Approved: 3/16/05

Minutes from the HB Co-op Board Workshop Meeting

Held Wednesday, January 26, 2005 in the HBHS Conference Room

In attendance: Pam Kirby, Steve Simons, Tom Enright, Tim Bevins, Jim McBride, Ken DeBenedictis, Lee Ann Blastos, Charlie Flahive, Pat Goyette


8:30 Non-public session


Need to resume discussion

Need to know the issues

Date for petition warrant articles

9:10 Public


Lee Ann distributed the updated budget sheets to the Board

Total budget is 7.24 percent increase with a $1.001 M increase

Tom reviewed the Coop Budget Committee meeting last night.

Bill Matthews supported 1.8 teachers, but the vote failed 2-5. The committee wants a $180,000 reduction in the budget with no teachers.

They want text requests included and that means further budget reductions.

Textbooks: Need to reduce at the high school to:

LA - $5,000

FL - $3,500

Math - $3,000

Science - $4,300 or $12,500

Social Studies - $3,000

Portables Reduce $68,000 and absorb costs in the operational expenses

$75,000 may additionally develop if a professional retirement develops but wait on that until a decision is made by him.

If that funding becomes available, then $27,000 for texts will come from that sum. If not the $27,000 will be included in the budget.

Texts and computers costing about $40,000 to $50,000 could be purchased with Coop unencumbered fund balance at end of year. The Board will need to further discuss this.

The seven period day was discussed next

There are questions that parents have about the program. A written explanation to parents is necessary. Charlie will include a message for the school board to include in the next school monthly newsletter.

A forum for parents will be held within 30-45 days to explain and answer questions.

The Budget Hearing is scheduled for February 10. Lee Ann will meet with Pam and others to prepare for it.

10:35 Spence Easement

Steve Simons moved that the Board signs the agreement with Spence as presented by Atty. Drescher. Tim Bevins seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0-1.

10:40 Warrant Articles

Added Warrant Article: To expend retained amount in the athletic account for $20,000.

The above article will be prepared and the warrant will be shared with the Board at the February 10th meeting.

10:50 Community Service

Charlie will create a draft for Board discussion at the February 10th Board Meeting.

Board will delay further discussion until after March District Meeting

11:00 Principal Search Committee


School Board: Pam, Tim, Anne/Steve

Teachers: Gender balance (Charlie HEA)

Support Staff: One rep (Charlie)

Parents: Marygrace DiGiacinto/Deb Hillson (Pam)

Admin: Pat/Asst. Prin (Charlie)


Students: 2 Juniors (Charlie)

February 4th: Confirm selections for Search Committee. Those named above will let KD know when names are obtained so a letter can be sent.

Department Coordinators

Charlie will meet with department coordinators to seek opinions on ways to improve their responsibilities and will report to the school board at the February 10th meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM.