Approved as Amended (bold italics):  10-19-05                              Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School Board

                                                                                                Regular Meeting

                                                                                                September 21, 2005

                                                                                                Hollis-Brookline High School



Pam Kirby, Chairperson

Anne Dumas

Tom Enright

Jim Murphy

Dan Peterson

Steve Simons



Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools, arrived at 7:00 p.m.

Tim Kelley, Principal, Hollis-Brookline High School

Pat Goyette, Principal, Hollis-Brookline Middle School

Lee-Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Betsy A, Bowen, Recording Secretary 



Others present included members of the Public.


Chairperson Pam Kirby called the meeting to order at 5:58 p.m.




Chair. Kirby introduced Al and Nancy Orde of Hollis Transportation.


Mr. Orde informed the Board that they were on the last year of the existing contract.  He reported that they only have 5-6 drivers from Hollis, and that it is getting harder to find drivers.  The rest of the drivers come from other towns.  Mr. Orde stated that the larger bus companies offer health insurance, and since a lot of the drivers are single mothers without health insurance, it is very attractive to them.  He added that many of the drivers from other companies would like to come work for Hollis Transportation, but stay where they are because of the health insurance.


Mr. Orde then stated that they have had a major change in the back of the High School with the unloading process.  He felt it was working out much better, and they have had no complaints.


Ms. Orde stated that she and Mr. Orde had never come to a School Board meeting before, as past superintendents didn’t feel it was necessary, despite the fact that she and Mr. Orde had requested to be put on the agenda.


Mr. Kelley asked if Hollis Transportation had an email address.  Ms. Orde stated that is was and that the fax number was 465-6303.


Ms. Blastos informed the Board that each board from the SAU had designated a member who will sit with her to look at the transportation contract.  She added that she is currently looking at other districts to see what they are paying.  She stated that she hopes to meet with the board members next week, then she will meet with Mr. and Ms. Orde.


Mr. Peterson asked if there were any other issues the Board should know about, such as safety or laws.  Mr. Orde responded that there weren't.  Mr. Orde added that currently, the principals were handling any discipline situations very nicely.


Mr. Peterson asked what the duration of the contract was.  Ms. Blastos responded that it has been a 3-year contract for the past 28 years.  Mr. Orde stated that he would like to see it go to a 5-year contract, as that is what it takes to pay a bus off.


Mr. Murphy asked about fuel costs.  Ms. Blastos responded that fuel costs come out of the general budget.  They are currently paying $2.09. 


Mr. Enright stated that the District was very lucky to have Al and Nancy Orde provide the bus service for the District.  He added that they do an excellent job and are greatly appreciated by the School District and by the community.


Mr. Orde pointed out that it is a school bus service and not a taxi service, therefore, it is impossible to make everyone happy.  He stated that they cannot always accommodate every parent’s wishes as to where a bus stop should be.  He reminded that Board that the buses will be full when the fall sports die down.  He also pointed out every 3-4 weeks, a new student moves into town.  Brookline has the most students riding the buses.  More students from Hollis seem to drive themselves, or their parents drive them, because they are closer to the school.  Mr. Orde felt that if another bus is needed, it will be needed for Brookline.


Mr. Enright stated that they have been discussing starting the Coop school day at a later time.  They would be going from 7:15 a.m. to 7:35 a.m.  He asked how this would impact the bus schedule, especially with the elementary school.  Ms. Orde responded that they wouldn’t be able to handle a later end-of-day time schedule, but for the morning run, it would be no problem, as the drivers already have a wait time between the two districts.


Mr. Enright asked when the buses pull out for the 7:15 a.m. start.  Mr. Kelley responded that all buses have deposited their students by 7:10 a.m.


Mr. Enright asked if a 7:35 a.m. start time would give the drivers enough time for their elementary school run.  Ms. Orde responded that it would, but any later, would leave them no “play” time.


Mr. Peterson asked Mr. Orde how he determines when a new bus is needed?  Mr. Orde stated that the buses get 2 inspections per year at the garage on top of the State inspection.  The buses last  for a long time.  As for overcrowding, by the time they get 60 students on a bus, they need to add an additional bus.  Mr. Orde explained that Ms. Orde has all students on the computer and tracks them as they move along over the years.  She then basically drops off all students who are in their senior year, except for a few students from Brookline, as most either drive or ride with a friend.


Mr. Peterson asked if the drivers kept a log.  Ms. Orde stated that at the beginning of the school year, she gives each driver a list of the students who should be riding their bus.  The drivers keep track for the first couple of weeks, then she inputs that information into her computer.


Mr. Orde pointed out that when it is snowing, more students ride the bus, as they don’t drive their cars.    He added that if a student loses his license, it is not just one student that is then riding the bus, but often it means friends and siblings now have to ride the bus as well.


Ms. Orde congratulated the Board on how great the school calendar was this year, adding that the calendars for all the districts coordinate, making it much easier for them.


Chair. Kirby thanked the Ordes for coming in and invited them to come back whenever they wanted.


2.         MINUTES


Mr. Murphy stated that on page one of the minutes of August 17, 2005, it stated that the cost of maintenance for the water treatment would be $2500 per year, and it should state that the cost would be $2500 every 3 to 4 years.


Ms. Dumas stated that on page 10, in the third paragraph of the Brookline CIP Submission section, Ms. Dumas was asking if there was $15,000 and $10,000 in the 2006 budget, and it should read the 2005-06 budget.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the minutes of August 17, 2005 as amended.  Jim Murphy seconded.  Motion carried.  6 – 0 – 0.


3.         OPEN FORUM


Sex Education


Chair. Kirby recognized Mary Zore.  Ms. Zore stated that she was one of a small group of parents who formed their group to talk about sex education when STOP was removed from the school.  She stated that the group had met over the summer, and that she had been in contact with Ms. Mace.  She stated that she had asked to be a participant in the reviewing of materials.  She went on to say that there had been some misunderstandings.  The group was led to believe that the Board would be making a decision on this issue at a closed meeting.  She stated that her group met Friday night and pooled together questions they had.  The questions were edited on Saturday, then 17 parents signed it.  Ms. Zore then distributed copies of the questions and concerns. 


Ms. Zore stated that Ms. Goyette had contacted her and informed her that there will be a public forum, where parents will have the opportunity to review the material and ask questions.  Ms. Zore stated how happy she was that the District was going to be that open.  Ms. Zore then asked when the last time the sex education curriculum had been reviewed?  Ms. Mace responded that the curriculum had been adopted in 2000, but that it was continually reviewed.  She added that it had been reformatted last year so it could be on the website.


Ms. Zore announced that on October 18th, Anita Cole from the State will be coming to give a presentation.


Mr. Murphy asked Ms. Zore if she was happy now.  Ms. Zore responded that she was, and that she felt comfortable that communication was opening up, along with the opportunity for a public forum.


Mr. Peterson asked what the coordination was between the Middle School and the High School regarding sex education.  Ms. Mace responded that the Task Committee works on K-12, so there is coordination throughout the whole SAU.  She added that there had been a series of misunderstandings done through email.  She added that the in-house committee comprising of Mr. Kelley, the nurse and health educators from the High School, and herself, were looking at getting some speakers in.  This will give the parents and opportunity to meet the speakers and ask questions before the committee makes a recommendation to the Board.  She added that their timeline was by the October 19th meeting.  Ms. Zore pointed out that the Board meeting is one night after Ms. Cole is scheduled to speak.


A copy of the questions/concerns is available.


Summer Work Camp


Chair. Kirby recognized Chris Hyde.


Mr. Hyde reminded the Board that two years ago, a committee had approached the Board to ask their permission to use the school facilities to house 300 people in July 2005 for the purpose of a summer Work Group camp.  The Board had agreed, and this July people came to help many individuals in the surrounding communities with home maintenance jobs.  Mr. Hyde stated that the feedback from the community was glowing.  He felt that the campers took splendid care of the facility.  Mr. Hyde then thanked Bob Whet, Mary Wilson and her staff, and the food service staff for all their work and help to make the week a success.




Mr. Hyde informed the Board that F.I.R.S.T. has kicked off for this academic year.  He stated that they will be meeting in the fall, but will kick into high gear come January 7th.  Mr. Hyde stated that the freshman turnout was scary, as they had 16 students sign-up.  Eight of those students showed up at the first meeting.  They have between 20-40 students on the team.  Mr. Hyde informed the Board that they now have a new mentor, a mechanical engineer.  He pointed out that they  have several electrical and software engineering mentors, but only had one mechanical engineering mentor.  Therefore, they are pleased to get a second one.


Mr. Hyde stated that F.I.R.S.T. will be sponsoring a car show in the upper parking lot on Sunday as a fundraiser.


Mr. Hyde announced that F.I.R.S.T. Lego Competition is October 19th, followed by a competition at Manchester’s Memorial High School on October 29th.


Mr. Hyde informed the Board that the F.I.R.S.T. program is in a squeeze.  Student participation has risen, and it is getting harder to raise the necessary funds.  The Rotary, and different ladies’ clubs have decided to put their needs elsewhere.  He stated that he had just bought $1,000 of robotic materials that night.  Entry fees are now $6,000.00, where they originally were $4,000.00.  He stated that the team started last week, and will be meeting regularly, but come January and February, they will be meeting nearly every day.  The competition is in March.


Mr. Hyde then told the Board that the money that the Board put in the budget for F.I.R.S.T, was only to be applied to entry fees.  Mr. Hyde stated that last year, the team received scholarship money from BAE and NASA, which could only go towards entry fees.  This was a savings of $2,000 - $3,000, but when they went to use the money in the school budget, they couldn’t use it, as it had been written such that it could only be used for entry fees.  Mr. Hyde stated that he would like to make two requests:

1)       that monies in the  budget for the F.I.R.S.T line item be designated for the program, and not for entry fees,

2)       that the $2,000 - $3,000 loss is made up.


Ms. Dumas asked what the total budget for F.I.R.S.T was.  Mr. Hyde stated that the first year it was $25,000.  the next year they were very tight and spent $15,000, and last year it was $12,500.


Mr. Murphy asked if Mr. Hyde was correct on his assessment of how the money in the budget was designated.  Ms. Blastos responded that it had been strictly written for entry fees only.  Mr. Hyde asked by whom.  Ms. Blastos responded by the High School.  Mr. Hyde asked if it could be written that it simply go to the program.


Mr. Peterson felt that the District didn’t get a better value than with the $5,000 spent on F.I.R.S.T.


Mr. Enright asked if the Board could make a motion to make the money available for the F.I.R.S.T program.  Ms. Blastos responded that they could.  Mr. Simons asked for what school year.  Ms. Blastos responded for the 2005-06 year.


Ms. Blastos asked if Mr. Hyde could comment on the application for 501c3.  Mr. Hyde stated that a 501c3 was a non-profit entity, which gives the group better access to grant giving agencies, because they can then write the donation off.  He stated that they had had a lawyer giving them pro bono service in completing the application process, but he is not longer available.  Mr. Hyde stated that they are trying to find another attorney to help them get the application filed.  He added that the application process in itself takes time.


Ms. Blastos stated that she had some concerns.  There currently is  a $12,000 balance in the F.I.R.S.T account through the student activity fund.  She has been advised by the auditors that the Distinct has no authority over those funds.  Ms. Blastos stated that she is concerned about the audit for next year.  She would like to be able to write a check out of the student activity funds to someone, because she doesn’t want that money in there.


Mr. Peterson asked if the money raise by F.I.R.S.T fundraisers goes into the student activity fund.  Mr. Enright pointed out that the money goes there so the program can use the school as a c3.


Mr. Hyde stated that he would like to set up a welding facility instead of depending upon Diamond Casting.


Mr. Enright moved that the Board redesignate the $5,000 line item for F.I.R.S.T to be spent for any F.I.R.S.T expenditure, and that it not to be restricted.  Jim Murphy seconded.  Motion carried.  5 – 0 – 1 (Peterson abstained.)


Mr. Enright asked if the equipment that F.I.R.S.T acquires was school property or private property.  Mr. Hyde responded that it was the “team’s” equipment.  Mr. Enright asked if the equipment was left at the school.  Mr. Hyde responded that it was.


Mr. Simons asked if there would be any safety issues with setting up a welding facility?  Mr. Hyde responded that they currently have a milling machine, a lathe, and drill press.  The team members go through safety training on the equipment.   The team has received a “safety award.”




Mr. Hyde stated that regarding policies, it would be helpful when they are posting the 1st readings that they state what the policies pertain to.  Chair. Kirby stated that the intent is to have the policies go on the website.  Mr. Murphy added that the Board needed to discuss effective means of how to get the public’s input.  Mr. Simons stated that the Board is trying to get through the 1st reading, then the policies will be put on the website before the 2nd reading.






Ms. Blastos informed the Board that as they go along in the 2005-06 school year, she will add to the list of “short-falls.” 


Ms. Blastos stated that she had no expenditure report to hand out that night due to the Special District Meeting salaries for Hollis and the Coop being distributed and balanced.


Ms. Blastos stated that she would be going through the 2004-05 budget in detail, because the Budget Committee wants an end-of-year report.  She stated that she will put a copy of the line item details in the Board members’ boxes.  She added that to make things more efficient, she will put a copy of the expenditure report in the Board members’ boxes prior to the meeting.  She will send out reminders for the first couple of months.


Ms. Blastos stated that she will go over the auditor’s report in October.  A partner will come to speak to the Board.


2004-05 Budget


Ms. Blastos reported that there was a $175,000 fund balance for the 2004-05 budget.  This money could not be spent as most of it came from IDEA.  The money has been turned into Concord to be taken into consideration for setting the tax rate.


Ms. Blastos reported that MS25, DOE 25 and MS24 have been submitted to the DOE/DRA, and they are happy.




Ms. Blastos reported that they had hired a new Food Service Manager – Amy Cassidy, who has a BS in Nutrition, is a registered/licensed dietician, and formerly the nutrition coordinator for Greater Lawrence Head Start program.  Her date of  hire is September 26, 2005.  Ms. Blastos stated that Ms. Cassidy has a lot of energy, and she feels that Ms. Cassidy will do well for the Hollis and Coop districts.  Ms. Blastos stated that once Ms. Cassidy has settled in, she will invite her to a Board meeting.  Ms. Blastos informed the Board that they had 25 applicants, and they had a difficult time finding someone.  Ms. Cassidy was the last person they interviewed.  Ms. Blastos stated that Ms. Cassidy is anxious to be on the Wellness Committee. 


Ms. Blastos stated that she wanted to publicly thank Sheila O’Donnell for seeing that the food service program kept running in both school districts while there really was no manager.




Middle School Project


Ms. Blastos asked Mr. Simons to report on the Middle School project.


Mr. Simons stated that it was coming along fine.  He reported that they were 3 weeks away from being essentially done.  He added that the gym looks brand new.  The courtyard is done, and everything is on schedule.


Ms. Dumas asked about the budget.  Mr. Simons responded that they were under budget, and that they were in good shape.


Mr. Peterson asked about the status of the equipment for televising Board meetings.  Mr. Simons responded that the vendor was coming Saturday to install the equipment.  He stated that they had asked Charter several months ago to install the cable, but they just found out Monday that the purchase order was sitting on someone’s desk in St. Louis.


Mr. Peterson asked which room the equipment would be going into.  Mr. Simons stated that it would be in the all-purpose room.  Mr. Peterson stated that the acoustics were horrendous in that room.  Mr. Simons responded that the blowers were not yet balanced, and that he had been assured that once they are balanced it won’t be a problem.  He also pointed out that the acoustical panels are not yet installed.  Mr. Murphy added that there will be individual mikes on the table for the cable TV.


Mr. Murphy asked when the last day at Farley would be.  Mr. Simons stated that it would be the first of November.


Mr. Peterson asked when the first televised meeting would take place.  Mr. Simons responded that it would be next month if the cable is installed.


Ms. Goyette stated that many Board members had received calls regarding the lack of lockers.  Ms. Goyette reported that the lockers would be coming on October 26th.


Rocky Pond Well and Pump


Ms. Blastos stated that there are some issues with the water pressure.  This will be discussed with the Building Committee.  She will keep the Board updated.


Goal Posts


Ms. Blastos reported that the goal posts had been successfully installed.  She stated that she couldn’t thank Skillings enough for using their artesian equipment to drill the holes.


Storage Shed


Ms. Blastos stated that the storage shed is near completion.


Softball Field (new)


Ms. Blastos reported that the softball field was underway with all the approvals from the town.


Water Treatment


Ms. Blastos reported that they had received approval from the State yesterday for the water treatment.  She stated that the filter is on order and should be installed next week.


Softball Field (between schools)


Ms. Blastos informed the Board that the pump for the softball field between the schools had failed.  She stated that they had to replace the rotors for a cost of $60.00.


Ms. Blastos stated that because of the age of the buildings, things are going to need attention.  Ms. Blastos stated that she would keep the Board apprised of the different issues so the Board will know what is happening and have a better idea of maintenance costs for the budget season.


Ms. Dumas stated that she thought the cost of the Arsenic Filter was $12,400.00, yet it stated $15,000 on the shortfall list.  Ms. Blastos explained that she had put $2,500.00 in to change the filter that may occur over the next 2 –4 years.


Ms. Blastos stated that a $181,342 shortfall may not seem like much on a $12 million budget, but because the budget is so tight, it becomes a problem.


Ms. Blastos stated that she needed a volunteer for the manifest.  Chair. Kirby explained that Ms. Dumas wanted to step down from that position. Chair. Kirby volunteered to do the manifest as an alternate.


Middle School Renovation Fund


Ms. Blastos distributed a Middle School Renovation Fund report.  She informed the Board that there is a fund balance of $121,643.44.  She stated that she had attached a detailed report of the project showing cost to date, encumbrances, and what is remaining.  She added that she had gone over it with Barbara Chalmers, the architect, so everyone is on the same page.


Ms. Blastos stated that she had been asked to find out from the DOE how long a building fund can remain open.  She reported that the fund balance can remain open one year from the end of the project, that is, the date of substantial completion.  As long as the remaining funds are used on the building project, the District can get aid.


Ms. Dumas asked how it works with the clerk-of-the-works.  Ms. Blastos responded that the clerk-of-the-works is part of the budget.  She added that he submits time sheets.  She pointed out that this clerk-of-the-works is very conservative.


Mr. Hyde asked what the total fund balance was.   Ms. Blastos responded that it was currently $263,000, but there are still things to be spent.


Mr. Peterson asked what “Project Adventure” was.  Ms. Goyette responded that it was the climbing wall in the multi-purpose room.


A copy of the report is available.




Middle School


Plan for Social Excellence


Ms. Goyette reported that a written proposal had been submitted to the Plan for Social Excellence for mobile technology at the Middle School.  It was denied.  She stated that the committee submitted a second attempt, which was successful for an approval of $95,000.00 over a 3-year period.  Ms. Goyette explained that this will allow them to set up two mobile classrooms for technology.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept $95,000.00 from the Plan for Social Excellence grant.  Anne Dumas seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.




Ms. Goyette informed the Board that traditionally the Middle School had given the Terra Nova tests to the 8th grade students in the fall.  The Terra Novas assess achievement in Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  They take approximately 5 two-hour sessions to administer, plus make up time for absent students. 


This year, both the 7th and 8th grades will be taking the NECAPS (New England Common Assessment Program).  8th grades will be tested in reading, writing, and math, while 7th graders will be tested in reading and math only.  It is estimated that it will take about 9 ninety-minute sessions for the 8th grade, and 7 ninety-minute sessions for the 7th grade.  However, these tests are untimed, so as long as a student continues to work productively, he/she should be given additional time.


Ms. Goyette stated that she would like to recommend that for the 05-06 school year, the Middle School forgo the Terra Nova tests.  She felt that the amount of time lost to administer both test would be a significant amount of instructional time.


Mr. Peterson asked if there was anything from the Terra Nova tests that they couldn’t get from the NECAPS.   Ms. Goyette felt that they could get more from the NECAPS.  She pointed out that the NECAPS are mandated and the Terra Novas are not.


Supt. Pike agreed with Ms. Goyette in that the more time spent in testing, the less instructional time.  He was in favor of taking a break from the Terra Nova tests.


Ms. Goyette pointed out that the High School does not yet have the NECAPS.  Mr. Kelley added that the NECAPS will be a junior year test, and will replace the sophomore tests.


Mr. Murphy asked if they are not administering the Terra Novas, will it impact the High School in assessing incoming freshmen.  Mr. Kelley responded that they would be able to get whatever information they needed from the NECAPS.


The sense of the Board was to take a “pause” from administering the Terra Nova tests for the 2005-06 school year.




Ms. Goyette informed the Board that she is often asked by parents for a second set of textbooks.  In the past, each case has been looked at individually, and accommodated when appropriate.  With the cost of textbooks averaging $60, and with budgets being held, Ms. Goyette felt that it is impractical to order more textbooks than the school’s actual needs.  She stated that she recommends providing an extra set of books only to students who are accommodated by a 504 plan.


The Board felt that Ms. Goyette should continue her current process until the Board discusses their textbook policy.


Make-up Days


Supt. Pike stated that making up the 3 days missed due to the delayed opening is down for future agenda items.  He pointed out that there is a collective bargaining spin regarding professional days.   He informed the Board that he hadn’t gotten the official word from the State.  He added that there were additional items to look at.  He informed the Board that they were not at a stage to formulate a plan yet.  He felt they should be ready at the October meeting.  He stated that the State requires 180 days, and the District requires 182.  He added that they need to figure out how to make up the 3rd day.


He informed the Board that if there are extenuating circumstances, the Commissioner can waive the required amount of days.  He felt that the Board should take care of this issue before snow days are needed.  He added that another option is an additional day and the end of the school year.


Mr. Hyde stated that the Middle School lost 3 days, which they need to make up.  He asked what the impact would be on the budget?  Ms. Goyette stated that there was a tremendous amount of time put in by the teachers to move both out in the spring and then back in this fall.  She felt that 90% of the staff put in extra time, so as a one-time issue it could perhaps be waived.




Jen McLeod stated that she was there to talk about recycling.  She informed the Board that it had been working at the elementary school for over one year.  She stated that they paid $2.75 for classroom bins, and they bought 100 so every classroom had a bin.  She added that it costs $300 per dumpster for trash.  If they replace one of the dumpsters for recyclable mixed paper, it would be a cost of $34.00.  She stated that they collect 400 pounds per week between the two elementary schools.  She felt that the Coop could save $600 per month on trash.  Ms. McLeod then offered her services to help set the program up. 


Ms. Dumas stated that a group of students had come before the Board asking that the Coop District start a recycling program.  Mr. Kelley stated that the Green Group had purchased bins for classrooms, but they are on back order.  He added that Wayne Zold and Bill Neller are looking to getting a trailer to collect the recyclables. 


Ms. McLeod pointed out that the have the younger students recycling, so they would like to see it continued as they move up in grades.


Mr. Simons asked how they can get rid of a dumpster if they have the same amount of trash.  Ms. McLeod stated that they took one trash dumpster and replaced it with the recycling bin.


Mr. Kelley stated that they could use another dumpster, however, if they recycle paper and box materials (especially pizza boxes), they won’t need another dumpster.


Ms. Goyette felt that the time was perfect to start a recycling program with the new building and all.


Ms. Blastos stated that Peter Juno from Waste Management has been a big help.  She added that the SAU office recycles not just paper, but also plastics and cans.


Mr. Peterson asked that the Board get an update on the recycling program at the next meeting.


High School


Mission Statement


Chair. Kirby informed the Board that the mission statement had never been approved by the Board, and that it needed to be done. 


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the Mission Statement as follows:


            Our mission is to inspire lifelong learning and achievement.  We will provide a broad range of experiences, which will encourage students to strive for their maximum intellectual, artistic, emotional, social and physical development.  We value the individuality of each member of the community and believe that an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is essential to the education process.


Jim Murphy seconded.


Mr. Peterson stated that this was different from the assessment  mission statement.  Mr. Kelley stated that it was the same mission statement, and the report said it hadn’t been approved.


Motion carried.  6 – 0 – 0.


Field Trip


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that Mike Tenters is requesting that a field trip to Quebec, scheduled for February 3-5, 2006, be approved.  He added that he will bring the necessary completed forms to the next meeting for approval.


Mileage Reimbursement


Supt. Pike stated that the staff has brought up the issue of increasing the mileage reimbursement amount.  He stated that he had met with Ms. Blastos and they feel that even though there is a need to increase the amount, they both feel it should not be done in mid-stream of a budget.  This will be looked at during the next budget season.  He added that they want to try to be consistent from one board to the next.





Student Representative


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that he had asked the Student Council to choose a representative to the School Board.  They chose Lauren Carelli.  Lauren couldn’t make the meeting that night.  He stated that he would like the Board to consider having a junior as the student representative.  He/she would then be elected and serve his/her yearly term to coincide with the Board members' terms, that is, a new representative would come on the Board in March/April.  This would allow for some continuity over the summer.  He added that Lauren is agreeable to serve an abbreviated term. 


The Board agreed to the suggestion.


Mr. Kelley stated that he had also asked Lauren to be in contact with the student government at the Middle School.


Mr. Enright stated that the student rep makes regular reports, and added that it is nice to hear from them every meeting. 


Chair. Kirby pointed out that the written report works well, so if the student rep can’t make a meeting, perhaps they could write a report.


Mr. Simons asked how Lauren was selected.  Mr. Kelley stated that he met with the class officers.  They decided to choose someone from the Student Council so they could report back to them.


Mr. Murphy asked when the Student Council meetings are held, as he would like to attend some.  Mr. Kelley responded that they are held every other week after school.  He will get the specific dates for Mr. Murphy.


Mr. Simons pointed out that in the past the building was very dirty.  He stated that it is now immaculate.  He added that it is even quieter.  He stated that the whole atmosphere has changed.  Mr. Kelley responded that it was a group effort, and added that the staff will do anything for the students.




Supt. Pike stated that he was concerned with the volume of policy work that was being done, and how the Board can guarantee proper and appropriate input.  He didn’t feel that they would need a “policy night,” but suggested that they use the website to get people’s input.  He stated that they could make announcements through the papers, the website, and letters home.  He felt this would be an appropriate vehicle.


Mr. Kelley stated that he saw many of the policies as being generic at the moment.  He felt that some of the policies were very important for running the school, such as attendance, graduation credits, home schooling, class rank, etc.  He stated that he wanted to make sure that they were clear.  He added that he was sure it will be a process to tweak them.


Mr. Simons pointed out that they are currently just going through the first reading of the policies.  Policies are not put into effect until after a second reading.  He stated that the policies will be put on the website after the first reading.  They can then announce to the public that the policies are on the website for the public’s review.


Mr. Murphy felt that the Board needed two types of input on the policies:


1)       The general public’s input

2)       The input of the core, key people, such as principals, business administrator, director of curriculum, etc.


Mr. Murphy suggested that as the  Board gets through the policies, they should give them to the key people and get their input, as they will be the underlying implementers of the policy.


Mr. Peterson stated that he needed to better understand the mechanics of getting additional input.  He stated that the Board does the first reading, the key stakeholders then need to review it, now it’s the second reading, then they need to change the policy, etc.  He didn’t see it as only two readings.  Mr. Murphy responded that it is first reading, second reading, then adoption, that is, 3 steps.  Mr. Peterson stated that if they then get the public’s input after the key stakeholders that would be the third reading.  Supt. Pike stated that everyone has access to the first reading process, that they were merely collecting input from all stakeholders.  The second reading is another opportunity for input.


Mr. Kelley suggested that when a policy is put on the website, that it states what reading it is, so there won’t be any confusion.


Mr. Peterson asked if the policies were going on the SAU website or the Coop website.  Mr. Kelley responded that the High School has it's own website, but pointed out that the policies are for the Middle School also.


Mr. Hyde stated that the public goes through the SAU website for minutes, etc.


Mr. Peterson said that there weren't any mechanics for on-line comments.  He stated that it could be done with simple links.   He suggested that a "comment board" be put up on the website where people could put their comments.  It won't be a place where they will get a response.  He added that he would be happy to help whoever creates this.  Mr. Simons stated that it would be Rich Raymond that would be responsible for setting it up, and he felt it should go on the SAU site.


Mr. Peterson felt that this same process should be on the Coop site for any other issues that may arise.


The Board recessed at 8:15 p.m. for 5 minutes.


7.         OLD BUSINESS




Chair. Kirby informed the Board that Supt. Pike will meet with Ted Comstock on Monday regarding contract analysis, therefore, Board members need to get any questions they may have and want answered to Supt. Pike.


Farley Building Usage


Mr. Enright pointed out that shortly the Farley Building won’t be used as a Middle School instructional space.  The building will continue to be the Coop’s to use as long as the District has a use for it.  Mr. Enright stated that the first floor has good institutional space.  The second floor could be used for SAU offices.  Mr. Enright stated that the Board needed to chat about how to use the space, and ask the principals and Superintendent to look at the space and see what the District might use it for.  Once the Coop turns the building back to the Hollis School District, since they have stated that they don’t want it; it would go to the town. 


Chair. Kirby asked if there was any fixing-up needed to be done.  Mr. Enright responded that they District had put a great deal of money into the Farley Building to maintain it.  The building has had a new boiler, all the windows replaced on the first and second floors, new roof, paint, fire escape.  Mr. Enright added that the building has had structural investigations done, and that the fire department has allowed the first and second floor to be used, but not the third floor because of fire safety.  The fire department doesn't even want it used for storage.  Mr. Enright stated that the Farley Building is a pretty decent space.


Ms. Dumas asked how much it costs to heat and light the building, and asked if Ms. Blastos could put together a list of maintenance items.


Mr. Enright pointed out that the budget for the Farley Building had been in the Middle School budget.  He stated that Ms. Goyette would like to divorce Farley’s budget from the Middle School.


Mr. Murphy felt that the Board needed to look at the cost effectiveness of the building, then look at whether the SAU could use the space.


Mr. Murphy asked what was in the deed if the building was not used for educational purposes.  Mr. Enright responded that he thought there was a reverter clause, but upon re-examination of the deed, he could not find it.  He restated that the Hollis District does not want the facility; therefore the next user would be the town.


Mr. Peterson asked what the status of the SAU building was.   Mr. Enright responded that the SAU building is owned by the Hollis School District because an SAU cannot own property.  The three Districts pay their share of the SAU budget.  Mr. Enright pointed out that they have a Food Service Manager and a Facilities Manager that perhaps could have offices in the Farley Building.  It could also be used to house records.


Ms. Dumas asked if the second and third floors are not used if they could be closed off.  Mr. Simons responded that there was no plumbing on the upper floors, only heating.  Mr. Enright stated that the floors could be closed off so they would not need to be heated.


Farley Lot Boundary Lines


Mr. Simons informed the Board that there are three property sections consisting of Farley property and the Farley Building.  He stated that part of the Middle School building lies on Farley property.  He added that the Coop needed to sort this out, and needed to approach the Hollis School District formerly.  Mr. Simons stated that they would like to have two pieces transferred over to the Coop for parking lot.  Mr. Enright stated that it would be a simple transaction, and would merely take a warrant article at the Hollis School District Meeting to authorize the transfer.


Mr. Hyde pointed out that if the two pieces were deeded over to the Coop, this would make Farley a stranded building with no access to parking, making it less valuable.  Mr. Enright stated if the Coop decides they don’t want the Farley Building, the could always lease some parking to the town.


Supt. Pike suggested that a contingent from the Coop go to the Hollis District’s next Board meeting to start dialogue about the property issues.


Mr. Hyde stated that the Hollis Historic District won’t allow parking in front of the Farley Building.  He pointed out that to have a building that size without access to controlled parking was not a good situation.  He stated that the Budget Committee has to look at it as if it is a fiduciary sound decision to deed over property.  Chair. Kirby stated that some parking could always be allocated.


Mr. Hyde asked about the water for the building.  Mr. Enright responded that the water for Farley comes from the Coop District’s water system.    Mr. Hyde felt that a co-mingled, co-shared building was a set-up for possible problems.


Mr. Murphy pointed out that if Farley was deeded over to someone else, they would have to work out an egress/regress easement.  Mr. Enright stated that the access roads had been used for 20 years, that they would be considered public roads.


Mr. Murphy  agreed that the Coop should controlled the land the buildings are on.  Mr. Enright stated that they have to January to think the issue through.  Mr. Simons stated that they first need the Hollis School Board to say they formally don’t want it.




Supt. Pike nominated the following candidates:


High School


Candice Hancock, Family and Consumer Science, Interim One-Year (Replace Gorham)


BS Keene State College

Experience:  New

Recommendation:  B, Step 1

Salary:  $34,051  (Gorham B,5  $41,031 = Savings $6,980)


Rhonda Southwick, Computer (Replace Sawyer)


BS, Business Administration/Computer Information Systems, NH College

MS Business Education, Information Technology, Southern NH University

Experience:  3 years

Recommendation:  M, Step 4

Salary:  $41,657  (Sawyer B,6  $39,739 = Cost $1,918)


Mr. Enright asked what Ms. Hancock’s degree was in.  Supt. Pike responded that both candidates were correctly credentialed.  He added that the Coop netted about $5,000.


Mr. Murphy asked if Supt. Pike had interviewed each candidate.   Supt. Pike responded that he had.


Mr. Peterson asked if Supt. Pike only interviews the finalists.  Supt. Pike explained that he only interviews the committee’s candidate of choice, unless there are two candidates that are so closely equal that the committee wants another opinion.


Tom Enright moved that the Board accept Candice Hancock for the position of Family and Consumer Science and  Rhonda Southwick for the position of Computer.  Steve Simons seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  6 – 0 – 0.


A copy of the nominations is available.






Supt. Pike informed the Board that they are looking at the possibility of putting in a crosswalk in front of the yellow building on Main Street.   He talked with the DOT and found out that the Hollis Administrator had contacted the DOT about another crosswalk.  Someone from the DOT will be coming down on September 24th to review both spots.


Capital Improvement


Mr. Murphy  reported that the list of future capital improvement needs had been submitted to the committee.  He added that they had discussed the need for a larger cafeteria and more parking area.  He felt that the Board should probably get a committee together to spec out what is needed.


Mr. Enright felt that was an excellent point.  He stated that a discussion regarding the need to have 4 lunches had been held in the Instructional Practices Committee.  He felt it was necessary for the Board to talk among themselves and also designate money for engineering for both the cafeteria and parking.


Mr. Murphy wondered if the Coop could wait two Marches, or should they put something together for this coming March.  Ms. Dumas stated that she liked the idea of putting something together for this March so if it doesn’t pass, then they can work on it for the following March.  Mr. Peterson felt that the Coop needed to take into consideration the issue of apportionment and if the Coop didn’t continue.  Mr. Enright responded that they were talking about expanding the cafeteria due to capacity, that they needed the space now.  Mr. Peterson stated that the public was told last year that there wasn’t any issue regarding lunches.


Mr. Murphy informed the Board that the Instructional Practices Committee would like to be put on the October agenda for 6:00 p.m.


Mr. Enright pointed out that if the Coop was going to carry the issue of cafeteria expansion and expanded parking, they would need the services of Barbara Chalmers (the architect) at some level.  Mr. Peterson asked how much it would cost.  Mr. Enright responded that in the past it cost about $5,000 to get the services they needed.  Mr. Simons added that the architect usually does a lot of complimentary work  assuming that they will be the architect for the project.  Mr. Enright stated that the Coop could spend $5,000 now, or $30,000 for a more substantial job a year from now.


Mr. Simons stated that the cafeteria expansion is needed to cover the current needs, however, he felt it would be foolish not to cover future needs also.  Mr. Enright stated that that was where Ms. Chalmers expertise would be helpful.  She would be able to point out issues such as fire truck accessibility. 


Ms. Dumas felt that the Board needed to spend money in order to find out if they can/should go forward.  Mr. Murphy felt that the Board should hear from Mr. Kelley and from the Food Service Manager.  Mr. Enright stated that currently, Mr. Kelley needs to have 4 lunches.  Each lunch is 20 minutes long, therefore 80 minutes in the middle of each day is taken away from instructional time.  Ms. Dumas pointed out that they are having studies in classrooms and in the senior area, therefore that area is not available to seniors for lunches.


Mr. Peterson was not sure that some taxpayers will want to look at a short-term solution.  Mr. Enright responded that he didn’t look at it as a short-term or long-term solution, but rather they currently have inadequacies in space needs.  They are currently at a student body of 850, and the cap for the school is 900.  He added that the Board has known about this for several year, but didn’t focus on it because they were focused on the Middle School.  He stated that they were probably talking about a $1 million project.


Mr. Murphy stated that he got the square footage numbers from Barbara Chalmers through Ms. Blastos and got a range of about $750,000.  He stated that the cost would not be huge because they were talking about a large open space.  Mr. Murphy added that the classroom space and population was projected to flatten out.  However, the numbers have not flattened out, and they are currently over the projected numbers.


Mr. Enright stated that three lunches is doable.  To figure out the amount of space needed, one simply needs to take the core of 900 students, and divide by 3 lunches, giving a cafeteria space need for 300 students.  He suggested that they perhaps may need a multi-purpose room that can be used at other times of the day.  Mr. Simons stated that the current multi-purpose room serves 250 students.  Mr. Peterson felt the Board should think outside the box.  Mr. Simons added that the Coop didn’t need a multi-purpose room facility, but rather needed classroom space.  Mr. Enright pointed out that if the cafeteria was expanded, they would be getting two classrooms back.


Supt. Pike stated that a good building plan is driven by sound educational specs.  This should come out within the Instructional Practices Committee.  Mr. Enright stated that the Board would be getting a report from the Instructional Practices Committee at next month’s meeting.


Mr. Enright felt the Board should explore what Ms. Chalmers could do in terms of specifying out spaces, what the parameters are, how much more space is needed, the square footage, and can it fit on the end.


Mr. Peterson asked how clear the Instructional Practices Committee was that three lunches was the answer.  Mr. Enright responded that he had talked with Mr. Kelley that morning, and was told that Mr. Kelley needed more instructional time during the day, but has to have 4 lunches.


Mr. Peterson felt that the Board should gather whatever information they could on the issue.


Letter to the Parents


Supt. Pike stated that he had sent a letter to parents, and had gotten 5 phone and 4 email responses.


Supt. Pike announced that the SAU meeting will be held on October 6th.  He stated that Ted Comstock would be making a presentation.  He wondered if the Board would like to change their meeting with Mr. Comstock to a meeting just prior to the SAU meeting (6:00 – 7:00 p.m.), so Mr. Comstock would only have to come once.  Mr. Murphy stated that he was opposed to it, as he did not want a time constraint.  It was decided to keep the two separate meetings.




Chair. Kirby informed the Board that they needed to choose a representative to serve on the SAU Budget Advisory Committee and Wellness Committee.  Chair. Kirby stated that she would be the rep for the Wellness Committee, and Ms. Dumas volunteered to be an alternate.    Mr. Enright volunteered to serve on the SAU Budget Advisory Committee.


11.        POLICIES


Mr. Simons stated that Ms. Blastos had reviewed all of the policies in section I.


The following polices were reviewed for first reading:


IB –           Mr. Murphy stated that he was uncomfortable with the staff having the freedom to express their own opinion without identifying it as their own opinion.


IC –           Mr. Murphy asked if 190 days makes sense.  He stated that the contract says no more than 187 for teachers.  Supt. Pike stated that the 190 builds in snow days.


ICA        No change.


ID           No change.


IGA        Ms. Mace has approved this policy.


IHAK –      Item #10 should be changed to read “Problems should be solved through reason and orderly processes.”


IHAMA    No change.


IHAMC –    Mr. Peterson felt that this policy should not be limited to HIV/AIDS, but should include all STDs.

                 Chair. Kirby felt that Kathy Saunders and DeeDee Adams should look at it.

                 Mr. Peterson felt that in the third paragraph “. . . in the elementary Schools and from elementary to secondary approaches to the material. . .” should be stricken.      


IHBA      No change.


IHBBA    No change.


IHBG –      Mr. Peterson asked if it was the Superintendent who determines what  home school students can participate in.  Supt. Pike responded that Districts have specific procedures on what home school students can participate in.  He added that it is not always easy, such as, if they participate in sports, how to you determine the students academic standing?  Mr. Enright stated that the District encourages home school students to participate in all co-curricular activities.  Mr. Peterson stated that he had two issues:  1) Policies – who can and cannot participate, and 2) procedures – who gets preference, how do you go about it.  Mr. Simons responded that they currently have a two-page document in which the first paragraph states the policy, and the rest of the document is procedures.  Supt. Pike stated that he would look at this policy and its procedures.  Mr. Simon felt there were legal references to RSAs, which would tell what a district has to do.                            


IHCD –      Mr. Peterson felt that in the second paragraph, they should not limit it to 11th and/or 12th graders, but rather should read “any student.”


IIB –          Mr. Murphy felt they should have a policy stating minimum enrollment.  Mr. Enright stated that the District had a document that stated class minimums and maximums.  Mr. Enright stated that the District has a lot of good stuff in their current policy/procedures and they should not get rid of it.   Mr. Murphy felt that the current policy document they were reviewing said nothing, and added no value in the current state.  Chair. Kirby felt that the numbers needed to be looked at, and she also felt that the min-max numbers should be listed both in the policy and in the procedure.


IJ –            Ms. Dumas felt that policies should be current and relevant.  She wondered how they can make the statements in the policy when they are not current with textbooks.  She also felt that they should add to the policy about parents wanting  a second set of textbooks for home.  She added that both Ms. Goyette and Mr. Kelley want it.  Mr. Peterson stated that he was ok with Special Ed., IDEA, and 504 students getting a second set, otherwise, the policy should be one text for each student.  Supt. Pike stated that he would look at the policy.


IJO –         No change.


IJOA –       Mr. Simons stated that the District has a big procedures document on field trips.  IICA is the current policy.  Supt. Pike asked if Kathy had any idea of how policies could go hand and hand with the procedures.  Mr. Murphy pointed out that if the policies are on-line, then a link could be set up to the corresponding procedures.


IJOC –       Mr. Peterson felt they should put in a statement requiring an RSA 189.13-a background check.


IKA         No change.


IKACA –    Mr. Peterson asked if there were any contractual inferences regarding this policy.  Chair. Kirby responded that it was in another policy that states teachers are available for parent conferences.


IKB –         Ms. Dumas felt that the statement “. .. must be viewed as purposeful to the students:” should read “. . . must be viewed as purposeful for the students;”


IKC –         Mr. Murphy wondered why IKC is not calculated every quarter.  Chair. Kirby stated that the administration should look at this policy.


IKE –         Mr. Peterson wondered if the Instructional Practices Committee was looking at this policy.


IKF –         Mr. Murphy felt they should get rid of the dates.  He felt they also needed to look at what a 5th year looks like if a student doesn’t graduate.  This policy is to be looked at.


IKFA –       Mr. Simons stated that some of the items were taken out of the procedure and put into the policy.


IL           No change.


IMAB      No change.


IMDA –      Chair. Kirby mentioned that staff must now teach about the Constitution on Constitution Day.


IMG        No change.


Supt. Pike suggested that the Board should schedule a separate meeting to wrap up the policies.




Dan Peterson moved that the Board adjourn.  Anne Dumas seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

6 - 0 - 0.




The meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m.