Approved:  October 20, 2005

Hollis School Board Meeting

September 15, 2005


Harry Haytayan, Chair

Doug Cleveland

Kathy de Lacy

Jennifer MacLeod

Anita Moynihan


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Gail Paludi, HPS Principal

Carol Thibaudeau, HUES Principal



Harry Haytayan called the meeting to order at 9:10 am.


Hollis Transportation, Inc.

  • Al and Nancy Orde of Hollis Transportation Inc. told the Board that it is increasingly difficult to get bus drivers. 
  • Most of the Hollis Transportation drivers live out of town, in Milford or Merrimack.  Historically, most of the drivers lived in Hollis.

·        The drivers work an average of 4 hours a day. 

  • Elementary school-only drivers work 2 hours a day.
  • Special requests for route changes are reviewed by the Superintendent and Hollis Transportation together. Health and Safety issues are paramount.
  • The Hollis School Board has no intention of micromanaging bus routes.  The Hollis School Board feels these special requests should continue to be handled by the Superintendent and Hollis Transportation.
  • Use of video cameras on the buses was discussed.  Currently, one bus has a video-camera, but it is not currently in use.  Rich suggested revisiting this next year to possibly expand video camera usage for behavioral/bullying monitoring.  The HSB agreed.
  • Field trips will cost the district more with increased gas prices.  The Hollis School District pays for gas.  The fees parents pay for field trips cover only the cost of the driver and wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • The Hollis School District currently pays $2.09 for diesel bus fuel.
  • In lieu of cutting field trips, it was suggested that the parent field trip fee could be increased to offset the gas costs.
  • The Ordes requested that all of the school calendars be kept in sync as much as possible, and thanked the HSB & administrators for their accomplishments in this area for SY 2005-2006, saying the calendars are more in sync than they have been in years.


Open Forum


Regina McCalmont raised the issue of parking at Hollis Primary School.  She stated that some more parking spaces are needed, especially for volunteers with small children.  The HSB and Dr Paludi agreed, stating that we’ve been working on it and the update would be given under the “Old Business” portion of the agenda.




A motion was made by Doug Cleveland to accept the minutes of August 4th, 2005.  Anita Moynihan seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous votes 5 yes, 0 no.




Kathy de Lacy made a motion to accept the request for maternity leave for Julie Sommorostro and Amy Young.  Anita Moynihan seconded the motion.  The motion passes with congratulations to both by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Superintendent’s Report


Richard Pike gave the Superintendent’s Report.


Richard Pike made a staff nomination for a .5 Registered Nurse position to upgrade the Preschool Nurse Assistant, Ann Hrobak, to an RN.  This is necessary due to licensing requirements and would be beneficial to the school because Ann could then perform more functions. This would only have a budget impact of about $300, which has already been budgeted.


Kathy de Lacy made a motion to upgrade the Preschool Nurse Assistant to be a .5 RN.  Anita Moynihan seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


In other news, Richard Pike will also be sending out a general letter to parents soon.


Chair’s Report


Harry Haytayan voiced his support for the pre-Board meeting he has with Rich, Lee Ann, Gail and Carol.  Harry reiterated the Board’s role to set policy and to have oversight.  He congratulated the Board for a job well done with some recent tough issues.


Business Administrator’s Report


Lee Ann Blastos gave the Business Administrator’s report.


  • The preliminary audit report shows we’ll give back $88,000 to the Town of Hollis, some of which is from IDEA and Medicaid.  The final report will be given in October with a formal audit presentation at the October Board Meeting.
  • The Hollis School District will receive approximately $14,000 from Medicaid.
  • The 2005/2006 Expenditure report, which will be available next month, will show shortfalls in oil of $9,617, $2,858 in insurance and $6149 Workers Compensation Insurance due to claims experience.
  • Primex has rejected our claim for the boiler damage, stating that they feel it is maintenance-related.  Johnson Controls was our maintenance provider at that time. Johnson Controls is also our current maintenance provider; however, we are considering switching to Granite State Plumbing and Heating.  The boiler was beyond warranty, so there is no way to pursue warranty coverage.


Jennifer MacLeod gave the recycling update.   This year, the recycling program has been expanded to include cardboard as well as the mixed paper we began recycling last spring.  We have been able to negotiate a deal with our trash vendor, Waste Management, to include a recycling dumpster for mixed paper and cardboard.  The recycling dumpster only costs $34/month, versus $300/month for a trash dumpster of nearly the same size.  Both HUES and HPS have begun recycling with student collections taking place once per week.  At HUES, each classroom sends a representative out with the recycling; at HPS the third grade classes are rotating responsibility for collecting from all the classes (due to weight of bins).  At this point it appears that we may have enough volume of recycling to completely remove one of the two trash dumpsters at each school.  This would be a savings of $600/month for the district.  (The $68 cost of the two recycling dumpsters is absorbed by the lower monthly rate negotiated overall).  We can do this at any time, without a penalty.  However, because the school year is just beginning, we are going to monitor the situation over the first two months to ensure that our estimates are correct.  Thanks to the DIRT team for working hard on this for over a year! 


Jennifer MacLeod gave the Food Services Manager update.  Amy Cassidy has been hired as the new FSM for the Hollis School District and the Coop School District.  She has a BS in Nutrition from UNH, is a registered dietician, and has been working as the director of the Head Start Program in Lawrence, MA.  Her first day will be Monday, September 26th.


Jennifer MacLeod is to speak with the principals and Bill Aldrich to find out what measures we are taking in each building to conserve lights, computers and heat.


Principal’s Report


Dr. Gail Paludi gave the report for the Hollis Primary School.

  • HIPP is currently under-enrolled by 3 students.
  • Report card update by Sue Astone
    • Streamlined among all three grades at HPS for consistent wording.
    • Language Arts and Math sections better correlate to HUES report card now.
    • Anita asked about the role of cursive writing in the curriculum, citing her perception that some teachers seem to emphasize it more than others.  Harry Haytayan requested that Carol Thibaudeau report back to the Board on this after further investigation.
    • There was a discussion about the Performance Descriptors remaining the same vs being changed entirely.  It was recommended that the descriptors be changed entirely so as to underscore for both students and parents that the rubrics are different, the performance descriptors are different, and that it is a different report card.  Sue, Gail, and their committee will come up with a full set of new Performance Descriptors and will submit them to the HSB for review and approval asap, so they can be used on the 1st report card of the 2005-06 SY.


Carol Thibaudeau gave the Hollis Upper Elementary School update.

  • The two remaining staff openings will soon be filled.
  • The Town of Hollis has submitted an “aggressive” request for gym and cafeteria time.  Considering the increased price of oil and energy, Carol and the HSB are concerned.  Additionally, custodians need to be on hand when the building is in use, amounting to 272 hours of overtime.  The request includes Sundays, which typically has been a day of rest for the staff and building.  It was decided that Carol would respond to the Hollis Recreation Department that Sundays are not available, the cafeteria is not available and the Hollis School District needs to recoup its costs for non-academic after school activities.


Old Business


  • SAU Parking:  Wayne is going back to ACE Paving to get another estimate based on the revised plan, slightly fewer spaces.  This will include the new parking spaces at both HPS and the SAU Office Building.
  • Farley Building: We are waiting for the Co-op to send us a letter outlining their proposal for the boundary line.
  • Gail Ansaldo, RN and Ellen Lencsak, RN joined the meeting to discuss the number of students with life-threatening food allergies in our schools.  Ellen stated that the number of these students has tripled this year as compared to last year at HPS.  Gail and Ellen have their own internal procedure for handling these cases (a 3-page Individual Health Plan); additionally, some parents have provided documentation which goes into greater detail.  The HSB does not currently have a policy stating our position on this topic.

At the October meeting Richard Pike will present a draft from Kathy O’Sullivan for a food allergy policy.


New Business

  • Anita Moynihan will be the SAU Wellness Committee Representative
  • Doug Cleveland will be the Budget Advisory Sub-Committee Representative.
  • Policy JICK:  Pupil Safety and Bullying/Harassment was read.


Anita Moynihan made a motion to accept JICK: Pupil Safety and Bullying/Harassment.  Doug Cleveland seconded the motion.  The motion passed by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


  • A new representative is needed for the Regional Services and Education Center Committee.  Kathy de Lacy will be the contact person.  We, as a board, will share duties if needed.


Special Education


Bob Kelley gave the update on SPED

  • A procedure manual for SPED is almost finished.  It will be completed in the coming weeks.


Anita Moynihan made a motion to go into non-public under RSA 91A:II B& C to discuss transportation, negotiations and possible litigation.  The motion was seconded by Kathy de Lacy.  The motion was called to a roll call vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Kathy de Lacy made a motion to have Richard Pike hire Kathy O’Sullivan to negotiate both our professional contract and our support staff contract for 2006-2008.  Doug Cleveland will be the Hollis School Board liaison to Kathy O’ Sullivan and the Unions.  Anita Moynihan seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Kathy de Lacy made a motion to come out of non-public at 1:40 pm.  Anita Moynihan seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Anita Moynihan made a motion that the Hollis School Board should negotiate our contracts independently of other school districts.  Kathy de Lacy seconded the motion. The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.


Kathy de Lacy made a motion to adjourn at 1:43 pm.  The motion was seconded by Anita Moynihan.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 5 yes, 0 no.