APPROVED: November 15, 2006

Public Session

Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board

Hollis Brookline High School Conference Room
November 1, 2006


Chairman Jim Murphy called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.† In attendance were Jim Murphy, Dan Peterson, Pam Kirby, Steve Simons, Tom Enright, and Betty Hall.† Also present was Rich Pike, Superintendent, Tim Kelley, High School Principal, and Webb Scales, member of the public.


Mr. Murphy brought the topic of the high school space issue to the floor, and turned it over to Mr. Kelley.† Tim Kelley discussed at some length the assignment of classrooms, their scheduling, and the space difficulties he has encountered.


The board discussed the situation at length, and asked numerous questions.


Highlights of the discussion included:


Mr. Peterson raised the concern that with apportionment on the warrant at this yearís meeting, he felt that any bond issue would be likely defeated, regardless of its merit.† His concern was the boardís credibility would be diminished by bringing forward a proposal that isnít likely to pass.


Mrs. Hall felt that any space expansion should be driven by curricular needs, and that any significant expansion of the school should be preceded by a full re-evaluation of the curriculum.† Members of the board agreed in principal, but the consensus was that the effort would be most appropriate before consideration of the main wing.


Mrs. Kirby observed that the recent jump in tax rates will cause all decisions at the district meeting to be driven largely by tax impact.


Mr. Simons reiterated his position that the board has a responsibility to meet the needs of the students and the schools, regardless of the political climate at the time.


Mr. Murphy said that whatever plan comes forward to the district meeting, the board and administration will need to have sufficient contingency plans in place should any item before the voters be rejected.


After length debate, the board decided to develop four plans of action for review and decision at the November month board meeting:


A)    A refresh and update of the 2 classrooms and cafeteria plan originally presented last year.

B)     A smaller version of the expansion, limited to just a cafeteria that can be reconfigured into multiple instructional spaces.

C)    A solution employing portables

D)    Administrative solutions, including class offering consolidation and use of any excess capacity at the Middle School.


Steve Simons will bring updated cost data for option A to the meeting.† He will work with Dan Peterson to gather cost estimates for option B.†† Rich Pike will work with the Business Administrator to gather costs data from the Middle School project for option C.† Rich Pike and Tim Kelley will develop option D with more detail.



Betty Hall moved adjournment at 8:10 p.m.† Dan Peterson seconded the motion.† The motion passed 6-0.




Respectfully submitted,


Jim Murphy