Captain Samuel Douglass Academy

January 24, 2006

5:30 PM


Michael Molkentine, Chair

David Partridge, Vice-Chair

Michael Dreyer, Secretary

Beth Lukovits

Tom Solon


Dr. Anthony Luzzetti, Principal

Lorraine Wenger, Principal

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal

Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Ruth Bobich, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Mike Molkentine called the meeting to order at 5:40 PM.


Mike M. motioned for the Board to enter into non-public session as per RSA 91-A:3II (c), “Matters, which if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person”. Beth seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0. The Board, Rich Pike, Bob Kelly, Laurie, Tony and Kevin entered into non-public session at 5:41 PM. Board member Tom Solon was not yet present, but he arrived during the non-public session.


The Board returned to public session at 6:15 PM.


Tim O’Connell was present again tonight to observe the meeting.


4th Grade Class Presentation

Mr. Vitulli’s 4th Grade class is practicing their letter writing skills. They wrote letters to the Board about “Gym Class Get Smart”, for the “PE for Life” program. Mike M. said he will pass their suggestions on to the wellness committee.


Open Forum

Tom mentioned a grant program that is being offered by Lowe’s, where parents and students build something. He said the deadline for applying is in March, and suggested that this is something that could be looked into.







Contract Ratification

The Board stated that it voted unanimously to support the newly negotiated teachers’ contract, as did the teachers’ union. It is a new 5 year contract for the professional staff, pending voter approval in March. There will be information about this new contract available at the Budget Hearing February 2nd.


Principals’ Report

The Principals’ Report has been previously sent to the Board.


Tim O’Connell expanded on the Winter Carnival, which will be February 24th at CSDA. This was previously done three years ago, and it is an afternoon of fun winter activities with an Olympic theme. It is for the 5th and 6th grades.


“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” will be performed on February 17, 18 and 19. On the 17th students from RMMS will be bused to CSDA to see a performance.


Pennies for Patients was explained as a new fundraising program of children helping children that is being done in honor of former student Jordan Coffey, and it will take place over a three week period.


The DARE party for the 6th grade will be held March 10th, and it is for the students only. DARE Officer Mike Kurland does this for the 6th grade students, who took the DARE program as 5th graders last year.


2006-2007 Budget Discussion

Finance Committee members James McElroy and Larry Rodman were present tonight for this discussion.


The budget changes from the December 20th workshop added $46,121 for the negotiated Support Staff contract increase. It was noted that the figure for the professional staff contract increase has not yet been added. At this point, the budget is up over 8%. Lee Ann suggested some areas that could be looked at to reduce the budget that would offset the Support Staff negotiated increase. She said that possibly some Language Arts, reading and math items could be funded by grants for a reduction of $10,109. She also suggested that possibly $30,800 could be deferred at this time from the facility/maintenance area of RMMS (insulation, strobe lights, flag pole, gutters, roadway extension).


It was noted that it is likely that an additional Kindergarten teacher will be needed, and that is not in the budget, and will need to be discussed. Transportation cost increases are also not in the budget yet – only $1000 was added for this. It was noted that a new contract is in the process of being negotiated for the entire district.


The possibility of deferring the technology upgrades for one year was mentioned as a reduction for the budget.


A handout was distributed listing the anticipated cost for moving Grade 4 from RMMS to CSDA. The amount was listed as $38,685. It was noted that this amount is not in the budget yet. Tony stated that there currently are space needs at RMMS – the additional kindergarten class will need a space; space is needed for OT and reading, which are currently taking place in a hallway; the Special Ed room has at least three groups working at any one time in it. A discussion was held on whether or not everything that is on the list is needed. The need for an Assistant Principal for each school will be discussed in a non-public session. Tom motioned to move the 4th grade from RMMS to CSDA for the start of the 2006-2007 school year. Mike M. seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. The motion carried 5-0. Lee Ann asked the Board for a cost for this move so she can put it into the budget before the Budget Hearing.


The Finance requested amounts for the items not yet in the budget for their review before the Budget Hearing.


Adding in the negotiated increase for the professional staff contract, the budget increase is approximately 10%. Lee Ann stated that the budget needs to be cut, by approximately $100,000, or the public will not support it. Staffing was mentioned as one way to do this. Rich Pike, the three Administrators, Bob Kelly and Lee Ann (if available) will discuss staffing and get information to the Board.


Lee Ann said that she has received a letter form the Selectmen regarding the deadline for publishing information in the Brookline Town Report. The Selectmen need the information by February 3rd. Lee Ann suggested that maybe the Board should look into publishing its own report, instead of putting the information in the Town report.


The Board will give the Finance Committee an update on the budget before the February 2nd Budget Hearing.


Superintendent’s Report

Rich Pike’s report was previously distributed to the Board.



Mike M. motioned to adjourn the meeting. Beth seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.





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