Captain Samuel Douglass Academy

June 21, 2005

6:00 PM


Michael Molkentine, Chair

David Partridge, Vice-Chair

Michael Dreyer, Secretary

Ernest Hudziec

Clayton Mathieson


Elizabeth Eaton, Co-Principal

Lorraine Wenger, Co-Principal

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal

Kenneth DeBenedictis, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Carol Mace, Curriculum Director
Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Ruth Bobich, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Mike Molkentine called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present tonight were Mike M., Clay, Dave, Mike D. (6:10), Ken, Liz, Laurie, Kevin, and Lee Ann.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Open Forum

There was nothing for Open Forum tonight.



Clay motioned to accept the minutes of the May 24, 2005 Brookline School Board meeting as written. Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0 (Mike D. and Ernie not present).



  • Parent request: A request has been received from a parent whose family is moving into town in September. The parent is not sure that their house will be ready for occupancy by August 30th when school begins, and would like her child to begin the school year in Brookline. Ken stated to the Board that policy allows this, on a tuition basis. Parents are responsible for tuition and transportation. If they move in within 30 days the tuition is refunded. Dave motioned to authorize the Superintendent to contact the parent to allow this request for the child to begin the school year in Brookline. Clay seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.
  • Mike M. stated that tonight was the last meeting with the Brookline School Board for both Liz and Ken, since they are retiring. He thanked them both for all that they have done.
  • Wellness Committee: Food Services in the entire SAU district are currently being looked at. Mike presented a draft of “Wellness Goals” that the Brookline and Hollis Boards would like to do. The Coop has not yet decided. Initially this was a bill in the State legislature, which did not pass. But there are still Federal Guidelines that must be met by 2006. The Board members reviewed the proposal, and all agreed that they are in favor of this. Mike D. motioned to endorse and support the Health and Wellness Committee and be part of an SAU-wide program to promote health and wellness in the schools. Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.
  • NHSBA Resolutions: Mike read a letter he received from NHSBA asking the Brookline School Board if there are any resolutions that they would like to propose to the NHSBA. The NHSBA would discuss resolutions received, and then present them to the State Legislature, where they may or may not be adopted. Any resolutions would have to be received by the NHSBA by July 8th. Mike M. has the required form to submit if the Board has any resolutions that they would like to forward to NHSBA.



A list of three candidates recommended by Ken for hiring by the Board was distributed to the Board. The list included: 1) Dianne Fitzmaurice for the Grade 3 position to replace L. Bradbury. The recommendation is M, Off Step, salary $56,826. 2) Sacha Norris for the Grade 5 position to replace T. Cargill. The recommendation is B, Step 1, salary $29,648. 3) Suzanne Rowse for the Grade 3 one-year interim position. The recommendation is M, Step 1, salary $34,515.


Further discussion of these recommendations is being delayed until the non-public session at the end of the public session.


Principals’ Report

  • Calendar: 1) The last day of school was yesterday, June 20th. 2) Field Day June 10th went very well. All students were at CSDA for it. 3) 6th Grade graduation was Thursday. 4) There is a new garden at RMMS, “The Garden of Eaton”. It is located by the front door (Milford Street entrance). It was also noted that a tree has been planted at RMMS in memory of Linda Bradbury.
  • Staff Development: 1) The Summer Institute will be held June 28th and 29th at RMMS. The subject is “Guided Reading”. 2) Summer technology workshops are being held through the SAU. 3) A data collection workshop will be held on August 24th. It will deal with the new regulations for Special Education due to “No Child Left Behind”. The specifics are still being developed.
  • Correspondence: 1) Evelyn Maghakian is one of 10 teachers in the State of NH to be selected to participate on the NH State Science Frameworks Committee. It will be held at the end of July in Bartlett, NH. The Board will write a letter to Mrs. Maghakian acknowledging this honor. 2) Donations for Linda Bradbury have exceeded $1100. The money received is for the school library. 3) A donation in the amount of $4000 has been received from the Ron Young family for RMMS. They are requesting that it be used for special needs such as OT and support for Special Ed at the school. Mike M. motioned to gratefully accept the donation of $4000 from the Ron Young family and to spend it as requested. Laurie clarified the spending of the money for the Board. She said that it is treated as a grant, and a separate fund will be set up at the SAU that items purchased will come out of. Lee Ann stated that the State specifies how donations of this type are to be spent. Mike M. amended his original motion: Mike M. motioned to gladly accept the donation of $4000 from the Ron Young family with the understanding that he will contact them and get a specific list of what they would like to have purchased with their donation. Clay seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.
  • Summer Reading Program: This program is being done in conjunction with the Town Library. Registration has begun, and will be held all week long, at the Town Library.


Business Administrator’s Report

Lee Ann handed out copies of her Monthly Expenditure Report.


Lee Ann said she had good news for the Board, although it will not be official until June 30th. As of today, the Anticipated Fund Balance is approximately $221,000. That amount breaks down approximately as follows:

            ~ $96,000 is unanticipated revenue, which will go back to the Town.

                        $5604 interest gained

                        $34,614 additional catastrophic aid money received

                        $9596 building aid received

                        $32,898 received from bond refinancing

                        $2608 Impact fees

            ~ $121,000 balance

                        $55,000 from the vacant 6th grade position (budgeted but not needed)

                        $65,000 IDEA funding received


Smoke detector installation update: Lee Ann contacted Gemini Electric, as was requested, and verified their warranty maintenance costs and did reference checks. All of the reference checks were very good, citing Gemini’s efficiency, exceptional work quality, good workers, and the fact that they didn’t over-run their estimates. References were received by Lee Ann from both school districts and fire inspectors. There is a one year warranty on parts and labor. Since this item did not go out for bid (quotes were received) , Lee Ann requested that the Board waive the bid policy in order to have the smoke detectors installed by Gemini Electric. Dave motioned to authorize Lee Ann to contract with Gemini Electric for the smoke detectors installation and to waive Bid Policy DJC to do so. Clay seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0. It was noted that this company was recommended by input from a community member.


School Board Member Committee Updates

  • Insurance Committee: Mike M. is the Board’s representative on this committee. The other members so far are Lee Ann Blastos, Jack Flanagan, Don Edson, Michelle Mosca, Barbara Higgins and Amy Fessenden. A community member and a Finance Committee member are still needed. The date for the first meeting of this committee has not yet been set. Lee Ann requested to be told the date as soon as possible. She would like to have a representative of the current insurance carrier present to go over the current insurance.
  • Administration Evaluation Committee: Mike is the Brookline Board’s representative on this committee. The other Boards are represented by Doug Cleveland and Steve Simons. The committee’s suggestion is for the SAU Board to budget a percentage of the total payroll to give to the Superintendent to divide up between the Administrators for merit increases. The committee still needs to meet with Lee Ann and Rich Pike to finalize some items (SAU Support Staff benefits, the evaluation process, performance rating and salary increase).


Mike informed the Board that at the last SAU Board meeting Medicaid letters were discussed. A letter will be included in IEP packets for parents to see if their child is eligible to be signed up for Medicaid benefits.



Dave had two policies that he would like the Board to consider. He presented them tonight for discussion.

  • School Temperature policy: Dave gave out information that showed how children’s performance was linked to the temperature of the classroom. He is recommending that during the months when heat is needed that the classroom temperature be maintained between 68 and 70 degrees, and that at no time will classroom temperature be above 75 degrees. Discussion of this proposal followed. It was noted that particularly at RMMS it may be difficult to meet this in some individual classrooms. Because of the way the school has been added on to there are eight boilers. Clay asked about getting an HVAC expert in for an estimate. It was suggested that this would be a good item to add to the list for the Long-Range Planning Committee.
  • School Bus Idling Policy: Dave said that when the buses (and carpool cars) are idling while waiting for students exhaust enters the basement classrooms. He is proposing that buses and carpool vehicles do not idle unnecessarily. Lee Ann said she will arrange a discussion with Al Orde about this.


Policies C and D: Dave has distributed these so that they are available to the public. Clay is the Board’s representative working with Kathy O’Sullivan on revising the policies. He has reviewed all of the C and D policies with her. Mike D. had a lot of questions about these policies. After a brief discussion, it was decided that Mike D. will discuss his questions with Kathy, keeping Clay informed. A workshop can be held after that, if necessary. This was the second reading of policies C and D tonight.


Policies E and F: These were received by the Board tonight for the First Reading. Dave will make these available to the public.


The Disposal of School Property: RMMS has a piano that has been replaced with a better one. Liz would like to advertise to see if anyone is interested in bidding on the old one. Any bids received would be brought to the Board. Lee Ann will email a proposal to the Board with what is expected as a reasonable bid. The person whose bid is accepted will also have to remove the piano.


Mike M. motioned for the Board to enter into non-public session as per RSA 91-A:3II (c), “Matters, which if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person”. Clay seconded the motion. By a roll call vote the motion carried 4-0. The Board adjourned into non-public session at 8:00 PM.


At 9:55 PM Clay motioned to enter into public session from non-public session. Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.



Ken nominated the following candidates to the Board:

  • Dianne Fitzmaurice for the Grade 3 position to replace L. Bradbury
  • Sacha Norris for the Grade 5 position to replace T. Cargill


Dave motioned to accept the recommendations of the Superintendent for Dianne Fitzmaurice and Sacha Norris. Clay seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.


Clay motioned for the Board to enter into non-public session as per RSA 91-A:3II (c), “Matters, which if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person”. Mike M. seconded the motion. By a roll call vote the motion carried 4-0.  The Board adjourned into non-public session at 10:02 PM.








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