Public Meeting of HB Co-op Board Meeting held

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 in the HBMS Middle School


In attendance: chair Pam Kirby, Anne Dumas, Jim Murphy, Steve Simons, Dan Peterson, HBHS Principal Tim Kelley, HBMS Asst Principal Kimberly Rizzo-Saunders, SAU41 Superintendent Rich Pike.


Absent: Tom Enright, Betty Hall.


Pam Kirby called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


A discussion took place about how the budget hearing and what role the board will play.   Some discussion took place to clarify to the board what the role of the board’s budget figure and the budget committee’s budget figure are.


Lee Ann distributed the latest budget summary sheet, reflecting changes from the prior meeting.   The current bottom-line budget is $16,528,520, increased $1,336,315 over the prior year (+8.80%).


Some discussion took place around the topic of bussing costs, specifically vocational education busses and the late bus.   Some research being done by the Bus Committee shows that there’s likely some opportunity for saving and route consolidations. 


The board requested that the cost and usage for the “late bus” be reported at the next meeting of the board.


Lee Ann reports that the ESL cost apportionments can’t be adjusted in our budget this year because both Brookline and Hollis districts have already had their budget prepared for the hearing.  However, she can work internal transfers to more properly reflect the actual costs to the districts.


Rich Pike reported on the Student Resource Officer.  The co-op will pay 54% of the officer’s position.  The Town of Hollis will pay 40%, and the Hollis School District will pay 6%.


Dan Peterson reported on the Cafeteria Expansion Committee.  The committee decided to seek to add the two additional classrooms in addition to the cafeteria.  The committee found that adding the classrooms adds about $400,000 to the project.  The parking estimate was actually high, so the increase is about $300,000.  So, the overall project appears to be $1.5 million.  A public information forum will take place tomorrow, Feb 2, 2006.


Jim Murphy moved to increase the scope of the cafeteria project to include the two additional classrooms per the recommendations of the Cafeteria Study Committee with a total project cost of $1,400,000. Steve Simons seconded the motion.  The motion passed 5-0.


More discussion of the budget ensued, at length.  Not further decisions were made.


Mr. Kelley, Mrs. Rizzo-Saunders, and Mrs. Blastos departed.


Jim Murphy moved that the Co-op district notify the Hollis School Board in writing that the co-op will not be renewing our leased of the Farley Building.  Dan Peterson seconded the motion passed 5-0. 


Pam Kirby and Steve Simons reported that they were unable to reach an agreement with the support staff for a new contract.


The board asked Jim Murphy to produce press release simply stating the basic information.


Steve Simons moved that we pursue the hiring of an SRO beginning in Sept 2006, contingent on the successful passage of the articles by the Hollis School District and the Town of Hollis to support their negotiated share of the agreement.  Anne Dumas seconded the motion.  The motion passed 4-1 with Mr. Peterson dissenting.


Jim Murphy moved adjournment at 8:16 p.m.  Steve Simons seconded the motion.  The motion passed 5-0.


Respectfully Submitted,


Jim Murphy