Approved: 3/16/05

Minutes from the HB Co-op Board Workshop Meeting

Held Thursday, January 6, 2005 in the HBHS Conference Room

In attendance: Ken DeBenedictis, Pam Kirby, Betty Hall, Tom Enright, LeeAnn Blastos, Charlie Flahive, Pat Goyette, Carol Mace, Tim Bevins and Anne Dumas.

Pam called the meeting to order at 10:47 AM

Charlie noted that Governor Lynch had contacted the school and offered to come to speak to a history class or the entire school. Charlie will accept the invitation.


Currently the budget stands at an 8.29% increase before negotiations are included. The increase is 10.8% including the expected negotiations.

LeeAnn has a list of items from which the group may want to take additional cuts.

Pat reviewed the status of the Middle School Budget. Originally the MS had asked for 2 additional teachers for Team 5. Pat now feels that she can make the 5th team work by adding .6 to the .4 math person (for one full time position). The team will then have a math, a science and an English/History teacher (3). At the same time she feels that she will be able to maintain the 20/21 students per class. This team will be a mixed team with 3 sections of 7th grade and 2 sections of 8th grade. The MS will have 2 lunches instead of 5 which helps greatly with scheduling. The MS day will be reduced by 10 minutes (15 minutes taken from skills offset by a few minutes added back to the specialists).

Tim made a motion to accept the changes offered by Pat for the MS. Tom seconded the motion. 5-0 in favor of the motion.

LeeAnn reviewed key factors affecting the budget increases. Schedule provided.

Tom proposed that the board charge Charlie and the administration (and staff) to come up with ways to deal with 11+ issues related to changes created by the change to a 7 period day. The issues listed:

What to do with science labs in a 7 period day

What should the length of each class period be?

What do we do with lunch periods next year? How do we accommodate the number of students?

How does a 7 period day impact classes in the arts and other areas?

What is the impact of the 7 period day on Special Education?

Can we better utilize some of the spaces we have next year?

Should we re-think some of the course offerings to better utilize teachers etc.?

How should we organize study halls?

Senior options – how do we reduce the negative impact of these?

Vocational Ed – how do we maintain the options they have currently?

How do we better utilize the SAP person?

Anne made a motion that no courses will operate unless they have a complete, documented curriculum that has been approved by the Principal and the Director of Curriculum. Tom seconded the motion. Carol noted that it is a very realistic requirement to complete by September 1st since most of the teachers have already completed this and it was requested last year as well. 5-0 in favor of the motion.

Tom made a motion to charge the HS administration to come up with proposals on how to address the 11+ issues listed above by our next meeting on January 19, 2005. Tim asked that we amend the motion to include a best estimate of the cost of the options that will be presented on 1/19/05. Anne seconded the motion. 5-0 in favor of the motion.

Tom identified $25,000 in the budget that may be appropriately covered by the MS bond. Lee Ann and Pat will review Tom’s list and advise the board. Tim moved that we also allow Pat and LeeAnn to make the reductions in the budget as appropriate. Tom seconded the motion. 5-0 in favor of the motion.

High School Text Book request in the budget. Charlie reviewed the $61,000 in the requested budget. The groups agreed that we would like to be able to support the new text books. Charlie will try to make other cuts in the budget to cover the cost of the text books.

HS Technology Equipment. The groups agreed that we would like to be able to support the technology equipment. Charlie will try to make other cuts in the budget to cover the cost of the technology and equipment expenses.

The SAP position:

The position is currently 23 hours per week (last year it was 13 hours/week). The board had discussed making this position full time however, that increase is not yet in the budget. Charlie and Carol will give the board more input on the position and their recommendations at the 1/19 meeting. Betty would like to get more information about how we utilize this person.

Tom recommended that we review the SPED budget request for an additional teacher at the HS. It seems the department may need some of the other items more. Bob will be present at the 1/19 meeting for questions.

The group discussed the need for excellent communication between Charlie and the teachers and staff regarding the changes for next year.

Tim, Pat and Charlie left at 12:25 PM.

Carol reviewed the Title One Information again. The board had discussed this at several prior board meetings.

Tom made a motion to accept the Title One funding. Betty seconded the motion. The motion failed 1-3 (Betty for the motion).

Ken and Pam will have a statement regarding the board’s decision on Title One funding that will be available to the public at the 1/19 meeting.

Ken reviewed a document that will be presented at the 1/19 meeting related to a Principal Search.

Tom updated the group on the status of the staff negotiations. They are still working on the amount of planning time for teachers that will be in the contract. Tom has reviewed the information with Pat and Charlie and they are OK with the latest proposals.

The meeting adjourned at 12:57 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Anne Dumas