Approved:  5-7-08


Hollis School District

4 Lund Lane

Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

Tel. 465-7118



Public Minutes of February 21, 2008


A Public session was held on this date at the SAU Conf room.


Board Members present: Bill Beauregard, Chair; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice Chair;

Jim McCann, Secretary; Susan Benz

Administration present: Carol Thibaudeau, Principal, HUES (stepped in briefly for a waiver request as noted below)


Call to order at 8:20am.


Review for District meeting and discussion of latest version of the Hollis District Report Card.  Susan and Jenn to get color quotes for 500 copies of the report card.


Board consensus on voter guide is to stay with a more simple approach rather than provide too much detail and risk confusion.  The detailed information has already been reviewed multiple times during budget committee reviews and is publicly available.


Motion: S Benz motion to waive 20 day waiting period for Ellen Parks (per C Thibaudeau recommendation).  J McCann 2nd.  4-0 in favor.


Next BOE meeting on 3/10 at 6pm.


Motion: S Benz motion to adjourn.  J McCann 2nd.  4-0 in favor.