Public Meeting of HB Co-op Board Meeting held

Thursday, January 25, 2006 in the HBMS Middle School


In attendance: chair Pam Kirby, Anne Dumas, Jim Murphy, Tom Enright, Steve Simons, HBHS Principal Tim Kelley, HBMS Principal Pat Goyette, and SAU41 Business Administrator Lee Ann Blastos.


Absent: Betty Hall and SAU41 Superintendent Rich Pike


Also present: Forrest Milkowski, Ray Valle of the Budget Committee.


Pam Kirby called the meeting to order at 5:11 p.m.


Jim Murphy presented the Tentative Agreement that was reached with the Hollis Education Association for the Professional Staff contract.   The highlights of the contract include pay raises of 2-3/4%, 3, and 2-3/4% over the three-year agreement.   Health care caps will increase to $950, $975, and $1000 as well for the three years.


Steve Simons moved that the board approve the Tentative Agreement as presented Anne Dumas seconded the motion.


Lee Ann Blastos presented the budget impact of the agreement.  The first year’s salary, FICA, retirement, health and dental impact is $295,533.  The same figure for the second year will be $365,802 and $354,912 in the third year.


Last year’s cost-item warrant article amount included $10,000 for additional hours on part-time staff.  None of the board members were aware of this, and none were interested in including that in this year’s warrant.


Ray Valle asked if the district was looking at self-insuring.  Lee Ann reported that Brookline is looking at this and she will report their findings to all districts in the SAU,


Pam Kirby called for a vote, the motion passed 5-0.


Jim Murphy asked if the board felt a public release was called for, and there was consensus that it would be desired.  Jim will draft and pass it by Pam for review.


Lee Ann reports that with this warrant article included, the budget is currently up $1,332,342 over last year, an increase of 8.76%.


Dan Peterson arrived at 5:37 p.m.


Tom Enright said he still would like to pursue reducing the life-skills special ed position at the Middle School from full-time to 0.6.  Pat Goyette wanted to defer this decision until she spoke with Bob Kelly, and the board concurred.


Pat Goyette also was willing to look at eliminating a 0.2 French position, and restructuring the costs for sports transportation.


A discussion of the High School and Middle School athletic fees ensued.  Tim Kelley said the High School is looking at $35-40, Pat said the middle school is looking at $30.  Both schools also have a family-level cap.


Tom Enright moved that the board authorize the building principals to raise the current $25 fees at the HS  and $15 fees at the MS to no higher than $40 at the HS and $30 at the MS.   Jim Murphy seconded the motion.


Dan Peterson would like to see it be set at $40 and $30, removing the “not to exceed”.


DP moved to amend the motion to remove the “not to exceed” clause, Tom Enright seconded.  The amendment passed 6-0.


Pam Kirby called for a vote on the main motion to set the fees at $40 and $30.  The motion passed 6-0.


Tim Kelley said that he is willing to consider removing the 0.4 Art position


Tom Enright wanted to keep the Art position, since 70 requests for art went unfulfilled, retain the SAP position at the original level, if the 0.2 French position at the MS goes away.  Anne Dumas agreed.


A discussion ensued about this proposal, and the overall budget process in general and how this affects the ultimate goal.


Tom Enright moved to restore the SAP position money ($12,772) removed at a previous meeting and remove the 0.2 French from the Middle School. Steve Simons seconded the motion.  Motion passed 6-0.


Lee Ann reported on her discussion with the Bond Bank about the Cafeteria expansion bond.   She reported level principal rates for various bond lengths with 40% building aid applied against the principal, all at 4.7% interest.



First Year’s Interest

Subsequent Year Principal + Interest – Building Aid



$240,000 + $25,500 - $96,000



$175,000 + $25,500 - $70,000



$120,000 + $27,000 - $48,000



$80,000 + $28,500 - $32,000



The board discussed the pros and cons of the various bond terms.


Dan Peterson brought up the discussion about the impact of our population projections on this project.  Forrest Milkowski suggested that professional analysis and projection services should be retained.


Tom Enright moved to support a 10-year bond, Jim Murphy seconded the motion.  The motion passed 6-0.


Forrest Milkowski reports that with the Professional Salary warrant item, the current status of where the budget committee’s position is relative to the current working budget is the board is exceeding the budget committee by $165,253. 


The board took a brief recess at 6:41 p.m.


The board resumed their session at 7:03 p.m.


Pam Kirby reported that the board does not have an agreement on a support staff agreement.


Tom Enright asked about the costs for the Student Resource Officer.  Lee Ann reports that there is not firm figure yet for the SRO.  A discussion ensued about how the SRO question is being formulated in the Co-op and in the HSD and Town of Hollis.  No action was taken.


Forrest Milkowski revised his prior report.  He clarified that the budget committee’s position is that the total expenditures for the district should be $16,359,927 including budget, warrant articles, etc.  This is different that the impression he gave earlier.  He further reported that he is not comfortable with the difference between where the budget committee is and where the school board is.


Further discussion and debate continued.


Tom Enright renewed his objections to having the English as a Second Language position listed at the current level in the co-op budget despite only having 1 student receiving services in the district. 


Lee Ann Blastos said that the Hollis School District reimbursement is $20,748 proposed for next year while Brookline is proposing $4,940.  With the costs exceeding $60,000, the board agreed that the apportionment of that cost should be re-evaluated.


Budget discussion ended.


Anne Dumas brought up the issue that public attacks and claims regarding sex education have been unwarranted and are fallacious.  A discussion took place with the board about whether or not a specific board response is necessary.  The board agreed that no action is required at this time, but we should be prepared to clarify the opt-in nature of our program should that be called into question again.


Jim Murphy moved to enter non-public session under RSA 91-A:3 II (c) Anne Dumas seconded the motion.  A roll-call vote was taken and the motion passed 6-0.


The board entered non-public session at 8:12 p.m.   The board returned from non-public session at 8:30 p.m.


Jim Murphy moved to seal the minutes of the preceding non-public session.  Steve Simons seconded the motion.  A roll-call vote passed 6-0.


The board discussed the lack of a timely decision to close school on Monday, Jan 23. The board will review the processes in place with the Superintendent, with an eye towards safety.


Jim Murphy moved adjournment at 8:36 p.m.  Anne Dumas seconded the motion.  The motion passed 6-0.