APPROVED                                                                              Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School Board

                                                                                                Regular Meeting

                                                                                                August 16, 2006

                                                                                                Hollis-Brookline Middle School



Jim Murphy, Chairperson

Tom Enright

Betty Hall

Pam Kirby

Dan Peterson, arrived at 6:20 p.m.

Steve Simons


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Tim Kelly, Principal, Hollis-Brookline High School

Pat Goyette, Principal, Hollis-Brookline Middle School

Mellinee Capasso, Business Administrator

Betsy A. Packard, Recording Secretary 



Others present included members of the Public.


Chairperson Jim Murphy called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m.





JLIE – Student Automobile Use


Chair. Murphy asked if the policy was consistent with what the High School was doing.    Mr. Kelley responded that students park at the baseball field to accommodate the overflow.  Students parking at the ball field do not need a sticker.


Chair. Murphy felt that Paragraph 3 needed to be reworded.


Mr. Simons wondered if it would be too complicated to have stickers for student who park at the ball field, perhaps a different colored sticker.    Mr. Kelley responded that it wouldn’t be too complicated.  He Informed the Board that instead of charging students $20 per semester, they plan to charge $40 up front.  Money will be refunded if a student doesn’t use the parking facilities the second semester.  He added that this year they plan on using tags that hang from the rear view mirror instead of stickers.  That way, if a student needs to drive a different car to school, they can transfer the tag.


Ms. Hall felt that there should be some kind of wording in the policy to indicate that a fee for parking will be assessed, such as, “a fee may be assessed.”  Ms. Hall stated that she felt 5 days suspension wasn’t enough, that it should read up to 10 days.  Mr. Kelley responded that by law, he can suspend a student up to 10 days.  He stated that he would like to leave the policy as it was.  He added that if a student leaves the school property, whether by foot or by car, it is an offense.  However, if a student leaves the school property by car, and proceeds to drive recklessly, then that becomes a police issue.


Ms. Hall felt leaving school property by car was more serious than leaving by foot.  Mr. Kelley felt that leaving school property either by foot or car was an equal offense.  He pointed out that bottom line, the issue was that the student left the school property, and he doesn’t know where they are.  Parents entrust the student into the school’s care and the student needs to be accounted for at all times during the school day.  Mr. Kelley suggested that the policy could read “A registration fee may be assessed at the discretion of the principal.”


Chair. Murphy felt if they were to put in the policy about the different lots, then they should designate the different fees.  Supt. Pike felt that the fee and how it would be assessed was procedural and not policy.  Ms. Kirby asked if there was a procedure that went along with this policy.  Chair. Murphy responded that there wasn’t, that they were charting new territory.


It was decided to change the wording of Paragraph 3 to read:


Prior to driving or parking on school grounds, students, at the discretion of the school principal, will be required to register motor vehicles in the main office and will be required to have a school sticker on the motor vehicle.


JM – Student Awards


Chair. Murphy wondered if the last line of the policy, which states:


The Board will not accept the offer of any award which is discriminatory on the basis of religion, race, color, creed, national origin or sex.


would preclude awards such as the DAR, or gender based awards, etc. to be given.


Mr. Enright asked why the last sentence was needed, and suggested that it be taken out.  He added that he liked the fact that the Board would be overseeing and approving any new awards.


It was decided to remove the last sentence of the policy.


JQ – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges


Mr. Kelley stated that the problem they have at the High School is if a student receives a used book, and then loses it, how much does the school charge for the replacement?  Do they charge the replacement cost for a new book, or do they charge what the book was worth?  Ms. Goyette responded that at the Middle School, the books are rated, such as good, fair, poor condition, and the cost is pro-rated.  Ms. Kirby felt that it should be replacement value unless the book was going to be retired.


Supt. Pike felt that the latitude was already in the policy with the wording “reimbursement up to replacement cost may be required.” 


No changes made.


JRA – Student Records and Access


Mr. Simons stated that since this policy references RSAs, he would be leery to change it.


Ms. Hall felt that they Board should set this policy aside and let the administration look at it.  She felt it could be improved considerably, such as notifying parents and how they get notified.


Mr. Kelley stated that he would like Guidance and Special Education to look at this policy.


Supt. Pike stated that they needed to look into what is classified as “directory information” (information that can be shared in regards to FERPA).


Mr. Simons stated that he could check with Barrett Christina of the School Boards Association and see what flexibility the Board has.


Chair. Murphy felt that the Superintendent should look at the policy in regards to record retention.




KBC – Community Involvement / Decision Making


Ms. Hall felt that community involvement regarding the Community Council and the Instructional Practices Committee should be mentioned in the policy.  Mr. Peterson felt that they should keep it generic and just use the word “committees” in the policy.


Supt. Pike stated that Policy IJO talks about the use of community resources, and speaks to input, reaching out to experts and bringing them in, but not part of the decision making.  He felt that Policy KBC should cross-reference Policy IJO.


Decided to add “See IJO” to the policy.


KCD – Public Gifts and Donations


Mr. Simons stated that when this policy was reviewed in November, there were several changes.  He suggested that in Paragraph 2, the last sentence, “Donor will be officially thanked” be taken out.  Ms. Hall stated that it was already taken out on her revision.


Chair. Murphy asked if members were comfortable with the idea that the principal can receive gifts $500 and under.  Mr. Kelley asked what it was before?  Mr. Simons responded that it had been $1000.   He added that the paragraph that has $500 or less is still in.  He pointed out that the Superintendent being able to accept $500 - $5000 had not been taken out.


Mr. Peterson felt that if there were any doubt about the donation gift, it should be referred to the Board.  Chair. Murphy asked if the donation was inappropriate, could the principal make that decision? 


Chair. Murphy felt that in the 4th Paragraph, they should make the “either/or” clear.  Mr. Peterson suggested that it read “the gift maybe declined or referred to the Board.”


KDA – Public Information Program


Chair. Murphy asked if the Board were asking for difficulty in calling out for speakers in church groups.  Mr. Enright suggested that they remove the word “church” in Item #2 and say “community” groups.


Chair. Murphy stated that it should then read as “Organize or assist in development of speakers' bureaus and speaking engagements with civic, PTSA, and other community groups.”


Mr. Kelley wondered as policies are approved, if procedures would be developed.  Chair. Murphy responded that they would be linked, such that a procedure could be changed, but the policy wouldn’t have to be changes.  Mr. Kelley questioned procedural items being in the policy.  Mr. Peterson felt that the bulleted items could be viewed as procedures.


Chair. Murphy questioned whether the word “authorize” should be there.  Mr. Enright felt that it shouldn’t be.


Ms. Hall wondered if the District was reaching a stage in which a person on the staff would be in charge of the Public Information Program.  Supt. Pike felt that the Public Information Program should come under the umbrella of the central office, with input of the administrators.


It was decided that the policy would be referred to Supt. Pike for rework.


KDCA – ­­­­­­­Use of Students in Public Information Program


Chair. Murphy wondered if Policy KDCA was similar enough and related enough to the prior policy that the Superintendent should also look at this one.  Supt. Pike felt that he should look at this policy as a sub-policy of the other one.


Mr. Enright stated that the School Board shouldn’t use students to present “points of view.”  He felt this was an important issue, and therefore, should be separate.  He stated that he didn’t want to run afoul.


Chair. Murphy felt that the Board should pick up with this policy at the next policy review session.


Betty Hall moved that the Board accept policies JLIE – Student Automobile Use; JM – Student Awards; JQ – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges; JRA – Student Records and Access; KBC – Community Involvement / Decision Making; and KCD – Public Gifts and Donations as amended for first reading.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


2.         MINUTES


Minutes of July 20, 2006


Mr. Simons stated that on Page 9, 3rd sentence (at the end of the document), in reference to “anything active on Mr. Twichell,” it should read that Supt. Pike responded, not Mr. Simons.


Mr. Kelley stated that on Page 7, 4th Paragraph under “Letter of Resignation,” where Mr. Peterson asked if there was anyone in the District that could fill the position, and Supt. Pike responded that Mr. Kelley had told him there wasn't anyone from the District that Mr. Kelley wanted to consider, what he actually had said was that he was advertising immediately, and that he had notified the staff of the opening, and no one responded or applied.


Mr. Simons moved that the Board accept the minutes of July 20, 2006 as amended.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried.  5 – 0 – 1.  (Hall abstained.)








Superintendent’s Report


Staff Nominations


Supt. Pike asked that Mr. Kelley introduce the new Assistant Principal.  He also asked that she join them at the table, and give the Board some background information.


Mr. Kelley stated that Rich Manley had been appointed assistant principal at the North Middlesex School, and thus, he had set about to find a replacement.  Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he had received about 20 resumes.  He interviewed on July 21st.  Mr. Kelley reported that Cindy Matte had been the unanimous choice of the interview committee.  Mr. Kelley added that he had worked with Ms. Matte at Nashua.


Ms. Matte addressed the Board stating that she had held a number of positions during her 10 years at Nashua.  Coming to Hollis/Brookline meant coming to a smaller school where she could look forward to knowing the students and parents.  She currently works with a student body of 4500.  Some of the things she has done are working with teachers and professional development; working with students of all different levels; working with the harder students to set 4 year goals.  She stated that in the past her work was mostly departmentalized, and now she was looking forward to working collaboratively.  She added that she missed working with students and teachers.


Mr. Kelley stated that Ms. Matte had organized the freshman orientation at Nashua, which had been a big success.


Supt. Pike stated that there were two important items that Ms. Matte brought to the table:


1.       Her experience with teacher planning

2.       Her current work with educational reform


Mr. Enright stated that he was very happy with the process.  He explained that they had interviewed three very qualified candidates that people would have been happy with, but Ms. Matte was the unanimous choice.


Ms. Hall asked if Ms. Matte had had the chance to familiarize herself with the new class schedule that is to be initiated this fall, and if so, how did she think it was going to work.  Ms. Matte responded that she felt it would open up more opportunities for the students.  She felt that longer blocks of time work well with most students.  She added that in Nashua, out of 4500 students, about 2 would prefer shorter periods.  She felt that they should collect data and see how it goes.


Chair. Murphy felt that students are resilient and would adjust to the new schedule without much of a problem.  However, he felt that it would be the teachers that would need the extra support.  He was glad to hear of Ms. Matte’s staff development skills.


Ms. Matte stated that she was excited to be at the High School.


Supt. Pike asked that Mr. Kelley give some background on Christine Page, nominated for the 504 Coordinator position.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he had had a 504 Coordinator a few weeks back, but she chose to take a position at another district.  He stated that it was Ms. Goyette who presented Ms. Page’s name.  Ms. Page is already a reading specialist in the District.  He felt that this would work out well.  He added that he will be writing a letter to the parents of students with 504 plans.  He pointed out that with her reading duties (0.25 FTE for the High School) added to the 504 position (0.5 FTE), she will be in the building most of the day.


Betty Hall moved that the Board accept the nominations of Cynthia Matte for the position of Assistant Principal (replace Manley) at a salary of $79,587, and Christine Page for the position of 504 Coordinator (0.5 FTE, new position) at M, Step 6, and at a salary of $22,889.  Tom Enright seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


Supt. Pike stated that he wanted to speak briefly about Salary Replacement Guidelines, which he emailed to Board members.  He stated that he had already spoken to some Board members, and asked if anyone had concerns, edits, additions, etc. to let him know in the next couple of weeks.


It was revealed that many Board members did not get the email with the Guidelines.  Supt. Pike stated that he would resend it.


High School Principal’s Report


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he did not produce a hard copy report this month.


Mr. Kelley reported that enrollment was currently at 904 with 252 freshmen. (Note:  An enrollment of 900 students had been predicted.) 


Mr. Kelley stated that they have space issues, but he felt that they will be OK.  He reported that they had converted the Senior Lounge into classroom area, they have put students into classrooms for study halls, the cafeteria will be at a maximum, and they are trying to see how the furniture will be laid out in the mini-cafeteria.


Mr. Kelley advised the Board that the Senior Class gave money to the School to purchase picnic tables and umbrellas for the area outside of the cafeteria.  Mr. Enright stated that when the building was first built, they had had picnic tables out there, and the students ended up rolling them down the hill.  Mr. Kelley stated that they were ordering heavy-duty tables.  Mr. Kelley added that with the money collected from parking fee registrations, he planned to purchase video surveillance cameras, and put them on that side of the building, as it was a blind spot.


Mr. Kelley reported that try-outs had started this week, and it was good to see students back on the campus.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that John Gray had done an incredible job in preparing the school.  He stated that Mr. Gray had ripped up carpets in three small rooms, the staff room, and a couple of classrooms, and had found some tiles for some of the rooms, and ended up painting the floor in the others.  Mr. Gray has also painted the railings and doors outside.


Mr. Kelley stated that in regards to the Student Handbook and Attendance Policy, the teachers felt the current policy was too confusing, too elaborate, and was not working.  Mr. Kelley stated that he had asked some teachers to look at the policy and make recommendations.  He stated that he then looked at the current attendance policy, and for students to receive credit for a class, they must be in the class 80% of the time.  So that is the policy they are going to use.  Therefore, if a student has 8 absences per quarter, they will receive an NG for their grade.  If they improve their attendance during the next quarter, they will get the grade back.  The only absences that will be exempted from the 8 absences are curriculum based field trips and suspensions.  Absences due to illness, extra curricular dismissal, and college visits will all be included in the 8 absences.  There will be an appeal process.  Serious illnesses that require a tutor will be exempted.  A long illness (not serious) can be appealed.  He stated that they wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  They will still require notes from a parent if a student is out or tardy for school.  In terms of tardiness, currently, if a student has 4 tardies, they receive a detention, then the slate is wiped clean and they start over again.  Mr. Kelley stated that they were proposing that upon the 3rd tardy per quarter a student would receive detention, and then detention for each tardy thereafter.  A student would start fresh at the beginning of each quarter.  He stated that they tried to simplify things as much as possible.


Ms. Hall asked if Mr. Kelley would be able to evaluate progress made.  Mr. Kelley responded that he was going to try.  He reiterated that they were looking to keep it simple, yet effective.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that the penalty for possession of alcohol and drugs was currently 5 days suspension, 2 days held in abeyance.  The new penalty will be 10 days suspension, with 5 days held in abeyance.  Policy stated that all detentions would be no more than 60 minutes, however, Hollis/Brookline Coop has had 2-hour detentions.  Mr. Kelley stated that they’d like to change this to 90 minutes.


Mr. Kelley reported that next year they will be putting exam grades on report cards.  Mid-term and final exams will count as a percentage of the final grade.  This will go out when the teachers send out their class expectations at the beginning of the year.  Up until this point, the mid-term exams were folded into the second-quarter grades, and the final exams were folded into the fourth-quarter grades.  Thus, students didn’t understand why their grades were lowered.  He stated that the software can handle it, and the teachers want to do it.  Transcripts will carry the quarter grade (not the exam grade), as well as the final grade.


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that they are trying to get consistency in writing 504 Plans, as well as consistency with application and review of the 504 Plans with the hiring of the 504 Coordinator.  He pointed out that law states that 504 Plans should be separated from Special Education.  Mr. Kelley stated that 504 students have always access directed study. He explained that 504 students will no longer have a Special Education case manager, but will have a 504 Coordinator that will be overseeing their plan.  He added that there are now two levels of directed study:



Mr. Kelley stated that the reason for 504 students being in a non-credit directed study was that there was no guarantee that 504 students will be in the directed study for the whole semester.  504 means that the student will be reviewed from time to time, and could be pulled off 504 and move back to a regular study.  He further explained that 504 Plans are accommodations, while I.E.P.s are modifications.


Football –


The semi-pro football team, the Beavers, have now completed their season.  The Athletic Department made

$600.00 and the Football Booster Club made $1,000.00 on concessions.  The head of the group gave a football helmet signed by Tom Brady to the Booster Club to be auctioned off.


Mr. Kelley stated that he still needed to fill a few paraprofessional positions.


Mr. Enright urged the Board members to look at the work that John Gray had done.  He added that they must look into the carpeting, as something needed to be done about it.


Mr. Enright pointed out that the 504 Coordinator was a half-time position, and wondered if that was enough time to take care of all the 504s the School had.  Mr. Kelley responded that he wouldn’t know until they got started, but stated that it would be demanding, and added that Ms. Matte would be overseeing the 504 program.


Middle School Principal’s Report


Ms. Goyette informed the Board that back in May, Ms. Saunders left for maternity leave.  She stated that some districts would have hired a replacement, but she chose to hire subs 3 to 4 days a week for $60 per day to help out, and it worked out well.


Ms. Goyette reported that there was energy in the school.  There were teachers in and out of the building all summer long. Pete and his crew are going around and fine tuning everything, getting it ready for opening day.


Ms. Goyette stated that with five retirees, every team has a change.  Enrollment in the 8th grade is 245, giving class sizes of 24-25.  Enrollment in the 7th grade is 218, giving class sizes of 21-22.  All 7th graders got their first choice for foreign language or music.


Ms. Goyette reported that she had five staff members volunteer to come in to do some writing for R.O.C.K.  They didn’t receive any stipends for this.  They have planned out the year for 8th grade “skills day.”


Ms. Goyette informed the Board that Ms. Cicciu and three other staff members had gone to Concord to the Phase I training for the ICT (Information Communication Technology Literacy) seminar.  Joe Gruce has produced a rubric for all of the teachers.  They will not be doing any pull-out computer classes; all of the technology skills will be embedded in the content areas.  Both Ms. Cicciu and Mr. Gruce will be available to support the teachers.


Mr. Peterson asked if Ms. Goyette’s school policies matched the High School’s policies.  Ms. Goyette responded that they did, pretty much so.  In regards to attendance, a student is allowed 4 per month, then a letter goes home to the parents/guardians.  This is tracked at the end of the year, to see if there was an improvement.




Farley Lot Lines and Easements


Mr. Simons reminded the Board that the Town had been requested to change the lot line and give an easement for paving.  The State has said if the District could get an easement from the Owner prior to the Town Meeting, and as long as the easement is the length of the bond, the District would be eligible for State reimbursement, approximately $16,000.  Mr. Simons stated that the Town has now given the Hollis School District “conditions” for accepting the Farley property. 


Mr. Simons introduced the following people who joined the discussion:



Chair. Murphy stated that he was in receipt of six items that the Hollis School Board would like to have addressed, as they need to be fixed in order to give the property to the Town.


Mr. Beauregard stated that on July 6, 2006, the Hollis School Board voted to convey the Farley property to the Town of Hollis.  On July 13th, Mr. Beauregard went to the Selectmen to inform them of the School Board’s vote.  He stated that he felt comfortable with the Selectmen’s support.  On August 3rd, the Hollis School Board was notified that in order for the Town to accept the property, certain conditions had to be met.


Mr. Beauregard stated that he, along with Ms. Capasso and Wayne Zold, went through the building, and that he had talked to Ms. Capasso and Supt. Pike about it.


Mr. Beauregard reviewed the items the Board of Selectmen has asked to be taken care of:


1.       Fix a hole in the roof and the fascia.

2.       Hard-pipe the sump pump and divert the water away from the building.

3.       Dehumidify the cellar.

4.       Make doors and windows weather tight as necessary.

5.       Cover the basement bulkhead.

6.       Remove any Coop property the Town does not want.


Mr. Beauregard stated that the Hollis School District would like to convey the property over to the Town as quickly as possible.


Mr. Simons stated that several of the items on the list were the Coop’s responsibility, but there were others that he wasn’t sure of.  He felt that hard-piping the sub-pump and dehumidifying the cellar were not in their best interest.


Mr. Enright agreed that much of the list was the Coop’s responsibility, such as fixing the hole in the roof, taking care of the moldy carpet, repairing the broken windows, and removing the Coop’s property.  However, he was not sure about the sump pump, and in regards to the bulkhead, he stated he had a problem with that, because the Coop got it that way.  He added that he would like to hear from Wayne Zold on some of the issues.  Mr. Enright felt that the Coop should restore the building to the condition they received it in.  He pointed out that it was a hundred year old building, and the Coop had put a lot of money into it.


Mr. Beauregard felt that hard-piping the sump pump and sealing the window in order to get the water out of the building was really trivial.   Mr. Enright responded that he was not disagreeing with the solution, but rather disagreeing with who should be responsible, since that was the condition the Coop got it in.


Mr. Simons stated that water comes in from the other end of the building, not from the bulkhead, and suggested that Mr. Beauregard talk to Peter.


Mr. Beauregard stated that if the Coop had received the building with the bulkhead in its current condition, then he was not sure how to address it.


Ms. Kirby asked if there was an estimate to make the repairs?  Mr. Beauregard responded that Art LeBlanc, Hollis DPW Director, stated that he would charge $10,000 if the town DPW did the work.


Chair. Murphy stated that he was embarrassed that the Coop had left stuff in the building.  He pointed out that if the Coop staff did the work, then the cost would just be materials.  He added that he had issues with the fact that the Coop gave notice several months ago that they would no longer need the building, and no one ever looked at it.  Now they are under the wire to get this done before the start of school.  Chair. Murphy stated that once the repairs had been done, the Coop would need a document that stated the work had been done, and that the Coop was relieved of all responsibilities.


Supt. Pike stated that he would like to hear from Ms. Willis and Mr. Ryder.


Ms. Willis stated that the last discussion the Board of Selectmen had, the items were non-negotiable.   She added that there were other issues with the building that weren’t maintenance, and felt was the Coop’s responsibility, but they are not asking the Coop to take care of them.   She stated that the six items listed were the bare minimum.  The $10,000 estimate is if the DPW does the work, which they would have to take people off of other projects.  She felt it was better if the Coop staff did the work.


Mr. Beauregard stated that last Wednesday he was asked to get quotes.  He talked with Supt. Pike and Ms. Capasso.  He felt that $10,000 was too high.


Supt. Pike stated that the hole in the roof and wet carpet were the Coop’s responsibility.  However, he felt a valid point had been made regarding the Coop being encumbered with previously existing conditions.  Ms. Willis stated that they didn’t know that the bulkhead was an existing condition, therefore, she will have to go back to the Board of Selectmen.


Mr. Simons felt that they were fooling themselves if they thought a dehumidifier was going to take care of the problem.  Mr. Beauregard stated that the Library runs a dehumidifier constantly and pumps to a sump.  It seems to work well.


Mr. Peterson felt that the covering of the bulkhead was being suggested because the town wants to mothball the building, and thus was not a maintenance issue, or the responsibility of the Coop District, but rather an issue of what the Town was going to do with the building.


Mr. Enright stated that the Coop was responsible to maintain the building under the lease, and when they stopped using the building, they became lax.  He added that he would like to talk with Wayne Zold and start tackling the list.  He felt that $10,000 was too much money.  He felt the Coop should do the work with the exception of the bulkhead.  Mr. Enright felt that they could get the work done in two weeks. 


Mr. Simons felt that they would not be able to get the work done in time to get the driveway paved.  He stated that he would ask to get approval from the Board to move ahead with the paving, as after September the quotes he had received will go up due to the cost of asphalt increasing.


Ms. Willis asked how far along the conveyance documents were.  Supt. Pike responded that he didn’t think they had been started, as he had ask Atty. Drescher to hold off on them until he found out where things were going.  Ms. Willis suggested that the documents could be prepared and ready to go.  Supt. Pike responded that he would contact Atty. Drescher the next day.


Ms. Goyette stated that she, with the help of her staff, had directed traffic through the building construction.  She felt that grading the driveway was a safety issue and should be done.


Mr. Beauregard pointed out that the Hollis School District owned the property, and wondered if they needed to vote to allow the Coop to grade the driveway.  Mr. Enright didn’t think so, as it was a public way there and due to safety issues, he felt they should just do it.  Mr. Beauregard stated that the Hollis School District wouldn’t have a problem with that.  Chair. Murphy pointed out that the two districts were under the same grounds department.  Supt. Pike suggested that Mr. Beauregard email the Hollis Board members to let them know this issue had been discussed.  Mr. Enright pointed out that the Town had not accepted the property yet, so the Hollis School District could add the grading to the list.


Ms. Willis stated that she and Mr. Ryder agreed to put Item #7 – Grading the Driveway – on the list.


Mr. Simons suggested that he, Mr. Zold, and Ms. Capasso meet and get prices for the work to be done.  He added that the grading would cost $3,200, and felt that everything could be done for about $5,000.


Ms. Capasso stated that she had quotes, and adding everything together, it would total $9,500.00.   She reviewed the following:


            Roof                                               $750.00

            Hard-pipe Twichell                           $425.00

            Exterior closet sealed                      $200.00

            Window                                          $200.00

            Bulkhead                                     $3,000.00 

            Rental dumpster                           $2,000.00


Ms. Capasso stated that she agreed with Mr. Enright regarding the bulkhead.   She did not feel it was the Coop’s responsibility since it had never been water tight, and was an existing condition.


Tom Enright moved that the Board expend up to $5,000 to accomplish the items on the list, including the grading of the driveway, and excluding the bulkhead, with Wayne Zold to provide options for the bulkhead.  Dan Peterson seconded. 


Ms. Capasso pointed out that the timing was tight.  Mr. Simons pointed out that the timing was to get the paving done before school since the Selectmen didn’t care when it gets done.  Ms. Willis stated that the Selectmen would like the work to get done soon so no more water would get into the building.


Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


Mr. Beauregard stated that the Coop will have to get back to the Hollis Board once the work is done, so that the Hollis School Board can check that everything has been done correctly, and thus convey the property to the Town.


A copy of the letter is available.


Chair. Murphy call for a 5 minute break at 8:35 p.m.


Meeting resumed at 8:40 p.m.


Business Administrator’s Report


Ms. Capasso distributed her report and informed the Board that the audit had been done a week ago and that it had been very successful.


Ms. Capasso explained that the first report was a Summary of Fund Balance for FY 2005-2006.  She stated that these figures were based upon the preliminary audit results as of June 30th, and that she didn’t have the final results yet.


Ms. Capasso stated that the General Fund Expenditure Report showed the flow of the financials, with an unexpended amount of $73,882.  She felt that this was a small number to balance a budget of over $15 million, and added that it was about as close to a 0 balance budget that one would want to get.


Ms. Capasso reported that for the General Fund Revenue Report, they had $12,360 in excess of what had been forecasted.  The money came primarily from interest.  She added that this, too, was a close number.


Therefore, the Total Unreserved Fund Balance is:


Remaining Budget                                                    $73,882

Revenues collected in excess of forecast                    $12,360


Total Unreserved Fund Balance @ June 30, 2006       $86,242


Ms. Hall asked if the expenditure money was a negative balance.  Ms. Capasso responded that it wasn’t, adding that the $73,000 was the amount of budget remaining.


Chair. Murphy stated that the District was self-sufficient as they started with $175,000 and ended with $86,000.  Ms. Capasso responded that was not so, as they can carry the unencumbered funds forward, but must go back to the town. 


Mr. Enright stated that he wanted to congratulate Ms. Capasso and her staff, and Ms. Blastos for doing a great job with this year’s budget.  He added it was a tight budget, about 0.5%.


Ms. Capasso informed the Board that she would like to use the HBMS Renovation Fund for the repairs that now needed to be done at Farley.  She stated that her reasoning was as follows:


1.       Farley was used as a storage and holding/staging area during construction.  Part of construction costs are clean-up.


2.       Paving is part of the completion of the renovations.


Ms. Capasso stated that she had a line item for clean-up of Farley in the renovation fund budget, but hasn’t put in a number in yet.    She added that she also had a line item for furniture and equipment.  She reported that there was shelving that they found they didn’t need, so Ms. Goyette negotiated to have it removed and get credit for it.  Therefore, the total cost for furniture and equipment is $488.00.


Mr. Simons stated that the bleachers at the baseball field were old, and that they didn’t meet code.  He stated he would like to replace them as well as put similar bleachers at the softball field.  Ms. Goyette stated that she had asked Mr. Zold to contact Mr. Rupp to see what they had at the High School.  She reported that they had gotten bleachers for $15,000, but they had more rows.  The bleachers they are looking at for the Middle School fields are 5 rows up, and will accommodate 98 people.  They cost $6,000 each, therefore, the total cost will be $12,000.


Chair. Murphy asked if this was a legitimate item for part of the project.  Ms. Capasso responded that it was, because they made improvements to the fields.


Ms. Capasso reported that the current flag pole for the Middle School was on Farley property, therefore, she would like to get a new one.  Chair. Murphy stated that there is an RSA that states a school must provide a flag pole, and the Middle School currently didn’t have one on their property.


Ms. Capasso stated that if any Board member thought of something else, they should let her know.


Steve Simons moved that the Board expend $2,100 to install a flagpole, $488 for furniture (desks w/chairs, file cabinets) with receipt of the credit, and two sets of bleachers at $6,000 each from the Hollis Brookline Middle School Renovation Fund.  Tom Enright seconded.  Motion carried.  5 – 1- 0 (Hall against)


Ms. Goyette stated that with the future of Farley not being part of the Coop District, the Middle School will not have a sign, as the current sign is in front of Farley.  Mr. Simons responded that once they get the rights to use the driveways, they perhaps could keep the sign there.


Mr. Simons stated that since the Board won’t be meeting until mid-September, he wanted to discuss the paving of the driveway.  He reported that he had received a quote for $35,960, but added it would be reduced since the grading of the driveway will all ready be done. He reported that Hutter and Hollis Construction were similar in pricing.  He explained that towns in New Hampshire have contracts with the asphalt supplier.  If Hollis Construction buys the asphalt, it will save the District $11,000.  He pointed out that the quote was only good until September 1, and then the price of asphalt was going to increase.


Mr. Simons suggested that if the issues with Farley got resolved before the Board met again, they should consider authorizing the paving, so they don’t have to wait for the next meeting.  He added that he didn’t go out to bid, as he was trying to get this done fast.


Ms. Hall stated that she didn’t have a problem with the gravel, but she did have a problem with the paving.  She was not in favor of paving without going out to bid.


Ms. Kirby asked how long it would take to go out to bid.  Ms. Capasso responded that she wasn’t sure, and that she would have to look into it.  She added that they would have to post it, and have a bidders meeting.


Mr. Enright didn’t feel that they needed to go through the bid process, but he felt they should check with Farwell, so see what he would charge.  Chair. Murphy stated that if they check with Hutter, Hollis Construction, Farwell, and one other, in the interest of time and to get the task done quickly, he would be in favor of waiving the bid policy.


Steve Simons moved that the Board authorize a maximum of $40,000 from the Hollis Brookline Middle School Renovation Fund to pave driveways and parking lot contingent upon permission of the property owner.  Pam Kirby seconded.  Motion carried.  5 – 1- 0.  (Hall against)


Steve Simons moved that the Board authorize $5,000 for Farley maintenance repair to be expended from the Hollis Brookline Middle School Renovation Fund.  Tom Enright seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


Ms. Capasso reported that DOE 25 and MS 25 forms were ready for signatures.  She stated that she needed the Board members to come to the SAU office to sign the forms.


Chair. Murphy asked Ms. Capasso to email the spreadsheet, and pointed out that this would be a reminder to come in and sign the forms.


 A copy of the report is available.


Support Staff Negotiations Team


Mr. Simons reported that the Team had not met.   He stated that he will check and get the details on the healthcare plan.


Budget Committee


Mr. Peterson reported that he was not at the last meeting, and they were working on a date for the next meeting, which would be either September 21st, 25th, or 26th.  He added that the Budget Committee will soon need a list of extraordinary items the District will want on the budget, such as maintenance that has been put off.


Mr. Peterson asked Supt. Pike to have Ms. Goyette and Mr. Kelley identify items, such as capital improvements, or anything that’s significant, such as new programs.


Chair. Murphy stated that he had shared the discussion he had had with Mr. Milkowski as to whether Special Education would be exempted out.


Apportionment Review


Chair. Murphy reported that the Apportionment Review Committee had breath and life.  Jack Flanagan is the chair.  Hank Ciafrone is a member-at-large, Mort Goulder and Don Ryder the Selectman representatives, as well as Clarence Farwell (Linda Saari), and himself.


Chair. Murphy stated that they will be meeting August 31st, and then the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.


Chair. Murphy added that the Team felt it was most important to educate the populace as to what the issues are, and recommendations.




Chair. Murphy advised the Board that the District had been served a suit from Mr. Twichell, due to his dismissal in May.  There was also a restraining order. Chair. Murphy stated that they were in court the day before.  The reason for the restraining order was that Mr. Twichell was asking that he be reinstated to the staff until the end of September, due to retirement.


The judge asked if both parties were ready to take this to court in September.  The judge had not ruled on the restraining order.  If the request to move quickly goes through, then that would negate the TRO.   Mr. Twichell is claiming that he did not violate anything, since he was able to get to the Internet sites through the filters.


Supt. Pike stated that the reinstatement request was without pay.


Chair. Murphy stated that no one testified the day before.  It was just a hearing for the attorneys to stated their cases.


Mr. Enright asked that Chair. Murphy keep the Board informed of hearing dates, because he felt that as many Board members as possible should be at the hearings.



Steve Simons moved that the Board enter non-public session under the provisions of RSA 91-A:3 II (e) litigation.  Dan Peterson seconded.  A roll call vote was taken with all members present voting in the affirmative.   6 - 0 - 0.


The Board entered non-public session at 9:30 p.m.