pack mail other mail is approved by the principals.


Business Administrator Report


Dawna Duhamel gave the business administrator report.


The Expendable Maintenance Trust has been established.  Bills are being paid from the trust.  All reports have been filed.


MS25, MS24 and the DOE25 reports are being finished and two of the three are ready for signatures tonight.


Light Tech did an energy audit.  Payback is 5-6 years.  Dave Partridge would like to talk to a school district who has had the audit and gone forward with the recommendations to see if the payback in 5-6 years accurate.  Dawna will look into grants and follow up on this.


Wanda Meagher asked about insurance and contractors.  Dawna will follow up.  Independent contractors need to have their own insurance.


Budget Guidelines and Timeline


Portables for CSDA should be included in the budget.  The board asked the administrators to get working on it.


Rich Pike said he would like to see some information on the tax base discussed in the budget process.


Dave Partridge said that the board would like to more clearly see changes to the budget.

The board would also like to see YTD figures.  Administrators are going to work with Dawna to review what they have done in the past.  Dave Partridge would like to see vendors reviewed on a regular basis and take advantage of economies of scale.  The board would like to have energy costs/usage tracked to see if changes have produced cost savings. 


Rich Pike suggested that they discuss town tax rate growth and town tax base in developing the budget.


The insurance/benefits rate growth won’t come out until December 1st.




The minutes of August 21, 2007 need to be amended to show the correct spelling of Marcia Farwell and Bob Kelly’s names.


A motion was made by Beth Lukovits to accept the minutes from August 21, 2007 as amended.  The motion was seconded by Cindy Ryherd.  The motion carried by a vote of 3 yes, 1 abstention.




The Brookline Baseball/Softball League has requested permission to add infield dirt to the RMMS ball field.


A motion was made by Wanda Meagher to approve the Brookline Baseball/Softball League’s request to add infield dirt.  The motion was seconded by Cindy Ryherd.  The motion carried by a vote of 4 yes, 0 no.


Staffing Recommendations


Rich Pike recommended Lori Meader as a .4 Speech Pathologist as a M Step 9.


A motion was made by Wanda Meagher to approve Lori Meader as a .4 Speech Pathologist.  The motion was seconded by Cindy Ryherd.  The motion carried by a vote of 4 yes, 0 no.


Principals Report




            Oct. 1-23         NECAP          

Oct. 3              Picture Day

            Oct. 5              Progress Reports

            Oct. 8              Columbus Day – No School



II.                Goals

  1. NWEA Implementation

·        Completed Sept. 4 – 21

·        November 1 workshop – Presenter from NWEA to facilitate dissemination of reports

·        November 1 – Parent Night at HBHS for Brookline & Hollis parents

·        Student reports to be presented at November conferences

2. NECAP - Grades 3-6

·        Oct. 1-23

·        Pathways training – Administrators and curriculum coordinators


III.             Volunteers

·        Met with PTO Co-Presidents and Volunteer Coordinator

·        Period of transition – PTO newsletter will have message to parents

·        Chaperones for field trips need to have criminal record check

·        Doris Lindgren is handling applications & will inform administrators of eligible volunteers

·        Totally voluntary – people have a variety of reasons for not going through process

·        Volunteers are still welcome in the schools


The Board discussed volunteers and the cost of $25.50 for the criminal background check, which parents need to pay for.  The administration gets a list back from the state of approved applicants.  The board asked to see the PTO newsletter. 


IV.              Facilities

·        Light Tec, Inc – cost vs. break even point – packet distributed at meeting

·        Space Needs – current Gr. 3 population at CSDA next year – how many classes?






Technology Fundraising


They are taking orders for the cookbooks and there is going to be a silent auction.


A motion was made to accept the $100 check from the PTO for the Technology Fundraiser by Beth Lukovits.  The motion was seconded by Cindy Ryherd.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 4 yes, 0 no.


Water Testing


The water testing came back and it was good.


Space Needs


The current 3rd grade needs 5 teachers.  Special Education for the 3rd grade will also need an additional classroom.  There is a potential of 2 portables needed to accommodate the students as 4th graders at CSDA.  The administration will start running the costs, including additional materials.


Maintenance Plan


Cindy Ryherd asked about creating a maintenance plan for October.  The maintenance plan has been pushed out to November, as the board would like Dawna’s input on this issue.




IMAH second reading completed.



(Download policy)

Category P

The Board recognizes that developmentally appropriate daily physical activity, exercise and physical education are ways to minimize health risks created by chronic inactivity, childhood obesity, and other related health problems.  The Board recommends that students and staff participate in developmentally appropriate physical activity and exercise each day as a way to minimize these health risks.  The Board recommends the following practices:

(1)  Support special programs such as student and staff walking programs, family fitness events, and events that emphasize life-long physical activity;

(2)  Integrate health and physical activity across the school curriculum;

(3)  Encourage student-initiated activities that promote inclusive physical activity on a school-wide basis;

(4)  Commit adequate resources that include program funding, personnel, safe equipment, and facilities;

(5)  To support community recreation and youth sports programs and agencies to coordinate and complement physical activity programs; and

(6)  Encourage appropriate physical activity during recess periods.


Legal References:

RSA 189:11-a, Food and Nutrition Programs

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 310, Appropriate Daily Physical Activity

First Reading : July 24, 2007

Second Reading: September 25, 2007

A motion was made by Beth Lukovits to accept IMAH policy as a second reading.  The motion was seconded by Wanda Meagher.  The motion carried by a vote of 4 yes, 0 no.


ABA Volunteer Involvement –  Amended first reading


The Board shall encourage the involvement of citizens to fulfill the mission of the schools.


Designated volunteers (definition to be determined) shall be screened through the District’s regular background checking process and the Criminal History Records Check Law procedure.


The board had a lengthy discussion on volunteers, chaperones and criminal background checks.  The board will work on a definition for designated volunteers.


A motion was made by Beth Lukovits to accept the volunteer involvement policy ABA as amended for a first reading.  The motion was seconded by Wanda Meagher.  The motion carried by a vote of 4 yes, 0 no.


EHB-R Local Records Retention Schedule


The Board reviewed the policy and deferred a first reading until a later date.


Superintendent Search


Cindy Ryherd volunteered to be Brookline’s representative on the Superintendent Search Committee


A motion was made by Beth Lukovits to go into non-public session under RSA 91-A:3(c)reputation.  The motion was seconded by Wanda Meagher.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 4 yes, 0 no.


10:25 pm




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