Approved:† September 10, 2008



July 17, 2008,††† 12:30 P.M.

Cafeteria, Hollis Upper Elementary

School Board meetings are open to the public


MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD:††† Bill Beauregard, Chairperson; Jim McCann, Vice Chair; Alison Haytayan, Board secretary (absent); Susan Benz, Maura Loftus (absent).


ADMINISTRATION:† Susan Hodgdon, SAU 41 Superintendent; Liz Allen, Principal, HPS; Candi Fowler, Principal, HUES; Kathy McBride, Assistant Principal HUES, Dawna Duhamel, Business Administrator (absent); Carol Mace, Dir. of Curriculum; Bob Kelly, Dir. of Special Education (absent)

1)      Call to Order Ė Bill Beauregard called the meeting to order at 12:43 pm.

2)      Administrative Reports

Carol Mace reported that she attended a conference on project management for 3 days and found it very helpful.

The math program is phase II, summer research piece, and a team has been assembled.† There was an organizational meeting at the end of June where the work that needs to be done was mapped out.† The team is conducting research in 5 areas during the month of July and written final report is due in August.†

Carol Mace has requested stipends for 5 non-administrative team members x 5 full days @ $100/day = $2,500.

The team plans to do a research piece regarding non-traditional and traditional algorithms in grades 4-6.† The team will have a recommendation and final draft in August.

The Hollis Mathematics Curriculum Administrator had been assigned major responsibilities for completion of project activities and tasks.† This position is now vacant.

The Board expressed concern over the fact that no one from HPS is represented on the math phase II team.

Bill Beauregard has a significant concern that the SERESC consultants seem to have heard that the Board is defining curriculum.† He is concerned that there are some teachers who perceive the Board as defining curriculum, allowing some parents to define curriculum and the Board making decisions on curriculum.† Bill Beauregard stated that he is not aware of any instance where the Board has overstepped their role and that he would like to know if there has been an instance.

Jim McCann agreed with Bill Beauregardís comments regarding misperception of the Boardís roles and responsibilities by some teachers.†

Candi Fowler responded that she feel that this is part of the communication piece and she is going to change her monthly meeting with teachers to a week after the Board meeting to help improve communication and change false perceptions.

Bill Beauregard asked whether it would be helpful to have one or more Board members come to a staff meeting to answer questions. Jim McCann stated that there is still a misperception regarding the math committee and it can be seen in the SERESC report.† He feels that it clouds everything that the administration is trying to do.

Bill Beauregard asked if information on Board roles and responsibilities would be included in teacher orientation.†† It was not felt to be needed.

Carol Mace volunteered to make some modifications to the plan, based on discussions here this evening, and resubmit a plan with the minutes.

3)      Discussion of SERESC Report

Susan Hodgdon suggested sharing administration and Board perceptions on the report.† She also suggested having the consultants come back to a Board meeting and setting up a workshop on this subject at a later date.

Bill Beauregard made three observations.† The first was related to content.† He noticed that information was missing or not addressed in enough detail.† The second item was key assertions.† The report makes statements of fact without supporting detail.† Bill Beauregard had questions regarding six key assertions that SERESC made and would like to meet with the consultants to discuss these assertions.† The third item is concerns.† The main purpose of the report was to provide conclusions, recommendations, suggestions and identify what is working well.† The report did not fully address the studyís objectives.

Bill Beauregard considers this report a draft and would like to meet with SERESC to discuss it.

Administration observations:† Candi Fowler wanted SERESCís opinion on how efficiently the district is working.† SERESC stated that the Hollis School District was difficult to compare to other districts, because it operates differently, but everything works.† There may be some things that can be improved; however, the district works well.†

Liz Allen noted the statement in the report that the staffing patterns were favorable, appropriate, and not excessive.† She feels it is the right configuration for our SAU.† She feels that the amount of money the district allocates for out of district professional development ($1,100 per teacher) is huge.† She feels that having curriculum administrators in-house is very valuable and allows for better professional development in-house that is specific to the schoolís needs and costs less,† than going out-of-district for professional development.

Carol Mace stated that there needs to be more curriculum support at a building level because we are a multi-district SAU.† Carol Mace noted the statement that job descriptions, roles and responsibilities needed to be re-examined.† She appreciated the recommendation for a district level curriculum council.†

Bill Beauregard questioned why one is needed if there is one at the SAU level.†

Susan Hodgdon stated that the benefit of a district level curriculum council is that it is more data driven.† The focus at a district level is very different than at an SAU level.†

Susan Hodgdon recommends retaining the curriculum coordinator positions., She sees them as needed and valuable.† She doesnít recommend continuing the evaluation responsibilities the positions had.

Board Response:† Bill Beauregard feels he didnít get enough information in the report to make a decision.† He didnít find information in the report on how the benchmark districts manage their curriculum the first objective of the study or a cost/benefit analysis, the sixth objective of the study.†

Susan Benz recalls Bill Beauregard specifically asking if someone from SERESC was going to call each district and ask them how they manage curriculum.† She had a hard time deciphering what SERESC was trying to say in their report.

Jim McCann commented that you canít tell who administers curriculum in each district that SERESC looked at.†

Jim McCann wants the absent Board members to be a part of this discussion.† Given the budgetary pressures from the cost of oil/gas he is not comfortable making a decision without the full Board and doesnít see a decision on hiring any additional staff soon.

The Board agreed further discussion on new positions was needed.

4)      Staffing

A)    Resignation:††††† Jody Nelson

Susan Hodgdon received a letter of resignation from Jody Nelson, grade 3 teacher.

Jim McCann made a motion to accept with regrets the resignation of Jody Nelson.† Susan Benz seconded the motion.† The motion carried by a vote of 3 yes, 0 no.

B)† Hiring:††††††††††††† Marya Lorden

Susan Hodgdon recommends Marya Lorden to replace Jody Nelson, grade 3 teacher.† Marya Lorden would be hired for a one year position at B, step 3 at $37,508.

Jim McCann made a motion to accept Marya Lorden as a grade 3 teacher for a one year position at B, step 3.† Susan Benz seconded the motion.† The motion carried by a vote 3 yes, 0 no.

C)† Job Share†††††††† Senior Secretary

Liz Allen made a recommendation for a job share for the senior secretary position.† The former secretary Ms. Simco would work for 6.25 hours and Ms. Tesconi would work 33.75 hours.† Liz Allen did run this past HESSA and they approved of the plan.† The senior secretary start date is July 28, 2008.

Bill Beauregard asked Liz Allen to please let the Board know if there are any additional secretarial/receptionist staffing needs.

Jim McCann made a motion to accept the job share recommendation for the senior secretary position by Liz Allen for Ms. Mary Ann Simco and Ms. Lizbeth Tesconi.† Susan Benz seconded the motion.† The motion carried by a vote of 3 yes, 0 no.

D)† New Position:†††††††††††††† Data Analyst

Susan Hodgdon spoke regarding the part time data analyst position.† Bill Beauregard would like to see a job description and goals for coming year.† The job would need to be posted as well.† Bill Beauregard also stated that there has been a consultant who has been working with the school for the past year and someone should speak with them regarding the data analyst position.† The Board is going to hold off making any decisions on this position for now.

5)      Other Business

A)    Minutes

Jim McCann made a motion to accept the public minutes as amended, for July 10, 2008.† Susan Benz seconded the motion.† The motion carried by a vote of 3 yes, 0 no.

Jim McCann made a motion to accept the non-public minutes of July 10, 2008.† Susan Benz seconded the motion.† The motion carried by a vote of 3 yes, 0, no.

6)      Non-Public Session


Jim McCann made a motion to go into non-public under RSA 91A:3II(c) reputation.† Susan Benz seconded the motion.† The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 3 yes, 0 no.


2:45 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Kay MacFarlane






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