Captain Samuel Douglass Academy

September 27, 2005

6:00 PM


Michael Molkentine, Chair

David Partridge, Vice-Chair

Michael Dreyer, Secretary


Dr. Anthony Luzzetti, Principal

Lorraine Wenger, Principal

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal

Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools (8:15)

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Ruth Bobich, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Mike Molkentine called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Review

Mike M. stated that Rich Pike would be late tonight, probably around 8:00 PM, due to another meeting. Al and Nancy Orde from the bus company are expected to attend tonight.


Open Forum

There was nothing for Open Forum tonight.




New Business

Amy Fessenden was present tonight representing BESSA to discuss the Sick Bank committee and Job Sharing.




Hollis Transportation

Al and Nancy Orde, owners of Hollis Transportation, were present tonight to meet the School Board members. They have given bus service to Brookline for 26 years.

The Ordes were thanked for coming tonight to the meeting, and for the service that they give to the District.


Principals’ Report


Business Administrator’s Report


At this point, Administration left the meeting, after being excused by then Board.



Mike D. gave a brief overview of what is being done with policies for the benefit of those present. He stated that a policy review is being done with NHSBA. Policy sections A and B have already been adopted. Sections C and D are ready for adoption tonight. Mike said that hard copies of the policies will be made available at both schools, Town Hall and the Town Library. They will also be posted on the School Board web site.


A new proposed schedule for policy review was handed out. Mike wants to Mike the public more aware of the policy review, and welcomes their input. He will be writing letters to the PTO, the Telegraph, and the HB Journal, and sending a letter in backpack mail, to help get the word out.


Policy discussion followed. 1) Policy DFB, regarding public gifts and contributions to the schools, needs to be removed from section D, Fiscal management, renamed to policy KCD and be put into the new section K, School Community Relations. Mike D. motioned to rename policy DFB, “Public Gifts and Contributions to the School”, to policy KCD. This policy will be removed from section D, Fiscal management, and placed into section K, School Community Relations. Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0. 2) Policy EBCC, emergency management regarding bomb threats: Mike D. doesn’t feel that this policy is clear enough. He would like for him and another Board member to talk with the Police and Fire Chiefs for their input to change the policy to mesh with their policies. The policy needs to be reworded to make it clear and concise. Lee Ann advised that they also get input from the Superintendent. 3) Mike D. said that sections C and D are ready for adoption tonight with the exception of Policy DIE, Audits and Fiscal Management. Mike feels that this policy still needs clarification of several items, including how often auditors are changed, and how new auditors are selected.


Mike D. motioned to adopt Brookline School Policy Sections C, General School Administration, and D, Fiscal Management, with the exception of policy section DIE, Audits/Financial Monitoring. These policies will replace and supercede all existing policies sections C and D. Dave seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. The motion carried 3-0.


Tonight is the Second Reading of sections E and F, and the First Reading of sections G, H, I and J. A workshop will be scheduled to take place in the beginning of October for sections E and F.


Meeting With Prospective School Board Candidates

There are four candidates who have submitted letters of interest for the two open Board positions. The candidates are Jon King, Gabe Elkin, Tom Solon and Beth Lukovits. The candidates will be interviewed in public, and then the Board will enter into non-public session to discuss the candidates and make their decision. The candidates will all be asked the same questions.


1. Question from Mike M.: Part 1: Tomorrow at 4:00 PM there will be a meeting of the Board. This is one of the most important meetings that the Board will have, and it will lead to more meetings. Will you be able to attend? Additional information was given to the candidates by Dave before they answered this question. Dave explained to the candidates that there are more meetings and responsibilities for Board members that the once a month meeting on the fourth Tuesday, so that there is a big time commitment. Part 2: Will you be able to be sworn in at Town Hall tomorrow morning at 8:00 am?


2. Question 2 from Mike D.: Why do you want to be on the Brookline School Board?


Mike D. said he recognized the names of all the candidates since they each have been on various committees.


Question 3 from Mike D.: As a School Board member, what would you bring as a benefit to the Board, other than your experience?


Mike mentioned to the candidates that there are committees that currently have no Board representation on them, such as the CIC, the Long-Range Planning committee, the committee to help Lee Ann build the budget, and the transportation committee.


Mike M. motioned for the Board to enter into non-public session as per RSA 91-A:3II(c), “Matters, which if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person”. Mike D. seconded the motion. By a roll call vote, the motion carried 3-0. The Board and Lee Ann, representing the Superintendent, adjourned into non-public session at 8:03 PM.


At 8:25 PM the Board and Lee Ann returned to public session. The Superintendent, Rich Pike, is now present at the meeting.


Mike M. said that all four applicants are extremely qualified for the two open positions. The Board tried to balance itself when making their decision. Mike D. said that it was great that four people applied for the two open positions, and that he hopes that they all consider running for the three positions that will be open in the March election.


Mike M. motioned to appoint Beth Lukovits and Tom Solon to the two open positions on the Brookline School Board. Mike D. seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0.


Dave reminded Beth and Tom that they need to be sworn in at Town Hall tomorrow morning, and to be ready for the meeting at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.


Superintendent’s Report

Rich Pike told the Board that there is legal work that needs to be done by a firm with labor experience, as recommended by Attorney William Drescher. The firm of Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green has been contacted to do this. The Board needs to endorse a retainer for the amount of $500.00 for this firm. This will be discussed further in non-public session.


Rich asked if anyone had any questions about his written report (previously handed out). There were none.


Mike M. motioned for the Board to enter into non-public session as per RSA 91-A:3II(c), “Matters, which if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person”, and (e), “consideration or negotiation of pending claims or litigation”. Dave seconded the motion. By a roll call vote, the motion carried 3-0. The Board and the Superintendent adjourned into non-public session at 8:45 PM.






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