Public Meeting/workshop Minutes of HB Co-op Board Meeting held

Tuesday  May2, 2006 in the HBMS Middle School


In attendance: Chair Jim Murphy, Pam Kirby, Michelle Mosca, Betty Hall, Dan Peterson, SAU41 Superintendent Rich Pike, HBHS Principal Tim Kelly, MBMS Principal Pat Goyette


6:00     The chair Jim Murphy called the Public session of the meeting to order


6:05     Betty Hall moved to go into non-public regarding matters pertaining to related to RSA 91-A:3 II ( a & c) (hiring or dismissal and  Staff Member Compensation), Pam Kirby seconded, vote was taken 4-0


7:05  Board reconvened from non-public


7:08     Betty moved to seal the mins. from the 6:05 portion of the Non-Public minutes regarding Mr. Boggis Pam 2nd vote took place 4-1 Dan opposed

Dan moved to seal the meeting minute from the 6:40 portion of the non-public minutes regarding  Mr. Twitchell Pam 2nd voting took place 5-0. 

Board discussed  goals for 2006-2007, Review of Last Year’s Goals,  Betty is concerned with the curriculum council & development  for the entire K-12 in SAU #41 is it working or not?


Dan moved to adopt provisions of RSA 31:105, Pam 2nd  vote was taken 5-0


Administration & Building goals

Tim Kelly will bring some handbooks in once completed and the new polices are completed.  Maintain communication between the school and Coop Board as a goal

Pat Goyette discussed arching goals with the curriculum development an excellent idea Betty has.  Pat explained the usage of technology with K-12 and a portfolio goal for the 7&8th graders.


New Goals for this year Dan wants to be sure that any goals set need to be measured s to what and how we will meet them and follow through

Betty wants to review a pamphlet called “Our  evaluation for Superintendent”


Appointed  Policy Review Committee Members; Pam Kirby, Steve Simons, Betty Hall

>Action item Pam to work on a timeline for next meeting<

Review of Policies: (First Reading)

Dan  moved to except the following polices as written; JICE, JICF, JICI, JIE, JIH, JJA, JJC  Pam 2nd vote was taken 5-0


The following polices were discussed and additions noted.

JICF- ( skip come back once the handbook is revised and reviewed), JJB-(with the addition of Home school children added), JICH-(paraphernalia needs to be added), JICJ-(passion verse usage and functions is too broad),  JICK 1 &2nd reading already took place take out the name Stephen


Discussion of Ice Hockey Proposal, reviewed HBHS Athletic handbook Proposal,.>Action item,  Jim will ask budget committee member to review proposal and ask is this inline with others?<


Discussion continued around is this wise with the current budget cuts to support something like this in the next few years?


Board Appointments

                        > Action item District Treasurer-  Jim will ask Julie Simons if she would like to continue<

                        Manifest Signatories (Alternate)- Pam Kirby

Instructional Practices Committee- Tom Enright and Betty Hall will continue

                        Curriculum Committee  >Action Item, Jim will ask Carol Mace to discuss this with us<


Betty wants to discuss in a future meeting ASAP the whole arsenic water issue with the new state standards and replacement of the pump.


9:15     Pam moved to adjourn. Dan 2nd, voting took place 5-0


Future Meetings:

SAU Meeting- May 9, 2006

Monthly Business Meeting - May 17, 2006

Tentative Workshop Meeting – June 7, 2006









Respectfully submitted by Michelle Mosca






“The Hollis/Brookline Cooperative School District believes that the purpose of an educational system, with the cooperation and support of families and the community, is to inspire a lifetime of learning.  By providing a broad range of experiences, students will attain their maximum development intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.  We value the diversity and individuality of all members of the school community.  We believe an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is essential to the educational process.”