APPROVED: 5/18/05

Minutes from the HB Co-op Board Workshop Meeting

Held Thursday, April 14, 2005 in the HBHS Conference Room

In attendance: Pam Kirby, Ken DeBenedictis, Tom Enright, Betty Hall, Jim Murphy, Steve Simons, Carol Mace, and Anne Dumas. Tim Bevins absent.

Pam called the meeting to order at 8:10 AM

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the charter of the committee which was voted on by the district under Article 5 of the Coop School District warrant. Pam read the warrant article from the district meeting and we reviewed the changes (that had been made to the warrant on the floor of the district meeting). The sum of $2,500 had been raised and appropriated to fund this study (rather than the $5,000 in the original version), the report from the committee to the school board was due by October (rather than December), and the wording regarding best practices was also changed and we will need to review that when we get the minutes from the district meeting.

The discussion began around the goals for the committee. The group agreed that this committee was likely a first step in a three year project. Ken wrote the following mission statement on the board for discussion by the group:

To reform the High School so that it provides improved learning opportunities for students and teachers through enhanced instructional practices. The study will include a review of the literature and best practices model sites. Participants will include…… and their target will be used ….. and they will report their findings by…..

The group felt that the above-referenced statement was an overall, longer term goal. The brainstorming session on short and long-term goals developed the following list:

Increase instructional time *

Increase staff efficiency *

Reduce study periods and or studies that are not well used *

Integrate curriculum

Improve school environment *

Community Outreach

Increase job shadowing and internships

Enhance the parent connection

Increase rigor *

Increased focus on writing

Add to the number of AP courses offered

Enhance the vocational offerings

Exchange ideas with other schools – learn from each other

Incorporate distance learning/virtual High School where appropriate

Enhance the connection with higher education – local colleges

Integrate information/curriculum with home schooled children

Motivate the students who seem to have no focus/purpose

Focus on senior project and community service

Create advisors for the students

Focus on monitoring/self evaluation/assessment of all we do *


The items above with a "*" were identified as short-term goals. The committee should be charges with some of these and the school board is responsible for others (#5 & 6 in particular).

Tom felt that both fiscal and physical considerations should be noted by the committee and the group agreed.

The warrant article suggested the committee be comprised of not less than 7 and no more than 13 members as follows:

2 active HS teachers

1 Administrative representative

2 School Board members

1 Budget committee member

1 HS student representative

3 district residents

We discussed and agreed upon the following composition of the committee:

4 active HS teachers

2 Administrative representatives (Tim Kelley and Carol Mace)

2 School Board members

1 Budget committee member

2 HS student representatives

3 district residents

The faculty and the district residents will apply if they would like to be on the committee. Carol will address the staff and make them aware that we’d like volunteers.

We’ll put a note in the newspaper and on the website explaining that we are forming the committee and volunteers should submit a brief summary of why they would like to be on the committee and note their time availability as well.

Tom left the meeting at 9:45 AM.

Jim and Anne will draft a committee charge statement (from which a release for the paper will stem) and the board will be able to review and approve it at the board meeting on April 20, 2005.

Steve motioned that we adjourn. Pam seconded the motion. 5-0 in favor at 10:05 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Dumas