Approved:  May 27, 2008


Brookline School Board

CSDA Media Room

May 13, 2008


Dave Partridge, Chair

Marcia Farwell

Beth Lukovits

Wanda Meagher

Cindy Ryherd


Rich Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Dawna Duhamel, Business Administrator

Dr. Anthony Luzzetti, Principal RMMS

Lorraine Wenger, Principal CSDA

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary



Dave Partridge called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.


Business Administrator Report


Dawna Duhamel gave the business administrator’s report.


A. Food service program:

1.                  We are meeting with Café Services on May 12, 2008. 


2.                  Food service program review is on-going. Some changes have been made to cut costs such as switching vendors and making some menu items from scratch, etc.


B. Portable classroom:

1.                  Schiavi conducted a site inspection at CSDA on April 16, 2008. Farwell Construction, Chris Davies, Laurie Wenger and I were present. Logistics for the placement of the portable were discussed. The projected delivery date for the portable has been changed to July 18th


2.                  July 11th is the tentative date for the inspection of our portable unit. (I will confirm the date as soon as it has been finalized).





3.                  I contacted Schiavi to see if the portable classroom would meet the portable classroom indoor air quality (IAQ) guidelines issued by the EPA. (These guidelines were listed in the IAQ Design Tools for Schools - Portable Classrooms handout distributed at the March board meeting). The table below summarizes the EPA recommendations and the equipment Schiavi will equip our portable unit with.


Rich Pike talked to the State of NH regarding air quality testing.  The State Indoor Air Quality Assessment team would be willing to come to the school and do free testing.  The Business Administrator will pursue this for both schools.




4.                  I contacted the Department of Education and discovered that the portable unit is eligible for building aid (30%). I will be submitting a building aid application. The deadline for the application is December 31, 2008.



C. Business office:


1.      Our payroll specialist, Shelia O’Donnell, has given her notice. Her tentative last day is May 30, 2008.


2.      We received the final health insurance rates for FY09. Unfortunately, there was little change between the GMR (Guaranteed Maximum Rate) of 13.6% and the actual overall rate of 10.8%. After the open enrollment period has ended and new teachers have been added to the system I can give the Board an estimate of any budget savings in health insurance that would be available for transfer to other accounts.


3.      The April 2008 expenditure report has $662,000 with 8 weeks to go.  There is an IDEA grant of $108,000 is expected.  Dawna has encumbered as much as possible. 


Dave Partridge asked about security for the portable.  Lorraine Wenger stated that she has three quotes.  She stated that system would be a magnetic card slide.  The cards will let people in the portables and the main building.  If one card gets lost, you just remove it from the list. 


Beth Lukovits requested a list of professional staff salaries from Dawna Duhamel. 


Dave Partridge asked Dawna Duhamel for the mileage rate.  She stated that they are going along with the IRS rate of $.485 per mile.  Dave also asked Dawna to get the bussing costs from the Ordes.


The Board discussed whether or not the after school program should be a break even program or should they be making money on this.  Dave Partridge asked what services have been received by the afterschool program and what is the value of those services.  He would like to see history for the past two years and a projection for one year.  Dawna will calculate the costs of keeping the building open for the afterschool program. 


Rich Pike asked that the board read the current policy tonight as a first reading.  Then, at the next board meeting make any necessary revisions.


Paperless Communication


Rich Raymond spoke regarding paperless communication.  The middle school and high school have started doing newsletters this way.  They can contact about 85-90% of the parents.  Rich said that he has a link online to promote it.  Dave would be interested in doing something like that in this district.


Rich Raymond went to the Milford School District to see Power School.  They have a program, Global Connect, that works with Power School that can do auto phone calls/email for $3 per student.  Power School is web based and MMS is terminal based.


Rich Pike went to Timberlane and saw a demonstration on a less paper system and it worked well.  They saved money, paper and personnel time.




IAQ monitoring they talked to a company that will test for a specific chemical, but Rich said that the state will do it at no charge.


Kevin Gorglione gave the board data on an IAQ test they did at the town hall.  They can test for 6 different tests for $99.


Kevin Gorglione did the 2 new boilers during April break and reran the pipe to the water heater.  Everything went better than expected.  The new boilers are the primary and the others will kick on only when needed. 


Marcia Farwell asked about the oil account.  She thought we had saved some money on oil, but now we look over budget.  Dave will speak with Dawna Duhamel regarding the oil account when he reviews the manifest.


Dave Partridge asked where we were going forward.  Kevin stated that he feels that we are in good shape.  There are 3 or 4 water leaks in a boiler room.  The pipes need to be replaced.  It is a 5-6 hour job.  The estimated cost would be less than $1,000.


Volunteer Background Check Policy ABA


Dave Partridge recommends that they continue with what they have for the duration that the child is in the school system.


Beth Lukovits said that she would like to see some people, who need a criminal background check for their job; get a waiver for the school criminal background check. 


Cindy Ryherd asked Rich Pike to get examples of what other districts do to address this issue.


Policy ABA was reviewed and any changes should be submitted for the June meeting to Rich Pike.


Copy appended.


Use of School Facilities Policy KG


Dave Partridge asked Dawna to value the quid pro quo that the district received from the after school program for the past two years and a projection for the next year.  Kevin Stone worked with Patty on some of this and he will work with Dawna.


The board discussed the policy and will submit changes and questions to Rich Pike for the next meeting.


Copy appended


Registered Sexual Offenders and Offenders against Children Policy


A motion was made to accept the Registered Sexual Offenders and Offenders against Children Policy as a first reading by Marcia Farwell.  The motion was seconded by Wanda Meagher.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Rich Pike submitted a Sexual Offenders/Offenders against Children policy to the board that had been reviewed by council.  Rich asked the board to submit any changes or questions on this policy to him.  The board wants to know why legal council altered the Amherst Sexual Offender policy.


Beth Lukovits asked for the definition of RSA 651-B:1. 


The board asked if they can word it to include the all registered sex offenders from any a state, public or private.


Copy appended.


School Calendar 2008-2009


Beth Lukovits was disappointed to see field day on different days for each school.


A motion was made to accept the 2008-2009 school calendar by Marcia Farwell.  The motion was seconded by Wanda Meagher.  The motion carried by a vote of 5 yes, 0 no.


Differentiated Instruction


Dave Partridge feels that for Mathematics, children should be grouped.  How much group are we doing and is No Child Left Behind hindering our differentiated instruction?  If we were to group by mathematics ability how does that hinder the classroom? 


Lorraine Wenger discussed the fact that CSDA didn’t meet AYP due to the special education sub group.  She has met with the specialist and they are making plans to address this issue including summer programs.


Beth Lukovits made a motion to go into nonpublic under RSA 91A:3IIc, reputation.  Wanda Meagher seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 5 yes, 0 no.


8:55 pm



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