Approved:† 5-7-08


Hollis School District

4 Lund Lane

Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

Tel. 465-7118



Public Minutes of March 10, 2008


A Public session was held on this date at the HPS Library.


Board Members present: Bill Beauregard, Chair; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice Chair;

Jim McCann, Secretary; Susan Benz

Administration present: Richard Pike, Supt of Schools; Carol Thibaudeau, Principal, HUES


Call to order at 6:16 pm.


Administration Reports:


C Thibaudeau

Ellen Park has been hired as a 4th grade teacher for Lisa Cassedy.† She is from Colorado St with 3 years experience. (3/12 start date)


Reading Specialist position still open.


Approved two student teachers for 4th grade and Spec Ed.


Received letter of resignation from Shailagh Klicker. †She could possibly continue to do consulting with the school as she has this past year.


Motion: J MacLeod motion to accept S Klicker letter of resignation with regret.† S Benz 2nd.† 4-0 in favor.


Supt Report:


NHSBA scholarship available for children/grandchildren of board members.


EPA grant awarded to SAU41 for $162K to retrofit Hollis busses for biodiesel fuel.(Only school system in NH to apply for grant)† Credit should also go to Al Orde of Hollis Transportation for bringing the idea to R Pikeís attention.† Plan is to identify vendors later in the spring, RFP over the spring/summer, ready for Fall í08.† Price differential between biodiesel and diesel to be paid in 1st year by the grant as well.


Administration Efficiency Study:

Comprehensive proposal received from SERESC and delivered to Board by R Pike, havenít heard back from NHSBA.† Need to make decision on any proposal soon in order to get recommendation prior to end of school year.



Every Day Math Review:

R Pike provided Board with his recommendations. (attached)† He would also like to get parent survey feedback on the newest edition of EDM just implemented.

Discussion of survey process ensues.


B Beauregard would like to do a single survey with multiple sections covering a variety of topics including EDM.


J MacLeod would like to focus on just math at the moment, feels teacher surveys would be even more critical in the short term.



B Beauregard would like to get survey info earlier in order to make a meaningful impact on instruction sooner.


R Pike: Not a lot of detail yet on Parent Workshop to help parents understand EDM.

M MacLeod would like to offer workshop every Sept for parents of new students.


B Beauregard: intent tonight is to receive Supt recommendations and to review a more detailed proposal in April.


J McCann believes the Supt proposal has short, medium, and long term objectives, we need to be very clear about objectives so there is no misunderstandings


B Beauregard: best practices inventory helpful for each grade


Karen Kelley (Math Curr Administrator, in audience) responds to question about BSLI.† Best Schools Leadership Institute (BSLI) started a number of years ago by Gov Shaheen with Hollis a part of the team creating this curriculum evaluation model.† Calls for review every 3 years to determine if program meets the needs of students.† EDM has been review with this model every 3 years, new language arts program resulted from BSLI process.


Discussion ensues about whether BSLI is the best model for the district to use.



B Beauregard would like to strengthen K-12 curriculum coordination for math


R Pike: Dot Ball and Tim Kelley on Task Force Committee focusing on math for Ď08/í09, believes they can help bring focus on math coordination.


S Benz asks why did Brookline chose a different math program? C Mace may have the answer.


J MacLeod asks when decision on EDM will be made?


J McCann asks K Kelley: how much lead time required for new program?


K Kelley: need to start 1 year in advance to budget, pilot and train


J McCann/B Beauregard: need project plan with list of dependencies and timeframe



Venu Rao (member of EDM Committee, in audience): BSLI process didnít enable me to determine if math program is good or bad, data available doesnít support making a decision.


Linda Walsh (Language Arts Curr Administrator, in audience):† BSLI is homegrown, built by Hollis to be spread over other schools in state, not sure how many schools use it.


J McCann: we need to look at other processes since this hasnít been proven elsewhere



B Beauregard: we can shorten process by looking at other high performing districts like Brookline, Bedford, Lyme and Oyster River to review their evaluation models.


Carol Thibaudeau departed 7:55pm.



Annual District Meeting Preparation:


B Beauregard: Article 10 (Highly Able Students) slides to be provided/presented by Maura Loftus at the District Mtg, committee to receive charge by BOE at District Mtg if article passes.† General consensus of board is that requested dollar amount should stay the same for the District mtg.


Meeting time posted as 7pm on warrant, Town Report warrant page lists 7:30pm.† R Pike to send a reminder note home to parents with correct time of 7pm.† J McCann to also add 7pm time/place to voter guide for backpack mail.


Review/discussion of presentation slides.


Public Forum


Venu Rao, 37 Arbor Lane (on behalf of Mary Beth Carroll who was unable to attend)


Read PTA resolution to form an advisory council (attatched)


Regina McCalmont, 10 Richardson Road

Advisory council can only benefit the board, interesting to see how many volunteers we would get, can look beyond NH to other states and their experiences with Advisory councils.


Motion: S Benz motion to enter Non-Public for reason of reputation per 91-A:3 II (c).††††††††††††††††††† J Macleod 2nd.† 4-0 in favor.