Hollis School Board

2/14/06 8:30AM SAU conference room

Jennifer MacLeod, Anita Moynihan, Kathy de Lacy and Doug Cleveland, Gail Paludi, Rich Pike in attendance


Anita called the meeting to order at 8:35AM


Jennifer made the motion to appoint Anita Budget Committee rep and Kathy alternate. Doug seconded. Vote 4-0.


Kathy made the motion to approve policies J. Jennifer seconded. Vote 4-0.


Doug made the motion to approve policies I with changes to IMDA and IMG. Jennifer seconded. Vote 4-0.


Doug made the motion to approve policies K and L. Jennifer seconded. Vote 4-0.


This completes the review and approval process with all policies having a 1st/2nd reading and approval. Policies will be adopted at the next meeting after which the final changes have been recorded.


Jennifer departed at 9:00.


Title 1 monies have expired and no vote is necessary.


On the superintendentís recommendation, the Food Service Managerís job description will reflect changes in reporting structure. The new reporting structure will be to the building principal or assistant principal, and then to the superintendent.


The board does not want to set a precedent by waiving policy KGR (use of facilities) as requested by Toby Tarnow. Motion made by Kathy de Lacy and seconded by Doug. Vote 3-0.


Harry arrives at 9:30.


Kathy makes a motion to reduce the operating budget by $5000. Harry seconded. Vote 4-0.


Kathy makes the motion to approve warrant article #4, the operating budget, at 9,770,532. Harry seconded. Vote 4-0


Kathy makes the motion to approve warrant article #2, professional staff contract, at 227,929. Doug seconded. Vote 4-0.


Kathy makes the motion to support warrant article #3, support staff contract, at 64703. Doug seconded. Vote 4-0.


There will be a Hollis School Board meeting March 9 at 8:30 in the Primary School. Agenda will include (but not limited to) policy adoption, principal staff recommendations, curriculum coordination and district meeting.


Kathy made a motion to change the 1st paragraph of the section of the Warrant pertaining to the Farley building, to read:


Article 5.To see whether the Hollis School District will vote to authorize the School Board to convey, to the Town of Hollis, a property interest in the land and buildings, or any portion thereof, shown on the Town of Hollis Tax Maps as Map 50, Lot 5-2, Lot 5-3, Lot 5-4, which land and buildings, are the site of a structure known as the Farley Building, on such terms and conditions as the School Board deems in the best interest of the District, and to permit said Board to execute any and all documents necessary to implement said conveyance; or take action relative thereto.


pending review and approval by counsel, and eliminating the 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs. This will be article #5.

Harry seconded. Vote 4-0.


Rich will communicate this change to the Coop. The school board budget rep will communicate this change to the town at the town budget hearing (2/14 at 7:00PM).


A board workshop will be scheduled on the topic of administration compensation.


11:00AM Kathy made a motion to go in to non-public due to RSA 91-A:3 II (c, e) pertaining to reputation, legal consult.Harry seconded. Roll call 4 yes.


Board re-affirms decision on bus issue. Rich requests board communication to parents.

Discussed negotiation issues.

Discussed Special Education issues.


Kathy departs at 11:45.


Harry makes a motion to go out of non-public. Doug seconds. Roll call 3-0.


Harry makes a motion to adjust the budget in order to equalize the assistant principal salary schedule, retroactive in 05-06 and carrying forward to 06-07. Doug seconded. Vote 3-0.


Harry made a motion to adjourn at 12:25. Doug seconded. Vote 3-0.