Minutes Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board Meeting

on May 29, 2007 at SAU41 Office




Jim Murphy

James O’Shea

Webb Scales

Steve Simons

Tom Solon

Richard Pike

Robert Kelly

Tim Kelley

Pat Goyette


The meeting was called to order at 8:05 AM.


     Rich Pike a list of Professional Staff Nomination being recommended to fill vacancies in the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District.  The list follows:

For the Hollis Brookline High School

Alex Basbas, Spanish, M, Step 1

Patricial Hageman, English, M, Step 13

Kathleen Maynard, Guidance, M, Step 14

Maryanne Rotelli, Science, M+30, Step 1

     Tim Kelley provided details and background information on the candidates.  There was some discussion on the impact to the total payroll in comparison to the budget.  Tim Kelley pointed out that open positions created by retirements were budgeted with a default placeholder of Masters, Step 5 rather than the current salary of the position.  So, although the new hire might be at a lower salary than the current teacher, the budget might still be less than the new hire.

    Tim reviewed staff experience in the high school for the past two years and found the average to be several steps higher than the default position, suggesting that the default of M, Step 5, might not be appropriate for the high school.  The requirements for Highly Qualified Teacher at the high school level include an amount of coursework, and level of knowledge in subject, that increases the probability of greater experience level.  Tim was asked to look at the average incoming level of new hires in the high school for the past few years as a possible reference point.

     The current list of nominations and new hires to date for both schools leads to a net amount of $31,188 excess over the 07-08 budget.  There are still five or six positions to be filled and it is possible that this number will be reduced.  There is also a possibility that some offsetting savings will be achieved in health insurance costs.


Steve Simons made a motion to accept the nominations as recommended by Superintendent Pike.  James O’Shea seconded the motion.  The motion passed 5-0.


    Pat Goyette presented a proposal to create a new position of Assistant Special Education Coordinator for the Middle School.  This position would be a stipend position for an existing staff member, thus requiring no additional benefits to be paid.

   Tom Solon asked about the risk of overlapping demands with the normal daily classroom responsibilities.  Pat and Bob Kelly both spoke to the specific skills of the likely candidate, and the expectations at 12 hours per week on average.  Both believe that right candidate will be able to perform the additional duties without any compromise of the existing responsibilities.  Pat noted that, except for LEA responsibilities, the coordinator activities would primarily be conducted after normal school hours.


The proposed cost for the position, based on 12 hrs/wk for 36 weeks, would be capped at $14,000.


  (James O’Shea departed at 8:40 AM)


   Pat Goyette stated that the proposal was initially conceived to provide added resources, allow the middle school to become more pro-active and proficient with respect to Special Education services.  All requirements are being met currently but it requires action from other administration staff, taking time away from other duties, and increasing the burden on all involved. 

   The middle school staffing for next year will come in under budget and this was believed to be a possible source of funding for the stipend.  But, as emphasized by Jim Murphy, the expected funding source, salary reductions from new hire, has already been consumed by new hires at the high school.

    Tim Kelley asked if there is a risk of grievance as a similar position is not proposed for the high school.  Bob Kelly explained that the construction of the description includes responsibilities that clearly differentiate it from any other role.  Therefore, no other staff member would have cause for a grievance.

    Discussion continued about possible funding option to stay within budget.  Jim Murphy asked to hold off on authorization of the position until the final salary expectations are known.  It was agreed that this proposal will be revisited at the next regular meeting on June 20.


A placeholder was requested June 7 at 8 AM for a special meeting to review further staff nominations that may arise between now and then.


Steve Simons made a motion to adjourn.  Webb Scales seconded the motion.  The motion passed.


The meeting adjourned at 9:10 AM.