Public Minutes of August 8, 2007 Meeting

SAU41 office

Hollis, NH 


School Board Members present

William Beauregard, Chairperson; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice Chairperson; James McCann, Board Secretary; Harry Haytayan


Call to Order at 4:03 pm


Nomination of Staff


Motion: J. McCann Motion to approve Assistant Principal / Special Education Coordinator candidate Deborah Trottier for a one-year contract at a salary of $75,000 prorated for a start date to be determined by the Superintendent. J. MacLeod 2nd 4-0


Motion: J. MacLeod Motion to approve School Psychologist candidate Paula Francis-Springer at a salary of $51,398. J. McCann 2nd 4-0


Motions to convey the Farley

Motion: J. MacLeod Motion That the Hollis School District convey property known as the Farley Building and the property shown on the Town of Hollis Tax Maps as Lots 5-2, 5-3 & 5-4 on Tax Map 50, together with any appurtenances or other related rights and privileges to the Town of Hollis for the sum of $1.00, such conveyance to be held at a time mutually agreeable to the Hollis School District and the Town of Hollis. J. McCann 2nd 4-0


Motion: J. MacLeod Motion That William Beauregard, Chairman, is hereby appointed as agent of the Hollis School District and the Board for the purpose of taking all actions appropriate, convenient or necessary for closing upon the transfer of the Farley Building, Tax Map 50, Lots 5-2, 5-3, and 5-4, to the Town of Hollis, including, but not limited to, the power to execute and deliver agreements, deeds, certifications, affidavits, or such other forms, disclosures or documents he deems appropriate, convenient or necessary to accomplish any of the foregoing. McCann 2nd 4-0


Action: All Documents to be reviewed by Attorney Bill Drescher prior to signing


Approval of Minutes

Motion: J. McCann  Motion to approve the May 9, 2007 minutes H. Haytayan 2nd 3-0


Decision: Board agrees to meet on August 30

Action: Chair to contact board member candidates to meet w/ Board


Motion: J. McCann Motion to go into non-public session for reason of compensation per RSA 91-A:3(a) H. Haytayan 2nd passed 4-0