Approved:  May 7, 2008

Hollis School Board

Town Hall

January 9, 2008


Bill Beauregard, Chair

Susan Benz

Harry Haytayan

Jennifer MacLeod

James McCann


Rich Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Dr. Gail Paludi, Principal HPS

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal HUES

Bob Blais, Director of Maintenance

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Call to Order


Bill Beauregard called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.




The minutes from September 27th and October 10th were approved at the last meeting but not signed.  They were distributed to the board for signatures.  The November 7th minutes were circulated among the board members for any final changes.


Agenda Amendments


Two critical staff members are sick with the flu, as a result, the budget discussion and the Special Education DOE recommendations need to be tabled.  The board will meet next week to discuss these tabled items. 


The guidance formula needs to be finalized.  Melinda Willis was working on it from the Hollis Budget Committee and she has given those assumptions to Dawna Duhamel for clarification. 


3 Year Maintenance Plan


The maintenance expenditure plan report was given by Bill Blais, Director of Maintenance.  Bill Blais has been working with Hutter and evaluating all of the buildings.  Bill stated that this was a first draft of the maintenance plan.



Hollis School District                                                                           

Capital Improvements/Maintenance Plan                                                                                  

For the January 9, 2008 meeting                                                                                  




                                                                        Funding                                               FY12

            Description                                         School Source FY09   FY10   FY11   orlater

            Front door buzzer                                 HPS                             $2,000                       

            Replace café tables                               HPS                               4,000                        

            Outdoor closed circuit camera  HPS                               3,500                        

            Battery operated floor scrubber            HPS     B          3,290                         

            Replace oil pump, motor, (regasket?)    HPS     B          1,500                         

            Outdoor closed circuit camera  HPS                               3,500                        

            Energy management system upgrade     HPS     B         11,010                                    

            Control Systems Calibrations(2-3yrs)HPS                    3,850                         

            Bathroom partition replacement - est     HPS     B                       5,000                        

            Air duct cleaning (Every 5 years)           HPS     E          18,000                                   

            Replacement of T-111 siding                HPS     E          7,500                         

            Water tank inspections( every 4 yrs)     HPS     E          6,000                         

            Front entrance roof repitch                    HPS     E          9,100                         

            Bathroom partition replacement - est     HPS     E          5,000                         

            Removal of old cast iron heaters/           HPS     E          2,000                         

            reconfiguration library heat distribution                                                              

            Modification of bus route exit - est        HPS     E          5,000                         

            Modify heating coil for MAU in kitc HPS          E          2,500                         

            Access control system                         HPS     E                                               25,000

            Repaving of grounds-($99-$135K)       HPS     E                                             117,000

            Battery operated floor scrubber            HUES  B          3,290               3,290

            Self driven floor burnisher                     HUES                          4,200             

            Pavement re-striping                             HUES  B             600                         

            Bathroom Partitions painting/repl           HUES                          5,000             

            Water tank inspections(every 4 yrs)      HUES  E          5,000                         

            Duct work cleaning (every 5 yrs-est.)    HUES  E         20,000                                    

            Control Systems Calibrations(2-3yrs)    HUES  E          4,000                         

            Energy management system upgrade     HUES  E         10,000                                    

            Steamer (Food service equipment)        HUES  E         15,000                                    

            (SAU bldg item needs on the SAU tab)                                                            





            Projected expendable trust projects                              $109,100                                

            Less: Expendable Trust Fund balance                  (79,600)                                

            Amount needed to fund FY09 projects             $  29,500                                

                                                                                                                                                            B = Operating Budget (In this year’s operating budget)

            E = Expendable Trust


Bill Beauregard stated that $29,500 is the amount that could be put into a warrant article to fund all of the maintenance repairs for F/Y09.


Jennifer MacLeod asked if the maintenance items were listed in order in of priority.  Bill said that they were not.


James McCann asked if the reason the expendable trust was being hit with a big expense was that they are playing catch up with maintenance items.  Bill Blais said that was correct.


Bill Blais stated that they are working on the issues at the Rocky Pond Pump.


Bill Beauregard asked if this included all of Hutter’s recommendations are included in the plan.  Bill Blais said yes. 


Bill Blais is working with Dawna Duhamel to finalize all of the numbers for the Maintenance Plan.


Rich Pike added that the board may want to consider not totally depleting the expendable trust for unanticipated expenses, as some of the school buildings are old. 


The board discussed paving issues.  HPS needs to be paved prior to 2012.  Bill Blais recommends looking at the traffic flow before repaving and considering Drury Lane and HPS.  The board discussed combining paving needs and talking with the Town of Hollis to cut costs.


Curriculum Report


Carol Mace gave the curriculum report.


Carol Mace stated that the reports on the Everyday Math program just came out.  It are not on the agenda for tonight as they have not both been reviewed.  The superintendent also has not had an opportunity to review them and make a recommendation to the board.  No action will be taken by the board on the reports until the meeting after the Superintendent gives his presentation to the board.


Bill Beauregard received two emails regarding the math program and has referred them to the superintendent for follow up.  The people who sent these emails need to have a discussion with the superintendent first.


Jennifer MacLeod asked that it be considered whether the current math program is the best program we can offer our students.  She also suggested talking to the H/B Middle

School teachers and looking at Brookline’s math program, as both schools feed into the H/B Coop.


The group working on data driven decision-making have not met yet.  They are meeting on Friday.  Carol Mace will have an update at the next board meeting.


Superintendent’s Report


Rich Pike gave this report.


Indoor Air Quality Conference


I was very honored to attend the EPA Symposium December 5-8 and have come back to the districts with some very valuable on the subject of indoor air quality.  

In the past ten years, by using suggested EPA strategies, 13.5 million students, staff, and faculty in over 25,000 schools throughout the United States have experienced improved IAQ in accordance with EPA guidelines. There have been notable improvements in workplace satisfaction, a significant decrease in asthma episodes, fewer visits to the school nurse or health office, and increases in attendance. These are just a few of the many benefits that schools throughout the country have realized as a result of taking proactive measures with respect to air quality in schools. I spoke with one superintendent from Wisconsin who implemented several initiatives without spending a single dollar in the first year.


For starters in our district, I would suggest the adoption of a very simple yet practical plan of action to improve indoor air problems at little to no cost using straightforward activities and in-house staff.  I have a number of tool kit items that include something as simple as a checklist for all employees.  I will be having further discussions with Bob and the administration about my conference experience.


On a related note, I am anticipating that we should be hearing from EPA mid-January as to our final status on the bus retrofitting grant. As of the beginning of November we had made it to the final round for award consideration.

Rich Pike said that there are several items the district can do to improve air quality that do not cost a lot of money.  The EPA has developed this checklist.  One of the suggestions was to be sure that air ducts are not blocked.  Hutter’s recommendations dove tail the EPA checklist.




Linda Pellerin has informed Rich Pike of her retirement at the end of this school year.

She cited the state health care subsidy as the determining factor for her decision.


A motion was made by James McCann to accept with regret the retirement of Linda Pellerin.  Susan Benz seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


District Clerk Teresa Noel plans to resign her position effective April 30, 2008.


Principals’ Report


Dr. Gail Paludi gave the principal’s report for HPS.


Dr. Gail Paludi wanted to thank the Hollis/Brookline Rotary for their music grant for the preschool.


Dr. Gail Paludi wants to thank Brian Cormier, an Eagle Scout, who has gotten his project approved to repair/replace the footbridge, clean trails, make benches and signs.  Dr. Paludi will be sure that Brian Cormier checks in with Bill Blais.


Dr. Gail Paludi wanted to also thank Scott Hunter, from the Hollis Fire Department, who put together a stranger program which he has presented to the school.  Jim McCann will send a note to him on behalf of the board.


Carol Thibaudeau gave the principal’s report for HUES.


Committee Reports


Balanced Scorecard Advisory Council


They have put together a mission statement, near term goals and long term goals.  They need 2 more parent members and they meet at the SAU office and they should contact Susan Benz or the SAU office.


Harry Haytayan asked if minutes and public notice were being given.  Susan Benz replied that minutes were being taken.  Bill Beauregard stated that public notice needs to be given.  Harry Haytayan stated that all subcommittees of the school board are subject to RSA’s that apply to the school board.  Harry Haytayan expressed concern over a particular sentence and suggested getting legal advice.


Rich Pike stated that if they are advisory committees, that policy is still under discussion.


Bill Beauregard stated that they took a vote on the communication committee in June 2007 but not the Balance Scorecard Advisory Council.


Jennifer MacLeod asked how we keep everything moving while waiting for legal council?


Harry Haytayan asked what the wording of that motion was.  The board will research the meeting that the vote was taken.


Harry Haytayan asked the intent of the committee.  Bill Beauregard stated that it was to have volunteers work with the administration to develop a series of measurement that would reflect on the performance of the district.  This committee would advise the board.  They were looking for a means of measurement that could be reported on at the annual meeting in March.   James McCann said that the intent of the committee was to do the research for the board.


Harry Haytayan asked if there was a charge to establish a committee of the Balance Scorecard Advisory Council.  Harry Haytayan suggests meeting as a non-board group, then Susan Benz, as a board member, can present a charge to the board.



Jennifer MacLeod makes a motion to establish a sub-committee to develop a measurement system for evaluating the success of the Hollis School District. James McCann seconds the motion. 


Discussion ensued.


Harry Haytayan recommends having a specific charge, duration, limit of authority and composition of committee.


Susan Benz makes a motion to amend to include a duration of one year, limit of authority of research and recommendations only to the board, a composition of 1 Board Rep, 2 administrators and 4 parents.  This committee has no authority to bind the school district on any policy matter or to take any official action on behalf of the school board or the school district.


The motion and the amendment have been tabled by the board until legal council can review it.


Rich Pike will take the draft of the advisory committee policy, the motion and the amendment and forward it to legal council for advice.




James McCann reported that the communications committee has not had a meeting yet.


Superintendent Screening Committee


Jennifer MacLeod gave the report. There were 19 applicants for the position and interviews will take place next Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The list of finalists will be determined after that.  During the week of January 28-Feb 8, finalists will be interviewed.  Jennifer MacLeod asked board members to review the packets that she distributed to the board.  The NESDEC consultant that they are ahead of other districts who are searching for superintendents.


A board member requested that open forum be placed before the policy readings.  The board chair agreed.


Open Forum


Regina Mc Calmont, 10 Richardson Road


She wants to recognize and individual who works in the HUES library.  She would like to recognize Linda Casazza for doing a great job.




Steve Burns, 34 Pepperell Road


He requested that his email be entered into the minutes.  Bill Beauregard stated that he didn’t need to as it was already public document and available at the SAU office.  Steve Burns is concerned that parents have no input in the math program.  He feels that parents have been shut out.  Bill Beauregard told him that there are 4 parents on the committee.  This is an operational committee under the jurisdiction of the superintendent.  Steve stated that there is not enough public input.  Bill stated that this was discussed at the televised October 2007 and November 2007 meetings.


Steve Burns feels that the survey is loaded and that it doesn’t really ask parents how they feel about the program.


Bill Beauregard explained that the Superintendent of Schools will make a recommendation to the school board, after which the board will discuss the recommendations.  Bill has put both reports on the web as of January 6, 2008 with a link to it on the School Board web site.


Steve Burns doesn’t think the Superintendent has all the facts.  He feels there should be an open ended public discussion.


Bill Beauregard explained that the Board will take public input after the Superintendent’s recommendation.


Steve Burns asked where in the process did they take parent input?


Bill Beauregard stated that parents got the survey and Rich Pike state that he felt the parent members of the committee were representing parent concerns.


Steve Burns asked where the general public gets input?


Harry Haytayan referred to policy IGA, curriculum development and instruction.


Rich Pike will contact Steve Burns for discussion.


Bill Beauregard restated that after the Superintendent makes his recommendation to the Board, the Board will discuss it and then open the floor to public comment.


Maura Loftus38 Fletcher Lane


Maura Loftus commented that at the December 2007 meeting a potential new program, a gifted and talented program, was mentioned.  She would like to see a committee formed and get this process started immediately.


Harry Haytayan suggests that parents need to come to a budget committee meeting in September.  Due to cost constraints and budget committee guidelines, they are unable to add new programs.


Maura asked if the board was willing to support this initiative.  Bill Beauregard stated that he would need more information to make a decision.  Maura asked if the Bill if he would support looking into this.  The Board would welcome investigation into this issue.


Rich Pike stated that a good thorough dialogue with the staff and administration is needed   He is not in favor or any new proposals that would compromise the current budge.


Karen KelleyHollis School District, Teacher


Karen Kelley would like to publicly thank parents, teachers and administrators that worked on the Math Committee.  She thanked parents and teachers for the survey work that was done.  Karen also thanked the School Board for their work.


Policy Second Readings.


Harry Haytayan recommends that the board members carefully review the BDF policy before the next meeting.


KDA                                       Public Information Program


The board noted a typo.  The word “by” in the last paragraph should be “but”.


Public Information Program


The Hollis School Board will do its best to keep the people informed of the affairs of the District.  To achieve its goals for good school-community relations and maintenance of open two-way channels of communication with public, the Board authorized the Superintendent to:

1.      Prepare or guide the preparation of informational materials including the annual report, newsletters, articles for periodicals, newspapers and/or radio releases, special pamphlets and other assigned material, and to maintain close liaison with news media and publicity organizations.

2.      Organize or assist in development of speakers’ bureaus and speaking engagements with civic, PTA, church and other groups.

3.      Provide staff members with resources for preparation of material for community and staff distribution (handbooks, information leaflets, etc.)

4.      Assist in coordinating work with civic and other groups which support the school system.


The Board expects that “affairs of the district” will include but not be limited to school performance, student progress, personalized learning strategies, and academic opportunities.


1st Reading:      February 9, 2006

2nd Reading:      February 14, 2006

Adoption:         March 9, 2006

Revised:           2007


A motion was made by Susan Benz to accept policy KDA, Public Information Program.  Jennifer MacLeod seconded the motion.  The motion was approved 5 yes, 0 no.


LA                                           Inter-Organizational Relations


Inter-Organizational Relations


The Hollis School Board recognizes that the schools of the District have the primary responsibility for the formal education of the youth of the District.  We recognize that many organizations, while not primarily concerned with education, play a definite role in the education of the youth of the District. 


Therefore, it shall be the desire of the Board to establish positive working relationships with other public and private organizations involved in the education process.  The District will cooperate with all governmental agencies or organizations in the community to assist in furthering the educational process.


In its relationship to other educational institutions, the District will strive to stand as a partner and colleague.


The District will work cooperatively with other Districts in selected programs which can be better done in cooperation than by single Districts acting alone.


The District will assume appropriate responsibility for improving the climate for education in the state and nation, particularly with reference to expanding the fiscal base, providing for efficient expenditure of funds, and bringing about state or federal legislation which improves education or contributes to District goals.


The District will cooperate with professional educational organizations recognized by the District as important forces for the improvement of education.


The District will cooperate with institutions such as educational service units and regional organizations whose aims are to improve the education of children, when their programs are in keeping with or contribute to the goals of the District.


1st Reading:      February 9, 2006

2nd Reading:      February 14, 2006

Adoption:         March 9, 2006


Rich Pike recommends using the policy that is in place as opposed to the new NHSBA sample.


The board consensus is to stay with the current LA policy.


BDF                                        Advisory Committees To The Board


BDF     -  Category O              


                        ADVISORY COMMITTEES TO THE BOARD                    


                        The Board may rely on various advisory committees to counsel it as one means of discerning the needs and desires of the School District and its residents.  The central purpose of all advisory committees is to contribute to the educational program by conducting studies, identifying problems, and developing recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of the decision making process.  The ultimate authority to make decisions will continue to reside with the powers and duties of the Board as imposed by law.                                          


                        Specific topics for study or well-defined areas of activity shall be charged in writing to each committee.  Upon completing its assignment, each committee either shall be given new tasks or shall be dissolved promptly, but shall not be allowed to continue for prolonged periods without a definite assignment. Each committee shall be instructed as to the length of time each member is being asked to serve, the service the Board wishes it to render, the resources the Board intends to provide, the approximate dates on which the Board wishes it to submit reports, and the approximate date on which the Board wishes to dissolve the committee.  Furthermore, the committee shall be instructed as to the relationship it has to the Board, to individual Board members, to the Board member(s) assigned to provide liaison, and to the Superintendent.                        


The Board shall have sole power to dissolve any of its advisory committees and shall reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of any committee.                  


The Board shall seek the advice of the Superintendent before establishing or dissolving any advisory committee.            


All appointments of citizens to advisory committees to the Board shall be made by the Board.                           


All appointments of staff members to advisory committees to the Board shall be made by the Superintendent or his/her designee.                     


Proposed Added Language

It is desired that each committee have an odd number of total members consisting of an equal number of representatives from both the community and school staff along with one current Board member.  The Board member shall be determined by the Board.  The Chairperson of the committee can be any committee member and shall be determined by the Board.  


The School Board shall see that the public is made aware of the services rendered by such committees as it may appoint and shall see that the public is informed of the major conclusions and recommendations made by such committees. All public announcements concerning the organization, membership, operation, recommendations and dissolution of such committees shall be made at such time and in such manner as the Board may choose.                      



Adoption:  August 23, 2004                 



Harry Haytayan doesn’t recommend setting up subcommittees of the board.  He feels that the board needs to control the committees and what they do.


Rich Pike feels that setting the charge is very important.


James McCann restated a comment he made during the summer; that a committee be made up of an odd number of people with equal members of administrators and community members with a board member, so that it doesn’t appear biased.


The board discussed policy BDE and BDF.


The board decided to send a copy of the revised policy BDF to Barrett Christina for feedback.


The Board approved the second reading of BDF, Advisory Committees to the Board.


EHB-R                                    Local Records Retention Schedule


Rich Pike doesn’t recommend any changes from the current policy at this time.


Barrett Christina didn’t advised adding internet log to this policy.  It should be in a separate policy.


The Board approved the second reading of EHB-R, Local Records Retention Schedule.


A motion was made to adjourn by James McCann.  The motion was seconded by Jennifer MacLeod.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 5 yes, 0 no.


9:37 pm.


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