Captain Samuel Douglass Academy

August 23, 2005

6:00 PM



Michael Molkentine, Chair

David Partridge, Vice-Chair

Michael Dreyer, Secretary

Ernest Hudziec

Clayton Mathieson


Dr. Anthony Luzzetti, Principal

Lorraine Wenger, Principal

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal

Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Ruth Bobich, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Mike Molkentine called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Review

This is a new item added to the agenda for the Board’s meeting. Rich Pike stated that the items listed under the RMMS Principal’s Report should be discussed under the Business Administrator’s report.


Open Forum

There was nothing for Open Forum tonight.



  • Dave motioned to accept the minutes of the June 21, 2005 BSB meeting as written. Mike D. seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0-1. Ernie abstained, since he did not attend that meeting.
  • Dave motioned to accept the minutes of the August 2, 2005 BSB meeting as written. Ernie seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.
  • Dave motioned to accept the minutes of the August 18, 2005 BSB meeting as written. Clay seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0-1. Mike D. abstained, since he did not attend that meeting.



Mike M. said that he has received Clay Mathieson’s resignation from the Brookline School Board, to be effective August 31, 2005. Clay said that he and his family are moving from Brookline to Massachusetts, to be closer to the rest of their family, and that their house has already been sold. Mike M. motioned to accept Clay Mathieson’s resignation from the Brookline School Board, with regrets. Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0-1 (Clay abstained). Mike M. said that he will check with Doris to see about advertising that there is now an open position on the Brookline School Board.


CSDA Principal’s Report

  • Laurie reported that as of today, enrollment at CSDA is 182 students – 90 in Grade 5 and 92 in Grade 6. This number is slightly higher than what was expected.
  • The facility is ready for the first day of school, and most classrooms are ready.
  • Open House will be Wednesday September 14th.
  • A few positions still need to be filled: kitchen manager, band instructor, and a .4 paraprofessional. Sheila O’Donnell, the Food Services Manager who just resigned from that Co-Op position, helped to set things up for September, so the kitchen will be OK for the start of school. The Band Program is a before and after school program that is paid for by parents. The word has been sent out that an instructor is needed. The .4 paraprofessional position is for the Resource Room, not a 1-1.


RMMS Principal’s Report

  • Enrollment is approximately 437 students. About 30 new students have registered this summer, and 5 have left. The enrollment in kindergarten is lower this year than it was last year.
  • The school is ready for opening day. Fire Chief Scott Knowles visited today, and there are a few things that need to be worked out.
  • The new telephone system has been installed.
  • Still looking to hire one paraprofessional.
  • Open House will be Wednesday September 7th.
  • Tony and Kevin met today with children and their parents who are new to the school district. They toured the school and visited their classrooms. Tuesday will be the incoming First Graders visit to the school, and they can ride the school bus that they will ride during the school year.


Business Administrator’s Report

  • Lee Ann had good news to report to the Board. She said that a response has been received to the letter written by the Board to the Commissioner of Education regarding the Adequacy Funds of $32,168 that had never been received. These funds should be received by the end of August. The funds are considered unanticipated revenue, and will be returned to the Town.
  • The preliminary audit went well. The unreserved fund balance is approximately $105,000, all of which will be returned to the taxpayers. This unreserved fund balance is due to additional catastrophic aid that was received, funds from a one-time re-financing of a bond, and monies left from teacher salaries.
  • A price of $1.899/gallon for heating oil was secured by Lee Ann. Only $1.19/ gallon was budgeted (based on last year’s cost), so there will be a shortfall here.
  • The telephone system at RMMS has been installed, for the $17, 407 that was approved to be spent. A school-wide paging system is not in this installation, and was not in the original plans. The paging system that is part of the new phone system does not cover paging that can be heard in the hallways. Statewide Communications has given a quote of $4,250 for the paging system. This amount would include ceiling speakers, a battery back-up, and Caller ID. Tony feels that from a safety standpoint this additional paging system is needed. Dave questioned the battery back-up – he thought that was part of what has already been installed. A brief discussion was held about the need for Caller ID. Tony felt that in today’s times, it was needed, and that the fact that we have Caller ID will discourage prank calls. Lee Ann will defer Caller ID and the battery back-up pending further investigation. Dave motioned to authorize the expenditure of $3,300 for ceiling speakers for a complete paging system to be installed by Statewide Communications. Ernie seconded the motion. With no further discussion, the motion carried 5-0.
  • The bell system has been installed at RMMS.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors for the lower two classrooms in RMMS were discussed next. There was concern about carbon monoxide from idling buses and cars entering these classrooms. Fire Inspector Scott Knowles recommends having detectors that are hard-wired into the fire alarm system. The drawback to this is that if they were to go off, the entire school would have to be evacuated, not just the two classrooms. Gemini Electric gave a quote of $2,460 to hard-wire carbon monoxide detectors into the two classrooms. Wall units that plug in and have battery back-ups would be much less expensive to install. It would not be a code violation to do so. Mike D. motioned to authorize the purchase and installation of two carbon monoxide detectors, the cost not to exceed $200.00. Clay seconded the motion. Further discussion followed the motion. Ernie questioned this purchase, since only one parent complained, and there are no reports from the school nurse about health problems due to carbon monoxide fumes. Dave feels strongly that this is a safety issue, and that he was willing to purchase these detectors himself for the two classrooms. Clay said he agreed with not spending over $2,000 for hard-wiring two detectors, but that spending $200.00 was OK. The motion carried 4-1, with Ernie voting no.
  • The backboards that were donated to the gym at CSDA have been installed.
  • Transportation: A representative from each Board in the SAU will be meeting with Al Orde (Hollis Transportation). The current contract expires June 30, 2006. Mike D. will be the representative from the Brookline School Board.


Superintendent’s Report

  • The next SAU Board meeting will be September 6th. It will be held at CSDA at 6:00 PM.
  • There will be a special meeting at the High School On September 13th with Ted Comstock from the School Board Association. It was noted that this meeting is the same night as a special Town meeting in Brookline.
  • Rich feels that strategic planning is necessary, and he will be talking with all of the Boards about this.
  • Rich has started the process of pre-board meetings with the Chair, Business Administrator, Administration and himself. He would like to see these continue as a way to help the process and structure of Board meetings.


Chair’s Report

  • Mike M. introduced both Rich Pike, the new Superintendent of the SAU, and Tony Luzzetti, the new Principal of RMMS, as this is the first official Board meeting with them.
  • August 30th will be the welcome back luncheon for the staff given by the School Board. It will be held at CSDA. The luncheon was coordinated by Dave, who was thanked for doing so.
  • The Insurance Study Committee will begin to meet the third week of September. They hope to have information before contract negotiations begin. This purpose committee was suggested by Jack Flanagan as a possible way to save money on insurance. There are seven members on this committee: Mike M., Don Edson, Michelle Mosca, Amy Fessenden, Lee Ann Blastos, Barbara Higgins and Jack Flanagan.
  • Wellness Goals: Meetings with the Hollis Board continue on this subject. Both Boards are still hoping for the Co-Op Board to join these meetings.


Old Business

  • Laurie told the Board that the gift from the Ron Young family that was received in June has been increased from $4,000 to $5,000. The family has stated that the spending of these funds is to be done at the discretion of Administration for what they feel are Special Education needs. The spending of these funds has been set up as if it were a grant. Dave motioned to accept the additional amount of $1,000 from the Young family with many thanks and gratitude. Mike M. seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.
  • Regarding the appointment of the interim 3rd grade teacher at the August 2nd meeting, Clay asked how the process worked this time, and how it was different from the previous process (he was not able to attend the August 2nd meeting). Tony replied that a committee had been set up to go through all of the applications, and that interviews were set up with everyone. He said that there were different people on the interviewing committee this time, and that there were also different applicants.


New Business

  • Policies Update (Mike D.): 1) Mike D. noted that regarding Sections C and D, every change that he recommended be made was changed, and that Ernie’s comments were also taken. Mike D. said that a lot of “extra” text has been eliminated, and some significant changes made, so he would like the Board to take the time to review the changes made. Since this could involve detailed discussion, Rich Pike suggested doing this during a separate meeting just for policies. A workshop was scheduled for Monday September 12th at CSDA from 8:00 – 10:30 am. A second review of sections E and F will also be done. Mike D.  said he had asked for input back from NHSBA, but very little was received. 2) Since Clay is leaving the Board, a new Board representative will be needed to work with Kathy O’Sullivan on the policies. Mike D. will be that representative. 3) Ernie said that “First Review Section I” as it appears on the agenda tonight is too vague. He had requested in a previous meeting that a list of the policies included in a section be listed on the agenda. Mike D. suggested the following: a) an initial policy review, with policies listed on the agenda and copies made available to the public; b) a 2nd review, where all input, including public comment, will be received and reviewed; and c) a 3rd review, with a workshop where proposed changes are discussed and policy can be adopted. The Board agreed that this could work.
  • Long Range Planning Committee Report (Ernie): Using an overhead display, Ernie showed classroom projections for the next ten years. 1) The first chart shown used an 8 year average. This shows that through the school year 2016-2017 the total number of classrooms needed at RMMS varies between 22 and 24. There are currently 22 classrooms at RMMS, but the school could accommodate these projections (Art “on wheels” is one way). The same projections show the number of classrooms needed at CSDA needed to vary between 8 and 11. There are currently 10 classrooms at CSDA. 2) The second projection was done using “Dick’s Projections”, done by Dick Randlett of the Planning Board, and these are based on housing. These projections show that in 2007-2008 RMMS will be 2 classrooms short, and that it continues to get worse so that at the end of the 10 year projection RMMS will be 7 classrooms short, with a need for 29 classrooms. For the same time frame CSDA will be 2 classrooms short, needing 12 classrooms.


            If a decision is made to use portable classrooms, the committee agrees that they should be            placed at CSDA. They could go at the end of either classroom wing. It is a possibility that the 4th       grade could be split between the two schools. This has been done in other districts. The            committee has also spoken with architect Al Corzelius about possible additions to CSDA. A one             story wing could be added. It would also be a possibility to add a 2 story addition, with the lower      floor being built into the hill. This lower floor could be left           unfinished until it is actually needed.        The estimate is approximately 1.8 million for a one story wing (6-8 classrooms) and 2.4 million for   a two story wing. Ernie said that he would write something to give to the CIC about the 10 year         picture. Ernie recommended that the Board keeps an eye on these projections, since they differ        significantly. Ernie was thanked for his work on this.

  • Food Service Management: Lee Ann said that the Brookline Kitchen Manager resigned 2 weeks ago. She has received 9 resumes of interest so far. The possibility of hiring an SAU-wide Food Service Director was brought up at the last Co-op meeting, since their Food Service Manager has resigned (this position is currently shared by the Co-op district and the Hollis district). There is a State-wide mandate to add a wellness component to Food Services by June 30, 2006. An SAU-wide Food Services Director would aid this happening. In addition to this person, there would be a Head Cook at each school in the SAU district. Mike M. stated that he does not support this position at all, and he does not agree with the shared positions already in place, giving examples of Technology and Building & Grounds. Ernie said that he too feels that the decision making should remain with our district. Ann Dumas and Jim Murphy were present, representing the Co-op Board. They think that the Boards should talk together about sharing the managers. Mike M. said that he agrees that SAU-wide positions have benefits, but feels that it has cost Brookline money to share positions district-wide. Ernie would like to see the SAU, having a new Superintendent, should prove to the Brookline Board that they are not being short-changed with these shared positions, and that all three districts are receiving the same level of services, before more shared positions are created. Lee Ann said that for the moment she will continue to look for someone to fill the position we currently have, that of a Kitchen Manager.
  • Update on OT Services (Rich Pike): Currently we have only one Occupational Therapist. Due to more referrals, additional time is needed, approximately 2 days a week. An assistant could be used for this position – it does not have to be an Occupational Therapist. Lee Ann noted that this position was not budgeted for, and that different funding sources would need further discussion.


Dave motioned for the Board to enter into non-public session as per RSA 91-A:3II (c), “Matters, which if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person”. Mike D. seconded the motion. With a roll call vote, the motion carried 4-0 Clay was no longer present, having left the meeting at 7:40 PM). Mike M., Mike D. Ernie, Dave and Rich adjourned into non-public session at 8:58 PM.





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