APPROVED  as Amended 8-17-05                                              Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School Board

                                                                                                Regular Meeting

                                                                                                July 20, 2005

                                                                                                Hollis-Brookline High School



Pam Kirby, Chairperson

Tom Enright

Jim Murphy

Dan Peterson

Steve Simons




Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Tim Kelley, Principal, Hollis-Brookline High School

Betsy A, Bowen, Recording Secretary 



Others present included members of the Public.


Chairperson Pam Kirby called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.


1.         OPEN FORUM


Kathi Lewis addressed the Board stating that she wanted to thank the Board for taking the risk with the Group Work Camp.  She explained that she has been a driver for the week, adding that the campers have been going to sites in Brookline, Milford, Wilton, and Greenville.


Ms. Lewis stated that she knew it wasn’t an easy decision for the Board, but it was the right decision.  She added that the campers were taking good care of the school, and that the staff was phenomenal.  Ms. Lewis stated that Bob Ouellette and Mr. Kelley had been present at the school a lot of the time.  Ms. Lewis then invited the Board to join the campers for their evening program that would be held in the gym at 7:30 p.m.


2.         MINUTES


Mr. Peterson pointed out that on page 13, the 5th paragraph of the June 15, 2005 minutes, the word “automotive” should be changed to “automated.”   He also pointed out that on page 15, the 2nd paragraph, the word “intra-structure” should be changed to “infrastructure.”


Mr. Simons moved that the Board accept the minutes of June 15, 2005 as corrected.  Jim Murphy seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.




Supt. Pike stated that he had received a thank you from Dominic Mangano, a Middle School student, for being the recipient of the Robert E. Kelly Character Award.   Mr. Mangano stated the $100.00 savings bond would be used towards college.




Ms. Blastos was not present for the meeting, therefore no report was given.




Supt. Pike distributed his report.


School District Warrant


Supt. Pike stated that he had six copies of the School District Warrant (3 for posting in Hollis, and three for posting in Brookline) that needed to be signed.  It was asked if the Warrant needed to be signed by all the Board members?  Supt. Pike felt as long as a quorum signed the Warrant, it would be ok.


Medicaid Reimbursement


Supt. Pike stated that he had read in the minutes that the Board had asked that someone from Medicaid come and speak to the Board regarding reimbursement.  However, he stated that Ted Comstock was scheduled to come speak to the Board on negotiations that same night, and he felt having both speakers would be too much.


Mr. Murphy thought that they were going to set up a separate meeting for the discussion on negotiations.


Agenda Format


Supt. Pike stated that he had some suggestions for changing the agenda format and procedures, which he felt would facilitate more efficient meetings.  He stated that he felt it would be useful for the Building Administrators, Chair. Kirby, and he to meet to craft the meeting agendas.


Supt. Pike stated that he would like to propose having all materials needed for the meeting distributed to the Board members a few of days prior to the meeting.  He felt this would facilitate efficiency of the standard meeting.


Mr. Murphy asked if that would mean that the principals would not have to attend the meetings?  Supt. Pike responded that the principals would still be at the meetings, but would be able to leave after presenting their reports.


Mr. Simons suggested that there be “New Business” and “Old Business” on the agenda.  He felt this would be helpful, and issues would not fall through the cracks.  Supt. Pike responded that he could work with that. 


Supt. Pike stated that he would also like to put on the agenda “Future Agenda Items” so the Board members would be aware of what was coming up, and so they could keep them at the forefront.


Supt. Pike stated that he also thought it helpful to have the mission statement at the end of the agenda, thus reminding everyone what the District’s mission/goal was.




Supt. Pike reported that it had been decided that Ted Comstock would come and talk to the Boards giving a general overview for new Board members.  However, actual negotiations were a separate topic.  Supt. Pike stated that he and Ms. Blastos had talked about having a third party come to help with negotiations.  He added that he had someone in mind.  Supt. Pike also felt that they could ask the Hollis and Brookline boards to come and listen to this person. He added that there was no commitment money-wise.  He stated that he would like the Board’s approval.


Mr. Murphy responded that he wasn’t sure about the other Districts; however, he would support it.  He added that he wasn’t sure what the purpose of the meeting would be with the other Districts present, as the Coop would want to talk about their own issues.  He also felt that the Board needed to have a chat with Supt. Pike as to what they wanted to get out of the next round of negotiations.   Mr. Murphy felt that the Coop should have legal representation as the Union does.


Mr. Enright stated that he would want to know what the value-added factor to using such a person would be, how much it would cost, and where would the money come from, as it is not budgeted, and the budget is very tight.  Supt. Pike agreed that the budget was tight.


Mr. Enright stated that he had problems with the process and that it had nothing to do with general negotiations but rather that discussion of negotiations always comes at the end of the Board meeting when everyone is tired.  He felt that the process had a lot of deficiencies, but he didn’t feel it warranted a professional negotiator.  He pointed out that they have a lot of new board members throughout the SAU District.  He added that when he would give his report to the Coop Board, he would get five minutes to explain, and people were always tired.  He added that they had workshop sessions on negotiations, but because they were during the day, a couple of the Board members could not come to the meeting.


Chair. Kirby felt that the money issue was a big factor, as there was no money budgeted for a negotiator.


Mr. Peterson stated that the money issue was big for him, and that he would need to be convinced about the value-added factor.  He also wanted to know that the negotiator wouldn’t detract from the issue.


Mr. Enright informed the Board that they were not up against a professional negotiator, but the Union does, however, confer with Phil Pratt.


Supt. Pike stated that Mr. Comstock had been penciled in for September 13.


Mr. Murphy pointed out that the Board had stated they would begin negotiations by the end of the month (April), but had asked to defer the start of negotiations until after the judge’s decision.  They now have the judge’s decision, thus he didn’t want it to go too long before starting the negotiations.  He felt that the Board was on the hook to start.


Mr. Enright stated that he and Mr. Murphy have a preliminary discussion scheduled for next week.  He added that there had been plenty of contact between parties, and that the Board was up-to-date. 


Supt. Pike stated that in regards to a professional negotiator, he was not advocating for one, he was merely bringing it to the Board’s attention as an option.


Supt. Pike reported that the meeting tentatively set for September 13th with Ted Comstock was for all boards to get new members up to speed.


Mr. Enright added that he felt that Supt. Pike’s thoughts on revising the agenda were good, and he liked the idea of getting the Administrators out early. 


Mr. Murphy felt if they get the principals’ reports prior to the meeting and there were no issues, the principals may not even need to be at the meeting.  Mr. Enright stated that he would still want the principals to come to the meeting as he wanted to be able to have a face-to-face dialogue with them.


NESDEC Workshop


Supt. Pike stated that there is a NESCED meeting scheduled for July 26, 2005.


Community Use of School Facilities – Policy KG


Supt. Pike informed the Board that he had an inquiry from a taxpayer regarding the Work Camp’s use of the school facilities and religious activities taking place.  Supt. Pike stated that he had talked with Mr. Comstock regarding this issue, and that he had gone through the District’s policies.  He reported that the District has no control over the Work Camp’s agenda.  He pointed out that Policy KG states that the facilities may be used for “adult education, discussion, religious, civic . . . purposes.”  Supt. Pike felt that if the Board said “no” to religious groups, it could be discriminatory.


Strategic Planning


Supt. Pike stated that he was a big advocate of strategic planning, and added that he would like to talk more about its merits in the months ahead.




Supt. Pike reported that he had received a letter of resignation from Jennifer Acker.  She will be moving to Bethlehem, PA. 


Supt. Pike reported that he had two nominations to present to the Board:


        Gail Rasmussen – a one-year interim English position at the Middle School


        Jennifer Staub – Social Studies at the High School


Supt. Pike informed the Board that he had quickly looked at the budget, and after all the personnel changes have been approved, there will be a deficit in this account area.  He stated that he has asked Ms. Blastos to report on this issue at the next meeting.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the appointment of Gail Rasmussen and Jennifer Staub, and accept the resignation of Jennifer Acker.  Tom Enright seconded.


Mr. Enright asked if the District was still short any teachers.  Mr. Kelley responded that they are still looking for a replacement for Stacy Sawyer, technology position, and a replacement for Jennifer Acker.


Mr. Murphy asked if the District had money for those positions.  Mr. Simons pointed out that Jennifer Staub was replacing Mr. Mitchell, adding that he was surprised there was a deficit, as Mr. Mitchell was high on the pay scale.


Supt. Pike stated that he would like to get the Board’s idea on new hires, that is, do they like to hire conservatively, or do they look for the best to fill a position.  Mr. Enright stated that they budget mid-range.  He then pointed out that last year they were $40,000 under (deficit) because the principal hired over the cost of the positions.


Supt. Pike pointed out that such practices could mean a freeze on certain areas of the budget.  He added that the salary is not usually the problem, but rather healthcare is the wild card.  Mr. Enright responded that Ms. Blastos budgets the family plan for every new hire.


Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Special District Meeting


Supt. Pike stated that the Board needed to coordinate the details regarding the upcoming Special District Meeting to be held on August 9th.  He stated that he had sent an email to the moderator, as he felt it would be good to meet with Mr. Belanger beforehand.  Supt. Pike asked if the meeting would be televised.  Chair Kirby responded that Mr. Belanger makes those arrangements.


Mr. Enright pointed out that in the past, the Board Chairperson, the Superintendent, and the Moderator meet prior to the meeting so they will all be on the same page.


Tuition Request


Supt. Pike informed the Board that he had received a request from a family in Bedford who will be moving into Hollis between September 8th and September 30th to tuition their three children to the District.  He stated that upon authorization from the Board that he would work out the tuition payment arrangements with the family.


Steve Simons moved that the Board accept the request of the family from Bedford, and authorize Supt. Pike to negotiate with the family per policy.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0. 


No Child Left Behind and Statewide Testing Decision


Supt. Pike reported that last fall, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont had submitted a transition plan to change their statewide testing programs to the New England Common Assessment Program.    The plan was designed to replace the traditional May test required by the federal government regarding the No Child Left Behind act.  Supt. Pike stated that in his last position in Vermont, he was very optimistic about this initiative, and believed it was “full speed ahead.”  However, there seems to have been a communications breakdown at some level and it didn’t get done.  The federal government is now claiming that the NH-VT-RI request was denied.  State officials are saying that they never received notification of the denial, although, the USDOE apparently never officially provided any written notification to allow the testing change.  The new initiative would change the testing from May to October.


Mr. Pike pointed out that believing that they had a green light, school officials administered the new test only to 10th graders.  The NH DOE officials feel that the Adequate Yearly Progress will be able to be determined from the 10th grade tests, and that no sanctions will be imposed on NH.  He concluded by stating that official word from the federal government is expected next week, and he will inform the Board once he knows.


A copy of the report is available.




Chair Kirby reported that Anita Moynihan had sent her an email stating that Ms. Moynihan was putting together an Advisory Committee on Wellness.  The committee would be looking into issues such as cafeteria menus, vending machines, nutrition, physical fitness, etc.  Ms. Moynihan wanted to know if the Coop Board would be interested in participating.


Mr. Murphy stated that he had read the email and had questions.  He wondered if the issues were discussed and solutions were reached, would the implementation of the solutions be district specific, or district-wide.


Mr. Peterson stated that he would welcome a public hearing committee to take on the task, make suggestions and provide guidelines.


Chair Kirby stated that some years ago, they talked about wellness and incorporating it into the school curriculum.  She added that she had asked Ms. Moynihan whom she would put on the committee.  Ms Moynihan told Chair Kirby that she was looking for Board members, school nurses, physical education teachers, parents, etc.


Mr. Enright felt that if the other Boards take this issue on, then the Coop Board should too.  He pointed out how they have been trying to get Ms. O’Donnell in to talk to the Board, but they never seem to have time to put her on the agenda.


Supt. Pike felt it would be beneficial for all Boards to meet to talk in general about wellness, and then the individual Boards could decide what they want for their school.


Mr. Simons felt that the Board should hear from Ms. O’Donnell first regarding the food she gets from the federal government.


Mr. Peterson asked if a motion was needed, or if Chair. Kirby was just getting a sense of the meeting.  Chair. Kirby responded she was merely getting a sense of the meeting.


Supt. Pike stated that when one talks about wellness, they often think only about the food in the cafeteria.  However, wellness can also mean mental wellness.


Brookline Capital Improvements Committee


Mr. Murphy explained that Brookline had formed a Capital Improvement Committee, which looked at improvements 3 to 5/6 years out.  He pointed out that under State law, if a community has such a committee, they can receive additional State funding.  Thus, the Coop is polled for their projects.  He added that there is a specific timeframe that the Committee must work within to submit their findings, and that there is only one opportunity to set the impact fees.


Mr. Murphy stated that he was aware of the District’s projection of 4 new sports fields in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  He stated that the committee would need to know what type of facilities expansions the District is anticipating.  He added that this is merely a placeholder discussion.  He stated that last year, the District felt there was a possibility of an expansion in the year 2010 to the amount of $4 million.  Mr. Murphy pointed out that the Board needed to think about what the District might need over the next few years – perhaps cafeteria space is an issue.  He added that the Board had no up-to-date projections for enrollment.


Supt. Pike stated that is was his understanding that there were two people in the District that provide that kind of information:  Dexter Decker and Lorna Spargo.  He pointed out that as a member of NESDEC, the District would get that kind of information every year.


Mr. Murphy stated that they can’t even get raw birth data from the State.  He added that a 30-year projection for both towns is that they each will be double what they currently are.  He felt that they only need to have a handle on the next 5 to 10 years.


Mr. Murphy stated that he would meet with Supt. Pike the next day and go over this issue, then he would need time with the Board to get their blessing.  He added that he needed to get this done quickly so that it will feed into all the other schedules.  He felt if they could get a base plan, then next year they would merely have to update it.


Supt. Pike asked if the Board would need to have another meeting.  Mr. Murphy felt they might need to have another meeting. He added that if they could get within $1 million +/-, they were probably doing well, as they would be guessing at projected building costs.


Mr. Murphy explained that by having this Committee, they can collect taxes and have them sit in the coffer for six years.  If the money is not used by then, they it must be returned.


Mr. Enright stated that he would like Supt. Pike to go ahead with NESDEC and get the population projections.  He added that the School Board Association also does the same.  He stated that if NESDEC was a cost-fee, then Supt. Pike should check with the SBA.


Mr. Peterson stated that he would take on the task to help with these projections, and if Mr. Decker would be willing to show him how it is done, he would learn it.


Mr. Murphy informed the Board that Ms. Blastos felt that NESDEC provides more that just a head count.  Mr. Enright stated that Mr. Decker also did more than just a head count.




Ms. Goyette was not present, therefore, no report was given.




Mr. Kelley stated that he had felt most welcomed moving into his new position, and he appreciated all the staff and community members stopping by to welcome him.


Instructional Practices Committee


Mr. Kelley reported that the Instructional Practices Committee had met three times – June 15th, July 6th and July 19th.  Some of the issues discussed were:


        What to do to increase instructional time.

        Increase rigor in the classroom.

        Change in the school’s culture.

        Study halls held in classrooms instead of larger areas, such as the cafeteria or auditorium.

        Make an effort to work to the letter of the law regarding senior options.  Currently, senior options include: 

                  Early release (last period)

                  Late arrival

                  Unstructured study hall


Student Handbook


Mr. Kelley stated that he had been working on the Student Handbook.  He added that the attendance policy was confusing to him, so he hopes to work on that.


NEASC Report


Mr. Kelley informed the Board that the NEASC Report came out last week.  He is having 300 copies printed up, and will distribute them the next day.  He will make sure that the staff gets a copy.


Work camp


Mr. Kelley reported that the Work Camp group arrived last Sunday.  There are 360 campers.  He stated that he met with them on Monday before they departed for their work sites.  Mary Wilson and Bob Ouellette have done a great job, and the kitchen staff has worked hard.


Mr. Kelley stated that a fire alarm went off.  One of the sprinklers in the freezer was set off; however, they worked through it. 


Mr. Simons asked if there had been any damage.  Mr. Kelley responded that the damage was done to the Work Camp’s food.  He added that they were replacing the sprinkler head.  He stated that it was thought that perhaps humidity had gathered on the sprinkler head while they were loading food into the freezer, then it froze, or perhaps the head got banged.


Mr. Kelley stated that water got delivered today by Skillings.  This was the first time they had to fill the holding tank.


Mr. Murphy brought up the issue regarding knowing who is present in the building.  He pointed out that with fires and bomb scares, they need to know how many heads are in the building, and if they are all out.


Mr. Kelley stated that he had talked with the Assistant Principal regarding the issue of parking stickers.  He felt this was also a security issue as to who was on campus or not.  He stated that it is nice to be able to patrol the parking lot and know if a car belongs there or not.


Mr. Kelley stated that students will not be able to leave campus during the day and return without serious consequences.  Mr. Simons pointed out that that was why Sarla Patel was up on the upper level.


Mr. Kelley stated that there are about 100 students who leave at the end of the day.


Mr. Kelley stated that Brenda Poznanski (guidance) was surprised at the number of seniors that have only five classes on their schedules.  He stated that he plans on speaking to the seniors about this issue on the first day of school so there will still be time for them to add classes if they so choose.


9.         POLICIES


Chair. Kirby thanked Mr. Simons and Ms. Hall for taking on the task of the policies.  She explained that the Board had fallen behind on this project, so they will now need to push until they get back on track.


Chair. Kirby then went through the following policies:


Section C – Administration – First Reading


CA – No comment.

CB – No comment.


CBI – Mr. Murphy asked what the second paragraph meant.  Mr. Simons responded that the SAU Committee that was formed and consists of Doug Cleveland, Mike Molkentine, and himself have come up with some suggestions regarding this policy.


The policy stated that members of the Coop Board evaluate the Superintendent independently.  Mr. Simons stated that he was not sure that the Coop wants to do that. 


CBIR – Mr. Simons stated that this policy had some appendices.  Mr. Murphy pointed out that the Supt. works technically for the SAU, so he was not sure the Coop should even have this policy. 


Supt. Pike stated that each Board would have the opportunity to assess the Superintendent on his interaction with that particular board, then the chairmen of the boards would be the representatives of their board.  Chair. Kirby stated that this gives the individuals of the boards to put their two cents in, then the chairs of the boards would get together.  Mr. Enright stated that they had done that in the past.


Mr. Murphy felt they should have a policy that reflects what they actually do.  Mr. Peterson stated that the Coop Board needed a policy on how they expect to evaluate the Superintendent.


Mr. Enright felt that the Board should hear from the SAU, as he did not feel it was good to have the Superintendent have three sets of policies.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the first reading of Section C with the exclusion of CBI, and in CCB change K – 6 to K-12.


CCB  - Item 2 reads K – 6, and should be K – 12.


CF – Chair. Kirby stated that the second paragraph from the last has “monthly reports written by the principals.”  Mr. Simons responded that Kathy got these from other school boards in the State or even in the country and tried to adapt them.


Mr. Enright pointed out that it stated that the principal is responsible for the school building and grounds.  He stated that that was different from what they currently do, adding that they have a facilities manager responsible for the grounds. 


Supt. Pike stated that he liked the idea of the principal being responsible for their building(s) and grounds.  If something needs to get done, then they turn to the facilities manager.


Mr. Kelley stated that as principal, he would work on the big things with the facilities manager.


CFB – No comment.

CH – No comment.


CHA – Mr. Peterson pointed out that in the last paragraph it states that they must conform to district-wide alignment.  Supt. Pike stated that it is important that when they put things in the handbook that it aligns with policy.


CHD – No comment.

CLA – No comment.

CM – No comment.


Jim Murphy seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Section D – Fiscal Management – First Reading


Mr. Simons informed the Board that Ms. Blastos had gone through all the policies in this section and had approved them all.


DA – No comment.


DB – Mr. Murphy pointed out that in the third paragraph it stated that the Superintendent is responsible to prepare the budget for adoption by the Board.  He wondered if the Budget Committee should be in there somewhere.  It was suggested that the policy should read “present to the Board and the Budget Committee for review and adoption.”


DBI – No comment.

DBJ – No comment.

DC – No comment.

DD – No comment.

DEA – No comment.


DFA – Mr. Simons stated that this policy was very involved and ties the treasurer into things.  A lot is not what the treasurer does.  He pointed out that all the treasurer does is sign the checks to take out of the Bond Bank, and put into the bank account.  He then referred to RSA 197:23-a.  Mr. Simons stated that Kathy was thinking of only having the first paragraph.  He stated that he would like to exclude this policy for further review.


Supt. Pike asked if there would be a separate policy regarding investments.  Mr. Simons responded that Kathy would come back with an amended policy.


Mr. Murphy pointed out that RSA 197:23-1 did not say how the District expected their investments to be handled.


Mr. Enright stated that Ms. Blastos takes care of the District’s investments, and he felt they should get her input.  Mr. Murphy suggested that the treasurer having a letter that designates the Business Administrator to carry out those duties.


DG – No comment.

DGA – No comment.

DH – No comment.

DI – No comment.

DIE – No comment.


DJ – Mr. Murphy pointed out that Mr. Drescher had stated that the District should have “no contract of purchase order with the District shall be valid without the signature of the Business Administrator.”


DJC – No comment.


DJE – Mr. Peterson stated that he had issues with the $25,000 bidding amount.  He pointed out that it used to be $4,000, and he felt $25,000 was too big of a jump. 


Mr. Murphy felt that as a first reading, the Board should have a discussion on this. 


Mr. Enright stated that they should talk to Ms. Blastos, as she knows what kind of contracts come in.  Mr. Simons stated that Ms. Blastos was the one to recommend changing the policy from $4,000 to $25,000.


Mr. Enright stated that he would go as low as $15,000, but felt the $10,000 was too low.  Mr. Peterson stated that he could live with $15,000.



DJG – Mr. Peterson stated that he found #4’s wording vague and subjective.  Mr. Murphy felt that it should read that it was “the policy of the Board to decline all gifts from vendors.”


DKA -  Mr. Simons stated that in the last paragraph it should be changed to say “will sign all payroll checks other than (adding) “electronic transfer” that will be (changing) “mail” to “issue.”


DKC – Mr. Peterson felt there should be something regarding timeliness – should it be fiscal year or 30 days?  He assumed they wanted some level of timeliness. 


It was decided to change it to read “in a timely manner” as established by the Business Administrator.


Supt. Pike asked if the mileage reimbursements tied into the federal standards?  Mr. Enright responded that it didn’t.  He encouraged the Board to go with the federal amount, then the policy would automatically be adjusted each year.


Mr. Simons wondered if they were talking about policy or procedures.  Supt. Pike responded that all it did was to give the Board the authorization to adjust the rate.  If the Board moved to set it at the federal rate, then they won’t have to vote on it again.  Supt. Pike felt that he and Ms. Blastos should discuss this issue.


DM – Mr. Peterson felt that the sentence that read “this policy shall be well-publicized to deter burglary attempts” should be scratched.


DN – No comment.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve for first reading the policies of Section D as amended with the exclusion of DFA.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.



Section E – Support Services – First Reading


EB – No comment.

EBBB – No comment.

EBBC – No comment.


EBCB – Mr. Peterson wondered how the District came up with 10 as the number of fire drills.  Supt. Pike felt it was a State requirement.  Mr. Peterson also wondered if they needed to reference the fire escapes to Farley anymore, or wondered if it should just be made generic.  It was decided to change the wording to “any outside fire escapes will be used” during a fire drill.


EBCC – Mr. Murphy pointed out that the policy states that “persons calling in a “Bomb Scares” or false fire alarm will be subject to conviction by the courts . . .”.  He felt that the District cannot do this, and that it is up to the courts.  Change “conviction” to “prosecution.”


Mr. Simon informed the Board that when the policies are put on the website, there will be a link to handbook procedures.


EBCD – Mr. Simons stated that Kathy had appendices that are even more like procedures.


EBC – No comment.


ECA – Mr. Murphy wondered if the vandalism section was begging to be its own policy.  It was decided that it should be its own policy. 


Mr. Peterson pointed out that in the 6th paragraph it states that “authorization (to access a secured building) may be granted only by the Board, Principal, and Superintendent.  He wondered if one must get authorization from all three or rather the “and” should be changed to an “or.”    It was decided to have it read “the Superintendent or his or her designee,” thus leaving the Board out of it.


EDC – No comment.


EEA – Mr. Peterson wondered what the Board was doing approving the designation of bus stops.  Mr. Enright responded that the Superintendent is responsible to deal with the bus issues.  Mr. Peterson pointed out that Section A states that bus routes are established by the Superintendent, subject to review by the Board, yet in Section C, the Board must approve an authorized bus stop.  It was decided to remove the sentence “A bus stop so established will be designated as authorized when the School Board has approved its designation as such.”


Mr. Peterson felt that the paragraph regarding the “Resolution of Conflicts” should be its own separate policy.    Mr. Simons responded that he would see if there already was a policy on “Resolution of Conflicts.”  Mr. Enright suggested that if there wasn’t, then they should make a general policy.  Supt. Pike stated that he liked the fact that there was a timetable.  Mr. Simons pointed out that if the “Resolution of Conflict” was in this policy, then it would only apply to this policy.


EEAE – No comment.

EEAEA – No comment.


EEAG – Mr. Murphy wondered if in the last paragraph where it states “no student will transport another student for school authorized transportation” would cause a problem if older siblings drove younger siblings to school.  Supt. Pike responded that it wouldn’t as that is not school authorized.  Mr. Peterson asked if the $500,000 insurance limit was the standard.  Chair. Kirby suggested that they check with Ms. Blastos.


EF – No comment.

EFC – No comment.

EFE – No comment.

EGA – No comment.


EGAD – Mr. Murphy wondered if the Board should think about a policy for the future regarding cell phones, text messaging, and picture taking.  Mr. Kelley responded that the handbook clearly states no cell phones in class, and that they must be turned off during the day.


EHB – No comment.

EI – No comment.

EIB – No comment.

EID – No comment.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the first reading of Section E as amended.  Tom Enright seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Section F – Support Services – Facilities


FA – No comment.

FEA – No comment.

FEB – No comment.


FEH – Mr. Murphy wondered if the Board should have a policy of what the Board expects on facility and following local ordinances.  Mr. Simons felt it was inherent that the District follows the law.  Mr. Murphy stated that as a school district, the State law says the District doesn’t have to follow local ordinance, therefore, he felt that they should perhaps have a policy stating their stance on following local ordinances.


Steve Simons moved that the Board approve the first reading of Section F as presented.  Tom Enright seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  5 – 0 – 0.


Copies of the policies are available.




Meeting Start Time


Supt. Pike stated that he would like to establish a meeting start time. 


Mr. Simons pointed out that a later start time would make it worse for the Administrators. 


Mr. Murphy felt that 6:30 p.m. was a reasonable start time.  He felt it gave people time to get home from work.  He added that he felt that the Board should have a second standing meeting date, whether they use it or not.


Mr. Enright stated that the Board had a bunch of daytime meetings last year, adding that the public did not like it, and some of the Board members couldn’t make it.


Mr. Peterson felt that the Board needed to conduct meetings where public access was involved.


Mr. Simons stated that they would have TV coverage in the fall.  Mr. Murphy responded that that didn’t help people who were on the commute home.


Mr. Enright suggested that they compromise and start the meeting at 6:00 p.m.  Mr. Simons suggested that they start the public portion of the meeting at 6:00 p.m., and if there was non-public, that could be scheduled at 5:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m., depending on how long they felt it would take.


Mr. Murphy stated that if the Administrators submitted a written report that they perhaps would not have to come to the meetings.  Mr. Simons stated that even if they submitted written reports, he still wanted the Administrators present so questions could be asked of them.


It was decided to start the meetings at 6:00 p.m. and see how it works.


Meeting Schedule


Supt. Pike announced the following meetings that have been scheduled:


        District Meeting                              August 9, 2005 at 7:00 p.m.


        Ted Comstock Meeting                   September 13, 2005


        NESDEC Meeting                           July 26, 2005


        School Board Meeting                     August 17, 2005 at 6:00 p.m.



District Meeting


Supt. Pike stated that the Coop Board and Jim Belanger will run the District Meeting.  Forrest Milkowski will present the tax impact


Mr. Simons stated that it is the Coop District’s warrant, so the Board should start the meeting.


Supt. Pike stated that Mr. Belanger will present the warrants.   Mr. Enright will present the professional negotiations, and Mr. Simons will present the staff negotiations.  Mr. Milkowski will present the tax impact.  A vote will then be taken.


Mr. Murphy felt that the Board should write a “Letter to the Editor” stating what is happening with the District Meeting.  He also felt it should be put on Cable TV.  Mr. Murphy volunteered to take care of these.


Mr. Enright felt that Mr. Milkowski should also be at the meeting with Chair. Kirby, Mr. Belanger, and Supt. Pike.





Jim Murphy moved that the Board adjourn.  Dan Peterson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

5 - 0 - 0.




The meeting adjourned at 9:49 p.m.