Hollis School District



Public Minutes of February 5, 2007

Hollis Primary School (Conference Room)

Hollis, New Hampshire 03049

Tel. 465-7118


Part I

Board Members present:, Bill Beauregard, Chairperson; Jennifer MacLeod, Vice-Chair; Venu Rao, Secretary; Harry Haytayan, James O’Shea;


Administration present: Richard Pike, Superintendent, Carol Thibaudeau, HUES Principal, Gail Paludi, HPS Principal, Carol Mace, Curriculum Director, Mellinee Capasso, Director of Administration, Rich Raymond, IT Director.


Chairperson, Bill Beauregard, called the meeting to order at 5:45pm.



Part II

At the conclusion of nonpublic meeting, at 10:55pm second part of public meeting came to session.


Board also approved replacement of Mrs. White, who is going on health leave, with Miss Nicolasa Cortez.  Board also approved to waive 20day per diem wait period for Miss. Cortez.  James O’Shea made a motion and Jennifer MacLeod seconded.  Motion passed by 5-0.


Superintendent recommended reduction of Instructional Assistants, Category I.  James  O’Shea motioned for reduction in Instructional Assistant, Category I.  Jennifer MacLeod seconded it. Motion passed 5-0, roll call vote.


Harry Haytayan motioned to limit Environmental consultant’s pay to $10,000.00, not to exceed $100 per diem.  The motion passed 3 in favor, 1 oppose, and I abstain, roll call vote.


10:55pm J. O’Shea – motion to permanently seal the minutes to the public, Jennifer MacLeod second.  Motion passed 5-0.


11:10pm J. O’Shea - motion to adjourn the meeting and  J. MacLeod seconded.  Motion passed 5-0, roll call vote.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Venu Rao, HSB Secretary