Approved as Amended:  5-7-08

Hollis School Board

Hollis Town Hall

April 8, 2008


Bill Beauregard, Chair

Susan Benz

Alison Haytayan

Maura Loftus

Jim McCann


Rich Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education (left 7:00pm)

Dr. Gail Paludi, Principal HPS

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal HUES

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Bill Beauregard called the public session to order at 6:25 pm.


Additions and Deletions to Agenda (Correspondence)


Dr. Gail Paludi and Carol Thibaudeau have given their resignations and they have been accepted by the board.  The resignation is for the end of the year.  Rich Pike thanked them for their service and wished them both the best.  The Board would like to express their thanks for their service to the Hollis School District and best wishes in their new endeavors.


Rich Pike recommends appointment of Candace Fowler as principal of HUES effective July 1, 2008.


Susan Benz makes a motion to accept the recommendation of Candace Fowler as principal of HUES.  Maura Loftus seconds the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 5 yes, 0 no.


Rich Pike will negotiate Candace Fowler’s contract and report to the board.  Rich Pike will also head up the search for a principal for HPS.  Rich will have a good template to use as Brookline is just finishing up their elementary principal search.


Candace Fowler, as new principal, would head the search for a new Assistant Principal HUES.


Danielle Mock, 2nd grade teacher, is requesting a leave of absence due to the birth of a child.  She is asking for a leave of absence for the 2008-2009 school year.


Susan Benz makes a motion to accept the leave of absence for Danielle Mock.  The motion was seconded by Maura Loftus.  The motion carried by a vote of 5 yes, 0 no.


The Hollis Board of Selectmen has established a Facility Space Needs Study Committee upon the request of the Hollis Strategic Planning Committee.  Troy Brown, Town Administrator, included the charge for the committee and list of committee members.  Doug Cleveland has been appointed the chair of the committee.  Dan Peterson is interested in being the non-voting member on the committee.  The general purpose of the committee is to determine whether it is in the best interest of Hollis to dissolve, reconfigure or continue the Hollis/Brookline Cooperative School District


Administration Reports and Discussion


Bob Kelly gave the SPED report


The SAU procedural manual has been updated and will be continued to be updated.  The procedures have been reviewed, with the form manual, faculty and staff meetings.  Transition plan and services has been reviewed from K through 12.  Monthly transition meetings are on target and they are working with transitions between grade levels, particularly third to fourth and sixth to seventh.


IEP has a section for parent input. 


            SAU 41 Continuous Improvement Activities throughout 2007/2008:


·        All SAU 41 special education administrators meet bi-weekly reviewing procedural updates, district forms and continuous improvement activities within our respective buildings.

·        SAU 41 Special Education Procedural Guidelines Manual was updated and a separate Special Education Paperwork/Forms Manual has been produced pertaining to all procedural safeguard meetings. 

·        The DOE has forecasted completion of our state’s revised special education regulations by July 2008 and our Procedural Guidelines Manual will be further edited accordingly.

·        Monthly consultations with Early Intervention (0-3) agencies enhancing preschool transitions.

·        Consultations with adult agencies expanding resources and services for graduating students.

·        Development of high school student transition meeting participation form.

·        Review of Best Practices and Research Based Interventions, teaching methodologies, instructional techniques and monitoring student progress.



·        Enhancing Parent Communication: A number of building level activities have been conducted for review and expansion SAU wide.

o       Monthly Parent Newsletter articles regarding special education issues including: study skills, organization techniques, learning styles, self-advocacy, knowing your IEP and transition planning.

o       Monitoring reports for parents highlighting missing assignments.

o       Parent coffee hour discussion centered around special education, Section 504 and Early Intervening procedures.

o       Post IEP meeting parent surveys

o       Parent survey for 7th & 8th grade students regarding facilitation of grade level transitions.

o       Parent night for students transitioning from grade 6: April 8, 2008.


·        Numerous staff in-services conducted regarding procedural guidelines, regulations and intervention strategies.

o       NHSEIS data entry

o       Writing measurable IEP goals and objectives

o       Writing IEP goals reflecting grade level expectations

o       IEP progress reporting

o       Transition Planning from preschool to post-secondary

o       Co-teaching models and collaborative planning between general and special educators

o       NWEA

o       Use of data for guiding instruction and monitoring progress

o       Crisis Prevention Intervention

o       Section 504 Accommodation Plans versus IDEA programs

o       Paraprofessional staff trainings and supervision

o       Programming models for students on the autism and aspergers spectrum


In order to continue to enhance communication with parents, there have been support group coffees.  The first coffee was on section 504.  The second coffee was on early intervention.  The turn out has been small although it is open to all parents.  They may revisit this.


There is an exit IEP parent survey that is being done in Hollis.  Under new NESSA system there is a section for parent input as well.  There is also a NH State Department of Education parent survey.


On the Hollis website there are handouts and information on procedures for SPED.


IHBA Policy was recommended by the DOE.  Bob Kelly recommends accepting the original version for a first reading.


HOLLIS SCHOOL BOARD                              IHBA




            The Hollis School District shall provide a free appropriate public education and necessary related services to all children with disabilities residing within the District, in accord with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and New Hampshire law.


            It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services.  Students may be disabled within the meaning of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act even though they do not require services pursuant to the IDEA.


            For students eligible for services under IDEA, the district shall follow procedures for identification, evaluation, placement, and delivery of services to children with disabilities as provided in the federal and state statutes which govern special education.  For those students

who are not eligible for services under IDEA, but, because of a qualifying disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, need or are believed to need specialized instruction or related services, the district shall establish and implement a system of procedural safeguards.  The safeguards shall cover students’ identification, evaluation, educational accommodations, and placement. This system shall include notice, an opportunity for the students’ parent(s)/guardian(s) to examine relevant records, an impartial hearing with the opportunity for participation by the students/ parent(s)/guardian(s), the right to be represented by legal counsel, and a review procedure.


            The district recognizes its obligation to provide an education for all students determined to be educationally disabled and in need of special education and related services.  This obligation shall begin when a student reaches three years of age and shall continue until the student’s 21st birthday or until such time has he/she receives a high school diploma, whichever occurs first, or until the child’s IEP Team determines that the child no longer requires special education in accordance with federal and state law.  At the discretion of the Superintendent and/or his/her designee, students who reach the age of 21 during the academic year may be allowed to complete the remainder of the school year.


Legal Reference:


            20 U.S.C. § 1401 et seq. (reauthorized July 1, 2004)

            34 C.F.R. § 300.1 et seq. (effective October 13, 2006)

            RSA 186-C:1 et seq.

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 1100 et seq., Rules for the Education of Children with Disabilities, available at organization/instruction/specialed/lawsrulespolicies.htm


            1st Reading: ________________

            2nd Reading: ________________

            Adoption: ________________


A motion was made to accept policy IHBA as a first reading by Maura Loftus.  The motion was seconded by Susan Benz.  The motion carried by a vote of 5 yes, 0 no.




The board tabled minutes until the next meeting. 


Bill Beauregard noted that changes to the minutes need to be read at a board meeting and noted in that meeting’s minutes. 


Board Discussion


Bill Beauregard asked for feedback on the district report card.  He thanked Susan Benz and Jim McCann for all their good work putting together the documents for the District Meeting.  The board felt that the district meeting went well.  There were issues with the podium behind the screen that would be changed for future meetings.  The Board discussed improved integration of Budget Committee slides with the School Board Slides.  The board would like to see tax impact done upfront. 


Rich Pike would like to see more of a paperless meetings and put the information on line for people.  Susan Benz stated that a district meeting is for the whole town, unless you have a list with all the residents’ email that might not work. 


Bill Beauregard suggested getting the district report card and the voting guide included in the town’s publication.


Hollis School District Administration Model Evaluation


Rich Pike stated that they are looking to hire someone and have two proposals.  NESDEC and SERESC have both submitted proposals.  Rich recommends going with SERESC.  The costs for NESDEC ($9,800 plus expenses) are more and SERESC($9,300) has more experience with the district.  SERESC would have a report by June 12th.  NESDEC report would take three months. Rich Pike would ask SERESC to try to keep to the original deadline.  Rich would like to contact one of the vendors tomorrow and set up a meeting.  The board wants to meet with the final vendor after they are hired before they start work.  The board wants to make sure that the vendor understands the boards concerns and issues.


Bill Beauregard would like to have input on the other districts that they study would look at.  He would also like to have a discussion of the models that would be used. 


Bill Beauregard said that appeared that NESDEC have more people working on their team than SERESC did on theirs.


Maura Loftus asked if we should look at schools outside NH that were comparable to the Hollis School District.  Rich Pike said that is something to ask the vendor.  Maura Loftus likes NESDEC’s proposal


Susan Benz stated that she likes SERESC.  She thinks that their experience with us and the open endedness of NESDEC’s expenses is an issue.


Jim McCann agrees with the superintendent’s recommendation.


Alison Haytayan agrees with the superintendent’s recommendation.


Bill Beauregard agrees with the superintendent’s recommendation.


Susan Benz made a motion to accept the superintendent’s recommendation to hire SERESC for the Hollis model evaluation.  The superintendent is to set up a meeting with SERESC on April 15, 2008.  The motion was seconded Jim McCann.  The motion carried 4 yes, 1 no.


The Board agreed that an early morning meeting worked best for them.




GCE: Part time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment


If the substitute, hired to fill a long-term position, has been previously employed by the Hollis School District for at least 120 days, the 20 consecutive days as noted in #3, will be reduced to ten consecutive days.  After 10 consecutive days of employment in said position, the per diem rate, for a fully certified teacher, in accordance with the individual’s degree and experience level as listed on the current teachers’ salary schedule will apply.


A motion was made by Jim McCann to accept policy GCE, as a first reading.  Maura Loftus seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


The board would like to rescind the GDPA – Reduction in Support Staff Work Force (HESA RIF policy) from 1989 at its next board meeting.  It should be added to next meetings agenda.


ILD Educational Questionnaires, Surveys and Research


The intent of this policy is to enable the school district to obtain the opinions and feedback of students, staff and the public through the use of high quality, un-bias surveys without violating the privacy rights of any participant.




Survey Requests

All requests to the Superintendent should include at least the following information:  purpose of the survey and/or what questions the requestor is trying to answer with the survey, survey questions, intended target respondents, intended use of the results, who has access to the survey results.


The survey and tabulation of the data should be done ( or assisted by) a person qualified to develop and interpret surveys and their resulting data.


Whenever practical and appropriate every effort should be made to make offline (paper) and online (computer) surveys equally available.


School District Approval


No surveys will be administered without the prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.  Any survey created by a third party, or funded, in whole or in part, as part of any US Department of Education administered program, containing one or more of the eight categories listed above will be available to be inspected by a student’s parent/guardian before the survey is administered.  Parent/guardians will have the right to deny permission for their child to participate in taking the survey.  The school will not penalize students whose parents’guardians exercise.


A motion was made to accept policy of ILD as a first reading by Susan Benz.  Maura Loftus seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a unanimous vote of 5 yes, 0 no.


Attach policy. To be sent to me.


Committee Reports


Communications committee has two priorities.  Creating a survey infrastructure and electronic communication.  Jim McCann reported that the communications committee would go ahead with plans to develop a survey based on the intent of the first reading.  There are multiple websites that need to be updated as well.


District Report Card:  Susan Benz reported that it went out in back pack mail.  There will be a meeting on the 9th to see what the feedback is on it. 


Administration Reports and Discussion


Dawna Duhamel was not available this evening.  Bill Beauregard spoke regarding financials. 


Bill Beauregard stated that the April financial reports looked good.  Dawna will be able to give a more thorough report at the next meeting.


The accounting software upgrade is going well.  Most of the modules are installed.


The Hutter report was finished, however, they need to take all items in the report and make a list as to the disposition of each item.  Rich Pike would like to charge Bob Blais with this responsibility.  The board would like to see this completed soon.


The FY07 auditor’s opinion is still outstanding.


Dawna Duhamel is still working on the SPED cost drivers analysis.


The food service program is being reviewed by Dawna and Cassidy.  Bill Beauregard would like to see something in May or June on this.


Superintendent Report


Rich Pike would like to make the following recommendations for nominations for contract renewal in the Hollis School District.


Hollis Primary School

Recommendations for Contract Renewals 2008-2009



Ruth Hinde-Moura

Lauren Melia (year two due to leave of absence)

Jay Jobin


Annual to Continuing

Jessica Cue



Allison Annand

Greg Ashley

Pam Banks

Mary Lee Barnard

Cheri Birch

Maureen Chorma

Patricia Connolly

Carol Cornell-Smith

Penny Currier

Robin Fitton

Joan Fuller

Brenda Golia

Nichole Gott-Hart

Dennis Kane

Christine Kelley

Eileen Kidder

Ellen Lencsak

Sandra Lindquist

Lynn Lutz

Susan Manigan

Sandra Martel

Danielle Mock

Mary Jo Naber

Heather Nelson

Jody Nelson

Bill Olszewski

David Olszewski

Marian Pickowicz

Lorraine Plourde

Sarah Proulx

Amye Renaud

Leslie Russell

Judy Schibanoff

Julie Somorrostro

David Ward

Amy Young

Amy Ziminsky







 Priscilla Levasseur

Patricia Kittredge




Hollis Upper Elementary School

Recommendations for Contract Renewals  2008-2009



·        Colleen McBride

·        Kari Raiano

·        Paula Francis-Springer

Annual to Continuing:

·        Ana Grant

·        Caryn Miller

·        Jon Rubin


·        Meg Bamford

·        Dick Bothmer

·        Lisa Cassedy

·        Sue Hoyt

·        Nancy Kring-Burns

·        Betty Marshall

·        Amy Prokop

·        Gail Rogers

·        Elizabeth Thorpe

·        Melanie White

·        Ellen Zorawowicz

·        Gail Ansaldo

·        Susan Caron

·        Beth Cregan

·        Karen Fischer

·        Patti Flynn

·        Susan Morelli

·        Mary Lou Noonan

·        William Olszewski

·        Tom Williamson

·        Karen Amber

·        Lesha Colthart

·        Ray Daneau

·        Betsy Keegan

·        Paula Lockard

·        Mary Martin

·        Fran McBee

·        Brenda Nickerson

·        Alex Pope


·        Linda Pellerin

Susan Benz made a motion to accept the recommendations of the superintendent for annual contract renewal for the following employees:  Ruth Hinde-Moura, Laruen Melia, Jay Jobin, Colleen McBride, Kari Raiano and Paula Francis-Springer.  Maura Loftus seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Susan Benz made a motion to accept the recommendations of the superintendent for annual to continuing contract renewal for the following employees:  Jessica Cue, Ana Grant, Caryn Miller and Jon Rubin.  Maura Loftus seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Susan Benz made a motion to accept the recommendations of the superintendent for continuing contract renewal for the following employees:  Allison Annand, Greg Ashley, Pam Banks, Mary Lee Barnard, Cheri Birch, Maureen Chorma, Patricia Connolly, Carol Cornell-Smith, Penny Currier, Robin Fitton, Joan Fuller, Brenda Golia, Nichole Gott-Hart, Dennis Kane, Christine Kelley, Eileen Kidder, Ellen Lencsak, Sandra Lindquist, Lynn Lutz, Susan  Manigan, Sandra Martel, Danielle Mock, Mary Jo Naber, Heather Nelson, Jody Nelson, Bill Olszewski, David Olszewski, Marian Pickowicz, Lorrain Plourde, Sarah Proulx, Amye Renaud, Leslie Russell, Judy Schibanoff, Julie Somorrostro, David Ward, Amy Yound, Amy Ziminsky, Meg Bamford, Dick Bother, Lisa Cassedy, Sue Hoyt, Nancy Kring-Burns, Betty Marshallo, Amy Prokop, Gail Rogers, Elizabeth Thorpe, Melanie White, Ellen Zorawowicz, Gail Ansaldo, Susan Caron, Beth Cregan, Karen Fischer, Patti Flynn, Susan Morelli, Mary Lou Noonan, William Olszewski, Tom Williamson, Karen Amber, Lesha Colthart, Ray Daneau, Betsy Keegan, Paula Lockard, Mary Martin, Fran McBee, Brenda Nickerson and Alex Pope.  Maura Loftus seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


The board recognized the retirement of the following employees:  Priscilla Levasseur, Patricia Kittredge and Linda Pellerin.


Approval of calendar


Bill Beauregard asked if professional days in Feb & Nov were going to be used for in house training.  Gail Paludi stated that those days are outside of the teacher’s 186 contracted days.  The teachers use those days for overflow conferences.


A motion was made by Jim McCann to accept the 2008-2009 Calendar.  The motion was seconded by Maura Loftus.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Principal’s Report


Dr. Gail Paludi gave the principal’s report.




Hollis Primary School Principal’s Report

Gail E. Paludi, Principal

Deb Trottier, Assistant Principal

April 8, 2008


Enrollment Figures


Current Information





# of classes

Full enroll-


As of 4/08/08

Change from last report

Ave. class size

Actual class enrollments

Pre-K: 3 year olds








Pre-K: 4 year olds















18, 18, 14, 14

Grade 1







16, 16, 15, 16, 16, 16

Grade 2







19, 18, 17, 19, 16

Grade 3








18, 18, 18, 17, 18, 18, 19

Primary Totals


24 classes






Home Study Students:  HPS –?


Hollis Early Learning Program


·        The HELP faculty and staff are conducting “Child Checks” once a month on the third Friday of each month.  Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment should contact Mrs. Maureen Chorma, Preschool Coordinator.  She can be reached at 465-2260 ext. 1413.

·        A detailed report from Mrs. Chorma, Preschool Coordinator, is attached.


Curriculum Administrator Update


·        A detailed report from the Curriculum Administrators is attached.


Board Goals 2007-2008


·        Goal 1:  to improve the teacher evaluation process for the enhancement of instruction.


o       The SAU #41 Teacher Evaluation Committee has completed its work on the new Professional Growth Plan. The plan will be presented to the SAU #41 Board in June 2008.

o       The Hollis administrators continue to sponsor the book study group using Danielson and McGreal’s Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice. Our next meeting will be held on April 22, 2008.  Dr. Paludi will be the facilitator.


·        Goal 2:  to implement effective early intervening services (as mandated by IDEIA 06) for students in the areas of language arts and mathematics.


o       Fourteen students are participating in the Extended Day Kindergarten Program.  Mrs. Jobin is assessing progress using the PALS Kindergarten Assessment.

o       Ms. Sue Caron, Mathematics Support Teacher, continues to support students in grades 1-3.

o       The HPS Reading Team continues to offers specialized reading clinics for selected students.


·        Goal 3:  to more effectively utilize assessment data to drive instruction.


o       The Hollis Data Team met on April 4, 2008 with Keith Burke to continue to discuss data driven decision-making.  We will also be discussing additional training for the Leadership Team.

o       The Reading Team is beginning to utilize the Diagnostic Assessments of Reading with grade three students receiving reading support.  This is used at HUES and will help with the transition from HPS to HUES.

o       Dr. Paludi and Mrs. Fowler attended the NWEA MAP Matters Workshop in Keene, NH on March 19, 2008.

o       On March 27, 2008, a team from SAU #41 including Dr. Paludi, Linda Walsh, Karen Kelley, and Carol Mace attended the Performance Pathways Leading with Assessment Data and Curriculum Conference.


·        Goal 4:  to refine the implementation of the balanced literacy approach.       


o       The Tufts Consultant, Linda Clark, will work with all K-3 teachers in April.  Mrs. Clark will be doing in-class coaching sessions for the last time this year.  Mrs. Clark will be spending one more day working with teams to finalize their units of study for Reader’s Workshop.

o       The Hollis School District Core Language Arts Committee met on April 3, 2008 to discuss progress to date and a plan for evaluation of the program.


Professional Development for Staff


·        On March 11, 2008, we used the Early Release Day session to work on a variety of language arts curriculum related topics.

·        On April 7, 2008, Dr. Paludi facilitated the book study group discussion on The Power of Our Words by Dr. Paula Denton.

·        On April 22, 2008, our “Shared Decision Making” team will meet with ML Hannay, our consultant, to continue our plans and work to develop a mission, vision, values, goals, and a strategic plan.



Staffing for ‘07-’08 School Year


·        We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Robin VanAmburg, a long-term substitute in grade two.  Mrs. Van Amburg is filling in for Mrs. Cornell-Smith, who is on leave.


Building Maintenance


·        A special thank you to our custodial crew for the work done every day to keep our building neat and clean. 


Grade Level Team Meetings


·        Our meetings for the 2007-2008 school year are as follows:  Week 1 – Language Arts/Social Studies, Week 2 – Open, Week 3 – Mathematics/Science, and Week 4 – Share.

·        Team meetings this month focused on review and analysis of the NECAP results.

·        Mrs. Plourde met with all grade level teams to discuss implementation of the ICT standards and projects.


Additional Items of Interest


·        Incoming Kindergarten and new first grader registration packets are available on-line. Completed registration packets are being accepted in the HPS main office from 10:00am – 2:00pm.  This is a new registration procedure for students entering HPS for the first time in 2008-2009.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the HPS office at 465-2260.

·        On April 10, 2008, we will host a Parent Information Forum for parents of incoming kindergarten students.

·        Portfolio Day for the Hollis Primary School will be held on June 10, 2008.  Times for each grade level will be sent home as soon as possible.


Special Events


·        On April 7, 2008, our second graders had a presentation from PSNH.

·        On April 9, 2008, all of our students were treated to a performance of “The Recylabulls”.  This presentation was funded through a grant written by Mrs. Cheri Birch, our Environmental Science teacher.

·        On April 22, 2008, we will celebrate Earth Day with a program and tree dedication ceremony.

Carol Thibeadeau gave the HUES principal’s reports.


Hollis Upper Elementary School Principal’s Report

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal

Candice Fowler, Assistant Principal

April 8, 2008





Ed. Spec.

# of classes

Full Enrollment

As of  3/10/08

Change from last report

Ave. class size

Actual class enrollments

Grade 4







21, 22, 22, 22, 23


Grade 5







19, 20, 21, 21, 21, 22, 22

Grade 6







23, 23, 24, 24, 24, 24



18 classes






Home Study: 6









·        Both family leave positions have been filled and thus far the transitions for students and staff have been successful.



Curriculum & Instruction

·        See Curriculum Administrators’ report.

·        The second round of teacher observations with Administrators continues with  pre/post conferences, progress reports, and summative reports.

·        Shailagh Klicker (the HUES Literacy Information Trainer) is scheduled to return to HUES for the next three weeks.

·        Paula Springer, school psychologist, who is introducing yoga to students/staff to start their day in a more focused and positive manner is working with staff to produce a DVD to better meet the needs of multiple classrooms who wish to participate.

·        Gail Rogers, computer teacher, has worked to further equip the ICT lab with 24 sets of headphones & 12 microphones to further enhance student work.




·        The second Special Education Coffee Hour was held on March 25th - 3 parents were in attendance.

·        Great News: three DI (Destination Imagination) teams are moving on to the Global Tournament in Knoxville, TN in May.

·        On March 28th, HUES participated in a Think Summer Day – shorts, t-shirts, sandals, caps, and popsicles were the order of the day despite the wintry weather.

·        Fourth Grade Teachers, Mrs. Miller & Mr. Rubin, are finishing up their integrative Sugaring Unit with students. A number of parent volunteers have participated in the ‘boil down’ process and along with students are truly enjoying this New England activity.

·        Tom Williamson, physical education teacher, coordinated the annual JumpRope for Heart event with HUES students-they raised $4,319. for the American Heart Association J.

·        March’s Senior Luncheon, hosted by Miss Hoyt’s class, was well attended and so enjoyed by our special guests-the mini student talent show was a big hit!

·        We are working w/HBHS to celebrate Earth Day by having a group of high school students visit HUES classrooms to share the environmental books they have written and illustrated.

·        Dr. Arthur Lyford has again generously donated two EMT Tooth Saver Systems to HUES in case of a tooth emergency. We hope never to utilize the system but certainly appreciate the fact that it is available in our nurse’s office.

·         On March 29th, the PTA hosted their first Auction & Tapas Night, Nashua Country Club-preliminary reports indicate that the event was a huge success-many thanks to the members who worked tirelessly putting together such a special evening to benefit the students of Hollis.


Administrative Focus Areas

·        On-going support of staff & students

·        Second round of staff  observations, conferences, and summatives

·        Facilitator for Danielson Book Talk (objective #1)

·        Member of Data Team (objective #3)

·        Placement/staffing for the 2008-09 school year

·        End-of-year activities planned & scheduled*


*Request: to schedule the last day of school, June 20th, as a half day-board consideration would be appreciated.


Looking Ahead

Apr. 15                                    Gr. 6K/6Fi -Art Museum Field Trip

Apr. 15                                    Senior Luncheon hosted by Mrs. Prokop’s class (last one!)

Apr. 15                                    6th Grade Camp Chaperone mtg. – 6:30, cafe

Apr. 16                                    Gr. 6N/6H - Art Museum Field Trip (8:50 – 2:00)

Apr. 17                                    Early Release

Apr. 18                                    Wellness Breakfast (7:30 – 8:10) – café

Apr. 18                                    Shailagh Klicker (LIT) visits

Apr. 21                                    D.A.R.E. Graduation (9:30) – café

Apr. 22                                    Danielson Book Study Group (3:30), HPS

Apr. 23                                    Secretaries Day

Apr. 23                                    Shailagh Klicker (LIT) visits

Apr. 23                                    HBHS Earth Day Visitors

Apr. 23                                    Student Leadership Council (3:30 – 4:30)

Apr. 24                                    Historical Performance sponsored by the PTA. – Gr. 5 (10:30 – 11:30) – café

Apr.25                                     HUES Spirit Day

Apr. 25                                    Volunteer Appreciation Reception –1:30, café

Apr. 28 – May 2                      Spring Vacation


A motion was made by Susan Benz to make the last day school a ½ day for students.  The motion was seconded by Maura Loftus.  The motion carried by a unanimous vote of 5 yes, 0 no.


Curriculum Report


Carol Mace gave the Curriculum report.


Student Academic Profiles:  The Hollis data team is starting with the academic piece of the profile.  The data team has identified the key data elements for language arts and math for each grade level.  Then they identified the key performance date elements.  Three performance categories have been set up with green meeting expectations, yellow borderline, red not meeting expectations.  A performance range was set up for each of the three categories.  A prototype should be available for the Hollis Board at the June meeting.  Data analysis could be done over the summer.


Some training will begin within grade level meetings and Carol would like to bring in the new superintendent for feedback.  Carol Mace is looking at January 2009 for roll out.


Every Day Math


Carol Mace discussed the proposed project plan for the Hollis Math Program.  She would like to hear feedback from the administration, public and board.  Carol Mace has set up a three phase plan for this.


Phase 1 has four objectives.  The timeline is April 2008-November 2008

1.      Quick fixes – computation.  Pretest, evaluate weaknesses and correct.

2.      Gather teacher feedback on 2007 Everyday Math.  Identify best practices.

3.      Improve elementary and middle school curriculum coordination.

4.      Identify effective and efficient program evaluation model.



Phase 2 has three objectives.  The timeline is September 2008-April 2009

1.      Enhance parent understanding of Everyday Math.

2.      Gather parent feedback on 2007 Everyday Math.

3.      Strengthen K-12 curriculum coordination


Phase 3 has two objectives.  The timeline is November 2008-June 2010

1.      Evaluate Hollis Math program.

2.      Implementation of Hollis Math program


The Board discusses the plan at length.


Bill Beauregard wants to see the pretest and remediation this year.


Bill Beauregard asked if we have thought about setting up a partnership with a company or college working with the HSD. 


Carol Mace talked about trying to make a connection with Dr. Ball and University of Michigan.


Bill Beauregard wants to make sure that we look other districts, who are successful in math, and see what programs they use.


Rich Pike agreed that contacting other districts to see what programs they use and how they are evaluated are key data points.


Bill Beauregard asked if Carol still sees a role for the BEST practices in the district.  Carol Mace would like to look at other program evaluation models and tools.  Jim McCann believes that any model/evaluation doesn’t look at other models/programs is flawed. 


Susan Benz thinks that parent feedback on the 2007 Everyday Math program for January 2009-April 2009 is too long a time.  She feels that we need it now. 


Rich Pike stated that maybe we need two different surveys, with one of them coming from the middle school parents to see how the program has worked for middle school. 


Alison Haytayan feels that the raw data drives the program more than parent feedback. 


Bill Beauregard thinks that at lot of time in being put in to Phase 2 and he wonders what the payback for all of this is.


Jim McCann is not sure that timeline is realistic.  He feels that the board needs to have the program evaluated by November 2008 for budgeting purposes. 


Carol Mace feels that this is an ambitious timeline and should probably be pushed out another year.  A contingency amount would have to be put in the school budget until programs can finish being evaluated.


Rich Pike stated that if we are addressing the gaps in our current math program now, does it really matter if we take another year to evaluate the programs.


Bill Beauregard feels that teacher feedback is very important.


Maura Loftus asked if Carol would consider taking the best parts of several programs and creating a program just for Hollis.


Public Forum


Woman – Hingham Road

Supports the plan.  She sees a need to create a mastery of skills.  Any program that is implemented will have weaknesses.  The important thing is to identify and address those problems from the beginning.


Tony Falcone – Farley Road

He sees spiraling a drawback.  There is a minimal value in multiple approaches.  We need to use methods that build core skills.  He doesn’t feel that there is a need for another parent survey.  The major things that the Math Advisory committee says are wrong are the same things that EDM website says are good with the program.


Steve Burns – Pepperell Road

Parents are the most important supplement to a child’s education.  He has a problem understanding/helping in Everyday Math.  The program his children used in Montessori school was good he could easily help his children.  Saxon Math introduces concept, practice the concept.  He has no reference books for Everyday Math and doesn’t have time to go on the web.  He is going back to the Saxon Math for teaching his children. 


Steve Burns also gave the board letters from people who couldn’t attend the meeting this evening.


Audrey Augen – Sherwood Drive


She talked to people educated in China.  The kids work harder in US.  These Chinese parents want the basics drilled into their children just as they were for them in China. 


Regina McCalmont – Richardson Road


She is disappointed that a new program was not adopted tonight.  Why are we spending a year evaluating a program that people don’t like?



Jennifer MacLeod –


She was hoping that this would be fast tracked.  She wishes we were headed down the road away from Everyday Math.


Rhonda Burns – Pepperell Road


She feels a year has already been spent on this and wishes we were moving away from Everyday Math faster.


Maura Loftus stated that she wouldn’t change any of her responses on her parent survey.  Is Carol expecting a different response from the survey?


Carol Mace said yes, as the 2007 version of Everyday Math is different from the Everyday Math program used in 2006.


Jim McCann asked what Carol would cut out of this plan if in year (2009-2010) the board  wanted an evaluated program in place.  Carol Mace will look at this and get back to the board.


Alison Haytayan asked how the quick fixes will work in the classroom.  Carol Mace stated that they would be doing a pretest and then use the test to identify and address students’ needs.


A motion was made to adjourn by Jim McCann.  The motion was seconded by Susan Benz.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 5 yes 0 no.


10:55 pm




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