Hollis School District

4 Lund Lane

Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

Tel. 465-7118



Public Minutes of June 28, 2007


A Public session was held on this date at HBMS.


Board Members present: Bill Beauregard, Chair; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice Chair;

Jim McCann, Secretary

Administration present: Richard Pike, Supt of Schools


Call to order at 6:40pm.


Canít approve 5/9/07 minutes without a quorum of 5/9/07 attendees present.† Need to defer until next board meeting.


Motion:† J MacLeod motion to enter Non-Public session for reason of compensation per 91-A:3 II (a).† J McCann 2nd.† 3-0 in favor.


Entered Non-Public session at 6:42pm.