APPROVED 5/18/05

Minutes from the HB Co-op Board Workshop Meeting

Held Thursday, March 31, 2005 in the HBHS Conference Room

In attendance: Pam Kirby, Tom Enright, Tim Bevins, Jim Murphy, Steve Simons, Carol Mace, Charlie Flahive and Anne Dumas. Betty Hall absent.

Pam called the meeting to order at 7:34 PM

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the final decision by the board on the 8 vs. 7 periods per day for the school year 2005/2006 and to discuss the teacher contract.

Jim began the discussion by reviewing the facts as he understood them to this point:

The contract that had been negotiated with the teachers cannot go into effect without a district meeting vote. True.

The prior contract (as negotiated for the school year 2004/2005) will remain in effect. True.

He asked if the old contract (2004/2005 contract) would accommodate something other than an 8 period day. The answer was yes.

Voters have asked us to petition the court for a special district meeting to be able to vote on a teacher contract. True.

What is the best estimate of the minimum amount of time to get through the entire court process as well as an additional district meeting? A minimum of three months.

Tim noted that the administrators were already behind in the program of studies process for next year due to all of the complications.

Ken DeBenedictus arrived at 7:42.

Steve noted that we did not want to go through a year without a contract. Pam mentioned that the Hollis board may want to join us in our effort to get a contract for the teachers. Ken said he had not heard that.

Tom said that he felt we could not proceed with the 7 period day change. He feels that the focus at this point should be to try to get a contract with the teachers. He is still committed to the change in the periods/structure of the day.

Tim said he agreed that we should postpone any change to the schedule but wanted to try to get a contract with the teachers. He felt they deserve to get a salary increase etc.

Ken listed other districts that had gone without contracts and felt it was something we should avoid if at all possible. Jim asked for more detail about the possible negative affects of going without a contract. Ken said it really depends upon individual teachers. Jim said he feels it is unlikely that the court will allow us to have a special district meeting. Tom felt that it is very likely we will have a special district meeting granted by the judge.

Tom motioned that for the 2005/2006 school year we not change the length of the day nor the number of periods in the day. Tim seconded the motion. Anne asked Charlie if he felt there were any items that we had discussed along with the change in periods that could be salvaged and implemented for 2005/2006 such as semesterizing some classes. Charlie said yes. Those possible changes would need to be reviewed.

Charlie said he agreed with Tomís motion although he noted that we will be falling further behind other districts and other states if we remain with the 8 period day.

Steve said he agrees with the motion although he is reluctant to do so. He mentioned all the additional information gathered via the Principal search committee that supports the effort to change the school day/structure. Steve noted that he feels we are being micro-managed by some parent groups and he does not feel that is right.

The vote was 6-0 in favor of the motion. (Betty absent).

Tim moved that the board affirm its desire to request a special district meeting from the Supreme Court by engaging our attorney in the process expeditiously. Jim seconded the motion. Tom added that he hopes we can move forward with this as soon as possible. Ken said he will call the attorney on Friday, April 1, 2005. The vote was 6-0 in favor.

Tom said the professional contract that we will be trying to negotiate needs to updated and reviewed. The support contract does not need to be altered. Tom noted that he is not in favor of trying of joining forces with the Hollis School district to negotiate with the support contract. Jim and Tim agreed. Pam also agreed noting that we are a Co-op district and Hollis is not.

Jim brought up the Article 5 that was approved at the District meeting on March 23, 2005. He felt we should develop the charge for the committee ASAP and get the committee off the ground since the article stipulates that the committee will report to the board by October 2005 with recommendations for a change in the structure of the High School day (number of periods per day, block or other scheduling model etc.) Anne agreed. The rest of the board felt it would take more effort than we could spend at this meeting. Carol agreed that we needed more time to develop the charge correctly. The group decided to have a workshop meeting to develop the charge so we could approve it at the April 19th meeting. A workshop meeting was scheduled on Thursday, April 14th to develop the charter for the committee.

Tom moved that we enter non-public session for the purposes of discussing contract negotiations. Steve seconded the motion. 5-1 in favor, Jim opposed. The board entered non-public session under RSA 91-A:3 II at 8:30 PM.

Jim moved that we seal the minutes of the non-public meeting. Tim seconded the motion. 6-0 in favor.

Steve motioned that we adjourn. Pam seconded the motion. 6-0 in favor at 9:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Dumas