Minutes of the Hollis/Brookline Co-op School Board Budget Workshop

Hollis/Brookline Middle School Teachers’ Room

16 February 2007



Seeing a quorum present, the Chairman called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.


Board Members present:

Jim Murphy, Chairman

Webb Scales, Secretary

Anne Dumas

Pam Kirby

Tom Enright

Steve Simons


HB Co-op Administrative Staff present:

Rich Pike, Superintendent of Schools



Jim Murphy reported to the Board that the Budget Committee had not delivered the “Final Budget” to the Board by the deadline per RSA 32.  (The Board concurred.)  Mr. Murphy pointed out that, per RSA 32:5, the Board may now post the budget itself, since it has been duly disclosed at the Budget Hearing and since the Budget Committee’s deadline has passed.


Mr. Murphy presented to the Board the updated Warrant, noting that the four articles to create and fund each of the capital funds have been collapsed into two articles to create-and-fund them, respectively.


[7:13 pm: Dan Peterson arrived.]


The Board voted to take the following positions on the various articles of the Warrant:


(The warrant will be reformatted with the articles renumbered following the removal of the Special District Meeting authorization articles.)


The Board discussed how to proceed in light of the fact that the Budget Committee failed to meet its statutory responsibilities.


7:43 pm:  Tom Enright moved that the Board post the District Budget under the terms of RSA 32:5; seconded by Steve Simons.  Approved 6-0-1, with Dan Peterson abstaining.


7:45 pm:  Steve Simons moved that the Board authorize the Chairman to sign paperwork required to post the warrant; seconded by Pam Kirby.  Approved 7-0.


The Chairman outlined the meetings and hearings which the Board will be holding prior to the Annual District Meeting:

·        Apportionment articles hearing (Board quorum is required):
Wednesday, 21 February, 7:00 pm, HBMS Multipurpose Room

·        SB2 Hearings (one in each town; Board quorum is not required):
Thursday, 22 February, 7:00 pm, CSDA Cafeteria
Monday, 26 February, 8:00 pm, HBMS Multipurpose Room
(Atty. Drescher will be presenting, the hearing being both for the Co-op and the Town of Hollis which is facing the same petition)

·        Preparation Meeting of the Board for the Annual District Meeting:
Monday, 5 March, 7:00 pm, HBHS Music Room

·        Annual District Meeting:  Wednesday, 7 March, 7:00 pm, HBHS Gym

Tom Enright pointed out that he is still unsatisfied with several of the budget line items and felt that the Board should continue to work on the budget after the District Meeting.


8:02 pm:  Tom Enright moved that the meeting be adjourned; seconded by Anne Dumas.  Approved 7-0.




Respectfully submitted,


Webb Scales