Hollis School Board

March 9, 2006


Doug Cleveland

Kathy de Lacy

Jennifer MacLeod

Anita Moynihan

Gail Paludi, Principal, HPS

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal, HUES



9:05 AM:  Call to order by Vice Chair Anita Moynihan


Julie Forgaard -- Hollis Strategic Planning Committee (HSPC).  Julie is working with Dan Peterson of the Coop Board on long-term planning with respect to schools.  At last night’s meeting (3-8-06), the HSPC determined Hollis would be built out in approximately 30-40 years.  Some data will be available for town meeting.  Julie presented a table of school enrollments currently and at projected build out.  Doug asked if the projections took into account estimated effects of future town conservation purchases.  Julie stated that they have, but only to a degree, as it is hard to estimate that.  Kathy stated that with the home prices in Hollis, new families moving to town are not typically younger families with elementary-aged children.  She feels that new families to town are more likely to have middle-school and high-school aged children and therefore the impact of population growth in town would be more at grades 7-12, not K-6.


The HSB members commended Julie and the HSPC for being pro-active and not reactive and for putting together the report and presentation.


With regard to the talk around town about an impending need for a third Hollis elementary school, the HSB has not discussed this issue and any opinions in circulation did not come from the Hollis School Board.


9:34     Open Forum


·        Discussion of the state of the Farley Building and the extensive repairs which need to be done.  The Hollis Board of Selectmen had hoped to make a statement at Town Meeting that the HSB will turn over the Farley Building to the town, but the HSB has not decided as such yet.  The HSB will let the warrant article speak for itself as currently written.

·        Anita Moynihan tendered her resignation.  She will stay on the Board until a suitable replacement can be found or until the end of this current school year, whichever comes first.


9:52     KC Morgan arrived and presented her ideas about starting an after-school writing and image-making program.  She proposes two sessions per week:  one for grades 1-3 and one for grades 4-6.  She estimates having about 12 kids per session and will use student teachers from her teaching job at Leslie University to assist her with instruction.  The facilities usage fee was discussed.  KC will meet with the principals and possibly Linda Walsh to discuss the entire idea further.


10:03   Principal’s Report – HPS  

Gail recommended Sonya McTeague to fill in for Eileen Kidder from April 15th to year end while Mrs. Kidder is on maternity leave.  Kathy moved and Doug seconded to approve Sonya McTeague as Eileen Kidder’s replacement as of April 15.  Motion carried 4-0.



Lorraine Plourde is out on medical leave again.  Sue LaRocque is filling in and has received her certificate (statement) of eligibility.  Sue filled in last year for Mrs. Plourde and Gail stated that she is very adept.  Jennifer stated the kids really like Sue as well.


10:10   Principal’s Report – HUES


Carol reported the following:

  • The PTA sponsored a great program on Egypt for the 6th grade.
  • HUES is very close to completing the language arts strand of the curriculum.
  • Shailagh Klicker and Beth Cregan have been mentoring their peers with great success
  • A playground enhancement project is underway.  The PTA is working with Carol and is in the planning and fundraising stages.
  • The HSB approved posting of a fundraiser thermometer for this project.
  • Kathy de Lacy moved to have the last day of school be a half day.  Jennifer seconded and motion carried 4-0.


10:18 Old Business


The Action Item List was reviewed.


Kathy will email Mike Molkentine to see if the Brookline School Board has a member who can serve on the board for RSEC.  It doesn’t make sense for the HSB to represent the SAU as Hollis has only 1/12 of the SAU’s students placed there.


Doug moved to accept all policies A-L which have not been previously approved. Kathy seconded and motion carried 4-0.  Kathy moved to instruct Kathy O’Sullivan to put the policies on line and to authorize an expenditure of no more than $750 for upkeep and maintenance.  Doug seconded; motion carried 4-0. 

Gail recommended a review schedule so that policies are continually looked at and updated by the school board.  The HSB will ask the superintendent to develop a schedule and to implement with future school boards.


Anita mentioned that the SAU website is not being updated appropriately nor is it professional-looking.  The principals concurred that the updates they submit are not being added to the website in a timely manner.  Anita will follow-up with Rich Pike, Superintendent, and/or Rich Raymond, Technology Director.


Kathy moved for the HSB to support the proposed SRO position warrant article for the HSD and the HB Coop school district.  Doug seconded. Motion carried 4-0.


The board has several financial questions which will need later follow up as neither Lee Ann or Mellinee were in attendance.  The issues regard Primex and the water pump costs to be shared with the Coop.


Regarding correspondence from Flygare, Schwarz and Closson, the HSB is surprised by this and needs to see the original contract.


11:01  Minutes


Kathy moved and Doug seconded to approve minutes of January 31, February 9 and February 16, 2006.  Motion carried 4:0.




11:02   Non-public session


Doug moved and Kathy seconded to go into non-public session under RSA91-A3II (a) Personnel.  Ms. de Lacy seconded.  Passed 4-0 roll call vote.


11:51 Doug  made a motion to come out of non-public session.  Jennifer seconded.  Passed 4-0 roll call vote.


Doug moved and Kathy seconded the motion to accept the staffing recommendations of the principals.  Motion carried 4:0.


The principals left the meeting at 11:53 AM.


11:54   Non-public session


Kathy moved to re-enter non-public session under RSA91-A3II (a) Personnel.  Jennifer seconded.  Passed 4-0 roll call vote.


12:01 Kathy moved to return to public session; Doug seconded.  Motion carried 4:0.


12:01 Kathy moved and Doug seconded the motion to adjourn.  Motion carried 4:0 and meeting adjourned at 12:01 PM