4 Lund Lane

Hollis, NH 03049




Public Minutes of April 22, 2008


A public session was held on this date at the SAU Office.


Board Members Present: Bill Beauregard, Chair; Susan Benz; Maura Loftus.


Administration Present: Richard Pike, Superintendent; Carol Mace, Dir. of Curriculum.


Call to Order at 8:07 a.m.


Administration Efficiency Study: Contract discussion with representatives from SERESC.


Motion: S. Benz moved to suspend public session and enter nonpublic session pursuant to RSA 91-A: 3 II c - reputation. M. Loftus 2nd. 3-0 in favor.


Public session resumes at 8:50 a.m. Jim McCann, Vice Chair, and Alison Haytayan, Secretary, are also present.


Every Day Math Evaluation:

Dot Ball, HBHS Math Dept. Chair, also present during discussion.


C. Mace reviewed the revised project plan for the Hollis math program.


D. Ball: students need automaticity as well as number sense as foundations for learning math;

: the entire k-12 curriculum needs to be looked at;

: consistency among teachers is important;

: the professional development of teachers is the #1 criteria regardless of curriculum used;

: details re: how students can be tested at their own levels of learning have not been worked out yet, Dot will discuss with K. Kelley;

: EDM unit tests will be looked at to ensure that traditional algorithms are tested in grades 4-6 instead of non-traditional algorithms;



C. Mace: SAU task com. stipends are $100./day; would like Hollis stipends to be consistent. Upper limit of budget is $5,000. (5 weeks).

Board members agreed.


Discussion ensued re: whether community members should serve on the Hollis textbook adoption committee, and in what number.

Sense of Board majority is that at least a couple community members should serve and Director of Curriculum should chair the committee.


Discussion ensued re: formalizing enrichment program using National programs Math Olympiad, New England Math League, Math Counts


C. Mace: Plan will begin immediately with assessments given this week;

will revise project plan and report at next meeting.


Administration Searches


R. Pike: C. Fowler will oversee the search for an asst. principal at HUES;

: there are two ads running until May 5 or until filled;

: R. Pike would like to co-chair the search for principal at HPS with C. Mace, who recently led the search for the Brookline district;

Alison Haytayan and Susan Benz volunteered as Board reps.


: tonight two finalists will be interviewed in Brookline;

: R. Pike would like direction from the board re: the number of candidates it would prefer to see as finalists; discussion ensued, board agreed to 2-3 candidates, 2 is sufficient unless there are 3 of equal quality.


Motion by S. Benz to suspend public session and enter non public session pursuant to RSA 91- A: 3 II a (compensation). M. Loftus 2nd . 5-0 in favor. 10:38 a.m.


Public session resumed at 11:04 a.m.


Motion to adjourn by S. Benz; M. Loftus 2nd. 5-0 in favor.


11:05 a.m.













Respectfully submitted by Maura Loftus, HSB member.