Approved as Amended on December 17, 2007


Brookline School Board – Budget Work Session


The Brookline School board met on Dec. 4th at 1:00 at CSDA Art Room with BA Dawna Duhamel,  Principals Tony Luzzetti, Laurie Wenger, Asst. Principal Kevin Stone, Carol Mace, Bob Kelly and Board members Wanda Meager, David Partridge, Marcia Farwell and Cindy Ryherd.


A preliminary review of the budget was made with questions asked of Dawna, Laurie and Tony.  The first review shows the budget up 6.1% and a decrease in the Bond payment account of $136,118.00 and a proposed increase in staff of $121,650.00. 


Some suggestions were made as to moving all the salaries into the 1100 account with the exception of some contracted services salaries.  It was also suggested to remove 1100 430 – non-instructional equipment repair as we have not spent any money out of this account for two years.  The Board hopes to have additional budget information from previous years to make better comparisons.  The board asked the administration to present the alternatives necessary to remove 1% from the budget.



The Board left the meeting to attend a conference call with counsel.  They authorized their counsel by consensus to negotiate on the board’s behalf in a special education placement matter.


The Board returned to the meeting at 2:50 and decided to send any budget questions they may have to Dawna via email.  The next budget review will be at the regular school board meeting on the 17th of December at 6:30 at CSDA.



The Board pulled the name of Christina Gialluca out of a group of names to be the parent representative to the Superintendent search.  Cindy will so inform her.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 by motion of Cindy and second by Wanda.


Respectfully submitted,


Marcia Farwell