Approved:  June 22, 2006


Hollis School District

4 Lund Lane

Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

Tel. 465-7118



Public Minutes of June 19, 2006


A public session was held on this date in the Hollis Primary School Conference room.


Board Members present: Harry Haytayan, Chair; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice-Chair; Bill Beauregard, Secretary; James O’Shea; Venu Rao


Administration present: Richard Pike, Superintendent; Carol Thibaudeau, HUES Principal


The Chair called the meeting to order at 17:39.


17:40 – J. MacLeod motion to leave meeting for reason of 91-A:2(c) Consultation with legal counsel; J. O’Shea  second, Motion passed 5-0, roll call vote


17:57 J. O’Shea - motion to return to meeting. V. Rao second. Motion passed 5-0


Motion – J. O’Shea - motion to grant Mrs. El Fakih’s request for a 1-year leave of absence for the 2006-07 year under article 13.10 of the collective bargaining agreement Through March 27, 2007 and grant the remainder of the request for the third trimester of the year under 13.11. V. Rao Second. 4-0-1 roll call vote.


Board discussed HPS wall. Our expectation is that we will have current quotes to review from the following companies (assuming they are willing to bid on the job) and can make a decision to engage a contractor at the same meeting. It is our expectation that this will give the business office time to finalize a contract and earmark the current contingency fund by 6/30 fiscal year end for the repair.





The Board discussed SAU Accounting Software upgrade briefly and has questions:

The Board discussed the administration goals proposed in the June 8th workshop. The Board is excited by the vision and far-reaching potential impacts of these goal proposals and believe there are additional opportunities to drive them forward over the summer. In particular:

1) Can Carol Mace come to our meeting on June 22 for a brief discussion of Goal 3 - Researching additional assessment tools to discuss the possibility of doing research over the summer & report back to the Board at the August meeting on the following:

2) Can Board and Administration discuss strategy for Goal One: Improve the teacher evaluation process to enhance instruction.

20:08 J. O’Shea - motion to adjourn, J. MacLeod second. Motion passed 5-0