APPROVED:  August 15, 2006

Brookline School Board Meeting

CSDA Media Center

July 25, 2006

6:30 PM


Dave Partridge, Chair

Mike Dreyer

Beth Lukovits

Tom Solon


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Mellinee Capasso, Business Administrator

Lorraine Wenger, Principal CSDA

Tony Luzzetti, Principal RMMS

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal RMMS/CSDA

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Dave Partridge called the meeting to order at 6:40pm with Pledge of Allegiance.


Open Forum


No items


Approval of Minutes


Mike Dreyer made a motion to accept the minutes of June 27th, 2006.  Tom Solon seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 4 yes, 0 no.


Business Administrator’s Report


Mellinee gave a report of what she expects the year end numbers will be.  This is only a draft as the auditors will be in next week.


Food service was hit with fuel surcharges, the revenues were in line with last year despite price increases.  Tom asked if the price of milk increased and if those price increases were reflected in the menu. 


Mike Dreyer made a motion to approve the transfer of an amount not to exceed $15,000 from the general fund to cover the food service fund deficit fiscal year 2006.  Beth Lukovits seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 4 yes, 0 no.


Total Gross Appropriations FY 2006                                        $          6,354,795


Food Service Fund Transfer                                                     $          (109,580)

Special Revenue Transfer                                                          $             (35,000)


FY06 MS-24 General Fund Appropriations                              $          6,210,215


FY06 Food Service Warrant Article Adjustment                       $               (5,184)

FY05 Carry forward Encumbrances                                         $              11,280


Total General Fund Appropriations                                           $          6,216,311


Total General Fund Expenditures FY 2006                               $        (6,234,785)


Total FY2006 Carry forward Encumbrances                             $             (68,204)


Total General Fund Over appropriations FY06             $             (86,678)




Fund Balance as Of July 1, 2005                                              $             117,214


Total Revenue                                                                          $          6,225,278


Total Expenditures                                                                    $         (6,234,785)


FY2006 Encumbrances carried forward to FY2007                  $              (68,204)




Forecasted Unreserved Fund Balance as of June 30, 2006        $                24,875


$122,000 collected was over what was expected.


Encumbrances carried forward include legal services, services or materials received prior to year end for which invoices were not received at year end.


Rich Pike sent a letter to DOE explaining the situation of the district.  The Board will need to have a special meeting to have the transfer of money approved by the voters to cover the $86,678.


School Board Vacancy


Wanda Meagher is interested in being a school board member.  She has a non-profit funding experience.


Jack Flanagan has one term on Coop Board.  Two terms on BSB.  Two and a half terms on Finance Committee.  SAU Board chair.  He would like to fill in and help keep things on center.


Mike Dreyer asked what benefits you could bring to the board.


Wanda Meagher feels her strength is budgeting and finance.  She is optimistic and thinks logically.


Jack Flanagan has many years experience with the schools and various boards within the district.  He knows the public, press and the job.


Beth Lukovits asked Jack Flanagan if his house was still for sale.  Jack responded that it was not.


Tom Solon asked him why he just wants to fill the gap and not continue with the job.  He has done his decade of service to the town, but he has other things going on in his life right now.


Beth Lukovits asked Wanda if she had flexibility with time as the job requires more time than a once a month.  She didn’t see it as a problem.


Wanda Meagher would be interested in continuing the position, if things went well. 


Mike Dreyer made a motion to go into non-public under RSA 91 A3IIc for reasons of reputation.  Beth Lukovits seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote at 7:15 pm.


The Board came out of non-public at 7:30 pm.


Beth Lukovits made a motion to accept Wanda Meagher as the new school board member.  Tom Solon seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 4 yes, 0 no.


Mike Dreyer asked Mellinee if they were going to change the mileage rate for this year.  Mellinee stated that this year’s rate will be $.445 a mile effective July 1, 2006.


Principal’s Report






Rich Pike would like to have the Board more involved in educational issues.  He has presented a schedule of curriculum presentations:    September – Language Arts

                                                                                    October – Math

                                                                                    November – Science

                                                                                    April – Technology

                                                                                    May – Art & Music


Mike Dreyer asked what the condition of RMMS was when Camp Invention ended.  Tony  Luzzetti said that there was some debris, but the janitors cleaned it up and there were no complaints.


Mike Dreyer would like to know what we are doing as a district with differentiated instruction.


There will be a meeting in August on NWEA but there probably would be no testing until after January 2007.


Staff Hiring


Rich Pike recommends the following candidates for hire:


Elizabeth Trombly, Reading (.5) New position

Experience:  New Teacher

Recommendation:  M+15, Step 1

Salary:  $18,648


Jenny Dalo, Special Education (.5) New position

Experience:  Four years

Recommendation:  B, Step 5

Salary:  $17, 966


Mike Dreyer made a motion to accept the recommendation of Elizabeth Trombly, .5 Reading and Jenny Dalo, .5 Special Education a.  Beth Lukovits seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 4 yes, o no.



SAU Evaluation Committee


Betty Hall, Venue Rao and Mike Dreyer are meeting in August.


Policy Review


Mike Dreyer wants to get back on track with policy review.


Barrett Christina is the new NHSB Association contact on policy.


Mike Dreyer would like to accept the first reading of Section G, Personnel and Section H.


The Board approved policy GBEA as a second reading.


Mike Dreyer made a motion to accept GBEA as second reading with no changes.  Beth Lukovits seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 4 yes, 0 no.


Beth Lukovits made a motion to go into non-public session under RSA 91A3II b,c.  Tom Solon seconded the motion. The motion carried by a unanimous roll call vote.  8:24pm


The next School Board meeting is August 15th.  The hearing is at 6:45pm.  Meeting at 7:00pm



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