Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School Board

                                                                                                Regular Meeting

                                                                                                June 21, 2006

                                                                                                Hollis-Brookline Middle School



Jim Murphy, Chairperson

Tom Enright

Betty Hall

Dan Peterson

Steve Simons

Trevor Buteau, Student Representative



Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Tim Kelly, Principal, Hollis-Brookline High School

Pat Goyette, Principal, Hollis-Brookline Middle School

Mellinee Capasso, Assistant Business Administrator

Betsy A. Packard, Recording Secretary 



Jim Murphy called the meeting to order at 6:08 p.m.     Present were Jim Murphy, Steve Simons, Tom Enright, Betty Hall and Superintendent Rich Pike.


Betty Hall moved that the board enter into non-public session for the purpose of dismissal, promotion or compensation of any public employee under RSA 91-A:3 II (a).  Steve Simons seconded the motion, the motion passed with a roll-call vote 4-0.  The board entered non-public session at 6:10 p.m.


The board returned to public session at 7:28 p.m.  (Dan Peterson, Tim Kelley, and Pat Goyette arrived during the non-public session).


Steve Simons moved that the board enter into non-public session for the purposes under RSA 91-A:3 II (c).  Tom Enright seconded the motion, the motion passed with a roll-call vote 5-0.  The board entered non-public session at 7:30 p.m.


The board returned to public session at 7:37 p.m.


Others present included members of the Public.




Ms. Goyette stated that she had no recommendations in her printed report, therefore, she asked to move right o the Life Skills Presentation.


The following teachers introduced themselves:


Ron Johnston, Physical Education
Erin White, Health

Gail Botcher, Physical Education

Nancy Spencer, Music

Christy Grieff, Guidance

Bharti Sarvaiya, Family and Consumer Science

Sandra Papadeas, Art

Eilene Ball, Library

Paul Picariello, Industrial Arts

Glenn DePine , Band

Joe Gruce, Computer


Ms. Goyette stated that she liked to use the term Middle School Concept, explaining that this connotes rigorous standards and an understanding of adolescent behavior.  She stated that the term “unified arts” is often used, however, these teachers are not part of the core, are not all unified and are not all arts.


Ms. Goyette informed the Board that she had visited a “spotlight” school in Connecticut.   It was at this school that the seed was planted as to “who we are as specialists.”  She explained that the teachers had spent  the past two years finding unity, yet, keeping their identity.  She added that they preferred to be called “Life Skills” teachers, rather than “specialists.”


Ms. Grieff stated that two years ago, the Life Skills teachers decided to write a mission statement, and she read the following:


Hollis Brookline Middle School promotes the development of life skills through:  music, physical education, art, computer, family and consumer science, guidance, industrial arts, library media and technology, and wellness.   As an integral part of a student’s academic and social well being, a Life Skills curriculum fosters a well-rounded student who can realize and fulfill his/her potential to be a productive member of society.  Life skills develop strategies for our students to appreciate and confront real-life experiences.  We strive to present a variety of formats to teach our students:


1.       critical thinking skills to solve problems in different situations

2.       effective communication in a variety of settings

3.       to think and express themselves creatively

4.       self-awareness physically, mentally, emotionally and socially

5.       how to recognize and accept social, physical and cultural differences

6.       how to appreciate, recognize, and demonstrate different levels of craftsmanship

7.       time management and wise use of resources

8.       the connection between school and career opportunities

9.       how to make safe, healthy decisions


The Life Skills teachers then gave a PowerPoint presentation, which featured the following 9 skills:


1.       Critical Thinking

2.       Communication

3.       Creative Thinking

4.       Raising Self-Awareness

5.       Recognizing and Accepting Social, Physical, Cultural Differences

6.       Craftsmanship

7.       Time Management

8.       Career Opportunities

9.       Safe, Healthy Decisions


The presentation showed how the different skills are applied in the areas of music, physical education, art, computer, family and consumer science, guidance, industrial arts / technology education, library media and technology, and wellness.


Ms. Goyette stated that as budgets get tighter, “specials” get removed from the curriculum.  She added that they felt that “specials” are important for the full development of the student.


Mr. Enright stated that he agreed with Ms. Goyette, and added that he would never let any of them go.


Mr. Peterson stated that he felt the same, and added that he had personal knowledge of the importance of the “specials” with his own children having gone through the Middle School.







High School


Mr. Kelley stated that his written report was self-explanatory.  He reported that they had been very busy at the High School the last few weeks.  He added that the main action he needed from the School Board was regarding the installation of a scoreboard at the track.  He stated that they would like to get it installed by September, and anticipated the cost to be approximately $12,000 installed, of which most of the funds would come fro Rotary and the Booster Club.  Mr. Kelley stated that he needed direction from the Board in regards to town boards (Planning Board and Historic Commission), and where the scoreboard should go.  Mr. Kelley asked if the town boards met during the summer.  Mr. Enright responded that they did.


Chair. Murphy  stated that Mr. Kelley would need a plan as to the size of the scoreboard, where it is to be installed, what it looks like, etc. to present to the town boards.


Betty Hall moved that the Board delegate Tom Enright and Tim Kelley to proceed with the Hollis Planning Board and the Hollis Historic Commission, and facilitate the erecting of a new scoreboard at the track.  Steve Simons seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Student Representative, Trevor Buteau, reported that 8th Grade Orientation for parents was held a couple of weeks ago.  Booths were set up so that parents could see what kind of things go on at the High School.


Mr. Buteau stated that Class Elections were held, and he was elected as President of the Student Body.  He added that his main goal for the Student Council is to improve communication on all levels – student to student, student to teacher, student to administration.  He added that he would also like to work with the Student Council at the Middle School in order to get more continuity between the two groups.


Mr. Buteau reported that the new schedule was out, and that many students were confused in regards to the procedures for snow days.  He stated that he would be doing a monthly column in the student newspaper, and he plans to address this issue early in the year through the column.  He added that he also intends to address the issue via the High School website and bulletin boards.


Mr. Buteau informed the Board that Class Day and Academic Awards had taken place.  Mr. Kelley added that he was impressed with the number of book awards that were given out.


Mr. Buteau reported that Final Exams and Graduation went smoothly.  He added that Graduation was shorter due to the implementation of Senior Scholarship and Awards Night.


Mr. Buteau then asked whether the Board met over the summer, and if so, if he needed to be in attendance.  Chair. Murphy stated that Mr. Buteau did not need to attend the summer Board meetings.


Supt. Pike stated that he would like to attend a Student Council meeting in the fall, and extended an invitation to Mr. Buteau to meet with him at the SAU office.


Mr. Murphy stated that it was important for Mr. Buteau to talk to Mr. Kelley about the students’ perspective on issues.  He added that the Board would also like to hear both positive and negative reactions to the new schedule.  Mr. Kelley reported that he had been meeting every other Friday at 6:30 a.m. with the Student Body President, Vice President, and the 4 Class Presidents.   He added that he would like to continue this.


Mr. Peterson congratulated Mr. Buteau on his student leadership and election as President of the Student Council.


Mr. Kelley reported that they should be finished with new positions with in the next 3 – 4 days.


Mr. Simons asked about the School Resource Officer (SRO), and if Mr. Kelley could tell the Board the name of the two candidates.  Mr. Kelley responded that the Committee was going to meet on Friday regarding the SRO, but an officer on the Hollis Police force, Det. Palmer, passed away the previous morning, thus they were postponing the SRO meeting.  He added that they would be doing it over the summer.  Mr. Kelley explained that Chief Ux went through his officers and found two officers that qualified.  Mr. Kelley added that he, Ms. Goyette, Pam Kirby, two students, and one teacher make up the interview committee.


Copies of the reports are available.




Mr. Kelley reported that there were only 3 positions left to be filled at the High School:  Math; Family and Consumer Science; School to Careers.


Mr. Kelley reviewed the following nominations:


Kelley Howard, School Psychologist (replaces Hecht) –

            Mr. Kelley stated that he knew Ms. Howard, and worked with her at Nashua South.  He added that he was thrilled that she was coming to the Coop School District.


            Ms. Goyette stated that she was excited with the experience Ms. Howard brings, and how Ms. Howard will work with prevention, not just testing.  Ms. Howard will be meeting with the teachers.


Lisa Furtell, Guidance, One Year (replaces Kozlowski – maternity leave) –


            Ms. Furtell has been filling in for Ms. Kozlowski, and has been doing a great job.


Rachel Gerard, Student Assistant Program Coordinator (new position) –


            Mr. Kelley explained that Ms. Gerard was the part-time SAP coordinator this year.  They are expanding the position to full-time.  She will be coordinating activities at the Middle School. 


            Ms. Hall asked if Ms. Gerard had had experience with a School Resource Officer.    She added that both she and Ms. Kirby had worked with the SA P Coordinator.  She stated she had lots of questions as to how the SAP Coordinator would work with the SRO.  She felt it was important that the two work together.


            Mr. Kelley responded that Ms. Gerard had not worked with a SRO, but had worked with law enforcement, due to her position.  She also has also worked closely with counselors.  He also felt it was important for the SAP Coordinator and the SRO to work together.



Christine Heaton, English (replaces Sewell) –


            Mr. Kelley stated that Ms. Heaton was currently at Nashua North.  He added that Ms. Heaton has never worked for him, but comes highly recommended from previous administrators, who have stated that she is an innovative and creative teacher who works well with students.


Pam Twitchell-Gross, 504 Coordinator (0.5 FTE) (new position) –


            Mr. Kelley explained that they want to move 504 away from Special Education.  Ms. Twitchell-Gross understands this even though her background is in Special Education.  He added that they are trying to get consistency with this position.  He pointed out that Ms. Twitchell-Gross has knowledge of the district.  He added that he has worked with Ms. Twitchell-Gross as a parent of a special education student, and as principal – teacher. 


Mr. Peterson stated that he wanted to make sure that the administrators had done due diligence in regards to the salary level the teachers are coming in at.  Supt. Pike stated that he had been scrutinizing them  very thoroughly.  He added that he had been working on a document for salary guidelines, which he will introduce at the SAU level.


Mr. Peterson pointed out that Ms. Futrell was hired for only one year.  He asked if that made it difficult in hiring.    Mr. Kelley responded that it could, however, he didn’t feel it was this year.  He added that Ms. Futrell was already involved in transitioning the students from Ms. Kozlowski to herself.


Mr. Peterson pointed out that Ms. Sewell was responsible for the school newspaper, and wondered what was going to happen with that?  Mr. Kelley responded that Ms. Sewell was already working with Ms. Illingsworth, who will be taking it over.


Ms. Hall asked if the 504 Coordinator reported to Mr. Kelley or to Bob Kelly.  Mr. Kelley responded that the 504 Coordinator will be reporting to him, per 504 law. 


Mr. Enright asked how many positions were left to be filled?  Ms. Goyette responded that she had just one – Social Studies.  Mr. Kelley responded that he had three:  Math; Family and Consumer Science; School to careers.


Mr. Enright asked about the benefit costs for new hires.  Ms. Capasso responded that that they won’t be able to put those figures into the system until the Business Office gets the new hires’ paperwork back, which the new hires have until September 1 to return.  She added that they were currently running open enrollment for current staff until the end of June, then there is a grace period into July.


Mr. Enright  questioned why they were waiting until September.  Ms. Capasso responded that the Business Office had no control over the new candidates.  New candidates are covered from September 1 to August 31.  She pointed out that if they covered new staff in July, the District would have two months exposure.  Existing staff are covered through the end of August. 


Mr. Enright questioned that the staff contracts go from July 1 to June 30, and the benefits go from  September 1 to August 31.  Ms. Capasso responded that Mr. Enright was correct.  She added that they had called several surrounding districts and they also do it the same way.


Supt. Pike informed the Board that many of the new hires stated that they were happy to be in the District.  Mr. Kelley added that having a 3-year negotiated contract in place was a great selling point, and was incredibly comforting to new hires.   This makes it easier to attract the better candidates.


Dan Peterson moved that the Board accept and approve Kelley Howard, Lisa Futrell, Rachel Gerard, Christine Heaton, and Pamela Twitchell-Gross for the positions and salary levels nominated.  Steve Simons seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.




Mr. Peterson stated that a week ago at the SAU meeting, he gave a presentation on the issue of what was best for the future of the Coop and what’s best for the future of the communities.  He added that he had been asked by the SAU to establish a committee to look into these issues.  He stated that he wanted strong representation from both schools and asked that the administrators think about it.


Chair. Murphy stated that this project had about a two-year timeline / process.


Mr. Peterson stated that he would forward the presentation.    He added that they will look at the build-out of Hollis and Brookline.  However, when they get to that point, just what will be the ideal for educating grades 7 –12?  They may estimate what it may look like, but then back out of what’s best for long term educational process.




Chair. Murphy stated that he had asked Ms. Capasso to attend the meeting for two reasons:


1.       To answer any questions around the teacher nominations.

2.       To let the Board know how the District was doing financially as they approach the end of the fiscal year.


Ms. Capasso reported that they had just completed the final payroll, payment of stipends, and transportation bills.  She stated that they do a good job throughout the year monitoring the budget, but to state a figure right now was not realistic as the payables were not yet complete.


Ms. Capasso stated that balloon checks were going out.  She explained that teachers have the option of being paid in 22 payments or 26 payments.  Balloon checks cover the July/August pay periods.  Balloon checks also affect health benefits. 


Ms. Capasso reported that they needed to keep track of the insurance buy-backs.  She stated that the Business Office didn’t have a list of who didn’t take insurance, and therefore due a buy-back, but were developing such a list.


Ms. Hall stated that she recalled that they usually have a number for unencumbered fund balance.  Ms. Capasso responded that it was going to be close, as the District had significant areas of overspending.


Ms. Hall asked if there was any possibility that they would end-up with no encumbered fund balance.  Ms. Capasso responded that there was always that possibility.


Mr. Enright asked if new hires get 22 paychecks?  Ms. Capasso responded that new teachers coming in on September 1 received a paycheck on August 30.  They can elect to get 22 payments or 26 payments.


Mr. Simons pointed out that no one gets paid throughout the full year.  They either get 22 payments or 26 payments.




Ms. Capasso stated that she and Mr. Simons walked through the parking lot to see what needed to be finished up.  She stated that she had received a quote for landscaping in front of the parking lot.


Ms. Capasso reported that she had spoken to Ed Murdough at the Dept. of Education regarding State Aid.  She explained that the Farley Building and property were owned by the Hollis School District.  The way the deed is written, the Hollis School District will decide if the property should go back to the town of Hollis.  There is no mention of the Coop District in the deed.  Since the land belongs to the Hollis School District, and the Coop District would like to make improvements, such improvements may be made with a letter of permission granting the  Coop School District permission.  Such improvements could not be made if the land belonged to the Town of Hollis.  She stated that she was not sure where the land would end up .  If the land stays with the Hollis School District, then the Coop can get State Aid.   Therefore, if the Coop gets the Hollis School Districts’ permission, they can make improvements to the property.


Ms. Capasso stated that they would like to pave the staging area used by the contractor, and clean up the area where the portables were (put gravel down).  She added that the strip areas around Farley to the back of the building needed improvement, preferably paving.  She stated that the Coop District needed to get a letter of permission from the Hollis School District, then get that letter to Ed Murdough.


Mr. Simons stated that they had gotten a quote for $50,000 - $75,000 for paving.  Ms. Capasso stated that there was no money for paving, and added that she had not seen a quote.  Mr. Simons stated that they had money to pave the area right behind Farley.  Mr.Enright stated that it was an estimate, not a quote.


Ms. Capasso reported that there was $246,000 left in the fund balance.  She added that $55,000 is to go back to the miscellaneous fund.  She added that there were two outstanding items with the architect:  Once those are taken care of and $15,000 to gravel the parking area, she expects the fund balance to be $160,000.


Chair. Murphy thought that the project was to be completed with $100,000 left over.  He pointed out that they had stated to voters that they would have a surplus.  He added that the would like to see the data gathered for paving.


Mr. Simons stated that they were working to finish the landscaping between the parking lot in the front and the abutters.    He added that the landscaping was minimal.


Mr. Enright pointed out that they were giving $55,000 back and would be left with $160,000.  He stated that he would like to give back $100,000 plus the $55,000.




Mr. Peterson pointed out that the ownership of the Farley property would not be able to change hands until March at the Hollis District Meeting, therefore, if the Coop District went to the State now, they could say that the ownership of the property was in the Hollis School District’s hands.


Chair. Murphy was concerned that as of the end of next week, the lease of the Farley property terminates, and the Coop would now have part of the new building sitting on that property.  He added that there would also be transportation issues, as they no longer leased the property where the driveways were.


Mr. Enright stated that the Coop’s hands were tied until the Hollis School District made a decision. 


Supt. Pike stated that the Hollis School District had been dragging their feet, and that they needed to meet with the Selectmen.  He felt that with the new information from the State, a Coop Board member needed to go to the Hollis School Board meeting the next night and explain the situation.


Chair. Murphy reiterated that he was concerned about  the Middle School partially sitting on someone else’s land.  Supt. Pike questioned that the issue of the school sitting on someone else’s land was just a matter of easements and the changing of lot lines.  Mr. Enright stated that the Hollis School District was the lease holder, and will own the land as of July 1.  He added that the property issue could be done with easements.


Chair. Murphy stated that he just didn’t want to find out that the Coop District had been shut off from using the driveways.  Mr. Enright pointed out that they were not dealing with a private entity, but rather they were working with three public entities, which was different.


Ms. Hall felt that the Board needed to tie up the loose ends.  Chair. Murphy questioned what the next step should be.  Mr. Enright stated that Coop Board representative(s) needed to go to the Hollis School District’s meeting the next night and inform the board members that the Coop Board had concerns regarding:


1.       Right of way

2.       Easement

3.       Permission to improve the property




Chair. Murphy informed the Board that he had received a letter from Bob Kelly regarding filing for IDEA grants.  In the past, the filing has always been done at the SAU level, that is, the SAU files one grant for all the districts.  When the money is received, it is distributed accordingly.  According to Mr. Kelly, IDEA is now requiring that each district file separately.  Chair. Murphy stated that he would need a motion to authorize the change.


Dan Peterson moved that the Board authorize the Superintendent and the Business Administrator to represent the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District for the purpose of signing Bureau of Business Management forms for any state and federal funds due those entities.  Steve Simons seconded.


Ms. Hall stated that she didn’t know much about this, and wondered what the reasoning was behind the change.  Supt. Pike responded that in the past, IDEA funds were SAU driven, and Mr. Kelly would write one grant for all the districts.  Now, he will have to write three different grants.  Ms. Hall questioned what was driving the change.  Mr. Simons responded that it was driven by the government now wanting it that way.  Supt. Pike pointed out that it wouldn’t impact the funds, adding that instead of the funds being channeled through the SAU, they will now go directly to each district.  Ms. Hall felt that the change will create some accounting issues.


Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.




May 17, 2006


Mr. Simons had the following corrections to the minutes of May 17, 2006:

1.       Page 1, first paragraph under item #1 – Farley lot line adjustment update.  It reads: “Thus the Town cannot do anything” and it should read: “Thus, the Town is not yet able to proceed.”


2.   Page 1, second paragraph under item #1 – Farley lot line adjustment update.  It reads:  “Mr. Simons stated that he called the state to find out when the bond closes.”  It should read that “Ms. Blastos called the State.”


3.       Page 1, second paragraph under item #1 – Farley lot line adjustment update.  The last two lines of the paragraph, starting with “For the Town to deed over the property . . . “ should be changed to the following:


“For the Town to deed over the property to the Coop, the Town Meeting must approve.  Thus, the bond cannot close until after the next Town Meeting and after the work is complete.  It is not likely a special town meeting would be convened just for this issue.”


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the minutes as amended.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.




Chair. Murphy informed the Board that he had received a letter from a family who previously lived in the Coop District, but was now living in Nashua, and was requesting that the Board grant them permission to tuition their student to the Coop District.  The letter stated that their child had attended 9th grade in Nashua and did not do well, whereas the child had always done well in the Hollis schools.  They felt that the smaller size school and smaller classes better suited their child’s learning style. 


Chair. Murphy read the following from existing policy  GFAB:


            “Students may be enrolled with prior approval of the School Board on a tuition basis.”


Ms. Hall stated that the Board had granted permission previously for students who would be moving into the District, but not for educational purposes.  Mr. Enright stated that he recalled a student who had moved out of the  District asking to attend, on a tuition basis, just to complete his senior year.  He added that this was the same situation, just for a longer period.  Mr. Simons stated that they had a Coop teacher request that their child be allowed to attend school in the Coop, and it was granted.


Supt. Pike stated that he had gone back eight years into the records and could only find one person who finished his senior year.  He stated that he talked to Mr. Kelley regarding the issue to see how it would affect class enrollment.  Mr. Kelley was amiable to the request.  Supt. Pike felt that granting permission would set precedence, but added that this particular student had gone through the Hollis schools for 8 years, and was not just someone from outside.


Mr. Peterson asked how the tuition was determined in the past.  Mr. Enright responded that the Superintendent would come up with and amount and a procedure, that is, when the payments would be due, such as ½ prior to the start of school, and the second ½ prior to the start of the second half of school.


Supt. Pike stated that the Business Office supplied a list of tuition rates for all the districts.  He would use this and adjust up, thus approximately $8,000.  Chair. Murphy pointed out that if you took the budget and divided by student enrollment, the cost per student was more like $12,000.  He added that he was not comfortable with the request, and especially since they would be setting a precedent.  He pointed out that the surrounding school districts weren’t doing well with the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), the Coop was facing significant growth issues, the District did not vote for the additional classrooms and cafeteria at the High School, and they have had to cut back on teachers at the Middle School. He felt that if the Board approved the request, they would be setting a precedent and would then get many more requests.


Mr. Simons didn’t feel it was a good idea.


Ms. Hall questioned if the Coop took in a student that didn’t make AYP, if that could make a difference in regards to the school’s AYP?  Supt. Pike responded that it could.


Mr. Peterson was concerned that the District would be opening up Pandora’s Box.  He pointed out that there were other choices for students who don’t like the school district they are in.  He added that if the Board set a precedent and allowed it, then the Board could set a precedent on how they allow it, and set the tuition rate such as to make it a difficult choice.


Betty Hall moved that the Board deny the request to allow the out-of-district student to attend Hollis Brookline High School at a tuition fee.  Steve Simons seconded. 


Mr. Enright stated that he was having a hard time with the issue. 


Mr. Peterson asked when a decision needed to be made.  Supt. Pike responded that they could defer their decision until the next meeting.


Mr. Peterson felt that they shouldn’t look at the individual issue, but rather look at it through the policy.  He added that he needed to know what the tuition would be.  Supt. Pike felt that they needed to have a mechanism as to how the tuition was set.


Chair. Murphy didn’t feel compelled to  make a decision that night, and added that he would like to “sleep on it.”  Supt. Pike agreed with Chair. Murphy.  He felt that the Board could go by the policy as it was written, that they had the ability to say “yes” or “no,” and that precedent didn’t matter.  He added that his rationale for allowing the request was that the family would still be in the District, and thus the student would be at the High School, if not for certain circumstances.


Mr. Simons asked about estimating the tuition rates.  Mr. Enright stated that there were three different costs – Coop cost, Hollis cost, and Brookline cost.    Mr. Simons wondered why they had to choose one, and why they just didn’t char 125% of one of them.  He added that he would like to know if the District can charge whatever they want, or if they are limited to what the accountant says.  Supt. Pike stated that he had a chart from Supt. DeBenedictis that showed tuition fees for families moving into the districts.


Ms. Hall stated that the State sets tuition rates for districts based on certain circumstances.  She wondered if the Board wanted to go through that exercise.  She felt they could talk about it at the second reading of the policy.    Supt. Pike pointed out that regardless of the decision that night, the Board needed to do due diligence regarding the policy and how rates are set.


Motion failed.  2 – 3 –0. (Enright, Peterson, Murphy against)


Chair. Murphy stated that he would like to defer this issue until the July meeting so that they could get the tuition rates.  Mr. Simons stated that Ms. Blastos or Ms. Capasso knew how to get the tuition numbers.  He did question if the District could set the rate higher than those numbers.


10.        POLICIES


Chair. Murphy questioned what the Board was doing and how they were going to go about continuing with the Coop policies.    Mr. Simons responded that each board has its own policies.  He added that there was some merit to having the policies the same, with each board modifying the policy to their needs.  He added that they needed to decide if they were going to have several hearings regarding the policies or just announce that they will be going over policies at a regular board meeting.  He stated that the 1st reading policies had been on the website for a long time.


Ms. Hall explained that they first started out with Kathy O’Sullivan, Janet Listowich, Harry Haitian, and herself working on the policies.  Ms. O’Sullivan was then at Brookline.  Ms. O’Sullivan left Brookline to go to the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA), but has since left there.  Ms. Hall stated that they first started working on the policies as a district, and they contracted the NHSBA to help.  Each district paid $5,000.  Ms. Hall stated that she wanted to know who was going to fulfill the NHSBA end of the contract.  Ms. Hall stated that at the SU meeting last week, she had a conversation with another school board member who is willing to be the representative from the Hollis School Board, and is willing to prepare a proposal for the SAU meeting next week, as how to proceed.  Ms. Hall pointed out that the District was paying $15,000 and she wanted to get something for it.


Supt. Pike stated that when Ms. O’Sullivan left the NHSBA for the private sector, it left a gap.  Barrett Christina has taken the project over.  Mr. Simons stated that the system was working, as the last policies that had their 1st readings were sent to Mr. Christina, who reviewed them then sent them back to Mr. Simons, who then gave them to the SAU and they are now up on the website.


Chair. Murphy stated that he was not interested in bogging things down in trying to coordinate with the other two districts, but rather wanted to see the policies get in place.  He felt they needed to get them all through 1st readings, then make everyone aware of them.


Mr. Simons stated that it was his understanding that the Hollis School District had already approved them, however, they didn’t modify them to their needs.  He felt that the Coop Board was doing it better, and therefore, didn’t want to coordinate with anyone.


Mr. Peterson felt that they needed to go through the 1st readings, then have a meeting with the public, and finally go through the 2nd readings. 


Mr. Simons felt that the Board only needed to post that the Board was going to discuss policies at their meeting, that they didn’t need a separate forum.  Mr. Peterson felt they should have a special meeting.


Chair. Murphy asked Mr. Simons when he would like to get through the policies by.  Mr. Simons responded that he would like to get through them by October.  Supt. Pike felt they should have a list indicating 1st reading, 2nd reading and approval.


Mr. Simons stated that they had approximately 38 policies left.  Chair. Murphy suggested that they break them up into 3 groups.


11.        COMMITTEES


Budget Committee


Mr. Peterson reported that he had been encouraging the Budget Committee to provide the guidelines to the Coop sooner than later.  He added that the Budget Committee had been discussing a mission statement rather than setting goals.  He stated that the next meeting of the Budget Committee was in the next two weeks, and they will be discussing the guidelines for the Coop.


Mr. Peterson stated that the Budget Committee feels that it is their task to set the bottom-line guidelines, and that it is up to the Coop as to how it is spent.  He felt they should focus on getting the Budget Committee to articulate a formula and justification, and to articulate adjustments.


Mr. Peterson stated that the Budget Committee wanted to know if there were any particular items that would justify adjustments, such as innovative programs or facilities needs.


Apportionment Review Committee


Chair. Murphy reported that they were getting things in order for a July 6th informational/start-up meeting.  He stated that he needed more committee members.  He added that he had the same faces with the same ideas, however, he was looking for out-of-the-box thinking.  He stated that he needed two people from each town.  He did have one person, however, they may be moving.  He also needed a Coop Board member from Hollis.


Mr. Peterson stated that the Hollis Strategic Planning Committee has been working on a survey, in which a couple of the questions pertained to the future.  Question #9 asks for opinions on the future expansion of child services, and question #12 ask for factors people feel important to the future of the Coop.  He felt that the results of the questionnaire would give 3-5 important factors.  He added that they were only asking people to rank the items.


Supt. Pike asked if they were able to determine the build-out.  Mr. Peterson responded that they could determine what the build-out is, but not when they will get there.




Supt. Pike passed out signed copies of the professional staff contract to the Board members.


NEXT MEETING:  July 20, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at the Middle School.


Dan Peterson moved that the Board adjourn.  Steve Simons seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

4 - 0 - 0. (Hall left at 10:00 p.m.)




The meeting adjourned at 10:35 p.m.