Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School Board

                                                                                                Regular Meeting

                                                                                                May 17, 2006

                                                                                                Hollis-Brookline Middle School



Jim Murphy, Chairperson

Tom Enright

Betty Hall

Pam Kirby

Michelle Mosca

Dan Peterson

Steve Simons

Trevor Buteau, Student Representative, arrived at 7:30 p.m.




Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Tim Kelly, Principal, Hollis-Brookline High School

Pat Goyette, Principal, Hollis-Brookline Middle School

Mellinee Capasso, Assistant Business Administrator

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, arrived at 7:40 p.m.

Betsy A, Bowen, Recording Secretary 



Others present included members of the Public.


Chairperson Jim Murphy reconvened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


Chair. Murphy presented Pam Kirby with a gavel for her years of service as Chairman of the Board.  He thanked her for her contributions.





Mr. Simons reported that he and Mr. Enright went before the Selectmen and presented a proposal for the lot line adjustment.  The Selectmen informed them that the Hollis School District had not yet voted to turn the property over to the town.  Thus, the Town cannot do anything


Mr. Simons stated that he called the State to find out when the bond closes.  He was told that the bond closes one year after the Substantial Date of Completion, which was in November.  For the Town to deed over the property, voters must vote on it.  Thus, the bond will have to be closed prior to the next Town Meeting, and the State won’t allow a special meeting for such an issue.


Ms. Capasso stated that they had talked to the Bid Aid office, and their concern is that the parking lot was not part of the original building plan.  She added that they had already told the Bid Aid office that the project was substantially complete.  Therefore, adding to the project poses a problem.  She added that there was also an issue with the land, in that, if the District doesn’t own the land, then they are not eligible for aid.  Mr. Simons stated that the District was trying to get possession of the land.  Ms. Capasso stated that the sticking point was that the parking lot was not part of the original plan.


Mr. Enright disagreed, stating that parking was in the original specification, but in a different place.  He explained that the District thought they would use Farley Building, and thus placed the parking behind it.  He stated that they have changed the circumstances, but not the scope of the bond.


Chair. Murphy asked for an update on landscaping.  Mr. Simons responded that he hadn’t gotten any estimates yet, but that he would pursue it.




Ms. Capasso reported that the only change in the budget would be another month’s worth of payroll.  She added that the budget was in line with what was presented last month.  She stated that they were being very careful.  They currently have approximately $20,000 unreserved fund balance, but by the end of the year, they will be just about balancing. 








Apportionment Committee


Chair. Murphy stated that he needed one Hollis Coop Board member for the committee.  Chair. Murphy has agreed to be on the committee as the Brookline Coop Board member, but will not chair the committee.  He stated that he would like to get the rest of the members needed for the committee so they can set up a meeting soon.  He added that they still needed 2 at-large members from each town, therefore a total of four.


Budget Committee


Mr. Peterson reported that he had attended the Coop Budget Committee meeting.  He stated that the budgeting process was moving forward.  A couple members of the Budget Committee expressed the desire for the Coop Board and the Budget Committee to be more cooperative, and iron out their differences earlier, so they can be on he same page at the District Meeting.


Mr. Peterson informed the Board that the Budget Committee is of the opinion that they will use the same formula for next year as they did for this year, that is, increasing by the CPI and making an adjustment for student population.


Mr. Peterson stated regarding the lawsuit against a local photography establishment, that one Budget Committee members was assisting in the lawsuit.  He felt this was not appropriate, and told the Budget Committee so.


Mr. Enright asked if the Budget Committee took a position on the issue.  Mr. Peterson stated that he didn’t know, as he had to leave the meeting, and he stated his feelings just prior to leaving.  Mr. Enright felt that the person should recuse himself, and if he didn’t, then the Board should send a letter asking him to. 



Ms. Hall asked Mr. Peterson if he got minutes from the meetings, and if so, she would like to get copies.  He stated he would get copies. 


Ms. Kirby asked if the meetings were televised.  Mr. Peterson responded that they weren’t as far as he knew.


Dan Peterson moved that the Board authorize the Chairman to write a letter to the Budget Committee expressing the Board’s feelings that it is not appropriate for a current member of the Budget Committee to be assisting in the lawsuit, and that he should recuse himself.  Tom Enright seconded. 


Ms. Hall asked Chair. Murphy to share the draft of the letter with the Board prior to sending it.  Chair. Murphy stated that he would.


Motion carried unanimously.   7 – 0 – 0.





Manifest Signatories


Chair. Murphy asked if anything came through the Manifest that the Signatories wanted to share.  Mr. Simons reported that nothing stuck out.


Policy Review


Chair. Murphy stated that Ms. Hall, Ms. Kirby, and Mr. Simons were on the committee.


Mr. Simons felt that they would need 2 or 3 half-hour sessions to get through the first readings.  He added that the Board would then need to decide how they wanted to handle it, that is, a full-blown hearing, or just do it during regular meeting.


Ms. Hall felt that there were some important policies that needed second readings, such as the ones pertaining to the bid process.


Future of the Coop


Mr. Peterson stated that he would like to get a sense of the Board.  He felt it would be helpful to start discussions with both the Budget Committee and the Apportionment Committee regarding the future of the Coop.  He felt this issue was different from apportionment.  He added that last year they had a cafeteria issue, which may come up again.  He felt that without discussions, their hands will be tied.  He also felt that the discussions should be sooner rather than later.


Ms. Hall stated that she visualized the cafeteria issue coming out of the Instructional Practices Committee.


Ms. Kirby felt Mr. Peterson’s suggestion was a good idea.  She felt the issue was too big for the Board to do alone.


Supt. Pike suggested that the issue of the future of the Coop should start at the SAU School Board level since it will affect the other Districts as well.


Mr. Peterson stated that he had no preconceived idea as to how it should be done; he just felt that it should be done.  Whatever decision is made, they need to start planning.


Mr. Simons stated that he knew some people had already approached Dick Drisko, State co-representative of the District with Ms. Hall, and advised him to look into this issue.


Chair. Murphy asked that Mr. Peterson give this issue some thought.  Mr. Peterson stated that he would think about it and make a proposal at the next SAU meeting.


5.         OPEN FORUM


Chair. Murphy recognized Tom Walton.


Mr. Walton stated that he was a chemical engineer and not only had founded a company in Hollis, but also owned an industrial park.


Mr. Walton stated his concerns regarding the talk that had been given last Thursday at the High School by a Dr. John Diggs entitled:  Abstinence and the Real Truth About STDs.   Mr. Walton reported that Dr. Diggs was a young internist from Springfield who has challenged O’Reilly on FOX and Dr. Reardon, President of the AMA.  His talk lasted for three hours. 


Mr. Walton went on to say that the AMA says that condoms are the solution to STDs.  In his lecture, Dr. Diggs presented facts, such as, there is a 24% failure rate of condoms in the under19 age class.    Dr. Diggs also pointed out that condoms are rather affective for HIV, but not so affective for STDs.  He also reported that 1 out of 5 people has an STD. 


Mr. Walton felt that we should be teaching our students to forget about condoms, and instead teach abstinence.  Mr. Walton then stated that there was data on the CDC, and the National Institute of Health’s websites regarding this issue.


Chair. Murphy stated that he was trying to figure out the relevance of Mr. Walton’s issue to the School District.  Mr. Walton responded that the relevance was the schools teaching about condoms in the health classes, and that they shouldn’t focus on condoms as a solution for STDs, but rather that the only solution was abstinence.    He added that the number of people with STDs was growing at a rate of 5%.


Chair. Murphy stated that if Mr. Walton had some information he wanted to pass along, then he would accept it.  If Mr. Walton wanted to talk about curriculum , then he needed to talk with Ms. Mace, Director of Curriculum.


Mr. Walton stated that there was another issue he was also concerned about.  That was about the drug oxytocin.  He explained that oxytocin was a neuropeptide that synthesizes in the brain and has an important effect on bonding.  He felt if the drug was misused, it could add to the increasing drug rate.   He added that if people have multiple sex partners, the less bonding there is, and if you don’t have bonding, then you have divorce.


Chair. Murphy thanked Mr. Walton for coming in and sharing his information.




High School


Mr. Kelley reported that the 8th Grade Fair / Open House will be held June 7th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  He stated that this will be a time to show off what the high school students have done, as well as show the incoming freshman what they can achieve.  He added that this will be in addition to the first day of school for freshman.


Mr. Kelley reported that he had sent out certified letters that day to seniors who were in danger of not graduating unless they pass certain courses.


Mr. Kelley stated that at the last meeting he had talked about having to cancelled some classes due to low enrollment.  He informed the Board that in regards to the Technology program, they have come to the realization that they may have to drop Digital Electronics, and added that they want to expand other courses.  Again, it is a low enrollment issue. 


Mr. Simons asked if a class is dropped, in general, is the material incorporated into other courses.    Mr. Kelley explained that they needed to get into a cycle where some courses are only offered certain years.  Dropping the Digital Electronics class will allow them to add another section of Principals of Engineering, which is an introductory course. He felt it was important to have the extra session.  He added that they have a full-time teacher for the Technology courses.  Mr. Kelley stated that his main concern was for seniors who may not get to take the dropped course.


Mr. Kelley reported that he had spoken to Chief Ux regarding the School Resource Officer.  Chief Ux has two names he will be forwarding to the committee.  He stated that he hopes to have a nomination at next month’s meeting.


Chair. Murphy informed the Board that they had received a letter of resignation from Kathy Gorham, Family & Consumer Science teacher.  Ms. Gorham stated in her letter that she needed extra time to devote to her illness and getting well. 


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept Kathy Gorham’s letter of resignation, with great regret.  Michelle Mosca seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  7 – 0 – 0.


Mr. Simons asked about Ms. Gorham’s replacement.  Mr. Kelley responded that he had been advertising as the current teacher was only hired for one year.  He added that he felt it would be in the District’s best interest to get Ms. Gorham back in the District in some capacity, as she was a great asset to the District.


Mr. Buteau reported that AP testing had been taking place the last couple of weeks.  He stated that there had been some “glitches.”  He informed the Board that there was lack of seating, and that there was confusion as to what time the testing started (8:00 a.m. or 7:15 a.m.).


Mr. Buteau reported that Field Day was coming up.  He added that in an effort to increase school spirit, the present junior class may try to hold Field Day in the fall.


Mr. Buteau informed the Board that The Music in the Parks Competition had been held with the Honors Choir, Jazz Choir, and Jazz Combo attending.  Hollis/Brookline brought home 5 trophies.   There were 10-12 high schools participating, some from as far away as New Jersey.


Mr. Kelley agreed that there had been some glitches with the AP testing.  He stated that they had a lot of students testing, and with the severe space problem, there were seating issues.  He added that they need to find a room for a day, and with the student population and scheduling, he felt they should look into moving the students off-site for the testing.   He added that the start times need to be strictly followed.


Ms. Kirby stated that she would like Mr. Kelley to send along the Board’s congratulations to the Choirs and instrumental groups that participated in The Music in the Parks Competition.


Mr. Peterson asked if Mr. Kelley had seen Newsweek’s article on “The Top 10 High Schools in the Country.”.  He then challenged Mr. Kelley to get the High School onto that list.


Chair. Murphy stated that he had looked at the list and there was not one New Hampshire high school on it. Mr. Kelley stated that the rating was based on AP testing, the number of students enrolled, test scores, etc.


Middle School


Ms. Goyette reported that they were focusing on restructuring back to four teams.  She stated that they had finished scheduling for the 8th grade, and were trying to keep class size to 25.


Ms. Goyette stated that she was pleased with the two floating teachers.  Mr. Jahns will be the floating math teacher, and will address the needs of 6 Algebra students, as well as teach a class for each of the four teams.   Those four classes will be remedial math, with very small class sizes.  He will be teaching out of the science lab.  Ms. Goyette informed the Board that Dot Ball had been talking with both she and Mr. Jahns.


Ms. Goyette reported that Ms. Cicciu is the other floating teacher.  She stated that she and Ms. Cicciu have been talking about electronic portfolios.  They have met with 30% of the staff already, and they are creating a rubrics.  This will help take some workload off the teachers.


Ms. Goyette stated that Joe Gruce will be going to training provided by the DOE. 


Mr. Enright asked if the extra math help was for 8th grade or 7th grade.  Ms. Goyette responded that it was for both classes.  Mr. Enright asked what the class size was for those classes.  Ms. Goyette stated that they would like to keep it at 12.


Chair. Murphy stated that Mr. Kelly had talked about Early Intervention at the SAU meeting.  He asked if these math classes fell under that category.  Ms. Goyette responded that some of the students in the classes are IDEA or 504, and thus, she felt it fell into preventative early intervention.


Mr. Peterson thanked Ms. Goyette for stepping up and presenting a solution to the budget issue, that is, reducing the teams back to four.


Ms. Goyette stated that a Celebration of Learning took place in the cafeteria/multi-purpose room last week.  She was pleased with the fact that they had the space and used their own tables without having to rent some.  There were 80 students and a total of 250 people.  A PowerPoint presentation was given on what the students had done.  There was artwork displayed and the Jazz Band played.  It was a great time for all.  She added that Ms. Grupposo  was responsible for coordinating it.  Ms. Mosca stated that she had attended the celebration and it was fabulous.


Ms. Goyette stated that parents of a current 8th grade student would like to donate $1500 to the Hollis Brookline Middle School Jazz Band.  The money is to be used for sound equipment.  She added that the parents wished to remain anonymous.  She stated that she would like to request that the Board accept the donation.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the anonymous donation of $1500.00 to be used for sound equipment for the Jazz Band, with thanks.  Michelle Mosca seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  7 – 0 – 0.


Chair. Murphy reminded the Board members that the High School diplomas were in and that each Board member needed to set aside time to go to the SAU office to sign them. 


Copies of the reports are available.





Supt. Pike reported that the lion’s share of school districts in the State did not have school on Monday due to the flooding.  He reported that Monday morning he received a memo from the State Commissioner of Education stating that the Commissioner did not intend to issue blanket waivers for the closing of schools.  Supt. Pike then informed the Board that he had received another memo from the  State Commissioner that day stating that as a result of the flooding and all the school closures, he would honor the school boards’ requests regarding waivers.


Supt. Pike stated that he has already submitted a request for one school board in the SAU District, and he recommended that the Coop also submit a request for a waiver.


Mr. Simons asked what the status was of the High School.  He understood that the Middle School would need the request because of their delay in the school opening.  Supt. Pike responded that it would put the High School at 5, right on the cusp.  He stated that asking for the waiver would give them some assurance if they had to have any additional days of school closure.


Ms. Goyette pointed out that they had commitments for the last day of school at off-site facilities, and that deposits had already been made, therefore, she suggested that the Board request the waiver.


Mr. Simons wondered if they didn’t really need the extra day, but were asking for it in case something else happened to cause a school closure.  Supt. Pike responded that they do not need the waiver if the go up to the last day allotted and add a day on.  He stated that the District has a 180-day base, but would need to add a day to get the 180.


Mr. Simons asked if the seniors would be OK.  Mr. Kelley responded that the seniors were OK, as they only need 175 days. He added that that is why graduation was not scheduled on June 10th.  He pointed out that the Coop District requires 182 days.


Dan Peterson moved that the Board request a waiver from the Department of Education for the school closure on May 15th, due to flooding.  Michelle Mosca seconded.  7 – 0 – 0.


Mr. Peterson stated that he would like Supt. Pike to walk through the process of how it was determined to cancel school that day.


Supt. Pike stated that he called Hollis Transportation on Monday, at 5:15 a.m.  Mr. Orde called the police and was told that only two roads were impacted.  Supt. Pike stated that he left home to come to the SAU office, and during that time there was a 20-minute window in which he had no cell phone coverage.  When he got to the office he had messages from the Administrators advising him that there was a State of Emergency in effect.  At 5:50 a.m. he called Mr. Orde again, and told Mr. Orde he thought they should reconsider the previous decision.  Mr. Orde respectfully disagreed (as far as the buses went).  Supt. Pike stated that he overruled Hollis Transportation, as he not only had the students’ safety in mind, but also the staff, of which, many travel from some distance.  It was at this point that he started the phone chain.


Chair. Murphy felt that they needed to look into this procedure as they had had a couple of late decisions this year regarding school closings.  Mr. Enright felt the process was unacceptable.  He pointed out that every other district had called for school closing the night before except for SAU 41.  He added that he was not happy.


Ms. Mosca stated that some teachers have to travel very far, and she was concerned about them.




Supt. Pike distributed copies of the proposed 2006-2007 school calendar.  He informed the Board that a draft had gone to all districts.  He stated that the only change was going from delayed openings to early release format. 


Ms. Goyette stated that Mr. Kelley had the most input into the calendar.  She added that she has done both the delayed openings and the early releases.  She stated that she was excited to be trying the early release.


Mr. Kelley stated that he had had a discussion with Supt. Pike regarding some of the changes.  He pointed out that the Teacher Workshop Day on November 1 was the same day as voting.  He felt it should be changed to November 7th, but realized that only the High School, and perhaps a school in Brookline, would be impacted by this.  Also, if the Workshop is held on November 7th, then they would have a broken week.  He stated that they would make it work. 


Mr. Kelley stated that in regards to the change to early release, he wanted to get the High School aligned with  other surrounding districts.  He explained that  having delayed openings causes the students who attend classes at other school to miss two days.


Chair. Murphy asked why the Coop does 182 day, while other schools only do the 180.  Mr. Enright responded that it was contractual, and was done so teachers will have more student contact.


Chair. Murphy informed the Board that he had read an article regarding schools in the southern states that back up their school calendars so their students will have completed their courses, such as the AP courses, prior to testing.  Some school end up with openings in July.  Mr. Kelley stated that that practice reflects on the students in the District as, the other students have finished their AP courses before testing, while our students are only ¾  of the way through the course when tested.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the 2006-2007 school calendar.  Pam Kirby seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  7 – 0 – 0.


A copy of the calendar is available.


10.        NOMINATIONS


Supt. Pike advised the Board that regarding the nominations for the Middle School French and Social Studies positions, he was nominating the candidates contingent upon their release from their current districts.  He added that the districts are aware of their leaving.


Ms. Goyette stated that the French vacancy was opening up due to the retirement of Ms. Rankins.  She stated that June Cloutier has taught in the Brookline schools for 5 years, and has just received her alternative for certability.   She pointed out that Ms. Cloutier will know about 1/3 of the student body.


Ms. Goyette informed the Board that Susan Connelly is the candidate to replace Ms. Beale in Social Studies.  Ms. Connelly is a highly-qualified teacher in English, and just got highly-qualified in Social Studies. 


Ms. Goyette reported that Karen Mendola is nominated to replace Ms. Jahns, who is moving to Media to replace Ms. Ball.  She stated that Ms. Mendola was a new teacher, and felt she was a good fit.


Ms. Goyette reported that salaries were in good shape.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept Superintendent Pike’s nominations of June Cloutier for French and Susan Connelly for Social Studies contingent upon their release from Brookline and Hollis School Districts respectively, and the nomination of Karen Mendola for English.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried.  6 – 0 – 0 (Kirby left).


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that Heidi Foster, candidate of English (new position) had done her student teaching at the High School.  He added that she was a strong candidate out of the interview committee. 


Mr. Kelley stated that Nancy Hillard, nominated to replace Mr. Neller in Social Studies, is head of the Social Studies department at Nashua High School South.  He stated that she was an incredible teacher, and he was proud to bring her on-board.  He added that she had been the sole chairperson for the reaccreditation of the school, which has 200 teachers and 3 principals.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that Annie Roy-Faucher, nominated to replace Ms. Wheeler in French, is currently teaching in Hooksett.  She also has a Special Education background.


Mr. Kelley stated how great it was to be interviewing at this time of year.


Mr. Enright questioned Ms. Foster being a new teacher and starting at M+30.   Mr. Kelley responded that she has two masters’ degrees.  Supt. Pike stated that the credits were not being embedded within a degree, that she has two separate masters.


Mr. Enright stated that he would like the School Board to take a look at this issue, adding that it was the issue he was concerned about, and not the candidate.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept Superintendent Pike’s nominations of Heidi Foster for English, Nancy Hillard for Social Studies, and Annie Roy-Faucher for French at the salary levels indicated.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


11.        ICE HOCKEY


Chair. Murphy stated that if the Board did not arrive at a decision that night regarding ice hockey, then they needed to decide how they were going to move forward.  He then opened up the discussion to the Board members.


Mr. Enright stated that he supported the introduction of an ice hockey club, and saw no reason why it shouldn’t be added to the school.  He stated that his biggest concern, and the area that needed to be looked at, was the financial part.  He explained that typically, the sports that the Board supported in the past cost roughly $5,000.00.  He stated that looking at the number of dollars put into the sport and the number of students that participate, it is a high costing sport.  He added that that would be his focus point.


Mr. Simons stated that the District would support the sport at the financial level that they support other sports.  He added that they District can’t support it totally.


Mr. Peterson stated that from what he understood that had been presented at the last meeting, there was no specific request for funding at this point in time.  If that is the case, then he supports it.  He cautioned the commitment of unknown funds.


Mr. Simons stated that his comment was that at the end of 3 years, the club cannot expect the District to fully fund the sport.


Chair. Murphy stated that he had a few pragmatic concerns based around fund-raising.  First, he wondered if the communities had a big enough base to support the fund-raising efforts of the ice hockey club in the presence of other sports actively fund-raising.  Secondly, Chair. Murphy stated that he had concerns with the types of fund-raisers and associating it with the Coop District.  Third, Chair. Murphy wanted to know if the organization the Coop was interacting with was just a group of parents, or if they were formally organized with by-laws, etc.


Mr. Rupp responded that the Ice Hockey Club existed under the auspices and authority of the High School Booster Club.  He added that the Ice Hockey Club was using the Booster Club’s tax ID number.


Chair. Murphy stated that he would like to see a review of the ice hockey program after one year, and revise it if needed.  He added that he would like to see a warrant article vote before expending funds.


Ms. Hall stated that she was concerned with the off-campus nature of the sport.  Mr. Rupp responded that there are several team sports that practice and hold games/meets off campus, such as the ski team, the golf team, the tennis team, and the swim team.  He added that parents sign a waiver in order for students to drive to practices.


Ms. Hall stated that she was not concerned about the transportation to meets, but rather to practices, and how disruptive that would be to the school. Mr. Rupp responded that practices would be held either after or before school.


Mr. Peterson asked if there were any insurance issues that the Board needed to be aware of, and if being a club sport vs. a varsity sport made any difference.  Mr. Rupp felt that the club would fall under the school’s umbrella for insurance once the Board OK’d its club status.


Mr. Kelley pointed out that the swim team practices off-campus both in the a.m. and the p.m. and they are not disruptive to the school.  The only time that disruptions occur are due to leaving early for meets, but they try to keep that to a minimum.


Chair. Murphy stated that he was also struggling with the timing, regarding financing, when the District was faced with facilities and educational needs, as well as apportionment coming up.


Mr. Enright stated that he heard what Chair. Murphy was saying, however, he pointed out that he had always been a strong supporter of co-curricula.  He added that if the student population was growing and could support a new sport, then he was for it.  He added that he was impressed with the number of students jumping into the sport at such an early level.  He stated that the District supported football at $10,000 because it was both JV and Varsity teams and it has 50 players.  He pointed out that the Board does use a formula approach to how much they will support a sport.


Mr. Peterson acknowledged the support of the parents for the sport, and then agreed that the Board review the sport annually.  He stated that he didn’t want to say he would support it in 3 years.  He pointed out that they may or may not have a Coop in three years.  He did feel that they should get the ice hockey going for next year.


Mr. Simons agreed.  Ms. Mosca also agreed.


Bob Field stated that he understood the concerns of the Board.  He felt that the Ice Hockey Club was not imposing costs onto the Budget Committee, and pointed out that they were not asking for money from the District.  He added that they will be using student user fees to off-set costs.  He felt that adding the team to the school would be a huge benefit to both towns.


Chair. Murphy asked Mr. Field if the Club could raise the funds they needed.  Mr. Field stated that he wasn’t sure.  He pointed out that they were trying to do different fund-raising that won’t interfere with other fund-raisers.


Mr. Peterson pointed out that there had been some concern raised regarding the poker night not being appropriate.  He wondered if the Board should put guidelines on what the Booster Club could or could not do.  Mr. Enright stated that the Board does not impose such guidelines.


Mr. Kelley stated that previously the Club couldn’t use the School District’s name in their fund-raising, but it was his understanding that they would be able to if the Board approved the request.  He also pointed out regarding the issue of “gambling” that all basketball games run a 50-50 raffle.  He hoped that if the Board moved forward and approved the request that the Club will be able to use the District’s name.


Dan Peterson moved that the Board endorse the formation of a club level ice hockey team with the understanding that no funding from the Cooperative District will be given, and the team/sport is to be reviewed on an annual basis.  The ice hockey club will fall under the auspices and direction of the Principal and the Athletic Director.  Steve Simons seconded.


Mr. Field asked the Board if they were talking about a club team for I year, 2 years, or 3 years.  Chair. Murphy responded that the motion was for one year.


Mr. Field felt there was a problem in that if it was a club team, they would not be able to play at the varsity level.  Mr. Rupp responded that the Football Team plays varsity teams, although it is a club sport.  He stated that “club” means that there is no funding from the District.  He added that he would schedule games with JV teams and then assess how the team did, and come to the Board to ask for approval to schedule varsity games, when appropriate. 


Chair Murphy felt that a memo of understanding should be codified so everyone will know what the expectations are.  Mr. Simons felt that was why they have the Athletic Director and the Principal.  Mr. Rupp responded that they had the same questions and concerns regarding football.   He felt things will go the same for the ice hockey team, and added that it should be assessed at the end of the year.  He added that he wasn’t sure when they would be asking to move up to varsity level, and pointed out that these students have been playing the sport for some years, unlike the football players.    Mr. Peterson pointed out that football took all students, at all levels.


Motion carried.  5 – 1 – 0.  (Murphy)


Chair. Murphy stated that his vote against the motion was not against the sport, but rather that he would like to see something more solid written down.


12,        MINUTES


Public Minutes of April 19, 2006


Chair. Murphy informed the Board that he had received a memo from Ms. Blasto regarding the following correction to the minutes:


Page 3, #4, second paragraph, last sentence should read “She added that the cost of the field was $10,000 over the original amount stated on the 6-15-05 memo of $26,950.00.”


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the public minutes of April 19, 2006 as amended.  Tom Enright seconded.  Motion carried.  4 – 0 – 2 (Hall, Mosca abstained.)


A copy of the minutes is available.


13.        NEW BUSINESS


Mr. Enright pointed out that at the next month’s meeting the Superintendent typically gives an evaluation of the principals, and a listing of goals.  Supt. Pike stated that his expectations were to give the evaluations and to recommend raises.


Supt. Pike asked if in terms of assistant principals, should the Superintendent look to the principals for evaluations and raises.  Mr. Enright and Mr. Simons stated that the Superintendent does the money issues in the past.  Supt. Pike stated that he would take the lead from Ms. Goyette, then discuss it with Mr. Kelley.


Chair. Murphy reminded the Board that June 17th was graduation.


Supt. Pike stated that he had a procedural question regarding offering potential candidates a position between Board meetings.  He  added that he would hate to lose a good candidate because the Board could not act on it quickly enough.


Tom Enright moved that the Board authorize the Superintendent to extend a contract offer to potential candidates with confirmation of the Board Chairman or Vice Chairman.  Michelle Mosca seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


Chair. Murphy announced that the well and water work was completed.


Chair. Murphy advised the Board that they needed to appoint a District Treasurer. 


Betty Hall moved that the Board appoint Julie Simons as the District Treasurer until March 31, 2009.  Michelle Mosca seconded.  Motion carried.  5 – 0 – 1.  (Simons abstained.)


Dan Peterson moved that the Board adjourn.  Steve Simons seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


The meeting adjourned at 9:38 p.m.