Minutes of the Hollis/Brookline Co-op School Board

Hearing of the Petition Warrant Article for “SB2” Governance

Hollis/Brookline Middle School Multipurpose Room, Town of Hollis

26 February 2007



The Chairman convened the hearing at shortly after 8:00pm.  (The Hollis Board of Selectmen and the Hollis/Brookline School Board met jointly in order to hold their respective hearings concurrently.)


School Board Members present:

Jim Murphy, Chairman

Webb Scales, Secretary

Tom Enright

Pam Kirby

Steve Simons


Also present:

Bill Drescher, attorney

Jim Belanger, Hollis/Brookline Co-op School District Moderator

Jim Squires, Hollis Town Moderator

Members of the Hollis Board of Selectmen

Members of the press (both the Cabinet and the Telegraph)

Members of the public



Jim Murphy gave an introduction including a brief slide presentation outlining the purpose of the petition and the hearing and the requirements of the process.  He then introduced Bill Drescher, attorney for the Hollis/Brookline Co-op School District.


Bill Drescher gave a presentation outlining the impacts and ramifications of adopting the “SB2” form of governance supported by additional slides provided by Mr. Murphy.


At the Chairman’s invitation, Nancy Wall read a prepared statement on behalf of John Haithcock, the petitioner.


Jim Murphy then offered the Board’s viewpoint, supported by additional slides.  He then invited the other Board members present to offer their reasons for recommending against the Article.  Each made a brief statement.  (The members of the Hollis Board of Selectmen followed suit.)


The Chairman then invited the public to address the Article. There were statements from each of the Moderators as well as from most of the dozen or so members of the public in attendance.  Not all positions were against the motion – a gentleman from Amherst (which uses SB2 Governance) opined that it it works well.


Seeing no one else wishing to speak, the Chairman concluded the hearing.



Respectfully submitted,


Webb Scales