Approved: 3/16/05

Minutes of February 8, 2005


The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the presentation for Monday’s informational meeting and to keep solidifying scheduling issues.

Ken and Charlie have already started to contact professionals about staff development needs and appropriate training.

The restructured scheduling program is something that the staff has been asking for us to do for many years.

We discussed adding a bubble to the schedule that would allow for one long period every day that would float through the week.

We talked about how difficult change is. There are many positive results that come from this proposed change:

. Better management of school population

Better learning environment

More learning time/contact time with teachers

Ability to create more flexible use of learning and teaching time.

Ability to think "outside the box" when creating schedules

Our classroom numbers even out

We will keep more students engaged in learning (Bob told us that currently as many as 21% of the population can be unengaged at one time)

Reduction in large study halls where time is not being utilized

Midge told everyone that most schools around the country have moved away from the traditional ---period day the we have all grown up in. Instead there are many ways that schedules are put together creating innovative teaching methods.

Ken will be talking to Milford and Nashua regarding the vo-tech program and letting them know about our scheduling change. Because of the need for these students to be in two schools and have travel time, Midge reminded us that we would need to stay flexible with these students.

In hind sight the board members present wished that they had been able to engage the public in the discussions but so much of it was tied up in negotiations. Board members did discuss that this decision is only a first step, the creativity in teaching and learning that can flow from this change is exciting and we will be looking to parents to participate in those discussions.

Monday night

The administration will start off with the history of scheduling and the teachers input into the decision

It will look at questions regarding lunch, science and other related concerns

It will look at other school in NH and the nation

It will share with parents the increase in rigor, increased courses (Latin 2 and AP Chemistry)

There will be slides on what various student schedules could look like

This is an evolutionary process and will take time to develop

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Pamela Kirby