Approved:  January 26, 2006


Captain Samuel Douglass Academy

December 20, 2005

6:00 PM


Michael Molkentine, Chair

David Partridge, Vice-Chair

Michael Dreyer, Secretary

Beth Lukovits

Tom Solon


Dr. Anthony Luzzetti, Principal

Lorraine Wenger, Principal

Kevin Stone, Assistant Principal

Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Ruth Bobich, Recording Secretary


Mike Dreyer was not present tonight.


The Board came into Public session tonight at 6:15 PM. Chairperson Mike Molkentine called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM. Mike M. motioned to seal the minutes of the non-public meeting that began at 5:30 PM. Beth seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.


Open Forum





Rich Pike stated that the Board has received information on the disposition of a grievance that was filed, and they need to now determine how they will proceed with it. There are three ways to handle this: 1) there can be a hearing with the Board; 2) discussion can continue with Rich Pike; 3) they can go to arbitration. Dave motioned that the Board will not hold a hearing on this matter and it will direct the Administration to continue the process it has begun to address these issues. Mike M. seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0. Mike M. will inform the Teachers’ Association Vice President Jane Gauthier of this decision.




Budget Discussion

            Bob Kelly gave a handout to the Board and Administration of his proposed Special Education budget for 2006/07, which he reviewed with them. Mr. Kelly explained the new personnel requests, which are due to increased case loads. 1) Additional days are needed for the Special Education District Coordinator, for an increased cost of $11,443; 2) The Speech/Language Pathologist position needs to be increased from a .4 to a .8 position, for an increased cost of $24,470; 3) The Speech/Language Assistant position needs to be increased from 14 hrs/wk to 21 hrs/wk, for an increased cost of $4,354; 4) The Occupational Therapy COTA position needs to be increased from 14 hrs/wk to 21 hrs/wk, for an increased cost of $5,697; 5) Additional paraprofessional positions are needed, for a cost of $11,692; 6) a .5 Remedial Reading Specialist, for $21,558; 7) a .5 Special Education Teacher for $21,558. It was noted that the positions of .5 Remedial Reading Specialist and .5 Special Education teacher could be filled by the same person, for an additional cost of $11,568 for benefits for a full time position not needed for the half-time positions. 8) A new item was added to the budget for Program Dev./In-services, line item 1200-390-00, for a cost of $1,500.


Superintendent’s Report

Rich Pike previously distributed his written report to the Board and Administration. His report contained a budget item – it is his recommendation that all three Boards in the SAU put $1200 into their budgets to continue the work with NHSBA to stay current with all new policies. The Board feels that Mike D., who is not present tonight, needs to be part of this discussion, since he is the person who worked closely with Kathy O’Sullivan on updating the District’s policies. This will be discussed at another time.


Workshop Meeting

Another workshop meeting is needed to finalize the budget. The meeting will be held January 10, 2006 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM at CSDA. There was a Parent Coffee Night scheduled to be held that night at CSDA. Laurie said she would change the Parent Coffee Night to the next Tuesday night, January 17, 2006.


Principals’ Report

A written report was previously distributed to the Board. In addition to the written report, Laurie said that Stephen Reber has donated $400 to CSDA and $400 to RMMS to be used for technology enrichment. Mr. Reber was thanked for his generous donation.



Mike M. motioned to accept sections E and F to the Policy Manual as amended by Mike D. Beth seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.


Dave motioned to adjourn the meeting. Mike M. seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM.




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