Public Minutes of June 11, 2007 Regular Meeting

Hollis Primary School – Library

Hollis, NH 


School Board Members

William Beauregard, Chairperson; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice Chairperson; James McCann, Board Secretary; Harry Haytayan; James O’Shea, MD – Not Present


Administration and Others Present

Richard Pike, SAU41 Superintendent ; Carol Thibaudeau, HUES Principal; Dr. Gail Paludi, HPS Principal; Carol Mace, SAU41 Director of Curriculum; Mellinee Capasso, Business Administrator;

Rich Raymond, Network Administrator; Annabelle Harris, Recording Secretary; and members of public (Sign-in sheet is filed with the minutes.)


Chair. Beauregard called the meeting to order at 6:25 p.m.


Approval of School Board Minutes

·        Mr. McCann made a motion to approve the April 11th minutes.  Ms. MacLeod seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.

·        Approval of the May 9th and May 31st minutes was deferred. 


Public Forum

Regina McCalmont – 10 Richardson Rd., Hollis

Ms. McCalmont spoke as a representative of the PTA Parents for Excellence Committee and requested a meeting with the Board prior to the June 22nd workshop.  The purpose of the meeting would be to clarify the issues previously presented in their report and to answer any Board questions.  Chair. Beauregard stated that the Board would be amenable to a meeting and a possible date would be discussed later during this meeting.


Joe Cote – Nashua Telegraph

Mr. Cote introduced himself as a reporter from the Nashua Telegraph.  Chair. Beauregard welcomed him and offered to answer any questions he might have now and in the future.


Agenda Additions and Deletions

There were no additions or deletions.


Administration Reports

Ms. Thibaudeau presented the principal’s report for HUES.  Her report is attached to the end of the minutes.


Chair. Beauregard reported that 13 HUES students attended the Johns Hopkins University Meeting last week and were recognized for their math and reading achievements.  There were more students from Hollis than from any other districts.  Chair. Beauregard will try to put something in the paper about their achievement. 


NWEA 5th grade results are going home with the last report cards.  There will be contact information if parents have questions about the results.


Dr. Paludi presented the principal’s report for HPS.  Her report is attached to the end of the minutes.


The preschool report is attached to the end of the minutes.


Chair. Beauregard inquired if the preschool outcome data that is measured and sent to the state and then converted into Federal OSEP reports is something that should be included in their database.  Dr. Paludi stated that’s required by the state now for preschools. 


Chair. Beauregard stated that before implementing a data warehouse, they have to determine in advance what they want out of it, what inquiries they want to do, and find out if the program will meet their needs. 


Ms. Mace stated that they are supposed to be able to use any state-maintained data.  Mr. Raymond commented that if they want to track report card data, then a separate report card module would need to be purchased as that information is currently in a Word document format and not a database.  Dr. Paludi stated that the new professional development plan has a data matrix that lists every assessment used in the SAU that delineates schools and districts. 


Ms. Mace will be attending a workshop this summer to get started with Performance Pathways.  The leadership team decided they would like to start with the Performance Tracker, see what that has to offer, and become familiar with it.  They would then investigate the need for the Assessment Builder. 


Dr. Paludi stated that the extended school year program is a Special Ed requirement.  There will be a few children coming during the same time the summer camp programs are running.  That will be covered by preschool staff.  They didn’t have that last year because there wasn’t a need.


Extended-day kindergarten is available as an early intervention program for children who were assessed and met certain criteria.  There will be 12-14 children participating this coming year.


Mr. McCann will write a thank-you letter to D.A.R.E. Officer Irwin for the HUES Family Baseball Night he coordinated.


Chair. Beauregard was happy to report that despite initial budget concerns, the school will be able to get the latest edition of the math workbooks.   


PBX System for Hollis Primary School

Mr. Raymond reviewed the quote from Pingtel for the VOIP PBX system.  The quote is attached to the end of the minutes.


The Pingtel Company is based out of Woburn, MA.  They had a case study of a school in ME that was very satisfied with the product.  They recommended Central Maine Communications out of Portland, ME, who sent an engineer to discuss their options.


There are four components in the VOIP system.  The PBX would be an Intel quad core, 2 GHz, 220 GB hard drive, hardware married for redundancy.  The operating system runs on Linux.  The gateway interfaces the internal phones to a public phone system.  There are IP telephones.  HP switches were recommended.  The current switches do not support the quality of service needed as they are not managed and are a flat network.  The recommended switches are multilayer and would prevent data from stepping on voice traffic.  It would maintain quality service. 


The server hardware is $2,300.  Mr. Raymond put that all into the SAU site.  One server would be used for the entire district.  The SAU would use a 24 port HP GB switch. 


The Pingtel software license is $4,000 for 125 users, which breaks down to $32 per user.  25 users were allocated for the SAU and 100 for HPS.  The gateways handle four lines each.  Two of them would be at the SAU office because they have 6 lines currently. 


There are two phones, a 430 and 650.  The 430 has all of the features needed and is $182.94 each. The 650 phone is for the receptionist and has extra features.  The Maine school had used less expensive phones and had problems with quality.


The total is $10,977.59. 


HPS didn’t need a computer.  Since they have 80 extensions, they would need two 48 HP Port switches. There would be 100 users for Pingtel.  They only need one gateway.  There were 78 classroom phones quoted, but they might need closer to 80.  One phone was allocated for the receptionist.


Total hardware/software comes to $41,995.97. 


Installation was quoted at 100 hours (to be on the high side) at $125 an hour.  They might be able to save on the installation by performing some of the work themselves.  Training was quoted for 40 hours at $88.50 an hour. 


Mr. Raymond recommended GB Switch Speed for the SAU office and 100 MB Switch Speed at HPS.  The 24 Port 100 MB is $2,161 versus $3,800 for the 24 Port GB.  Everything else stays the same.  The same with the 48 Port switches.  It’s $3,800 versus $6,200.  The total comes to $51,567.87. 


Ms. Capasso stated their prices are pretty comparable with hardware.  Installation and training is additional.  It would be approximately $16,000 at the high end.  If 25% was charged back to the SAU, that adds $4,000 to the SAU and $12,000 to HPS.  The total is $43,000.  The quotes for standalone systems are between $27,000 and $45,000, but not with the capability this will afford. 


In the future, HUES or the middle school would have the ability to upgrade by purchasing switches, a gateway, phones and upgrading the licenses.   Mr. Raymond stated that in the future they might want to look into a PRI, which is a primary rate interface, to be located in Brookline


The current system is analog.  With the new system, analog would still be available if the Internet went down.


There is an annual software maintenance support and upgrade fee of $2,200 a year for 125 users with multi-year savings.  The service contract on the hardware is consistent.  Shared technologies is $4,000, and PBX is close to $1,300.   This system can be upgraded by upgrading software without needing to update hardware.


The principals would now have conference call capabilities, speakerphone, voicemail, and can have faxes sent to email. 


Ms. Thibadeau stated that the phone system at HUES is currently working and does not need to be upgraded at this time.   


Installation of the PBX can take place over the summer before the next school year.  It was recommended that the PBX be located at the high school because it would be connected to a generator.


A chargeback to the other districts for updating would happen through apportionment.  It would be built into the SAU budget.  The $10,977 plus their portion of installation and training would become the SAU piece.  Of that, that would be apportioned back to Brookline, Hollis and the Coop.  This will be presented to the SAU tomorrow night.  HPS can still go forward with the system even if the SAU declines.   


The option of leasing or purchasing was discussed.  Leasing would require budgeting every year.  Currently there is enough in the contingency fund to cover the purchase. 


Mr. Raymond stated the fiber will start being pulled the last week of June.  Brookline will be first, and it will take about three days.  The Internet connection will be done at the high school first.  One switch will be upgraded at the high school to handle the voice traffic.  Central Maine Communications would help with that, and it would be included in the100 hours.  That comes out of the network upgrade budget.  Charter said the fiber will be done August 15th.  HUES will be done last for the fiber. 


Mr. McCann made a motion to authorize Ms. Capasso to enter into a contract with Pingtel to purchase and install a 100 MB system for HPS with training and installation, subject to approval by the Budget Committee to use contingency funds.  Ms. MacLeod seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.


FY07 Contingency Spending

Ms. Capasso reviewed the FY07 May Contingency Spending Spreadsheet.  It is attached to the end of the minutes.


The FY06 encumbrance has been fully expended.  FY07 budget is $95,000.  $30,000 was allotted for the phone system.  There were still some miscellaneous repairs within that.  NWEA funding was voted to come out of contingency.  From that point forward, the discussion has been with the Budget Committee to be able to use this funding in a maintenance and building upgrade capacity. 


The kindergarten door is scheduled to be installed June 20th.  The amount listed is a firm number.


Under the preventative maintenance program through Hutter, Dave Lage identified three items.  Archiving is ongoing.  The Hutter maintenance contract is beginning to accrue hours.  They performed a walk-through on Tuesday to assess the needs in the buildings.  They’re being worked on.  Granite State Plumbing had a representative walk through as well.  The preventative maintenance program is forecasted numbers.  Ms. Capasso recommended encumbering those funds first to Hutter and second to Granite State.  She will verify how to have that billed. 


The speaker system is for HPS to have outside speakers needed for safety reasons. 


The T-111 replacement estimate of $15,000 is for replacing the rotten wood around the windows in the back of the school.  Portland Glass gave an estimate to cover the T-111 with aluminum siding for approximately $50,000.  It is unknown what is behind the rotten wood.  Ms. Capasso stated that depending on where they fall with the phone system, this might be for consideration for the expendable trust.  She suggested putting aside some seed money.  The $15,000 estimate might not be realistic.  Chair. Beauregard requested that someone from Hutter come out and give some other building material recommendations more within their budget before the June 26th meeting. 


There is a quote of $7,777 for outside lighting.  There are some questions about the placement. 

Ms. Capasso stated that if that is a job they want to include in the contingency, it may be something they can encumber the funds under this contractor and hopefully have the Director of Maintenance run.  Chair. Beauregard stated that perhaps another contractor could make a better offer.  He also stated that the quote is to put four lights in the front and one in the back.  They might not need that many lights in the front.  Ms. Capasso said that she will ask Dave Lage to assess the T-111 and outdoor lighting and give a quote with Hutter as the contractor.


There is a ballpark number of $15,000 to seal the HUES parking lot.  If the holes in the parking lot are not properly filled and sealed, they could possibly expand, which might require replacing the whole lot. 


Ms. MacLeod stated that there might not be enough money to cover all of the projects listed. 


Ms. Capasso stated she had a concern with Hutter collecting bids.  The policy speaks to a public bid process.  Hutter has a list of contractors they usually use and would probably go with one of those.  Chair. Beauregard stated that Hutter would obtain as many quotes as they need. 


Chair. Beauregard stated that they need to get quotes this week and can vote at the June 22nd workshop.


Director of Maintenance Candidate

Chair. Beauregard made a motion to offer the Director of Maintenance position to Robert Blaze within the budgeted amount set aside for this position.  Mr. McCann seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.


BudgetSense Monthly Expenditure Report

This will be discussed at the June 22nd workshop.


Broadband Startup Cost Funding

Ms. Capasso suggested that the district-wide account for computer supplies is the appropriate place to go for this.  It has $9,000 remaining in that fund.


Summer Meeting Schedule

A workshop for the Board and Administration is scheduled for June 22nd, 8:00-11:30 a.m., in the middle school multi-purpose room and will be televised.


An open forum meeting is set for June 18th, 5:30-7:30 p.m., at the HPS library.  The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate introductions with the PTA’s new leadership and share their plans for the coming year.  The eight initiatives presented earlier by the PTA will be clarified and discussed.  There will be an open forum to receive public input on initiatives of interest. 


Mr. Haytayan expressed that a public forum with a specific agenda is appropriate.  He wanted to also clarify that while public opinion is welcome, the appropriate way for initiatives to come forward is only when a member of the Board presents an issue for discussion and at least three members of the Board agree to adopt a change in policy.  


Supt. Pike suggested that this would be an extended public forum.  It is not just for the PTA, but it is for anyone who has an interest in the theme of taking the district to the next level.   


Chair. Beauregard inquired about the possibility of having an open forum at the July 31st Regular Board Meeting to hear the public’s input in reference to the work done at the June 22nd workshop on goals. 

Mr. Haytayan expressed that it would need to address specific issues to be considered by the Board, as opposed to broad discussion.


Dr. Paludi stated that her understanding of the workshop was to review current progress on goals and determine the direction they need to take and if there needs to be any revision or adjustment of the existing three-year goals.  Chair. Beauregard stated that time is set aside to discuss the administrators’ perspective on the public input on goal initiatives they had received earlier. 


Supt. Pike stated that the sequence of events is important.  The public input at the meeting on June 18th will be revealing for their conversation on the 22nd.  Another element to consider is that the plate is only so big.  He stated that this is almost the beginning stages of a larger strategic plan for the district.  As they get input, they will take that into account with their larger discussion around goals and decide if the direction they’re heading with goals is where they want to be. 


Mr. Haytayan inquired if there was a consensus to revisit their three-year goals.  A lot of work went into establishing their goals, and it would be problematic to change course whenever a new Board is elected. Chair. Beauregard responded that was not part of the agenda.  They are simply getting input. 

Mr. McCann commented that they are not suggesting that things should get torn apart, but they should reevaluate every year if they are on track and that things still makes sense.     


The Hollis School Board Regular Meeting is scheduled for June 31st  at 5:00 p.m. at the middle school.  The possible need for an August meeting will be discussed at a later time.



Supt. Pike presented a letter of resignation from Eva Novak, 2nd grade teacher.   The Board accepted her resignation with regret and offered best wishes.  He thenpresented a letter of resignation from Paraeducator Robin Van Amburg. 


Supt. Pike presented a letter from Dave Olszewski, President of HEA, informing the Board of the desire to bargain a Master Contract for ‘08/’09 and requesting an informational session.


Nomination of Staff   

Dr. Paludi presented hire recommendations for:

Marya Demetri, Interim Grade 3 (Replace Novak)

B.A., Human Development w/Elementary and Gen. SpEd. Certification

Experience:  One year

Recommendation: B, Step 2

Salary:  $35,759


Jay Jobin, .5 Extended K (New Position)

B.A., Humanities, U of Colorado

M.Ed., English Language and Linguistics, UNH

Experience:  One Year

Recommendation:  M, Step 2

Salary:  $19,656 (.5)


Ms. Thibaudeau presented hire recommendations for:

Nicholasa Cortez, Interim Grade 5 (Repl. McBride)

B.S. Elementary Ed., Keene State College

Experience:  New Teacher

Recommendation:  B, Step 1

Salary:  $34,381


Robert Pooler, Interim Grade 4 (Repl. Klicker)

B.A., Psychology, St. Michael’s College

M.Ed., Teaching, UNH

Experience:  One Year

Recommendation:  M, Step 2

Salary:  $39,312


Mr. McCann made a motion to accept Marya Demetri as Interim Grade 3.  Ms. MacLeod seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.


Mr. McCann made a motion to accept Jay Jobin as .5 Extended K.  Ms. MacLeod seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.


Mr. McCann made a motion to accept Nicholasa Cortez as Interim Grade 5.  Ms. MacLeod seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.


Mr. McCann made a motion to accept Robert Pooler as Interim Grade 4.  Ms. MacLeod seconded the motion.  Motion passed 4-0.


Committee Reports

Supt. Pike stated that the September deadline is probably not going to be a practical date to get that information.  Formal action has not been taken on this.  Both sides appear to agree that the direction should be looking at incentives.  It might be worthwhile to consider disbanding that committee and putting energy into focusing on incentives.  That does not need to be done as part of the CBA and can be done in a regular conversation. 


Chair. Beauregard stated that the action that came out of the last meeting was to contact Dennis Pope and get his input.  The other action was to figure out legally what it would take to make that happen and to give guidance to the Board. 


Ms. Mace stated that she had repeatedly tried to contact Mr. Pope, but she had not spoken to him yet.


Supt. Pike spoke to Tom Flygare about the contract language.  He felt that incentives could be discussed without having to reconstitute a committee or have a sidebar to the contract.  Mr. Haytayan pointed out that there’s a collective bargaining agreement which all parties are bound by that doesn’t get renegotiated.  Supt. Pike responded that Tom Flagger didn’t feel there needed to be a sidebar to the contract if both sides agreed that the focus of the dialogue would be around a different component of performance pay such as incentives or other things that would reward teachers. 


Chair. Beauregard stated that the union representative in the last meeting said they didn’t know why the previous Board had done this.  It was done as a compromise at the end.   Mr. Haytayan responded that there were specific initiatives agreed on by both sides that were philosophically consistent with the objective of this committee.  One of them had to do with a provision in the collective bargaining agreement which gives the superintendent authorization to take certain actions that is based on performance.  Both sides agreed to this.  Chair. Beauregard stated that their position was that it was a concession that they didn’t support.


Ms. MacLeod stated that her impression was that it was a fact-finding committee that was going to come back to the Board and give their findings about what has been tried and what’s failed.  She also stated that she remembered talking about the evaluation system that they had maybe not being the best tool, and that perhaps by the time they were ready to embrace the new evaluation tool, they might also be in a different place talking about pay for performance prior to the next negotiation cycle. 


Mr. Haytayan inquired why the committee had only met once during the year.  Supt. Pike responded that initially there were scheduling conflicts.  Subsequently, the issue was raised about the purpose of the committee and if it was heading in the right direction.  They were looking for the Board’s guidance.  The discussion at the last meeting was the practicality of getting this done by September 1st and what they were going to be researching.


Chair. Beauregard stated that the discussion centered on the definition of performance and how to measure it.  Mr. Haytayan stated that these are good questions, but would be more appropriate put it in some type of report that the committee was charged to prepare.   Supt. Pike responded that the committee hasn’t been disbanded yet.  The committee went a little further than just data collection and wanted to know where it was going and how this tied into all of the other variables. 


Chair. Beauregard stated that incentives might be another way to approach this because incentives are easy to measure and that pay for performance is more fraught with complications.  With incentives you can say there’s some behavior the principals are looking for above and beyond the normal scope of employment, being a team leader or a mentor or something like that.   


Mr. Haytayan stated that these are all great thoughts, but the committee was supposed to have done some work.  Ms. Mace stated they did start researching at pay for performance systems.  Venu had a model from the government.  They had started gathering models of districts that had been written up in the media.  Mr. Haytayan asked why they had stopped.  Chair. Beauregard responded that that they have some smart people appointed to go to this meeting that were looking down the road.  Mr. Haytayan stated that those are questions that they ought to put to the Board when it prepares for the next round of negotiations.   Chair. Beauregard stated that the committee didn’t want to waste their time.  If the didn’t want to tie it to the current teacher evaluation, there’s no way to measure performance. 


Policy First Readings

Policy first readings were deferred until the June 22nd workshop in order to give the Board time to review them.    


Mr. McCann made a motion to enter Non-Public Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II. (a), (c). 

Mr. Haytayan seconded the motion.  Ms. MacLeod was out of the room.  Motion passed 3-0. 


Chairman Beauregard made a motion to adjourn the public meeting.  Mr. Haytayan seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.


The Board entered Non-Public Session at 9:25 p.m.



Hollis Upper Elementary School Principal’s Report

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal

Candice Fowler, Assistant Principal

June 11, 2007





Ed. Spec.

# of classes

Full Enrollment

As of  6/11/07

Change from last report

Ave. class size

Actual class enrollments

Grade 4







24, 24, 24, 24, 24,25


Grade 5







22, 22, 20, 19,17, 17, 16

Grade 6







22, 22, 22, 20, 20,21



19 classes






Home Study: 8


















Grade 4-106 (21,21,,21,21,21)

Grade 5-148 (22,21,21,21,21,21,21)

Grade 6-135 (23,23,23,23,22,21)



Curriculum & Instruction

·        The final MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) staff tutorial for 6th grade staff members has been scheduled and the 5th grade pilot reports will be included with 3rd trimester report cards.



·        This year HUES invited families to participate in Email-A-Thank you during Staff Appreciation Week. We received almost 100 electronic messages. Staff members were so pleased!  We look forward to this event next year.

·        Final plans for the HUES playground are still on-going. The final order has been placed and we are awaiting a call from Miracle to schedule the installation.

·        Portfolio Day was very successful with 338 ‘signed-in’ visitors in attendance.

·        Lesha Colthart, music teacher, hosted Wacky Western Day for HUES on May 11th and all had a rootin’ tootin’ time.

·        Betsy Thorpe, band teacher, conducted the HUES band members during the All-District Concert and the HUES Spring Concert. The students performed with lots of enthusiasm and heart! What a treat!

·        The HUES School Community participated in a respectful Memorial Day celebration on Thursday morning around the flagpole with classroom flag bearers and Memorial Day Singers. Special guests included VFW representatives.

·        6th graders continue to participate in transition activities for next year’s middle school experience. On May 23rd & June 8th the students & teachers toured HBMS.

·        6th graders attended Nature’s Classroom environmental camp on May 14-18 in Greenfield, NH. Sue Hoyt has served as the lead teacher for this popular 6th grade event for the past 5 years and has ‘passed the torch’ to Betsy Keegan.

·        Tom Williamson & PTA volunteers organized a fun-filled Field Day for students and staff on Friday, June 1st.

·        D.A.R.E Officer Kevin Irwin has organized the First Annual Hollis D.A.R.E. Family Baseball Night for D.A.R.E graduates & families. There are approx. 115 people scheduled to attend. Thank you Officer Irwin!



Administrative Focus Areas

·        Staffing for the 2007-08 school year

·        Playground renovation project

·        Placement for the 2007-08 school year

·        Promotion Ceremony for 6th graders

·         Step-Up for 3rd, 4th, & 5th



Looking Ahead

·         June 13                  Gr. 6  Canobie Lake

·         June 18                  Gr. 6 Promotion Ceremony, 10:00-gym

·         June 19                  Last Day of School (1/2 day)

·         June 19                  Staff Luncheon & Check-Out

·         June 26-Aug.10      SAU Technology Workshops

·         Aug. 27-28             Teacher Workshop Days

·         Aug. 29                  First Day of School J



Hollis Primary School Principal’s Report

Gail E. Paludi, Principal

Susan Astone, Assistant Principal

June 11, 2007


Enrollment Figures


Current Information


Ed. Spec

# of classes

Full enroll-


As of


Change from last report

Ave. class size

Actual class enrollments








18, 18, 16, 15

Grade 1







15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 14

Grade 2







20, 21, 20, 19, 21,20

Grade 3








18, 17, 18, 17, 15, 18

Primary Totals


23 classes






Home Study Students:  HPS – 6



Hollis Early Learning Program



Supervisor Update


·        A detailed report from the Supervisors is attached.


Board Goals 2006-2007


·        Goal #1:  To improve the teacher evaluation process for the enhancement of instruction.


1.      The SAU #41 Evaluation Committee met on June 4, 2007.  A decision was made by the committee to work on procedures and process during the 2007-2008 school year.  Mrs. Mace, Director of Curriculum and Instruction will be contacting the Pathwise Company to discuss training options for the following year.

2.      The Hollis Administrative Team continues to facilitate the book study group about A Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson.  Our last session was held on May 21, 2007, and was facilitated by Dr. Paludi.


·        Goal #2: To create effective early intervening services (as mandated by IDEIA) for students in the areas of reading and mathematics.


  1. PALS screening for incoming kindergarten students has been taking place for the past two weeks.
  2. Meetings have been held to discuss summer reading and mathematics camp opportunities.



Goal #3: To more effectively utilize assessment data to drive instruction.


  1. NWEA MAP Testing was conducted as a pilot project for all grade two students.
  2. Dr. Paludi met with the NWEA Leadership Team to discuss administration and future implementation of NWEA MAP.


Goal #4:  To refine the implementation of the balanced literacy approach.


  1. Dr. Paludi attended team meetings to review progress and plan for continued implementation of “Reader’s Workshop”.
  2. Dr. Paludi conducted several informal classroom observations to observe “Writer’s Workshop” and “Reader’s Workshop” in action.
  3. Dr. Paludi discussed with Linda Clark, Tufts Consultant, the plans for the final work sessions.  Linda worked with teachers for the last time this year on the Teacher Workshop Day on May 25, 2007.


Professional Development for Staff


·        Linda Clark, Tufts Consultant, worked with the faculty on May 25, 2007 to design units of study for the 2007-2008 school year. 

·        Dr. Paludi attended a workshop “Time Management for Educators” on May 31, 2007.


Staffing for ‘06-’07 School Year


·        We have no changes at this time.


Building Maintenance



Grade Level Team Meetings



Additional Items of Interest


·        Dr. Paludi is serving as the administrative co-chair for the SAU #41 Professional Development Committee.  This committee is charged with writing the new five-year professional development plan for the SAU.   Our committee met numerous times to work on the new plan.  We are making excellent progress on the new plan.  Our last meeting was held on June 6, 2007 and we worked on the final revisions to the plan.  The plan will be reviewed at the SAU Board meeting on June 12, 2007.  After that meeting, the plan will be delivered to DOE in Concord prior to the June 30, 2007 deadline.

·        Dr.  Paludi is serving as a member of the SAU #41 Evaluation Committee.  This committee is researching evaluation models.  Our committee met on June 4, 2007.  The committee will also be meeting on June 25, 2007 to plan for the 2007-2008 school year.

·        Dr. Paludi is serving as the administrative chair for the Technology Task Force.  Our main focus this year is the implementation of the ICT Standards.  We recently planned the Summer Technology workshops.

·        Our enrollment for the 2007-2008 school year, as of 6/11/07, is:  HELP – 3 year olds – 12 (6/6), 4 year olds -11 (6/5), Kindergarten – 63 students, Grade One - 92 students, Grade Two - 90 students, and Grade Three -  123  students.  We continue to register new students on a daily basis.

·        Grade Two students participated in NWEA MAP pilot testing from May 14, 2007 through May 25, 2007.  The pilot administration gave us much information to plan for full implementation next year.


Special Events


Hollis Early Learning Program

BOE Report

June 2007

Maureen Chorma, Preschool Coordinator


The Hollis Early Learning Program a busy month of May.  Our enrollment remained the same, and we currently have 9 students in the morning 3-year-old class (5 typical peers, 4 identified children) and 10 students in our afternoon 4-year-old class (5 typical peers, 5 identified children).  4 preschoolers are continuing to receive itinerant speech services only, and one child is receiving speech through an early intervening service plan.  No child check screenings were conducted in May.  Three children were referred for evaluations in May, and while evaluations are in progress, we anticipate identifying each one of them with an educational disability.  Two other children were also identified with an educational disability in May.  One child was not found to have an educational disability, but a 504 plan will be created. 


As the 07-08 school year grows closer, we are beginning to get a better idea of our enrollment numbers.  In the 3-year-old program, we will have 6 typical peers, plus 3-5 identified children.  In the 4-year-old program, we will have 6 typical peers, plus 5 identified children.  We recently screened all of the incoming new typical peers and it looks like we have a fun crew for next year!     


We are in the process of organizing our extended school year program for preschoolers, to target the needs of children who may suffer regression of skills over the summer months.  At this point, we plan on servicing 8 children in our preschool program, as well as 2 children who will receive only speech services. 


We re-screened all of our 4-year-olds, using the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening, to determine their growth in our program, as well as determine eligibility for the new Extended Day Kindergarten program.  All of our children showed strong growth over the past year.  Two HELP staff members also spent several days screening new incoming kindergarteners.         


We are continuing to implement the Creative Curriculum and gather observations/information on our students for measuring preschool outcome data, which is sent to the state, and converted into Federal OSEP reports.


In mid-May, we had a wonderful walking field trip to the Hollis Police Station and Officer McGuinnes did a great job showing us around.  We are happy to announce that we were granted the Hollis Brookline Rotary Club Excellence in Education Grant, once again, and this year we will use the funds to enjoy monthly music concerts with Steve Blunt.  Specific plans for that are in process.