Captain Samuel Douglass Academy

March 21, 2005

6:30 PM


Mike Molkentine

Dave Partridge

Ernie Hudziec

Clay Mathieson

Michael Dreyer


In attendance tonight are Mike Molkentine, Dave Partridge, Ernie Hudziec, Clay Mathieson, and Michael Dreyer.

Workshop Session 6:30 PM - 8:50PM

All board members were present for an initial workshop meeting to discuss the following:

         General discussion on procedural issues

         General discussion on ideas and possible subjects of review over the upcoming year


         All board members discussed the desire for open communication with the public - Goal #1

         Budgeting process should start earlier. Mike D mentioned need for the board to be informed about all budget line items during public sessions.

         Ernie questioned process for reviewing and approving manifests.

         Ernie has questions about how we compare to Hollis Elementary in test grades.

         Dave asked about a breakdown of how Brookline students in tenth grade are doing versus how Hollis students are doing in tenth grade. How was the performance at the time of merger of Hollis and Brookline students in middle school? Mike M will check his files, he might have that information.

         Ernie was curious about what the specific computer requirements for first and third grade students should be.

         Ernie discussed and there was general consensus that we need a long range plan (10 years?) in place as soon as possible.

         Mike M handed out a copy of the School District Criteria for Special Education Evaluations for the board to review.

         Many ideas/thoughts were discussed with general topics: The SAUCER plan, insurance,. grants, meeting with the BoS, CIC, PB, and FinCom to see where the town is headed, performance based evaluations and compensation, and general policy review.

Mike Molkentine discussed need for agenda change for meeting on 3/22/05. There was a request for a non-public session.. Agenda changed to reflect non-public session at 8:45 PM.

Chris St. George came into to functionally test video system for meeting on 3/22/05 in order to facilitate taping for future public view.

Officer Kurland stopped by to say hello. He was at the science fair and just wanted to check in with us


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