Regular Meeting

                                                                                                            May 21, 2008

                                                                                                            Hollis-Brookline Middle School



Tom Enright, Chairperson

James O’Shea, MD, left at _______

Fred Hubert, arrived at 7:45 p.m.

Steve Simons

Tom Solon

Janice Tremblay



Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Tim Kelley, Principal, Hollis-Brookline High School

Pat Goyette, Principal, Hollis-Brookline Middle School

Dawna Duhamel, Business Administrator

Rebecca Movermann, Student Representative

Betsy A. Packard, Recording Secretary 


Others present included members of the Public.


Chairperson Tom Enright called the meeting to order at 6:22 p.m.




Supt. Pike reported that he had received letters of resignation from Peggy LaBrosse, Karen Sayward, and Joe Quinn.


Janice Tremblay moved that the Board accept the resignations of Peggy LaBrosse, Karen Sayward, and Joe Quinn, with regrets.  Tom Solon seconded.  Motion carried unanimously. 

5 – 0 – 0.


Supt. Pike informed the Board that he had received a letter from Amy Cassidy, requesting a maternity leave.  He explained that Ms. Cassidy was requesting to start her leave one week at the end of this school year, then would come back part-time for a month in the fall, before coming back to her full schedule.


Janice Tremblay moved that the Board accept Amy Cassidy’s maternity leave as written.  Tom Solon seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


2.         MINUTES


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the minutes of April 8, 2008 as written.  Janice Tremblay seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.




Middle School


Ms. Goyette reported that incoming 7th graders would be visiting the Middle School the next day.  She stated that the incoming 7th graders have all been placed and they would be completing the 8th graders this week.


Ms. Goyette stated that considerable amount of time had been spent interviewing for Ms. Desmarais’ position.  She added that she felt comfortable with the candidate that was chosen.


Ms. Goyette presented the recommendation that teachers work until 6:00 p.m. two days during the final week.  Wednesday, June 18th would be a closing staff meeting to discuss building goals for 08-09, and literacy plans.  Thursday, June 19th would be formal checkout.  Teacher’s final day would then be June 20th, along with the students, instead of June 23rd, as the calendar now states.


Mr. Solon asked if the late stays were mandatory.  Ms. Goyette responded that June 18th would be mandatory.  June 19th would be optional.  Teachers could either stay late on that Thursday, or come in on Monday, June 23rd.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve Pat Goyette’s proposal to allow an alternative closing.  Janice Tremblay seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Ms. Goyette reported that the Annual Yearly Progress reports had come out.  Adequate progress was made in all areas.  However, to increase (progress) each year is difficult because of where the school started out.


Mr. Solon questioned, in regards to portfolios, at what point is the opportunity to fulfill their obligations, not an opportunity anymore.  Ms. Goyette responded that May 16th was the last day.  She reported that they have 14 students that will have to take a basic computer course next year.  Ms. Goyette explained that students had to show computer proficiency in four basic areas:


1.       Web pages

2.       Spreadsheets

3.       Word processing

4.       PowerPoint


Students showing proficiency in these four areas can take any advanced computer course available at the High School.  Students who do not show proficiency must take a basic computer course for no credit.


Mr. Simons questioned if they had learned anything from the 14 students who did not show proficiency, so they can do better next year.  Ms. Goyette was not sure they could do anything different next year, except nag more.


Mr. Solon asked if there were any correlation with availability to computer access outside of the school.  Ms. Goyette stated that she had not seen any; however, three of the students were new to the District.


Chair. Enright asked if Ms. Goyette was finished with hiring.  Ms. Goyette responded that she was.


High School


Mr. Kelley reported that it has been a busy end-of-year.  He explained that they had to cancel several courses for next year due to low enrollment. He added that they are in the middle of scheduling.


Freshman Team


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that they had made a slight change to the Freshman Team for the coming year.  In an effort to open up the “team” concept for the entire freshman class, they have decided to schedule all freshmen next year into teams for their English and Geography classes.  Those teachers will be provided with a common plan.


Mr. Solon questioned whether there would be two separate teams – one with four classes, and one with two, or if the whole freshmen class would be in a two-class team.    Mr. Kelley responded that the entire freshman class would be in a team of two – their English and Geography classes.  He added that the Freshman Team had been a pilot program.  They found that it had good points, such as students do not fall through the cracks.  However, it becomes difficult to schedule the entire class that way when it comes to math and science because of the different levels.  They felt the “team” concept could be done with English and Social Studies.




Mr. Kelley stated that they would be pre-spending the parking lot fee in order to put in a path across the grass.  He felt it was better to do this type of work in the summer.  He explained that if a paved path were put in, then they would be able to plow it in the winter.  He added that a culvert and fill would be needed. 


Chair. Enright asked how much money they were looking at.  Mr. Kelley thought it would cost about $4,000.00.  Mr. Simons asked how much money they would be getting from the parking fees?  Mr. Kelley stated they would receive about $10,000.00.  Mr. Kelley added that they also wanted to expand the lot by the baseball field.  They would like to move the fence and put in more gravel.  He added that Mr. Peterson had expressed his concern to Mr. Kelley as to why they wanted to expand the parking lot, when Mr. Peterson felt they should be encouraging carpooling.  Mr. Kelley explained that he had concerns regarding parking spaces with the upcoming larger classes.


Mr. Simons asked that with regards to carbon imprint, if there were any ideas to encourage carpooling.  Mr. Kelley responded that Mr. Peterson had some ideas.


Student Handbook


Mr. Kelley reported that they had been some minor changes to the Student Handbook.  The biggest concern is the use of cell phones.  He explained that cell phones are supposed to be off during class time, but are allowed during lunch.  First offense, the phone is taken and given back at the end of the day.  The second offense, parents have to come in.


Mr. Solon suggested getting a blocking device for cell use within the building.  Mr. Kelley responded that he had heard about such technology, but felt it might be against the law due to homeland security.


Department Chair Job Description


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that a Job Description for the Department Chair had been updated.  It will be used for all department chairs.


Chair. Enright asked what had been changed on the job description.  Mr. Kelley responded that there had been two basic changes under Part III, Items J and M.  He added that he would bring in a copy of the older version, so the changes could be compared.


Mr. Solon asked what was the methodology in offering the department chair opportunities.  Mr. Kelley responded that it was a year-to-year opportunity.  They have put out a notice that anyone interested in the position must apply by May 16th.


Mr. Solon asked if the position was viewed as an honorary / privileged position or a management / leadership position.  Mr. Kelley responded that it was both.  Mr. Solon asked if Mr. Kelley would step in if no one applied.  Mr. Kelley responded that if no one applied, then he would try to find someone.


Chair. Enright asked about compensation.  Mr. Kelley responded that compensation was addressed in Part IV, Item B.  He added that the stipend schedule was somewhat established when he came to the District.  He stated that some areas get a reduction in classroom teaching responsibilities.  The average stipend is between $2,000 and $2,500.  Chair. Enright pointed out that having a teacher teach four classes instead of five has a significant cost associated with it, at least $10,000.


Mr. Solon questioned the purpose of the stipend.  He felt it was to pay for the additional hours the teacher puts in for being the department chair.  He was not sure why they also got a course reduction.  Mr. Kelley explained that that this was a practice before he came to the District, and added that it doesn’t work well unless they reduce the course load, because there just isn’t enough time for the teacher.  Mr. Solon stated that he could see a course reduction or a stipend, but he didn’t understand both.  Having a course reduction would cover the stipend.   Supt. Pike explained that the department heads would not have time to do observations, walk-thrus, etc., if they do not give them course reduction.  Chair. Enright pointed out that Special Education, Physical Education, and Art do not have as many teachers in their departments, so they are able to carry out the duties of the department head without a course reduction.


Chair. Enright felt that “with approval of the School Board” should be added to Part IV, Item B, last bullet.   Mr. Solon stated that he did not support the additional phrase, as he did not see how the School Board could know better than the Administration whether a course reduction was needed or not.  Chair. Enright responded that the phrase should be added because there were monetary implications.  Mr. Solon pointed out that the Administration has to work within their budget.  He felt that if the School Board got involved, it would be micro-managing.  Mr. Solon felt that it should be the Administration’s decision; however, as a courtesy, they should let the School Board know.


Mr. Simons asked if stipends were a line item.  Mr. Kelley responded that they were.  Mr. Simons pointed out that the Board would then know what the Administration was doing in regards to stipends.  Chair. Enright pointed out that it was not the stipend he was concerned about, but rather, the course reduction, as it was a huge monetary issue.


Mr. Simons stated that he had no problem adding “with approval of the School Board.”


Mr. Hubert stated that he would rather see the statement be put in Item C.  Mr. Kelley stated that they could put in Item C that the Principal will report to the School Board.  He added that approval of the job description did not need to be done that night, and that he would look at the wording.


Ms. Tremblay asked if Mr. Kelley was currently looking to add staff to cover for department heads.  Mr. Kelley responded that he was not looking for staff to cover for department heads, but did have some other staffing needs.




Mr. Kelley introduced Lisa Futrell.  He explained that she worked part-time as the Job Developer, which is different from the Schools to Career position.  The Job Developer works with the identified student population.


Ms. Futrell informed the Board that she works three days a week finding jobs for students with developmental disabilities.  Ms. Futrell then gave a short presentation, highlighting and explaining the following:


·         Special Education students working in a real world setting.

·         Students are in the Life Skills program.

·         Students first work within the building at such jobs as:

            ~ Major mailings

            ~ Selling refreshments during parent-teacher conferences

·         Older students are placed in jobs off-site.

            ~ Seniors:  5 days a week for 3 hours at a time

            ~ Juniors:  2 days a week

·         Para-educators are there to support the student.

·         Job Developer makes site visitations once a week.

·         Monthly evaluations are filled out by the business employer and the para-educator.

·         Businesses are found by cold calling, and to support needs:

            ~ Student interest and vocational assessment

            ~ Site needs

            ~ Long-term opportunity

·         Businesses currently involved in the program:

            ~ St. Joseph Hospital

            ~ Hannaford

            ~ Citronics

            ~ Gift Beyond Beliefs



Ms. Futrell informed the Board that there are five students that have been placed in off-site jobs.  One will graduate in April.  The student has been working at St. Joseph Hospital, and the Hospital has offered him a job.  The remaining students will rotate to different sites.


Mr. Kelley explained that when they mention junior and senior students, these students are with the school for six years, so they graduate at 21 years.  Therefore, these jobs are where they are going to go.


Ms. Futrell announced that on May 29th, at 7:30 a.m. in the High School Cafeteria, there will be an Appreciation Breakfast held for the employers.  Students will be preparing the breakfast.  She extended an invitation to the Board members.


Chair. Enright asked if the District was meeting everyone’s demand for this program.  Ms. Futrell responded that all students in the Life Skills program are involved, so the internal jobs work well.   There are other students with higher education plans.  Chair. Enright stated that it seemed as if they will have more businesses participating next year, so he wondered if there would be more students involved next year.  Mr. Kelley explained that students rotate between the businesses so they can see what job works for them. 


Mr. Simons asked if there were students missing out on being placed somewhere.  Ms. Futrell responded that there weren’t.  She explained that when a student gets to their junior year, their classes are almost done; therefore, they start to go to the outside jobs.  A student will try a job out for one semester, then rotate, unless a particular job works well for them.


Mr. Solon asked if there were any rules that needed to be followed.  Ms. Futrell responded that the High School is registered with the Department of Education, and that they follow the rules of the State.  She added that there are no courses on how to do this job.  She has visited other schools with such programs, then has tailored the High School’s program to the needs of the students.


Mr. Solon asked if it was challenging to get participation of outside businesses.  Ms. Futrell responded that it was sometimes.  She explained that she has gotten a cold response from Wal-Mart, so she has done some job shadowing in the hopes to expose the employer to the program.  Ms. Futrell hoped that publicity regarding the Appreciation Breakfast will get more local employers to get involved.  Supt. Pike suggested that Ms. Futrell ask to make a presentation to the local Rotary group.


Chair. Enright thanked Ms. Futrell for her presentation to the Board.


5.         PRINICPALS’ REPORTS - Continued


High School


Athletic Director


Mr. Kelley stated that he had reviewed his notes from previous discussions regarding the Athletic Director.  With the resignation of the AD Secretary, he proposed adding an Assistant AD.  He felt that they could stay within the budget and could set a competitive salary.  He proposed that the AD’s position be 260 days, with hours 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  The Assistant AD’s hours would be 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.   The AD would start working mid-August with try-outs, and would work for a period of time in the spring after school got out.  He added that the AD works pretty much all the school vacations, due to play-offs.


Chair. Enright questioned how Mr. Kelley arrived at 260 days.  Mr. Kelley responded that with 12 holidays and 4 weeks vacation, it works out to be about 260 days.


Chair. Enright asked what the compensation would be.  Mr. Kelley responded that it would be approximately $72,000.   Chair. Enright pointed out that the big change in the proposal is that they would lose the one course being taught by the AD. 


Mr. Simons pointed out that the number of vacation weeks should not be tied into an individual.  Mr. Kelley responded that if one looked at a mid-management level administration position, 4 weeks is normal. 


Mr. Kelley stated that there was a concern regarding the teacher’s retirement fund benefit, and having to give it up after being with the school for 20 years.  Mr. Solon asked if this would be part of the job description or part of the individual negotiation.  Mr. Kelley responded that it would be part of the individual negotiations.


Mr. Simons asked if it would be a yearly contract.  Mr. Kelley responded that it would be like the current Administration contracts.


Mr. Simons asked if the Board needed to make a decision that night.  Mr. Kelley responded that he was merely informing the Board that night, and would continue discussions at the next meeting. 


Chair. Enright felt that that the Board needed to consider:


1.       If the High School needed a full-time Athletic Director

2.       If so, how can the District afford it?


Supt. Pike stated a third consideration needed to be looked at:


3.       What does the position look like and negotiations?


Mr. Kelley felt that the cost could be easily absorbed, but he was not prepared to give details until the next meeting.


Ms. Tremblay asked if the position would need to be posted.  Mr. Kelley stated that it would not need to be posted, as they currently have an Athletic Director, who is a teacher with a stipend.  The question was if they wanted to change the current situation to an Administration position.  Mr. Solon stated that he would like to have it confirmed that changing from a tracking position to an administration position does not require posting of the position.


Summer School


Mr. Kelley distributed information regarding the Summer Academic Program. He explained that the summer program is for students to make-up credit due to failing a course during the school year.  He stated that information is also posted on the website.  The program should be self-sufficient.  The cost is also listed.


Mr. Solon asked if the summer program was for qualifying students to get into a higher course.  Mr. Kelley explained that it was for students who did not pass, for example, English 9 during the school year, not for students to take English 9 so they can take English 10 in the fall.


Mr. Solon asked if there were any courses being dropped due to lack of classroom space.  Mr. Kelley responded that it was due to lack of enrollment.



Guidance Proposal


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that currently, the guidance personnel work 15 per diem days during the summer.  He stated that he had looked at the situation, and felt that the 15 days could be cut back to 10 days.  He would like to take the savings from this proposal and use for “summer support.”  This would allow for a receptionist 4 hours a day, 4 days a week for the summer.


Mr. Simons asked if there was a contract involved.  Mr. Kelley responded that it did involve contracts, therefore, he would have to talk with Doris Lindgren to make sure the proposal is within the bounds of the contract.


Chair. Enright explained that years ago they had lots of students coming into the District over the summer, so they needed the extra support in the guidance department.  They no longer have the influx so they don’t need all the guidance time.  He felt they should go ahead with the proposal.


Student Representative


Mr. Kelley introduced Rebecca Movermann, the new Student Representative. 


Ms. Movermann felt that in regards to Senior Project being dropped, there could be better advertising of the course, as she had no idea what it was.


Ms. Movermann stated that there are lots of teachers with “carts” due to the lack of classroom space.  She felt it was an issue that needed to be addressed in the future.


Ms. Movermann reported that they were working on put together Field Day.  They are getting donations for the barbeque, as well as coming up with event and a schedule.  They are also looking into getting a DJ.  Field Day will be held next Thursday.  Classes will be held until 10:00 a.m., then Field Day will start with an all-school barbeque.


Mr. Kelley stated that in regards to the lack of space at the High School, they had to hold the Advanced Placement testing at the Lawrence Barn and at a local church.  There were 88 students taking tests.


Mr. Solon stated that there had been some notoriety regarding law enforcement and drug overdose since the last meeting.  He questioned what had been done.  Mr. Kelley stated that the news media had reported on three separate incidents.  Students had been transported to the hospital due to overdose of prescription drugs.  Mr. Kelley informed the Board that the High School had sent out communications through email and had an information night with Bill Quigley.  He added that they tried to make clear the school’s policy.


Mr. Solon felt that the issue had died down quickly.  Mr. Simons felt it was due to addressing the issue so quickly.  Mr. Kelley stated that they tried to make it clear that the school has consequences for such behavior, as well as support.




Supt. Pike informed the Board that he had interviewed all the nominations.


Middle School


Ms. Goyette reviewed the following nominations:


Leonid Gershgorin – Reading Specialist (replaces Lucas) has worked as a permanent substitute.  He is highly qualified in reading.  She felt that when a position opens up in English, he will moved there.


William Hinkle – Music (replaces DePine) student taught at Campbell High School.  She felt he will be a phenomenal teacher, adding that he is full of energy, and is in a band, himself.  Guitar is his specialty, but has a full range of instruments.


High School


Mr. Kelley reviewed the following nominations:


Alex Basbas – Spanish (replaces Verville) was on a 1-year contract replacing Verville, who recently resigned.


Amanda Delaney – Special Education (replaces Haight) filled in for a teacher on leave.  The Special Education Department is thrilled to have Amanda.


Mr. Simons asked if Ms. Delaney’s 1-year contract applied to her tenure.  Mr. Kelley responded that it did.


Kristen Donaldson – Biology (replaces Kittredge)  has coaching experience in x-country and track.  She did her field experience on primates in the Congo.  She will be coming to the school in a couple of weeks to sit in on Mr. Kittredge’s class.


Jannine Farrar – Business Education / Computer (replaces Southwick) has experience in ICT.  She hopes to help the staff with ICT initiatives. 


Chair. Enright pointed out that Ms. Farrar is listed as M +15, Step 13, but will complete course work by the end of the summer, therefore, putting her at M +30, Step 13.  He questioned what the monetary difference would be.  Mr. Kelley thought it would be approximately  $1,300.


Deborah Maloney – Science (replaces LaBrosse) has been teaching Chemistry at Nashua South for the past 3 years. Prior to that, she taught Chemistry at Mascenic for 3 years.  She also taught 1 year at a private school.


Susan Patz – RN (new position) comes from Brookline, where she is also part-time school nurse. 


Linda Saari – Science (replaces Maynard) is a Chemistry teacher, but also teaches Physics.   Ms. Saari comes from industry, but has a teaching background.


Mr. Simons asked how Physics was being handled, as Mr. Maynard had a full plate.  Mr. Kelley responded that Mr. Maynard did not just teach Physics, but also taught Physical Science.   Mr. Simons questioned how it would work for Ms. Saari to be highly qualified in Physics.  Mr. Kelley responded that if she did not meet the qualifications, she will get qualified.


Supt. Pike stated that each of the candidates wanted to be in the District.  He felt that they all were top-notch, outstanding candidates.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he still needed to fill the Choral position.  He did not feel that that would be at the top of the scale.  He felt that they had done well the two science positions, as the retirees were at the top of the salary scale.


Supt. Pike nominated the list of candidates.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the nominations as presented.  Fred Hubert seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Mr. Kelley stated that he still had 2 – 3 more positions to fill.  He anticipated a savings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he had had a request for a Spanish position to go from a 1.0 FTE to a 0.83 FTE.  He stated that the class sizes are reasonable, so he felt they could do this.  The teacher has one more year to become vested in the retirement system.  The following year, the reduction would be even more.  This would cause a savings of $8,907.15.


Mr. Kelley reported that English needed to move from 0.2 FTE to 0.3 FTE, with an associated cost of $4,233.60. 


Mr. Kelley stated that there would be a savings of $6,292.28 in Guidance.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he needed a part-time Art position of 0.4 FTE, which would be approximately $18,000.  He explained that he has 8 sections of Art with 24 students per section .  The art studio is built for 16 students.  He felt that adding the part-time position fits the need in the schedule.  He felt that the monetary difference could be made up within the instructional portion of the budget with the hiring of the Choral and Computer positions.  He pointed out that since the position was 0.4 FTE, there would be no benefits.  He added that he would like to advertise the position, as he needed to finish the schedule.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve a 0.4 FTE Art position.  Janice Tremblay seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Chair. Enright pointed out the special exception to the Spanish position.  He explained that such a reduction would usually go from 1.0 FTE to 0.8 FTE.  However, the reduction is 0.83 FTE so benefits can be retained for one year, and the teacher can become vested.




Ms. Duhamel distributed her report.  She announced that Sheila O’Donnell, payroll specialist, had given her notice.


Ms. Duhamel reported that $202,000 had been expended between March and April.  She reviewed the following areas in the budget:


·         Substitute account ~ took a hit. 

·         Special Education ~ $19,000 spent from last month.

·         Co-curricular ~ Spent $30,000.


                  Mr. Solon asked if there was enough in the Special Education account to get to the end of the year.  Ms. Duhamel responded that there was $130,000 remaining in the account.  She added that they were scheduled to receive $206,000 from IDEA.


·         Maintenance ~


            Ms. Duhamel stated that she would like to encumber monies from the following accounts for the cost of the well and pump repair:


            2600-300 – Buildings & Grounds Services – Shared Costs               $23,536.42

            2600-310 – Buildings & Grounds, Maintenance Services                  $14,560.00

            2600-622 – Utility Services Lighting                                               $44,760.76


                  Ms. Duhamel stated that the total for the well and pump is $50,000.


Janice Tremblay moved that the Board authorize Dawna Duhamel to encumber $50,000 for well and pump repairs.  Steve Simons seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Ms. Duhamel informed the Board that LGC had given the District a Guaranteed Maximum Rate of 13.6%.  The final rate came in at 10.8%.  The 3% savings translates to a savings of approximately $13,000.


Ms. Duhamel reported that she is talking to Lorden Oil regarding pre-buy.  They have been buying at $2.24.  The current average rate for New England is $4.14.  She stated that they had budgeted $174,000.  If they pre-buy at $4.14, they will come up $92,000 short.  At a pre-buy of $3.50, they will be $54,000 short.  She added that they don’t have many gallons left of their pre-buy.


Mr. Solon asked if there was any desire to look at other providers.  Ms. Duhamel responded that there were energy-buying groups, and perhaps by going with a larger pool they could get a better rate.


8.         2008 – 2009 SCHOOL CALENDAR


The following corrections need to be made to the calendar:


            August 28 School Starts – All Students

            May (18 days)


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the 2008-2009 School Calendar as amended.  Janice Tremblay seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


9.         MEETING DATES


Supt. Pike stated that he had a conflict (Brookline Graduation) with the June meeting.  It was decided to hold a non-public session from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., followed by the public session at 6:30 p.m.


The summer meeting will be on August 13 at 6:00 p.m.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that the diplomas are in.  He reminded the Board members that they needed to come to the High School to sign the diplomas, and that it needed to be done before June 14.


10.        OPEN FORUM


Chair. Enright recognized Jim Murphy.


Mr. Murphy addressed the Board regarding contract negotiations.  He pointed out that it was now the season for contract negotiations.  He asked that the Board take the following two issues into serious consideration while they are in negotiations:


1.       Healthcare Costs


      Mr. Murphy stated that he had looked at the District’s rising cost of healthcare for the last 8 years.   He pointed out that when corrected for CPI and ADM, the budget is in-line, except for healthcare, which comes in at 2 ˝ times.  He asked that the Board take a strong stand on this issue.  He felt it was important for them to be aggressive.


2.       Retirement Incentive Bonus


      Mr. Murphy stated that the Retirement Incentive Bonus was actually a retirement retention plan as it was currently constructed.  He felt that the plan was counter intuitive.  Mr. Murphy pointed out that with the age of the staff, the bonus would come into play quite often.


Chair. Enright thanked Mr. Murphy for his comments.




11.        POLICIES


Mr. Simons reported that everything was up to date except for K and L.  He stated that Ms. Goyette, Mr. Kelley, and he had gone through K and L. 


Mr. Simons moved that the Board approve the following policies for final adoption:



Administration Goals/Priority Objectives


School Superintendent


Line and Staff Relations


School Building Administration


Evaluation of Principals/Building Administrators


Policy Implementation


Development of Regulations


Administration in the Absence of Policy


Treatment of Outside Reports


School District Annual Report


Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives


Annual Budget


Budget Implementation


Budget Transfers


Taxing and Borrowing


Funding Proposals, Grants, and Special Projects


Funds from Local Tax Sources


Banking Services/Depository of Funds


Authorized Signatures


Bonded Employees and Officers


Fiscal Accounting and Reporting


Audits/Financial Monitoring




Petty Cash


Bidding Requirements


Vendor Relations


Payment Procedures


Payroll Procedures/Schedules


Expense Authorization/Reimbursement


Cash in School Buildings


School Properties Sales/Disposition


Environmental and Safety Program


Accident Reports


Emergency Care and First Aid


Fire Drills


Bomb Threats


Emergency Closings


Property Management






Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment


Student Transportation


Bus Safety Program


Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing


Use of Private Vehicles on School Business


Food Service Management


Free and Reduced Price Food Services


Competitive Food Sales/Vending Machines


Internet Access


Copyright Compliance


Data Management


Data/Records Retention


Insurance Program/Risk Management


Liability Insurance




Facilities Development


Educational Specifications for Construction


Architect/Engineer/Construction Manager


Supervision of Construction/Clerk of the Works


Personnel Goals/Priority Objectives


Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action


Sexual Discrimination and Harassment 


Staff Involvement in Decision-Making


Criminal History Records Check/Background Investigation


Staff Rights and Responsibilities


Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest


Staff Conduct with Students 


Staff Welfare/Protection


Staff Health


Personnel Records and Files


Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act


Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances


Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation


Employee Benefits


Religious Leave


Professional Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave (Family Medical Leave Act)


Recruiting of Professional Staff


Substitute Professional Staff Employment


Professional Staff Orientation and Training


Professional Development Opportunities


Professional Activities for Teachers


Supervision of Instructional Staff


Evaluation of Professional Staff


Resignation of Instructional Staff


Retirement of Professional Staff


Non-School Employment of Professional Staff


Tutoring for Pay


Support Staff Hiring


Evaluation of Support Staff


Employee Job Actions/Actions Regarding Work Stoppage


Employee Walkouts, Strikes and Work-to-the-Rule


Academic Freedom


School Calendar Year


School Day


Instructional Approach


Curriculum Development and Adoption


Citizenship/Values Education


Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco


Health Education – HIV/AIDS


Special Education/Programs for Handicapped/Disabled/Exceptional Students


Limited English Proficiency Instruction


Home Schooling -----------------------Continuing to rework


Extended Learning Opportunities


Advanced College Placement


Class Size


Instructional Materials


Community Learning Resources


Field Trips  -----------------------------Continuing to rework


School Volunteers


Grading/Assessment Systems


Parent Conferences




Class Rank


Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students


Graduation Requirements


Early Graduation


Evaluation of Instructional Programs


Teachers Teaching their Own Children


Health Ed – Daily Physical Activity


Online/Virtual Education


Alternative Credit Options


Patriotic Exercises


Animals in the Classroom


Change of School Assignment


Compulsory Attendance Ages


Manifest Educational Hardship


Enrollment Policy


Admission of Resident Students


Admission & Tuition of Nonresident Students


Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students


Children and Youth in Transition


Assignment of Students to Classes


Student Absences and Excuses


Attendance Monitoring/Accounting


Released Time for Students


Student Rights and Responsibilities


Student Involvement in Decision-Making


Student Government


Student Dress


Student Conduct on School Buses


Student Conduct in School/Safe School Zone


Student Discipline Out-of-School Actions


Student Publications


Secret Societies/Gang Activity




Drug and Alcohol Use by Students


Weapons in School


Use of Electronic Comm. Devices in School




Pregnant Students


Student Interrogations, Searches, and Arrests


Student Organizations/Activities


Student Social Events


Student Productions


Student Fund-Raising Activities


Student Activities Funds


Interscholastic Sports


Corporal Punishment


Detention of Students


Student Insurance Programs


Student Health Services and Requirements


Physical Examinations of Students


Immunization of Students


Supervision of Students


Student Automobile Use and Parking


Student Awards, Honors, and Scholarships


Student Fees, Fines, and Charges


Student Records (FERPA)


Public Information/School Communications Program



Fred Hubert seconded.  Motion carried.  4 – 0 – 1 (Solon abstained.)



Mr. Simons moved that the Board approve the following policies for final adoption as corrected:


KA – School, Community and Home Relations


            Amend as follows:


“It is therefore the policy of the Board to define standards for involvement between among the schools, the community, and the parents or legal guardians of all students enrolled in District schools.”


            In 4th bullet, delete “These events will be used to disseminate information on school policies, discipline procedures, assessment tools and school goals.”


            Delete the entire 8th bullet, which starts “For the purposes of this policy, the term “parent” refers to . . . “


KCB – Community Involvement in Decision-Making


            Amend as follows:


            The Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board shall encourage the involvement of citizens to fulfill the mission of the schools through such means as participation in board meetings, hearings, surveys, informational meetings, committees, etc., where the board may hear and evaluate community opinions as it conducts its responsibilities.



KCD – Public Gifts / Donations


            Amend as follows:


            Third paragraph – (for example, if a library book is our out of date or in poor physical condition).


            Ninth paragraph – add the following sentence at the end of the paragraph:

                        All gifts will be acknowledged in writing by the recipient.


KDA – Public Information Program


            Amend as follows:


            Second sentence – To achieve its goals for good school-community relations and maintenance of open two-way channels of communication with the public, the Board recognizes the Superintendent . . .


            Last sentence –  . . . . to keep the public apprised of the goals, achievements, and other pertinent affairs of the district.


            Steve Simons moved to amend the previous motion that KDA be finally approved as amended.  Janice Tremblay seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.



KDCA – Use of Students in Public Information Program


            Amend as follows:


            Delete the first paragraph.


            Third paragraph, last sentence – (4) the distribution of such information is subject to prior approval by the Superintendent or his/her designee.


KE – Public Complaints


            Item #4 – Board of Education Cooperative School Board


Third paragraph, Item #1 – The board member shall refer the person making the complaint to the Superintendent or for investigation.


Third paragraph, Item #3 – If the person making a complaint feels that a satisfactory reply has not been received from the Superintendent, he/she may request that the complaint be heard by the Board.


KEB – Public Complaints About School Personnel


            First paragraph, second sentence – The board will not hear or review complaints until such complaints have first been brought forth in writing through the appropriate and applicable administrative procedures . . .


            Fifth paragraph, Item #1 – The Board member shall refer the person making the complaint to the Superintendent or for investigation.


KEC – Policy on reconsideration of Instructional Materials


            No changes.


KFA – Public Conduct on School Property /Assaults


            First paragraph -  . . . while the employee or student is in the performance of his duties as a school employee or student.


KFAA – Public Conduct on School Property – Athletic Events


            No changes.


KH – Public Solicitations in Schools


            No changes.


KHB –  Advertising in the Schools


            First sentence – Neither the facilities, the name, the staff, nor the children of the schools, school system not nor any part thereof shall be employed in any manner for advertising . . .


            Fifth paragraph – The Superintendent may, at his or her or discretion,  . . .


KHC – Information Distribution and Display


            Second paragraph –  . . .  comparable to the high standards in place for the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District.


            Third paragraph -  . . . Town of Hollis, the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District or another district with in SAU 41 and must be pre-approved by the Superintendent.


            Seventh paragraph – All information for distribution or display by any organization must be submitted to the Superintendent’s office for prior approval accompanied by the Approval for Information Distribution or Display form.  The Superintendent and the School Board reserve the right to refuse requests for the distribution or display of such information, on a case-by-case basis.  The organization shall be responsible for providing the copies for distribution.


            Last paragraph – This policy in written or electronic form should be distributed to the school front office staff, teachers, principals and the PTA PTSA president and PTA PTSA newsletter editor.


            Form – remove from the policy


KI – Visitors to the Schools


            Second sentence – Employees Members of the school system . . . 



KLG – Relations with Police Authorities


            No change.


LDA – Student Teaching and Internships


            Insert as the second paragraph – Request for permission for student teaching in the Hollis Brookline Cooperative Schools must first be approved by the building administration.


LK – Legislative Representative


            No change.


Fred Hubert seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.




Policy KDC – Web Site Publishing Policy was discussed, and the following amendments suggested; however, it was decided to table this policy for further discussion.


            Amend as follows:


            First sentence – Official school district websites will be hosted and/or  maintained on the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District. . .


            Second paragraph – For district wide Department SAU websites, the Department Director Superintendent, or his/her designee, has primary responsibility . . .


            Third paragraph – All postings to the websites will be performed by authorized individuals only employees.  These individuals must have been provided with secure access by the Technology Department  Network Administrator and have been given approval . . .


            Fourth paragraph – Publishing privileges are provided to students employees and staff  . . .





Mr. Solon asked if there were any policies regarding employees having personal websites, such as Facebook.  Mr. Simons responded that he would look into it.


Steve Simons  moved that the Board enter non-public session under the provisions of RSA 91-A:3 II (c) reputation and (e) litigation.   Tom Solon seconded.  A roll call vote was taken with all members present voting in the affirmative.   5 - 0 - 0.