Approved:  5-7-08


Hollis School District

4 Lund Lane

Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

Tel. 465-7118



Public Minutes of February 8, 2008

First Addendum


A Public session was held on this date at the SAU Conf room.


Board Members present: Bill Beauregard, Chair; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice Chair;

Jim McCann, Secretary; Harry Haytayan, Susan Benz

Administration present: Rich Pike, Supt; Gail Paludi, Principal, HPS; Carol Thibaudeau, Principal, HUES; Dawna Duhamel, Business Admin


Returned from Non-Public session at 9:07am.


B Beauregard declared the meeting in recess until Tues, 8:15am at the SAU Conf room.