Minutes from the HB Co-op Board Meeting

Held Tuesday, January 17, 2006 in the HBHS Music Room


In attendance: LeeAnn Blastos, Pam Kirby, Betty Hall, Steve Simons, and Anne Dumas, Pat Goyette and Tim Kelley.

Also in attendance from the Coop Budget Committee:  Forrest Milkowski, Lorin Rydstrom, Mort Goulder, Ray Valley and Tim Hale.


LeeAnn reviewed the changes to the budget that the board discussed and approved at the last meeting on January 12.


LeeAnn reviewed the Operations of the Plant section of the budget by line item.  She said that the cuts of $30K from the HS and $20K from the MS should be reconsidered in her opinion.  She felt they were unattainable.  She updated the board on the price of oil which she had in the budget as $2.54 per gallon and per her latest quote indicated that could be reduced to $2.19 per gallon.  That would save $21,000 Coop wide.


LeeAnn asked the BudCom for guidance regarding Special Education.  Did they think that Special Education would be included in the percentage increase  they would agree to or not.  Forrest indicated that the last official vote by the BudCom included Special Ed but they would discuss it again and he felt there may be a change in their approach.


LeeAnn noted that the Substitute line item was not an area where she would recommend a budget cut.  She said much of the increase in the budget was due to maternity leaves etc.


LeeAnn reviewed cuts in the budget that she would recommend as follows (most of which she had reviewed at the last meeting as well):

                        $21,000 MS/HS Oil

                        $ 4,000 Reduce MS Custodial line item

                        $30,000 Reduce MS Special Ed teacher to a 1on 1 paraprofessional

                        $ 9,262 Eliminate .2 Wellness teacher addition

                        $ 5,000 Reduce the increase in the Art teacher from .5 to .4

                        $10,000 Eliminate the line item for Adult Education

                        $ 6,000 Reduce the Athletic Field Maintenance

                        $23,243 Eliminate the increase for the SAP position to full time


Anne motioned to reduce the budget by $110,000 as noted above.  Steve seconded.  The vote was 4-0 all in favor.


Lorin asked if the Coop board would consider putting new salaries/positions (less Special Ed) on as a separate warrant article.  The board members indicated they would consider it at the meeting on 1/18/06.  Betty did not recommend doing that.


Tim reported on the Vocational Ed students.  He said the students attended:

            Milford (12 students) 3 bus runs daily

            Alvirne (13 students) 2 bus runs daily

            Nashua (North and South) 3 bus runs to South and 4 bus runs to North daily

And the total cost was $105,000 for transportation.

Mort wondered if it would be better to have some of the students attend those schools full time.  Tim said he is analyzing the programs and the effectiveness.  Tim noted that Alvirne does have parking space for students to drive themselves but the other schools do not. 


Anne distributed an enrollment spreadsheet and asked the board to approve the use of the spreadsheet for the BudCom discussion later that night.  The spreadsheet was based upon the Opening Day enrollment as published by the SAU on October 1, 2005.  Per the schedule the net increase for the Coop from 2005/2006 to 200/2007 is 35 students or 2.62%.  Anne made a motion to approve the use of this spreadsheet.  Steve seconded the motion.  The vote was 4-0 in favor.


Steve made a motion to adjourn.  Anne seconded the motion.  The vote was 4-0 in favor at 7:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,   Anne Dumas